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  1. JTC

    Renewing the mind

    Here's something I do when I can't concentrate on the actual words of scripture. I put it on in the background and listen to the Word. I started this yrs ago when I bought the Bible on cassette. But today it's easier. Biblegateway has several audio Bibles that you can just leave on as you go about your day. You might even absorb certain principles by doing this. Try it.
  2. The answer is no, baptism isn't necessary for salvation.
  3. I never saw an angel but I wish I would. Nevertheless I'm convinced they're around me. I live alone and don't have family. So loneliness has often been my biggest problem. Several yrs ago I started asking God to surround me with His Holy angels for company. Like I said, I don't see them but after a while I didn't feel quite so alone anymore. I often feel like they are here and I believe they are.
  4. I wouldn't say anything about psoriasis but I believe you have to tell the landlord you get assistance. This is not necessarily a bad thing because to the LL your assistance means he's guaranteed a certain amount of rent even if you're late on the payment. Also the LL may have to deal directly with the agency that gives you assistance. Again this isn't bad many people nowadays's need help. If you do any kind of work at all be sure to mention that. LL's like it when tenants on assistance are also working. They feel that insures them you aren't a drug user or some other kind of social deviant. It's always scary the first time a person gets their own apt. I hope you have friends or family that will give you emotional support as you make this change.
  5. JTC


    We may never be totally sin free but each day we have to do our best to avoid sins. Some are easier to avoid than others. The point is we have to work on this daily.
  6. JTC

    Reading your Bible

    I completely agree. However, since I have cataracts reading is difficult. So I listen to the Bible on Biblegateway, lately I enjoy the dramatized NIV the most. The book of Acts is especially good like this. I'm well aware that this is not a literal rendering of the Word of God but it's not supposed to be. It's a lot like the old radio shows our parents listened to before TV. This is a nice change from reading and it is edifying.
  7. JTC

    I bought lottery tickets

    I don't buy lotto tickets weekly. I know full well we're to rely on the Lord for our earthly needs. However when the jackpot is this big I often buy 1 or 2 tickets. I have a good reason I do this. I have a burden to help kids and girls caught up in the sexual business. When I was younger I became friends (just friends) with several girls who were trapped in that life. I used to try to help them with their self esteem but I realized to really rescue them would take money a lot more money than I ever had. These friends of mine often said I should start a home for wayward girls and children. I still want to do this. Therefore if God should let me win millions of dollars I promise God I will use most of it to rescue children and girls caught in this terrible life. This is why I buy lotto tickets.
  8. JTC


    Some individual sins are: Being mean to others and cheating them. So to is stealing from them.
  9. JTC


    We have to do the best we can to stop sinning. We can't willingly go on sinning and still be saved. When we are of God we don't want to sin.
  10. JTC


    We cannot trust our feelings. Just because something feels good doesn't mean it is good.
  11. JTC


    If we ignore what the Bible says is wrong then we can't know what is wrong.
  12. Hi Everyone, About 3 months ago I got an attack of what must be colitis. I think I now have to go to an ER and I'm worried. I'm also alone with no one to help me which is what makes this so scary.
  13. JTC

    Lonely Christian

    I'm in the same boat as you. I wish we were in the same town.
  14. This is a new TV show. In NY it's on ch 2. So far only the pilot has aired. It's not a comedy like Living Biblically was but I can't decide if I think the writers of the show are trying to hurt people's faith or are they trying to help people believe God is real? Anyone else see it?
  15. JTC

    Artificial Intelligence

    I think demons & devils will use AI systems for their ungodly purposes but since AI's don't have souls this use should bee like tools. Granted, an AI is a super intelligent tool but it's still a tool. Just as a tangent here, some of us remember the original "Battlestar Galactica" series as well as the remake. Both series failed but IMO the remake failed miserably because they gave the Cylons souls. The Cylons were a race of robots who fought against the humans. I had high hopes for the remake until the Cylons started claiming they knew god and had souls. I really lost interest after that.