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  1. That's the problem I do not. My body is ultra sensitive to many things not just meds but also foods. One example is tomatoes and tomato sauce, I'm so allergic to fresh tomatoes that my throat starts to close up. But some brands of frozen tomato sauce are fine while other brands aren't. This pharmacist always gets me the brand of each med that I need. Meanwhile, I know this is an unhealthy relationship. Thanks.
  2. JTC

    How it all Started

    Hey Wayne, That was almost a different world back then, right? In 1999 I went from living in a 6 room house to a 1 Brm Apt. so I was forced to give away many books. I never forgot that odd looking short fellow who handed that to me. And it's strange how he seemed to disappear within a few minutes. I honestly think he was an angel, one of the messengers of God we read about in the Bible. They really don't do or say anything God didn't instruct them to do. To me, this is more proof that these beings seen by New Ager's may indeed be spiritual beings but they are not of God. I'm glad you enjoyed my testimony.
  3. JTC

    How it all Started

    This is true brother, the story won't be finished until I go to be with the Lord. Amen.
  4. JTC

    They don't know

    Naomi, leave for awhile if necessary, I've had to do that also. Just don't forget to come back because I like having you here. I think your words are quite valuable. Since I don't know what's going on this is all I'm going to say.
  5. JTC

    They don't know

    Naomi, You are 1 of my favorite people here. I only clicked on this thread because you're the author of it. Most of your comments are compassionate and full of wisdom. I just wanted to tell you that.
  6. JTC

    Jews With Out Jesus

    Very good point.
  7. Hi Naomi, It isn't you. The same thing just happened to me again. Many of these people are so scared someone will hurt them that they put up walls. A lot of them don't want to be confided in. They get angry if you confide in them. Others, who call themselves Christian think we're not supposed to have problems so they try to never show their issues and they certainly don't want to hear ours. I tend to think they will go through their whole life like that. Never changing. It's very hard to know who's safe to trust.
  8. JTC

    How it all Started

    Thanks Ttwo, I was hoping it would be interesting. I should point out that at the time I didn't think God had forgotten me. I simply didn't believe He was real. I was chalking everything up to coincidences. It took 5 to 10 yrs before I believed God was chasing me. I also had to make it short because I was answering a question. But all that took many yrs to happen. GBY
  9. Hey Kristin, you may not have artistic talent but we all have, gifts or talents, for various things. Sometimes these are referred to as innate abilities. One such ability is to hear about a stranger's situation and intuitively know what's going on. Other people are said to be "good with children", these folks always seem able to get little kids to behave themselves even when the parents are at their wits end. I consider all these to be gifts from God.
  10. Thanks James, I just did this yesterday. When I think of the look on his face yesterday, as well as other times he explodes, I can almost see something evil superimposed over his face. I guess since he's a nominal Jew who totally rejects Jesus it's not hard for a demon to take him over. I think even demons might behave decently occasionally since they do have personalities. I strive to not know about them since that alone is dangerous. But as I've often said, I live in a very ungodly area.
  11. Wade, I think your logic here is not very logical. But you did come to the right conclusion. In defense of your reasoning I'll say this. You're not the 1st person who came to realize God must exist because the devil (evil) exists. When I was lost in intellectual atheism I first became convinced of Satan because I saw how evil had harmed people I was meeting. So if Satan & evil exist I reasoned God must exist as well. And I've read similar testimonies from other Christians. But nowadays, with our breakthroughs in science that allow us to see the microscopic smallness of things, as well as telescopes that show us how the universe is working in perfect motions that we couldn't see 40 yrs ago, those facts are the best objective argument for God that I know of. Once you reach this point a personal experience of & with God usually follows and then you know your premise 1. (above) is false to start with. But your conclusion is true. God is who gave us the moral values, and since we've done away with some, in the last century, it's easy to see that evil has resulted from that. Moral values and duties are actually for our good and God knows that. They even benefit our pursuits in the sciences. As we tamper with the genes of mankind more bad will come of this than good. But it may take 100 yrs to see this. Moral values says don't tamper with genes, but we do it. Finally moral values help us have better relationships even with God. So yes God is good and so are the morals He taught us.
  12. JTC

    Seeking Riches

    What Jesus meant there was don't work whereas your main focus is to accumulate wealth. He didn't mean to not work and make others or the state support you. If you're doing everything possible to support yourself God will make sure you don't starve or go naked. But you have to be working. That's one reason Paul was always reminding the people in the cities where he had preached already that he and the others who were with him always took a job rather than asking for money to live on.
  13. JTC

    What Caused A No Show Of Christ

    Yep I agree. I now look at this as 1000 of our yrs is 1 day to God. Therefore Jesus only left 2 days ago. Barely enough time to take a shower and put on a fresh robe
  14. JTC

    Need Advice

    All I can add is that this is a form of desertion on his part. So you are free to leave him, what he's doing is the same as cheating on you. And since he's watching incest porn maybe you should start planning how to leave him and survive. Don't wait until he molests 1 of your kids. Fathers who molest their own children is so prevalent today I don't know any statistics anymore. There is much too much of it. The harm it does to the child is beyond measuring. Remember also that most children feel so ashamed they never tell anyone, even if you ask them. You should seek counseling for yourself, maybe a pastor will talk for free.
  15. You got good answers so far so there's little I can add. I want to remind you Steve wasn't a Christian, he doesn't have the Holy Spirit within him, so he can sin and possibly with no remorse at all. I doubt that will work for you. So even if you did the deed I don't think you will find it satisfying, except for at the time. Even though God forgives us sometimes we can't forgive ourselves. And some sins you never forget that you willfully did them. I hope you find a wife soon.