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  1. I'm glad you said this. Back in the 1970's I made a donation to Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and as a thank you he sent out lovely wooden hard covered copies of the NT. Swaggart himself was a JKV-only person, so of course, the Bibles he sent out were KJV. I have nothing against the KJV my problem is I just don't understand old English. But I found the NT Swaggart sent out even harder to understand so I compared a few verses to the typical KJV of which I owned one. There were quite a few differences. The meanings hadn't changed but many words were changed to make it read more like poetry than the KJV I owned. So many words were different I was surprised that Swaggart sent them out. I later read an article saying there are indeed 3 or 5 KJVs. The Swaggart one may have been closest to the original KJ's Bible because recently I read an article stating King James liked poetry and therefore his translators made it as poetic as they could to please their King. Great, but I'm no better with poetry than I am with old English. I'm forever indebted to the writers of the original NIV because it rescued me when I was lost. Sadly, that original NIV doesn't seem to exist anymore but I still have mine. It was less paraphrased than the Zondervan press versions are, but I still like some of them. I also use a NJKV and more recently the ESV. Many Bible versions are good, a few are okay, but the Message version is garbage. I couldn't even finish 1 page nor 1 Psalm.
  2. JTC

    A Sincere Question

    I disagree Spookycolt, First I think it's common sense a Born Again Christian with a man who isn't even open to God is starting off wrong. There is a chance the marriage may work and maybe that even the husband will come to God through his wife. But the greater probability is that over time the wife will grow less close to God. I've heard of this more often than the opposite situation. Secondly, the Biblical reason you gave is misapplied. There are several examples of what I mean in the Gospels but I'm not sure which one is best here. I'm thinking of Jesus chiding the Pharisees because they condemned Him for healing on the Sabbath but they readily pull their trapped animals out of a ditch on the Sabbath. You need wisdom and discernment to know which rule applies in a given situation. In this one I think the unequally yoked together applies. This man is not interested in God much less Jesus. He simply acknowledges God is real. That's not enough. He might have even said that to make his gf happy. I've even heard of unbelievers pretending to be interested only to drop the pretense after the wedding. I've even heard of unbelievers falsely accepting our Lord to make the believer happy. That doesn't result in salvation nor is the person Born Again, which becomes painfully obvious in time. This is a potentially volatile situation and IMO she's better off to end it now before it explodes. I am sorry.
  3. Quite honestly I was not complaining, I was warning everyone, most especially new Bible readers to avoid this like the plague. I listened to parts of it and the narrator made it sound worse because of his emphasis. Lots of people gave examples but what made me shut it off when his version of King Solomon's lamenting came out something like this: Since everything is meaningless anyway don't even strain yourself to work or do what's right. Sooner or later you will die so eat, drink, have fun, enjoy life while you can. I paraphrased that. This kind of thinking is largely responsible for our current messed up world. It's the old, "if it feels good do it" philosophy and it does not belong in what an unsuspecting person can read thinking it is the Word of God. This kind of thinking has legalized Gay marriage, wants to legalize bestiality, and may eventually want pedophilia made legal. The ancient Roman men would marry a boy and we've been going in their direction. One problem is the older generations who knew better didn't warn the younger ones enough. I'm now 1 of the older folks who knows better and my post was a warning. Take our word for it. Don't read it yourself.
  4. I just listened to some of the translation called The Message. It was terrible especially the book of Ecclesiastes. It actually says things that are not true. This was extremely obvious to me because I had just finished Ecclesiastes in the ESV. It was so bad I had to stop. Sure Solomon was disgusted and a little sad towards the end of his life but he didn't say what this translation claims he said. Do Not Read it. I'm a Bible reader for 40 years and I was just checking out the translation. It's garbage. Even worse to a new believer. Shun this translation.
  5. I watched the trailer and it looks excellent. I noticed one character say, "you can't fight hate with hate" and that's so true. I don't think this movie was in theaters which may explain the lack of publicity. If I had Netflix I'd watch it real soon.
