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  1. Amen to that brother. But some folks need our help to resist this stuff. I was like you, God enabled me to know this was the lies of devils. Back in 1990 when this happened my cousin's wife turned to me for help. She was not an ignorant woman by any means, but she'd tell me she just didn't understand what he'd say. I told her, that too was grace from God to keep her safe from believing this junk. She always asked if I understood her husband's words, did I get it? I told her yes I understand what he's learning but the big difference is I don't believe it. Not for 1 second. After my cousin died 5 yrs ago I thought I had heard the end of the New Age. I was wrong. From what I'm told many churches are allowing New Age teachings in but in watered down forms. One recent survey found that 61% of church going Christians believe in at least 1 New Age idea. It's out there and we need to know that, especially if you have kids. I'm a senior citizen and as such I feel safe and far removed from all this. But God is telling me I'm not. God protected me from believing any of this, so now I have to help anyone else who needs it.
  2. I know this time is upon us. I often thought of this verse when my cousin would tell me the latest lies his guru taught him. Another such lie is called "christ consciousness". In this lie they say Jesus possessed the christ consciousness in a way his contemporaries did not. It was this consciousness that made him special and allowed him to do miracles. They say we all possess it we just have to develop it. Notice what Satan did here. The truth is Jesus is available to all of us, no sin is too big to keep Him away if we want Him. God will send the Holy Spirit and He comes into us and in this way we live with God, even on earth. The devil says God is in us and by mediating on these false teachings we can have miracle performing powers. No, we can't. This was on my mind because I saw a video about it before I made this post. My cousin often spoke of it. As we grow in the Lord we become more & more like Him. This is true. I don't know exactly how it happens nor does it matter. IMO it's a grace God does for us as we walk with Him. It's not some supernatural divine energy that we are born with. I don't explain this very well. A man named Steven Bancarz does explain it well. Anyone confused by New Age stuff should google Bancarz on You Tube, his videos are very good. When Bancarz speaks of the New Age lies you can feel his honesty, that's why he's so good.
  3. Hello Drafido, I apologize if this was suggested already as I haven't read the whole thread. I suggest listening to the Bible, while either reading it concurrently or not, both ways are good. I further suggest listening to the dramatized NIV Bible that is at Biblegateway.com. There was a time I would have never listened to a dramatized version because I was too hung up on each word. But if the Bible has become dry to you the dramatized NIV may be just what you need. I fell in love with the dramatized Book of Acts. They really make it come alive. There are also quite a few movies on You Tube that are true to Scripture. One is the Book of Acts in which every word spoken is straight out of the NIV. And it's not a bad movie, it even stars James Brolin as Peter. There are many movies like this but I only saw Acts. ************************************************************** You also asked about Bible reading as a non believer. Funny you should ask ;-) I started reading the Bible to prove to myself it wasn't true, that God didn't exist, that all Christian religions were false, and that all believers are nut jobs who should be in mental hospitals. That was 40 yrs ago. So you can see what happened. But what did happen? I only know now by looking back on it. Obviously God wanted me so He sent His Holy Spirit who used to make the Bible seem as if it were alive. It also seemed quite relevant to whatever was going on in my life. That's amazing in & of itself. I spent 3 yrs reading the Bible while on the train to work. After all this I joined a church and officially accepted Jesus as my Lord, but I've always felt like God saved me on the train. It really doesn't matter. The last 40 yrs proved that. God Bless you
  4. I was only there 30 min but it looks quite good. If anyone finds anything anti Bible there let me know, I don't think you will. It may be heavy against the New Age because I think some of it's creators are Christians who were once deceived by the NA but God rescued them. Some of these people are almost on a mission to prevent anyone else from going through what they did. I salute these ex-New Age people. https://reasonsforjesus.com/ I also hate the New Age because I had a cousin, who was as close a brother, and he died due to New Age teachings. I guess he could never believe me because to him I was like a prophet in my own country. I'm not a prophet but I always knew the NA is false. I credit God for that. Maybe if a site like Reasons for Jesus existed when my cousin was here he might still be alive.
  5. Solitude is fine until it becomes 99% of your waking time. At that point it becomes isolation.
  6. JTC


    I think, I think, you are finally saying the true believers, we who seek to obey the Lord in mind & deed are the elect also. I hope so because we are. We are also God's people. We also His sheep.
  7. I don't have the time right now to search in Proverbs but it's there where scriptures can be found to support the ideas in red above.
  8. Fine, don't agree with me, but try to understand they did what seemed to be the quickest way to end WW2. Ever see pics of the current mid east or much of France after WW2, much of the landscape has been flattened by non-nuclear bombs. This is what war means. This is why war needs to be avoided. This is why I'm against hate & anger, they lead to war. No one is saying bombing cities with nukes was right, but it was necessary. It succeeded.
