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  1. Hey just wishing you a happy birthday hope you have a good one

  2. Help finding a verse!!

    There is a verse in the good book that says we are to "hunger for the word of God" and makes reference to being as new born children when we are first saved. Can anyone tell me what it is or what this verse sounds like it could be? Thanks, Ive tried verse finders but nothing!! Graham
  3. Looking for a book?

    Really interested in the Christian Reformation, anyone have a book they have read which they could recommend? I would like as conclusive and unbiased a read as possible, concerning the beginning of the Protestant Church. Thanks, Graham
  4. Location advise.

    Thank you very much, I appreciate that. My dream is to support my future family by teaching the Bible, have to learn it well enough first to do that!!
  5. Following on from my recent thread about colleges in Washington D.C, I need to ask if any folks know the New Jersey and New York areas well. I may be attending post grad studies in Princeton in New Jersey, and my girlfriend could have a job in New York City, so I am asking is there an area between the two which would give both of us a managable commute. I know its about 50 minutes on the amtrak from Princeton to NYC, so what are the names of some good areas which are equi-distant for both of us to be able to have a place but also not have a long travel to work? Also, is such a commute feasible using public transport? I come from Ireland where its subsidised, would a communte from such an area be really expensive over the long term for us? Thanks, Graham
  6. Hi there folks, Im looking for some advise. My girlfriend and I are looking to move to Washington D.C as she has job opportunities there and that I can begin my theology career there, so I am looking for somewhere which offers a high standard Masters Post-Grad (MA or equivalent in theology/religious studies/divinity). I already hold a BA and am looking at post grads. Ive tried the major universities and so far Georgetown, George Washington University, and American University have nothing to offer me in line of an MA in my field. My choices seem to be :- Wesley Theological Seminary - http://www.wesleyseminary.edu/academics/id.13/detail.asp Reformed Theological Seminary - http://www.rts.edu/site/academics/Degree_p.../Mar/wabac.aspx The Catholic University of America - http://religiousstudies.cua.edu/graduate/S..._Studies.cfm#MA Does anyone know anything about these places or can anyone tell me any knowledge that would be off the radar (as in not on the website/local knowledge)? Im worried that as Im in Japan and I cant visit, that Ill go for the wrong one as they sound so good over the email and on the website, but I could be missing something. Thanks, Graham
  7. Praise the Lord.

    I praise God today for settling my heart and giving me a feeling of love that Ive been missing. I just finished reading I Peter Ch.1 and it has given me a feeling of reconnecting by reading the feelings of love and his assurances of safety in the Lord, right what I needed today and it touched my heart. Ive wandered a bit the last months with a lot of developments in my life and I felt disconnected, just got back with my reading the Bible and praying properly recently, and I feel that Jesus was right there waiting for me to do the whole time and has welcomed me straight back to His presence. Praise Jesus, Lord and Saviour.
  8. Dealing with Physical Pain!

    You're being really mature about it, well done I acted like a kid once when I was in pain. It was on a flight back from doing mission work in China and the morning of the flight I woke up with a cold. Im not a good flier anyway but flying with a headcold makes it worse, and as a result the landing was about an hour of what felt like someone ramming a screwdriver into each ear and up both nostrils at once. Serious pain. I was angry angry angry with God that I had that pain, something I looked back on and prayed forgivness for. You're doing great, well done.
  9. Dealing with Physical Pain!

    Heres a verse which I gave to a friend of mine in hospital recently, it might help you a bit. Its from Philippians Chapter 1. "29 For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake; 30 having the same conflict which ye saw in me, and now hear to be in me." I take from this that its a priviledge for us to be able to suffer for Jesus, to share the pain he went through so we can understand the suffering. He saved us and we believe in Him, so sometimes we have to suffer for Him too. I think thats important for us to remember when we're down in the dumps.
  10. Do you NOT know that these things will....

    Im pretty humbled reading this and can see why my thread today about George Bush's Christianity was shut. I have allowed myself be sidetracked a bit by my snger at his actions and quotes rather than praying and hoping for him. My apologies for today's thread.
  11. Is George Bush a Christian?

    If he doesnt feel Jesus is the only way to heaven than its a justified question to ask of him in my view. As for his military actions, I know its a sensitive thing for you as your kids are there so I wont get up on the soap box and go off on one, Ill just say I dont agree with you and I think the Iraq Invasion is a disgrace. Im sorry about that, we share a common ground in Jesus but differ in politics. Did you actually outright HEAR President Bush make that comment. Or are you basing your judgement on what you DID hear? (Believe have of what you see and none of what you hear) I dont really know what you mean here? I heard the interview, I heard his words!!
  12. Is George Bush a Christian?