  6. What you said about those professors also had happened to me, although I'm not a professor. I'm now past that point. I submit that those professors either need to learn more or spend a few yrs focusing on building up their faith. Or maybe God does it to you as you remain faithful towards Him, I'm not sure. But it was a very unpleasant time until it passed. I liked the website you linked to. 👍
  7. Oh, I get it thanks. Maybe the rooster even crowed 3 times or not at all, it's irrelevant to what matters. I'm glad you learned to generalize the lesson in Titus 3:9 to most debates. This is why I don't argue. Now here's a related point. With some folks there's no point in debating even the important matters. They are so close minded nothing you say matters. Sadly, I've had to work with too many of these kind. One must learn to spot them as early as one can.
  8. Luke11, you aren't completely wrong or anything like that, but you're jumping to many conclusions and assuming others. I knew about the dinosaur skeletons in the museums of Natural History. I went there at about 10, I walked around in wonderment. Some 30 yrs later I found out some of the bones either weren't found with the others, some other pieces were manufactured, and they were cleverly screwed and glued together. However, there were huge animals, the Bible called them Leviathan (Job, Psalms, Isaiah) & Behemoth (Job). Did you hear they found soft dinosaur tissue, it's on u-tube. They've also found dinosaur footprints very close to human footprints. And there was a top notch video about man living with dinosaurs showing rocks with drawings of a man fighting a small dinosaur, and in one painting the man is on the animal's back with a spear and the dinosaur is reaching around with it's long neck to bite him. The stone dated to either 600 or 6000 BC, I forget. There were many others. They were on found in S. America in modern day Peru. Dinosaur like animals were real. A very famous explorer, I want to say Marco Polo, sent some men ahead of the rest. They came back screaming in utter shock and fear. A huge animal chased them and it blew fire out of it's nose or mouth. I think it was in China. Rumor has it if you don't feed a baby dragon any more than enough it keep it alive it won't grow large or become dangerous. Legend has it Emperors kept 1 or 2 as a pet as late as the first 500 yrs AD. Have you ever heard the famous quote "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy" that's from Shakespeare's play Hamlet. Luke11 you remind me of myself when I was younger. I read many things, studied a few, spent untold hours lost in thought, and then proceeded to form all kinds of conclusions based on very little actual evidence. (this is why I'm researching these long answers I'm giving you) I have learned NOT to state ideas, opinions, or rumors AS FACTS. You tend to do that. It's also important to learn the proper use of language. Have you ever heard how professors speak in Universities? You almost can't help but to believe what they say because of how they say it. (sometimes, however, they're wrong nonetheless) LOL (they get angry if you laugh, so don't) I was once like you. Be careful because in a few places you were almost into conspiracy theory. I assume you want to be believed or at least taken seriously. Therefore, keep reading, studying, contemplating, check facts, be prepared to say where you read it. One of the most important questions to ask when new information is presented to you is: How do you know what you say you know? In Universities when you present a written paper on any topic you will also have to give a detailed bibliography on exactly where you found what you said. (I often felt a short 1 credit course should be mandatory on how to write such a bibliography. I tell you the truth, it is not easy) Cheers to you my British brother.
  9. Hey Luke11, I was agreeing with you until you said this. Pork is unhealthy unless the meat is taken care of in ways I really don't know. That's the reason pigs are unclean. Similarly, Lobster, Clams and any bottom feeding sea creature can easily make you sick so they are unclean. A shark will eat almost anything so it's unclean. The clean fish only eat what's not at the bottom or likely to have fed off the bottom. Keep reading the Bible and always pray before you do. Ask God to teach you something from what you read. If you sincerely want to know, He will slowly reveal His secrets over the years. Don't expect to know everything. Don't even expect to become an expert in anything quickly. God just doesn't work like that. But you started with some good, correct insights. Keep studying.
  10. Hey S.A. What means, " Did the rooster crow once, or did the rooster crow twice?" And how does the answer relate to Bible teachings?
  11. We have to obey God as we always did. It goes way beyond making disciples. First you work on you. Produce fruit (that is behavior) in keeping with repentance. Meaning to work on quitting your sins. You really can't convince anyone of anything unless your life is an example of what it means. This has always been true. It just doesn't get said often enough. (and I know it isn't easy. It isn't supposed to be)
  12. JTC

