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WN: US blocks UN condemnation of Jerusalem construction - Israel Hayo

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hupo    180

The Palestinians are more concerned with getting condemnations than actually solving the problem

No wonder they don't like the US torpedoing any such condemnations

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Botz    1,471

The Palestinians have deliberately left the negotiating table and used the UN as a means of legitimising their claim for Statehood.

As such Israel is under no obligation whatsoever to suspend building projects anywhere in its own country, and it is no wonder that

Netanyahu responded to the corrupt bias of the UN's decision with the immediate proclamation on housing.

The US may see it as provocative and unhelpful....but what it does is send a clear signal to the PA that if they want to play it rough

then Israel will play it rougher and no longer feel the need for any sort of restraint because they have no partner for peace, and despite

the Oslo accords, they never had one in the first place. It is time to face reality...the Pals want the whole of Israel...no more pretence

no more hiding behind Arafats 'Phased Plan'.

The UN, The ICJ, will continue to issue rulings against Israel unless Christians start to make a stand in their countries and oppose these

unjust organizations and actually make a stand with their Jewish communities, because the vast amount of localised pro-Pal NGO's that

are springing up all over the place have a collective voice that has a wide influence at the highest levels even though their groups may

appear to be a rag-tag assembly of leftist, Marxist layabouts...I'm thinking of the BDS and PSC in particular.

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