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  1. You're right BeauJangles, this is more than I can do alone. Her latest comment was she doesn't want to argue religion with me. I agreed I don't want to argue religion neither because I don't believe in religions, however I said, God is another issue. My cousin seems to think her husband is the smartest man in the world. I happen to know there's always someone smarter than any of us but this is a dangerous attitude to have. Since she & her hubby believe in the gods (she won't tell me exactly which ones) I said I don't think she understands exactly who these gods are. Since her husband is supposed to be so well educated I'm trying to convince her to buy him one of Michael Heiser books. (I didn't trust Heiser for some time but I now believe he's a genuine Christian) My cousin & her husband are both 60ish which means when he did his reading Michael Heiser's books weren't published yet. To make matters worse part of their spiritual beliefs prevents them from using the Internet. So I will ask again for all the prayers any of you are willing to say. I need the help.
  2. This is going to be a very hard battle to win. My cousin sees her husband as almost a god. They are well aware of all the various gods that exist but I don't think they understand who these beings are. I know they won't believe me so I hoped Michael Heiser might make a impression on them. But they purposely stay away from smartphones, PC, and even cable TV. They revere shows like "The Quickening" & "X-Files". When I was 20 I had high hopes that someday we would be able to travel faster than light (as per Star Trek). Maybe Warp Speed is possible but I no longer think the elements necessary to do so exist on earth. Even if they did the elements necessary to create deflector shields don't exist neither. But my cousins don't accept this. They are full of pride.
  3. The reason I have some hope here is because at one time my cousin knew (in her mind) that Jesus is God/Son of God. But she married a man who fancies himself an ascended master. He had an eastern occult type background and from what I'm told he had a merging with a spiritual being (many years ago). This spirit gives him the ability to beguile weak willed people. He claims he can heal people but in truth he cannot heal anyone. He is able to project a type of energy that feels good when a person feels down. He charges money for this, like the sorcerers did in the book of Acts. As we know, the Apostles stopped them. My cousin's husband doesn't have a Christian background so he's the one that God has to get to. I know our God, the Sovereign Lord, Yahweh is more powerful than whatever god that man has aligned himself with. But to make matters worse he started a church and they use the word God which brings in weak willed people. They also use good nutrition is as a reason to follow them and right now our society is very aware that we all need to eat better and watch our health. But the real battle is against the spiritual entity that has deceived even my cousin.
  4. In my case I concluded that God found me. I was looking for Him but He came me. It was 40 yrs ago & I was so dumb I didn't know there were modern translations of the Bible. One fateful night a stranger handed me a small book which was the gospel of John in the NIV. That started me onto where I am now. Praise God.
  5. I need all the prayer support I can get with this. Until this week my cousin texted me everyday. Then I decided to try & win her for Christ, she stopped texting me? I believe that their gods fear our God. We can win.
  6. This may help those who struggle with homosexuality, you aren't the only Christians with such a fight. Here is what I mean. Yes God said homosexuality is sin but He also declared fornication sin. Many Christian singles were never blessed with a mate, this means any form of sex is a sin for them. Being a chronically single Christian is not much different from being gay. You can ask why this is happening since both groups feel it's not fair. I can only say it's because we are living in End Times (although the end times may last 100's of years). Being in one of these groups gives that believer an opportunity to get to know the Lord in ways married people may never have. I have a hunch that after we leave this life those who struggled the most may get the best rooms in the Heavenly mansion.
  7. Hello N. Robin, You seem to be pointing out that there is hypocrisy & problems in the greater Christian community. This is true. Perhaps it will always be true. But if enough of us ask God for the strength we may yet change this.
  8. This post illustrates some of the problems in the greater Christian community, I have noticed this along. Hopefully the true believers here at Worthy don't behave as the parents Melinda 12 mentioned. When parents behave in ungodly ways they push their kids away from God. We must make this change. Nevertheless, homosexuality isn't right. Melinda 12 you are correct in that any sinner should be welcomed in as an observer, but to be accepted as a member that person must show a real desire to change. And I am fully aware that often these changes can take 30 yrs or more.
