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  1. I dont trust the news, they arent allowed to tell the full truth because they dont want a world wide panic so they tell half truth about the details of such things. Yes it will crash and probably soon, I heard they are working on making a chip the new currency but that isnt proven yet.
  2. I heard a story a while back that I think is a great example of faith and its a true story. There was a Christian lady who was imprisioned and tortured for her faith there was a man who did most of the beating who despised her faith so his beatings were far harsher. But never gave up hope and prayed every day and one day was released. years later she is preaching in a town square when a man tells her how moved he was by her message and wanted to be saved, guess who this man was? Yep thats right the very man that tortured her, he reached out his hand to her and she knew she had to let go of her anger and hate for him so as she reached to his hand prayed for supernatural forgiveness and the second they touched she was overcome with love and forgivenenss. We ask God for things all the time, we ask for more faith for more love we ask for a miracle, but sometimes God requires us to meet him half way.
  3. So.... Lately I have been bombarded with seeings numbers, i see 111 222 333 and 911 everywhere mostly 222. the freaky thing is im not looking for them and I didnt ask for them. i ignored it for a while but they keep popping up. I eventually decided to see if they have any biblical meaning, i know that three stands for the trinity but I didnt know anything beyond that but I found something interesting with 222, I read mathew 22:2 it reads the kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son. and revelations 22:20 Jesus states I am coming soon- in fact just in revelations 22 he says 3 times I am coming soon. I dont know much else on these numbers or even if I should take it seriously, But 222 is showing up every where in all sorts of places and it shocks me to see it everytime because I dont expect it.
  4. When I watch a preacher online if they are false teachers I get this horrible feeling in my gut. but I dont know if that happens to everyone. i have never heard of this guy before but polotics is a bit to much for me to take in
  5. Have you ever had issues recieving answered prayer? Im sure everyone has, I myself have been praying for a long time for something. is there a method to recievee answered prayer everytime? Im sure lots of ppl will say so but i dont think there is because sometimes for our own good the answer has to be no or wait. The way i see it god has three answers to our prayers- yes,no and wait. jesus said you may ask anything and if you believe you will recieve, many see this as proof that every prayer should be yes and if you havent recieved it your faith is not strong enough. but they forget some major factors that are flaws in their belief, 1 that is has to align with the fathers will 2 that god is not a wish granter in a bottle and 3 sometimes its better for us to not recieve what we ask for. But there is also things that hinder our prayers obviously sin and anger or unforgiveness against someone but there is also satan. see our prayers are like smoke they come to god as a sweet smelling incense but as soon as our prayers are released the enemy will atempt to stop it in any way he can. he can build a wall that will prevent the prayer from being strong enough to be answered. It still reaches God but it has to be stronger. Its been noticed by many that answered prayer flows very easily for some but not so much for others. even if the other ppl are doing everything right there is a wall blocking their prayer path satan put up. How do we break through? You just keep praying and repenting, even though it seems your prayers are futile every prayer makes a dent in that spiritual wall so eventually it will shatter. i myself have been praying for a very long time for certain things like healing or just for my chains to be shattered,and i havent even seen a tiny bit of results but I did learn things from this. Even though i have never seen healing or the breaking of chains or just my prayers flowing smoothly without resistance i still believe that god can and will free me. I believe that anything and everything is possible with God i believe that if we ask he is more than generous. The ironic thing is i didnt learn to believe thif from asnswered prayer but instead unanswered prayer. When he does answer i wont have believed because I have seen , i will have seen because I believed
  6. I know that the pretribe rapture belief is the most hated rapture belief but it has its benefits. For one there is that hope, Hope knowing we could be taken home at any minute any hour any day, For those who are weary from this world who just long to be with their Lord this belief provides them a certain happiness. It also makes ppl to seriously purify themselves to adorn themselves with love patience generousity and a pure heart knowing that the rapture might take place any second and they pray to be counted worthy. Regardless if you believe this belief or not the facts i just wrote tie into the belief. What kind of hope or joy can the mid or post trib belief offer? can it compare to the excitement and hope the pretribe rapture belief? Can it inspire us to be a loving patient and pure hearted bride as the pretribe?
  7. yes it is concealed for many reasons one of which I spoke of about the dangers of a selfisg gain kind of person but in this world things are not just handed to you and in the kingdom of God you must work to gain as well. God knew the Good hard work does nd thats probably one of the reasons he concealed these things.
