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Very Frustrated

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I don't know if anyone can help me with this, I'm hoping that by writing about it I'll get rid of the frustration. I have no real siblings but I had 3 cousins that were more like siblings than cousins. Louis was my age and he was like a twin brother. Lou was blessed with a wonderful wife and 2 sons. But in Lou's family is a familial spirit that has been causing divorce as far back as anyone can remember. It also made some of them, but not all, interested in witchcraft. So at the age of 30 when I found Jesus, Lou was secretly practicing witchcraft. He had to keep it a secret because his wife, business partner, and me would have never put up with it. However, when we were 39 Lou started going to a New Age guru for lessons. The guru is supposed to have healing powers but when Lou, and the younger brother were sick and dying the guru did nothing. Meanwhile Maria who is as a sister, married the guru. She blames the deaths of her brothers on our God who she makes fun of. I try to get along with her since she's the only other 1 left but last Christmas she started a fight with me because she knows I'm a Christian. I also just found out that the family spirit is into Lou's oldest son's family. I used to be close with him but he doesn't like me anymore and I never knew why. Now I know, it's that family spirit wrecking havoc once again. Btw, this is why we who call the name of Jesus need to stop fighting and disagreeing over every little thing. We have real enemies and they use our in-fighting against us to make us look like a bunch of fools. This needs to stop.

    I guess I can use prayer so if anyone is willing please pray for me. It always helps.

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Hi, thanks for sharing. The Bible did say these times would come to pass.  You need to avoid ALL heathen people and things, even if they are family. Stand firm in your relationship with Jesus at all costs, at all times 

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      I am living in the cheapest place i can find. nowhere even across the state is there anything cheaper. We only have a moped-motorcycle to get me to work. I've had my ones in the past stolen on camera, in a public place with lights and chained up,and it took them 30 minutes to steal it and i was at work on the other side of the wall unaware the whole time they were stealing it until it was time to leave work 1 hour later. Now, we live in apartments, cheap ones with strict rules. They say i cannot put my bike/moped-motorcycle anywhere except in a wide open parking space. I cannot chain it up to anything. I had a moped previously here and it was stolen within a month of moving here. So i know they know the spot and would likely check back to see if i replaced it with another to steal it. Anything anyways cannot fully keep it from being stolen if i had the best of the best products for protection and theft probs. we have a huge window we are always next to that goes to the back of the house. There are just trees for a long distance behind there and even a street light right above it. We keep it wide open all day. The street light there lights up our house through the back windows so we dont always have to use lights in the house. So its not like its completely secluded. But i think its a great idea simply to not let the theif even notice i have a vehicle and keep it hidden and covered and chained up and with an alarm. But my landlord here tells me i cant put it in the back. 
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      If i lose the vehicle, i don't have a way to work or that i can afford, so i lose job and we go homeless with my family and baby and NO we dont have friends or family that will help us at all- in fact, they have left us homeless for years, time and time again. So it will be on the streets for me and homeless shelter for my wife and babies.
      But then you have it that if i lose the house but keep the job, i may go homeless anyways. but then some say God will still find me a place. Some say God will protect the motorcycle because he wouldnt want us to suffer.
      Some say, screw the landlord, it is a sin NOT to provide for your family. You already saw they will steal it! They will do it again and you wont have a way to work and you will be putting your family in danger of being homeless because you simply didnt hide it. Your landlord isnt being fair in your situation. 
      Some say, it is sinful and wrong, or even just a bad idea to go against what your landlord says. You cant guarantee the thief will come, but you can be sure one day the landlord will find out somehow you disobeyed the rules and they will evict you and you may have even more trouble finding a place or keeping your job. It would be better to lose the job and vehicle and house anyways rather than to sin.
      Some say, you have to do what you have to do- even if you have to drive a car illegally in order to feed your family and work, the laws arent fair or right in this country, God wants you to work and provide for your family. 
      Of course, some people just say keep praying about it- then the vehicle ends up stolen before i get a clear answer from God. 
      Some say, this is a cruel world, if it happens it happens, just do the best you can without sinning. (basically, obey the landlord and hope for the best)
      And even some say, if it happens, it is part of God's plan. If he wants you to keep it, he will protect it. If he wants you to lose it, he will let it get stolen.
      What should i do? What do you think God tells us in a situation like this? Do you have any similar experiences? Any advice for me?
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