    I believe we all have our "concept" of (what Pres. Bush) meant , mainly by how much we trust him and our orignial perception of him. I also, believe that NO ONE MAN has the right to determine who is a Christian but GOD Himself ! Only Pres Bush knows what he meant by his comment in referencing the Muslim People and I have to wonder why our HOST did NOT ask the President outright what exactly did he mean by his comments. I think we all know that the President is not shy about what he believes and in his wishes for our country and other countries, and I'll be the first to admit that this war has gone on too long. Many wars have! And you can never really cut them off immediately just to save lives. We may save our selves or our children for the moment , but it WILL be back to haunt us again and again, if we do not come to a decent resolution for many. Remember, before this all began, Bin Laden and his terrorist/soldiers had been murdering/raping/stealing children/stealing land for many years before we came to their rescue. Many of these people knew what real poverty was and did not even know what a "toilet" was, or lights, or clean water, until we arrived. So all was not in vain ! And yes even I would feel like my efforts in the Military were for NOT, If I thought we had not accomplished anything for the loss of lives and limb that can never be replaced. But we can no more judge the President for what we don't truly know his reasoning or if he was able to complete his explanation before what I feel was an abrupt and subtle ending. And whether we sit here and do little but comment on a man who has the weight of the world on his shoulders in judgement, or we have as much responsiblity as he has, it is still not our place to make that call ! If you want to talk about the err or his ways or find some "sin" he may have committed in early life, go for it. But this????? No! Blessings Cajunboy Again Im in no way laying a judgement on George Bush, its only an opinion. You can say the interviewer was wrong for not giving him the chance or being clear enough, but isnt that a red-flag question which every Christian must have been asked about 1000 times? And as such, shouldnt the answer be pretty cut and dried? It sounded to me like he honestly didnt think Jesus Christ was the only way to heaven, I dont think there is any other way to look at that comment he made. I usually dont discuss politics with my Christian friends, but I was kinda shocked by your stance on the war. If you're referring to Afghanistan, you by no means came to the rescue. Karzai, a weak puppet, was installed and the backbone of the resistance was allowed to escape across unsecured borders, leaving the invaders thinking they had won a victory. Nothing of the sort has occured, Afghanistan is in turmoil and all the wishy-washy reports of progress this and democracy that are a joke. That region was invaded, a complete nothing of a "victory" was secured and reports of a success flooded home. That is the epitome of an open book of a situation, the initial conflict was by no means won, they retreated to the countryside and the surrounding friendly regions and are still almost fully intact. To get a full picture about how useless the 2003 Afghanistan campaign was, please read this book : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Imperial-Hubris-We...1244&sr=1-1 , an eye opener, it shows how you're view of the great US saving Afghanistan is a joke. As for Iraq, the less said the better, a disgrace, ridiculed the UN and now going to be a disaster for years to come all in the name of hitting back at someone and blaming them for 9/11 which, it has been shown, they had absolutely nothing to do with. First the "WMD" excuse, then the "complicit in 9/11" and then, in light of the Downing Street Memo, it becamse obvious that the US Administration were going to Iraq regardless as they needed to save face and keep the promises of hitting back at the terrorists. I didnt want to discuss the wars, I hate war and especially unjustified and needless ones. The war doesnt have much to do with George being a Christian or not, but he has a major say in these dealings.
  13. Is George Bush a Christian?

    If he doesnt feel Jesus is the only way to heaven than its a justified question to ask of him in my view. As for his military actions, I know its a sensitive thing for you as your kids are there so I wont get up on the soap box and go off on one, Ill just say I dont agree with you and I think the Iraq Invasion is a disgrace. Im sorry about that, we share a common ground in Jesus but differ in politics.
  14. Pick and Choose Laws

    John Chapter 1 Verse 17 explained this one so clearly to me.
  15. Is George Bush a Christian?

    He said (paraphrase as Im in work and cant listen to it again myself) when asked that he believes EVERYONE goes to heaven but choose many different ways to get there ie. that Jesus isnt the only way. He violated a lot of scripture with that one. Im not claiming to be perfect, far far far FAR from it and I fall flat like everyone else and beg forgiveness, but Im not in command of thousands of 18 year old boy's lives who are being sent away to die, or hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians on the wrong end of bombings, he is in control of that, and as such if he is a charlatan I think it should be known. Good last point though, I accept that totally. I hope Im not sounding harsh to folks, Im a sinner who was saved by Jesus' grace, Im not perfect and make mistakes by the minute (not even the hour!!), I have no illusions of grandeur, Im just concerned about the fate of thousands with this man in charge who claims to be in touch with Jesus when these comments show me he isnt.