    God and UFO's

    We do love this topic, don't we? I realized long before Heiser that we aren't going to be doing nothing in Heaven. Jesus said we will be like the angels, we all know that. He was talking about reproduction which won't be necessary. But IMO we may also be doing jobs like the angels do here. If the universe is really as huge as secular astrophysicists speculate it is, there may be other worlds where God is growing mortals, some of whom will gain eternal life. (just a possibility) I'd love the job of soaring through the cosmos to deliver God's will where He commands. But this is me. I met a woman who never wants to go far from the throne room. That's also fine. There's more going on than we know of. One thing is certain. To gain eternal life we have to first accept Jesus, but then live as He said. We have to produce good deeds, be kind, be generous not greedy, love each other, be patient (my weak area), be faithful to God and each other. Work on giving up our sins daily. (it gets easier with age and time with God) If we do all this we just may soar through space like those things I saw in 1967. I never did see them again. 😞
  13. JTC

    God and UFO's

    Dennis, I hate to say the following because I'm sure what I saw in 1967 was for real. I saw them too many different nights to have imagined them. I know they were extremely high up because any clouds obscured them. They were there a very long time. My dog usually wandered around the vacant lot I took to him for 15 to 20 mins, even after he did his business. But I just stayed there and kept looking at those things. I stayed so long that my dog bugged me to go home. That means close to 1 hr for him to get bored. I just don't know what they were. I've already explained why I don't believe they're mortal aliens from another planet. The only aliens we have reason to believe come to earth are immortals known as angels, good and fallen. Tucker Carlson doesn't sound like a credible show and those videos were not very official. Sorry brother. Those videos could have been showing something as fake as usual. I think they were put out by the UFO (nutty) people in the hopes that it would trick the government into revealing something. Anything. I think our gov. knows there's something here, I further think our gov. has been deceived by them but the gov. is sure of 1 thing. We can't fight these things. We could never shoot them down. And we probably don't want to. They do give some scientists advanced knowledge. The gov. knows this. But we can't force them to tell us all we'd like to know. I believe the gov. believes they're mortal. I doubt the gov. is willing to believe they're angels because then they have to consider the Bible is true. That changes everything. Only we believers want the world to change in this way.
  14. JTC

    God and UFO's

    I don't know, without searching, whether Jesus referred to people as gods. I don't recall Him doing so but I read the NIV. Translations matter. In Psalm 82 God Himself says "I said you were gods". So it sounds like He could be speaking to His angels or other celestial beings. But a few verses down God says "but you will die like men" because they are wicked. That's a problem. I've always thought that angels were created immortal and still are immortal. I then came to think that even God cannot destroy beings He Himself created as immortal. This lead me to a theory on why we exist that I never posted. Most folk won't like it, not all of it. It differs quite a bit from Heiser's theories. But it agrees with Paul about life is like a race we run and we better complete the course. Unless God takes you out (such as an untimely death). This whole life is a test to see who will remain faithful to God even during adversity. Some will fall away as in the parable of the sower that Jesus told. In that parable 3/4's of the people who accept the Lord fall away. That's scary to me. Bear in mind you can repent. God will always forgive a repentant person. Even on the death bed (as per the 1 thief on the cross who asked to be forgiven. Jesus said yes). OO, it's not that it's wrong to tell the truth it's who Heiser is telling it to. Young people and kids some of whom haven't even decided yet what they believe. I considered myself an atheist in collage. Listening to Heiser wouldn't have helped me come back to God. I would have focused on his continually speaking of other gods and reasoned he's wrong, they were the mortal ancient aliens. Maybe even current aliens. In the movie version of Thor the Asgardians are clearly not immortals. They are a race of aliens who are born, can live up to 15,000 yrs, then they die. They can also be killed as Thor's mother was in Thor 2. But I never saw the later Thor installments. I will tell you this. In the world of Marvel mythos death has never been permanent. Anyone can come back if the writers want that. But Marvel isn't reality and Heiser is talking reality. As a collage student I had not yet decided what to believe. It's similar to not teaching a 4 yr old to fire a gun and then letting him play cops and robbers with it. I wouldn't. He may not fully understand what loaded and unloaded means. Or, it's fine to teach your kids about Santa but tell them he's a game. Santa isn't real, he doesn't know when you're awake and asleep, only God knows those things. I learned that too old and later on used the Santa lie to deny God. It's complicated because people are complicated. We have to be careful with all ideas.