  9. Interesting... I grew up in the 60's and I often went to buy posters but I don't recall seeing this one. I'm not saying JPT is wrong but I'm wondering where he lived, maybe this poster just never made it to NY. Looking back, the worst posters were psychedlic colored Tarot card posters that were 2'x3'. I actually bought a few but only because I liked that they glowed under the Black Lights. This became an issue 5 yrs later when 2 cousins took an interest in the occult, they thought I'd agree, but I didn't. Having said that, I see nothing wrong with giving this image a Christian interpretation. It may have originally been made to make Heroin sound okay to use (which it is not), but a Godly meaning for today is fine.
  10. This is more like I'm thinking out loud than I'm asking a question. Although, since I am a true believer of 40 yrs I do have a real problem. I have 1 cousin (left) I grew up with who married a New Age guru some 25 yrs ago. Previously she was a nominal Catholic which means she was taught all about Jesus and at one time believed it. This cousin & her brother always had an unhealthy interest in the supernatural, which I'm sure is part of the problem. At one time we were a close family getting together every weekend. It was back then when God called to me. I didn't know what was happening so I didn't tell them much, but they did know about me joining my 1st church. I hoped eventually some of them would join me but no. One thing I don't understand is how & why my cousin walked away from believing everything we were taught as kids, much of it is true. I think I'm supposed to reach her today, but how? ......... I just texted her & asked if they ever heard of Dr. Michael Heiser and they didn't. Maybe I can reach these 2 people with the way Dr. Heiser discusses knowledge that has always been in the Bible but we seem to have forgotten. I know my cousin's husband had a merging with some sort of evil angel about 35 yrs ago. At one time this man thought he was a god, then an alien, and I don't know what now. I think meeting & marrying my super hot cousin (30 yrs ago) made him rethink himself. Well, let's face it God made us male & female for many reasons. ..................... I feel I just lead the horse to the water now will they take a drink? ....................... This may become an ongoing post, I hope George doesn't mind. If you have an idea please tell me.
  11. I will sister, and would you please add your prayer to mine concerning my cousin who told me that she & her New Age husband are worshiping native American gods. This is the last of the cousin's I grew up so I do worry about her. I really worry because I think at one time (in the past) she knew Jesus is God, maybe not in a born again way but in a mental way. Thanks.
  12. Fornication is indeed a serious sin and casual sex is foolish, at best. We often think of sexual sins as being the worst but to God there is one worse. In the OT there were only a few times where God opened the ground to swallow the people, but why would He do that. God did it because the people were worshiping other gods... that means the evil angels. To God that's the worst thing we can do. So while we should avoid all sins I believe the most grievous of them is other gods. Many weak Christians are putting other concerns in front of God and this is bad. However, I worry mostly about those worshiping other gods, I mean foreign or native American gods. This is mostly New Age people but some may have a Christian background, I am very concerned about them.
  13. JTC

    On the Soul

    Hey lovethelord, Most people need the threat of hell to help them avoid sin. But with spiritual maturity comes a time when we don't sin because we hate them almost as much as God does. We all get there. I'm not saying there's no hell of course there is. I say that the 2nd death or lake of fire, is something that will annihilate those of us who are put in. Since the lake of fire was actually created for Satan and his angels it wasn't meant for us. I always assumed the devils would burn forever. However, lately I'm aware of Psalms 82 v: 6 & 7. Depending on the translation you use, this makes it sound like the devils can also die. Maybe this means that ultimately God will destroy all evil in the lake of fire. This makes sense since all things are to be new again. I hope this is true but I don't know. I do know that I obey the Lord because I love what He loves. Scripture often says to fear the Lord. I say if a person cannot obey God because of love then you better obey Him out of fear. But it's much better when it's motivated by love.