  8. Cog there is something you must understand,The mysteries and secrets of God are actually in front of our eyes. The apostles did in fact teach these things in fact thats all they taught, those teaching of love patience how to live a holy life wisdom praising God in the worst of times knowing who Christ is who we are to him what we have for us at the end of the road and understanding the true value of Grace- these are the deep and secret mysteries of God. If you want to know the secrets of God you have to be looking for the true secrets,god gave us the secrets in his word.
  9. LOL yep it sounds like God is using his sense of humor to help you out:]
  10. Cog The deep and hidden secrets of God are hidden for a good reason. the bible for instance hold vast power and secrets that are only revealed to those whose hearts are full of love and desire God more than air because if god gave these to aperson who would misuse it that would be throwing away great treasures. believe it or not there are many who would not hesitate to use such things for their own selfish gain they could care less about serving God and have no fear of him. this is the meaning of not throwing our pearls before swine. but if we know the hidden deep secrets of God its all the more reason to share it because it may change someones life and even if a cold selfish heart heard it they would not be able to understand as it would be hidden from them thus Jesus said though hearing they would not hear and though seeing they would not see
  11. Because not everyone is a spiritual warrior. demons often times hinder our prayers as well as our sins Everytime you pray a spiritual battle is happening
  12. I actually live in a haunted house we have seen proof ghosts exist but these Ghosts are just attention grubbers if you dont pay attention to them for a while they throw things or move small objects. I met a demonic spirit only once and when i prayed for Jesus to save me it was gone. But they cant come in my room because thats where i spend all my time with God so the holy spirit is always filling the room.
  13. Actually we do need them just not ones you see in the movies. If I was given the authority to Cast out demons by commanding it or fasting and praying I would become an exorcist because there are millions of ppl being possessed. but I would have no connection to the catholic church or any church that I require permission to do the Exorcism because many poor victims get turned down because of that. However its a major supernatural battle, its one thing to say we can because Jesus gave us authority but another thing entirely to do it. these demons are horrifying strong Clever and know our weaknesses. one slight bit of doubt and they will not hesitate to kill you or worse jump into you instead. Not just anyone can expell A demon and if one tries without the given order from god and being Extremely strong in faith that is spiritual suicide they will overtake you and if u manage to expell a weak one he will return with more who are stronger. trust me we need Exorcists
  14. RollinThunder Jesus said all these signs would take place before the great and terrible day of the Lord He mention in mathew 24 but notice how he said how two ppl would be working in the field how one will be taken another left. he said when he comes back it will be like the days of noah how ppl will be drinking laughing and partying when t he son of man comes. Now one could easily see his coming as his second coming except for one major thing- his second coming involves him ending the tribulation and beginning the 1000 year ruling on earth but in mathew 24 he mentions how ppl would be drinking marrying and partying when he suddenly appears. this does not sound like the tribulation at all- the tribulation is going to be the most horrific event ever to hit the earth so I highly doubt ppl will be drinking marrying and partying and he mentions at least three times in mathew 24 how he will come suddenly out of nowhere. So its a bit confusing but mathew 24 speaks of him coming to take us and the day of the Lord as two seperate events. The prophecies in the old testament like ezekiel or Jeremiah speak in great detail of the day of the Lord and in none of them do they ever speak of how he will pour his wrath on Gods faithful ones but speaks plenty of how angry he is on the arrogent prideful and evil ppl and speaks plenty on him pouring his wrath on them so this must mean something must have happened to the faithful one as they arent mentioned
  15. Hi fire-heart, You lead me to believe that it is easy to know the day and hour. So come on out with it then, and tell us when you think it will be. Paul said, But of the times and seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write to you, for yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night." When they start talking peace and safety, then we know that destruction will come on them as a woman in travail (birth pains), now think abomination of desolation (Matt. 24:15). But we are not in darkness that that day should over take us as a thief. This is why Christ gave us the signs, for when we see them we will know that it is near, even right at the door. He did not give us the signs so we won't know, but rather He wants us to know when the time is near. But we still will not know the day and hour, even when we know we are in the season (year). No one will know the day or hour, no one. It is un-knowable. But we should not think that we are in the same darkness as unbelievers. The signs and seasons are for us, the children of light, and we are not appointed to wrath. Cheers I dont know when it will happen but its not very predictable at all. Jesus said he will come like a theif in the night and in all my rapture dreams I was taken out of nowhere suddenly and without without warning. in one of them I was just going for a walk [ i go on walks a lot] When in a split second I was taken to heaven. Its possible it may not happen this year but the signs indicate he is coming very soon. The blood moon tetrads are a huge indication that he is going to take us very soon. I also do not believe the rapture is the second coming as he does not come to us we go to him.
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