  9. Bankrupt, what in the world do you mean by you can't go to a place you believe in? Most of us here believe in both a heaven & a hell, so what you're saying is we can't go to them because we believe in them? I'd like to hear your explanation of your statement.
  10. Hey Brother, I think you & me are on the same page, at least the same chapter. I have also felt the Spirit telling me things for a long time. I remember being in one full gospel church back in the early 90's when during his sermon the pastor started pacing nervously. He was about to tell us something he said God was telling him. When he said it, I already heard. The Spirit revealed it to me also. I don't think the churches have ever accepted it, that's why I'm not stating it. Besides this the message to repent is more important. I really think America, nay the whole world, is tethering on the edge of destruction. I also think the outcome will be due to the Christians. God both loves us and judges us, He is a God of both love & judgement. I don't see why anyone finds that a problem. I didn't receive the blessing of fatherhood but even I can see how a father both loves his children but stills judges them and sometimes has to punish them. God loves the whole world and He doesn't want it to end. Eventually, at some time it will but God's in no rush. I think one reason we can't understand this is because we're mortal, but God isn't, time has little or no meaning to Him. Yes, we all need to examine ourselves. But then we need to judge ourselves. Better to judge oneself than to have God judge us. Once we judge ourselves we ought to make the appropriate changes. This then becomes a way of life. Once we do this we can save our planet.
  11. Hi Thomas, This is a good point. I don't think those who insult atheists ever stopped to wonder why they are here. I'm sure there are exceptions to what I'm saying but I think most atheists who come here want to be convinced their atheism is wrong. Being nasty to them only shows them we Christians are not only wrong but total hypocrites as well. In the Bible we are called ambassadors for Christ, we represent Him. Whether we like it or not, Christ, the Bible, and Christianity is judged by how we behave. "yeah well, don't look at me look at Jesus", ever hear that, I have. It's a lovely idea but it's not realistic. I'm hoping for a new reformation, one in which every believer puts his beliefs into actions every day.
  12. Perhaps you don't realize that America was losing WW 2. I'm not a history buff so I forget which other country was very close to developing nukes themselves. But it wasn't one of our allies. You should know mankind has a problem with pride and America's pride almost made us lose WW 2. One example of what I mean was our inferior tanks. Saving money was always more important but in war money ought not to matter. But nukes can't be used for surgical strikes the blast zones are too large. Also, back then we knew almost nothing of the radioactive fallout. I hate to think what would have happened if 10 or more smaller nukes were dropped in areas of high troop concentration. The end result would have been horrific. We had to scare the Japanese into surrendering. Time has shown it was the right decision. Nukes are too terrible to be used as a regular way of waging war. At least we learned that much. I'm a peace lover, I don't think anyone should wage war, ever. But most people don't think like me.
  13. I think you misunderstood that statement. I had thought the New Age was becoming a thing of the past, but it's not. It seems to have gained a new momentum. This proves Satan is behind it, but I always knew that. It's like Satan can't die and the New Age won't die out neither. Satan keeps it alive. We have to do 2 things. Be diligent in warning others about it, and to pray against it.
  14. Well... I've been saying murder can be forgiven by God, does that mean you think I'm a murderer. I would hope not. I'm sorry Pinacled, but no, I really don't. But I bet you're talking about apples and I'm thinking oranges. I shall try to explain. When it comes to the Bible all kinds of people think certain scriptures mean all kinds of things. I understand that. But I feel this has more to it than just you disagreeing with almost everyone who read the Bible. That's what I don't understand. And just FYI I looked up the story of Jezebel in 2 Kings. She didn't just murder someone like a typical murderer would. She killed many people, perhaps more than God felt like numbering. However, Jezebel was guilty of something much worse than murder, in God's eyes. In 2 Kings ch 9 verse 28 we read: " How can there be peace,” Jehu replied, “as long as all the idolatry and witchcraft of your mother Jezebel abound?”. So ah ha, maybe God had her killed because of her idolatry & witchcraft. They were worshiping Baal. If you remember, I had said Baal is, in actuality, Satan who is God's arch enemy. When the people paid homage to Baal they are really worshiping the devil. Satan. That's the sin God won't tolerate nor forgive. But I've already explained most of this. If you just plain ole don't agree that is fine. It's not that you disagree, it's the way you disagree. I feel like murder has a significance to you. As if it was personal, but I don't know in what way. You are a brother Pinacled, therefore my offer to help is still on the table. God Bless
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