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  1. There is a verse in the good book that says we are to "hunger for the word of God" and makes reference to being as new born children when we are first saved. Can anyone tell me what it is or what this verse sounds like it could be? Thanks, Ive tried verse finders but nothing!! Graham
  2. Thank you very much, I appreciate that. My dream is to support my future family by teaching the Bible, have to learn it well enough first to do that!!
  3. Following on from my recent thread about colleges in Washington D.C, I need to ask if any folks know the New Jersey and New York areas well. I may be attending post grad studies in Princeton in New Jersey, and my girlfriend could have a job in New York City, so I am asking is there an area between the two which would give both of us a managable commute. I know its about 50 minutes on the amtrak from Princeton to NYC, so what are the names of some good areas which are equi-distant for both of us to be able to have a place but also not have a long travel to work? Also, is such a commute feasible using public transport? I come from Ireland where its subsidised, would a communte from such an area be really expensive over the long term for us? Thanks, Graham
  4. Hi there folks, Im looking for some advise. My girlfriend and I are looking to move to Washington D.C as she has job opportunities there and that I can begin my theology career there, so I am looking for somewhere which offers a high standard Masters Post-Grad (MA or equivalent in theology/religious studies/divinity). I already hold a BA and am looking at post grads. Ive tried the major universities and so far Georgetown, George Washington University, and American University have nothing to offer me in line of an MA in my field. My choices seem to be :- Wesley Theological Seminary - http://www.wesleyseminary.edu/academics/id.13/detail.asp Reformed Theological Seminary - http://www.rts.edu/site/academics/Degree_p.../Mar/wabac.aspx The Catholic University of America - http://religiousstudies.cua.edu/graduate/S..._Studies.cfm#MA Does anyone know anything about these places or can anyone tell me any knowledge that would be off the radar (as in not on the website/local knowledge)? Im worried that as Im in Japan and I cant visit, that Ill go for the wrong one as they sound so good over the email and on the website, but I could be missing something. Thanks, Graham
  5. I praise God today for settling my heart and giving me a feeling of love that Ive been missing. I just finished reading I Peter Ch.1 and it has given me a feeling of reconnecting by reading the feelings of love and his assurances of safety in the Lord, right what I needed today and it touched my heart. Ive wandered a bit the last months with a lot of developments in my life and I felt disconnected, just got back with my reading the Bible and praying properly recently, and I feel that Jesus was right there waiting for me to do the whole time and has welcomed me straight back to His presence. Praise Jesus, Lord and Saviour.
  6. You're being really mature about it, well done I acted like a kid once when I was in pain. It was on a flight back from doing mission work in China and the morning of the flight I woke up with a cold. Im not a good flier anyway but flying with a headcold makes it worse, and as a result the landing was about an hour of what felt like someone ramming a screwdriver into each ear and up both nostrils at once. Serious pain. I was angry angry angry with God that I had that pain, something I looked back on and prayed forgivness for. You're doing great, well done.
  7. Heres a verse which I gave to a friend of mine in hospital recently, it might help you a bit. Its from Philippians Chapter 1. "29 For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake; 30 having the same conflict which ye saw in me, and now hear to be in me." I take from this that its a priviledge for us to be able to suffer for Jesus, to share the pain he went through so we can understand the suffering. He saved us and we believe in Him, so sometimes we have to suffer for Him too. I think thats important for us to remember when we're down in the dumps.
