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psalm of trial and endurance

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O' Lord i beg for your forgiveness, for though i was patient and endured my words to you were less than thankful. The fire you put me through was devistating to my body and mind, in such trouble Lord i called to you with no answer I prayed for your healing hand to mend my wounds with no avail.

yet even so my king did i not trust you? even since the pain was cutting and the trial drained my strength i said in my heart i will put my faith in the Lord.


The ememy did not with hold or hold back, he laughed and mocked saying in his heart the fool chooses to trust God with no results. he says in his heart i will be strong for my Lord is strong, yet look how feeble he is. see how he cringes and barely holds on. I will take back the strength the Lord blessed him with, his faith will be gone and his Lord whom he loves so dearly will weep. his servant will fall.


But no! rise you weary servant the Lord calls for I have given back to you your faith and have heard your cries. rise so you may tell what your Lord has done for you, how because you endured and trusted even since i hid my face for a small time i will ressurect you with new strength and a fire that burns.   Child do you not know? Can you not see? I hide my face in your trial so you will seek me all the more, to test your trust in what you cannot see or understand. i never leave you, i hear you cry out Lord where are you? where have you gone? but i whisper in your heart I am here.


So i praise you Lord for you have kept your word and saved your servant I will praise you in the sun, i will praise you the rain i will praise you in the clear i will praise you in the storm. even if the enemy overtakes me and my body lies in the dirt will my soul still not praise you from within the earths crust? For who is like you? who is great as the great i am? I say in my heart i will know I am for his is the heart that i love.


my desire O'  Lord for all you have done for all you have given for all you suffered is that today you will recieve glory and honor in full. how Lord may i give you what is rightfully yours? can a mere soul of the dust give you the desires of your heart? can such a love as deep as rich as powerful as beautiful as yours exist in a body of flesh that simply is unable to contain exisit in the hearts of man? can such a flame burn? can we truly go that far in you? this heart says to you Lord let us see





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