  14. I can certainly relate to all this. Usually I'm the one complaining about chronic liars, I was blessed with too many. It's true that you cannot confront a chronic liar directly, they only get angry and nothing is accomplished. I don't have an answer other than to pray for them. Remember that everything is in God's hands and He will have His way. What I mean is that if God wants the liar in heaven He will find a way to do it. Even if we cannot imagine it. I know this is true because of my own testimony. When I was 18 to 27 I was an unlikely person to ever be in God's kingdom. Two friends would speak to me of God but I shot down anything they said. I came to God only because He Himself drew me here. Nothing else makes sense. So Kristin, do speak to your mother but don't wear yourself out worrying because ultimately God will get what He wants.
  15. JTC

    On the Soul

    Granted. The back story is this. I'm one of the older members here & I always heard my relatives use the phrase "your immortal soul". Usually this was said when someone was living as though being human is all we are. The rub is I grew up in a basically Catholic Italian type family. I split with all that at 18 and then became an intellectual atheist. But God had other plans for me. God came after me, He doesn't just let Himself lose one of us, we are all of a special value to the Sovereign Lord. (even when we can't imagine it) At 28 a stranger handed me The Gospel of John in the NIV which was brand new at the time. I did not even know there were modern translations of the Bible. How would I, Catholics were discouraged from reading the scriptures. (I think that has changed a bit) But even as a 5 yr old kid I remember questioning my father on the Catholic practice of confession because I already had heard that our sins are forgiven due to Jesus. It did not make sense, and I don't like it when things don't make sense. I was probably a very unusual nominal Catholic kid especially back in the 1960's. Like others have also done, I started reading the Bible expecting to get proof that God is not real. I wanted to finally put the issue of God away. (I'm laughing at this now, but I was grimly serious at 28) The more I read, the more I became unsure of all I had been taught. I did notice early on that almost all the Catholic practices I had been taught had no basis of truth in the scriptures. I never went back to Catholicism, I simply could not. But I want to state unequivocally that there are many sincere Godly Catholic people. Some put us to shame. For some reason God didn't want me to be part of them any longer. To this day I don't understand how the serious ones don't see the errors they are making. But I do know God is bigger and more magnanimous than anything we can imagine. We should never look down on Catholics because some of them are in front of us. This is no surprise since even 2000 yrs ago Jesus said those we think are last will be first. I was taught that when a human dies our soul (or spirit) continues to exist, some in punishment and others in heaven. Maybe this is true. Scripturally I mean. What I saw is that a soul will die, ie. cease to exist, unless that soul is given eternal life by Lord Jesus, who paid the ultimate price for this privilege. I also might as well say I'm not so sure the unsaved will be tormented forever & ever. The reason is emotional in that I don't believe our all loving magnanimous God is going to torture His creatures forever. So what I'm saying is the unsaved who go into the lake of fire are all totally burned up. They will no longer have any existence. This is also nonessential doctrine and we need not be concerned with it. But an unsaved person might still ask us about this and that's why I want it all clear and making sense. (I know an unsaved man from my generation who also left Catholicism long ago. He thinks he knows God as he says he met God. But everything about this man says he's wrong. We know that spiritual beings go to the unsaved and claim they are Yahweh just so that person won't call to Jesus. I'm convinced Jesus will answer anyone who calls Him. I'm pretty certain this unsaved man might bring up the lake of fire, every other ex-Catholic I know did. As it stands now, I know this man believes in the ancient astronaut theory. I'm just thinking on the board) My conclusion is we do not have an immortal soul, I was taught a fallacy as a child. But I think most Catholics still believe this. The Bible doesn't support this idea and it never did. I am not going to disagree with king Solomon by saying there are new things today, no. However, we are starting to remember some of them and to many people they seem new. I always knew other spirit beings exist, I also knew to leave them alone. But many people find the divine council to be shocking, it is not. I hope you enjoyed this. Remember that my goal in writing this is to make what we do know about God make more sense than it does now. Keeping in mind that as humans we can never fully understand the mind of God. Amen
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