  8. John Chapter 1 Verse 17 explained this one so clearly to me.
  9. Watched it last night and as a born-again Christian, I cringed and had to look away several times throughout this film. I know it was film making and they set out to paint a picture but these folks were almost indefensible at times throughout this film. Please do not let it enter your head that all Christians are like these ones. Some of us arent obnoxious or power hungry and definitely dont want our kids to be brainwashed into a belief by the age of 5. I made my own choice in life and became a Christian at 21, nothing like what these kids went through in this film ever happened me, I do not agree with this method of witnessing and think that ultimately it will turn these very kids away from Christianity rather than helping them find the Truth. What this does is it gives people who dont know much about Christianity a warped image and makes all Christians look like right-wing, highly opinionated and obnoxious bullies who preach hypocrisy and hate with a level of charlatanism Ive scarcely ever seen before. This for me is so frustrating as people Iwitness to after seeing this film will automatically recall this to mind and getting over that misconception is tough. I wish these folks could stand back and look at wehat they are doing to Christianity with these actions and their lifestyle, I believe many of the same things they do but refuse to be up in people's faces about it and be outspoken and crass about it at every available opportunity. I differ with them on other things though in that the stuff I am unsure about, I stay quiet by and large and say "I think from reading that........but Im not 100% because the Bible isnt that clear on it", but these folks, mostly without a thread of scholarly theological training, blow their lids 150% on the volume control blasting to everyone with their beliefs and their politics. To all non-believers, I know some of you will have fouond a hotbed of ammunition from this film (especially with the Ted Haggard revelations) but please please please keep an open mind to Christianity and realise that there are those of us not like this film's portrayal.
  10. Hey folks, thought Id dig this one up. What does everyone think of the pope's Turkish visit? Kinda makes me feel he stepping on toes to have a big apology and reconciliation session which could lead to some sort of bond being formed. Call me cynical but this does seem kind of contrived.
  11. Hey, can anyone tell me the verse where Jesus tells us to watch for the signs of the end times and be as watchmen for the end? I cant remember where it is, someone has asked me for it as I know the verse almost by heart but cant think of the actual reference. Also, recently another one has come up. Can anyone tell me the old and new testament verses which deal with pre-marital sex and purity. Thanks, Graham
  12. Not many at all, few here and there, most westerners who live here. Main faiths are buddhism and shintoism, not good, a demonic stronghold no doubt, both from ancient occult beliefs like buddha and shinto, as well as wave after wave of new age stuff.
  13. This can also be interpreted to mean the "Invisible Church" both Jew and Gentile believers who do not congregate with one another but will make up the body of Christ. So after a couple of short years I have come to a saving knowledge of Christ, I refuse to reject Him and Love Him with all my heart but because I have chosen to read and attend sermons and services which promote reading and study of scripture, I now find myself at an impasse with the Catholic Chucrh who do not advocate Bible study, nor do they even have Bibles in the pews to follow through at mass. Here are just a few questions I have concerning what I have found in scripture and what the RCC teaches it's members. 1 Timothy 2:5 Scripture says the only mediator between man and God is Christ. The Catholic Church I attend has a statue of Christ on the cross ascending into the arms of Mother Mary and not to the right hand of God as stated in scripture. Where in scripture does Mary ascend into heaven? where in scripture does God grant mary the position as Mother of all creation? Christ said "call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven." chapter and verse Mathew 23:9 Please explain why the Catholic Church defies God Himself? under what or whose authority does the Vatican grant a priest to become the mediator between man and God violating 1 Timothy 2:5? Exodus 20: 3-5 Under what authority does the Vatican have in violating Exodus 20:3-5 by placing statues to which people bow and kneel to upon entering and exiting the Church? Where in the following verses did our Lord identify His Mother as being anything more than a person truly blessed for actually bearing the son of God? Looks clear to me that the only one mentioned with reference to heaven is the Father. In John 2: 1-4 Jesus refers to His mother as "Woman" in a way that does not seem to identify any form of authority towards her person. Don't get me wrong Mary was truly blessed to have been chosen to give birth to our Lord but no where in scripture was she granted any special status to be the mediator between man and God. It's very important that we understand why the Vatican has granted it as such, but it is non-scriptural. There is no scriptural evidence to support the Catholic Church on this view. Peace CJ These are some of the reasons I cant accept Catholicism as being Biblically based. There are others too, the rosary, saying hail Mary's for penance, purgatory, classifying sins, the confessional with the priest, the pope, celibacy, male only preachers, the vatican, all these things as I see them go against scripture and again Jesus' words.
  14. Thats true unfortunately, its one of the reason I wanted to leave Ireland and now live in Japan, drink culture is rampant and you are some sort of outcast/freak if you are like me and dont drink.
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