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  1. i need bible

    Just ignore people who say the KJV is the only correct 1. That's not true. I'm American and English is the only language I speak. Furthermore, I've been reading the Bible almost 40 yrs. But I still don't understand the KJV. We call that Old English. When the KJV was written everyone spoke like that. Back then it was modern English. Usually I read the NIV. I also like the NKJV. Stay away from the paraphrased versions, such as the Amplified Bible. There are times when I consult those versions but I wouldn't use them everyday. Sure, you can follow me.
  2. It sounds insensitive. It also tells me you don't know what true, very real, loneliness feels like.
  3. Bible Trivia questions

    the daughter of Herodias. I believe her name was Salmone. (I probably spelled it wrong)
  4. Bible Trivia questions

  5. Hi Everyone, When you all pray for me it usually helps. For the past several years I'm finding it harder and harder to walk longer than 5 minutes. I'm also bent over so even though I'm 65 I look 85. In 2010 I went to a spinal orthopedist who had a lumbar MRI done. I can't find the report but I remember he said my back is a mess, but surgery can't help. Everything was minor back then. I remember "spinal stenosis", 2 herniated discs, and a word I couldn't pronounce that started with a S. I was on a medical site earlier and I saw the word. It's 2 words and it's worse than stenosis. This was on the MRI, Ankylosing Spondylitis. Unlike stenosis this illness is systemic which means it can effect me any where in my body. Two usual areas are the eyes and the lungs. I went to an eye Doc last May and he said I need cataract surgery on both eyes. My cousin was going to pay someone to accompany me but then she died. I have COPD so I went to my lung doc a week ago. He didn't like the chest X-Ray so he sent me for a CT Scan. The way I feel I was expecting tumors. No tumors just some nodules. Tonight I read spondylitis often effects the lungs. Furthermore, spondylitis is known to cause fatigue. I'm always exhausted. I almost wish the doc would give me Adderall. This is all bad, very bad. I feel like God hates me. But I read His Word every morning. After I read about spondylitis I felt my depression coming over me like a storm cloud. I wish I still had a friend like I always did prior to 2000. I've also been battling a nicotine addiction and I was making some progress. But I want to die and my foolish mind says, keep smoking. But I won't die, I'll just have more trouble breathing. I wish we had nicotine detox centers. They would force me to quit and I'd have people around me. Only God can help me, I'm beyond Docs. On top of all this, everyone is getting angry at me. The people in the stores I go in everyday and 1 of my Doc's has a receptionist who I thought liked talking to me. A few weeks ago she started screaming at me saying I don't have Medicaid. But I sure do, I pay $135 a month. None of this makes sense, I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone again. So please pray for me. When I pray nothing happens. God bless you all.
  6. I'm Done!

    LadyKay, how about you take a vacation. I've done that 3 times. I like you, I don't want you to leave. I also get hurt easily. People like us have a heart, I think that's an indicator we will be in heaven. If I do get to heaven and it's full of rude heartless people then I am surely misunderstanding the Bible. I hope you have a couple of friends in your galaxy who make you feel good. I did prior to 2000. But they're all gone now. My life wasn't always this bad. If you must leave for awhile it's ok, go. But then come back. Don't let mean people win.
  7. Are you actually trying to tell me God showed you when you would die. Things like that are so rare you have a better chance of winning Lotto. All I'm telling you is to prepare for the future. Do you remember Herbert W. Armstrong? He was a false prophet but I found him at 28 as a baby Christian. He also had a wild imagination, he expected Jesus back soon and he wrote many booklets on "The World Tomorrow". His catch was Jesus would return in his lifetime. I used to hope he was right. In 1978 he was already about 88, he was independently wealthy so he gave away all his books. That made me think he was an honest to goodness Christian. He died in the early 80's and his church fell apart. One of his followers is finally back and still preaching nonsense. Then about 10 yrs ago we had Harold Camping. He said Jesus would be back on May 17th of the year it was. A man in Manhattan believed him, sold all he had and put billboards up and took 1 page ads in the NY Times. That man lost everything. Camping also told another man to take his son out of school, Jesus would be back in 2 months. Camping was in his 90's. He died from heart failure after he made a fool of himself. I have a hunch you're under 30. Often when young people first read the Bible they think the world will soon end. Think that if it gets you through the night but don't stop living. 40 yrs ago I had joined a fanatical church, (a bunch of nuts) at Christmas I didn't let my family come over I wanted to be with my so-called church family. In my real family we were very close. Some of them never got over me throwing them out for strangers. I was indeed wrong. Now they're all dead, I'm sick, poor, and I can't help always asking God to let me die. I think I sin everytime I ask that. I made so many foolish mistakes I suppose I deserve being depressed. It didn't have to be like this. When you laughed at the idea of buying a 401 K plan I felt you were also making a mistake. Go ahead. When you're 60 and broke you'll remember the old guy you laughed at. Don't do it brother. I'm broke and sick but I know I have some wisdom. The Internet allows me to share it with you. I can tell you more true stories that will make your head spin. But I still don't think you'll believe me. I hope Jesus comes back tomorrow more than you. But after all I've seen since I was 28, I doubt it. I hope you realize I'm trying to help you. Don't think I enjoy telling the board about all the dumb decisions I made. I'm not crazy.
  8. Oneness or Trinity?

    Many people have a hard time with this. "How can 3 be just 1 God, it's either 3 gods or 1". Oh, Jesus Freak thank you for giving us your birthday. And I'm glad you live in America because this is how I explain this. How many Congresses do we have? I was taught it's only 1. But that 1 congress has many members. But it's still only 1 congress. Likewise, we have 1 God but 3 personalities make Him up. If that helps you grab it and run with it. Personally, I get more mind twisted by what God said in Genesis. " Let us make man in our image". Huh. Who is "us". Maybe we can learn something from the Catholics here. In the CC they have mysteries. They clearly admit they don't know what they mean but they believe them. Jesus_Freak I dare say even in 40 yrs you won't understand everything about God you hope to. God is like a genius in physics and we are like a sparrow. That little bird doesn't have a brain that can understand what an atom is, never mind quantum mechanics. You can explain it to the bird forever, he will understand it. There are several verses in the OT where God tells man He is beyond our minds. I often think, poor God. He's trying to explain to a 5 day old baby what milk is, or where it comes from. He simply says, from mommy. (I'm not even sure how the glands in the breast make milk. Just don't ever stop asking God. He will amaze you when He explains a thing.
  9. Hey Ascended, I assume you weren't around yet in the 1970's? Back then this whole tongues thing had me confused. Ever hear of Jimmy Swaggart? He's a story to himself. He had a huge and successful ministry in Baton Rogue. He did a 30 min teaching show in the am and I often got up early just to watch it. But on Sunday nights he dis his crusades. He was very popular. To have a ministry that big God was blessing him. Back then there were a lot of TV evangelists and they all asked us to support them. Another Big TV guy was Jim Baker. For some reason Swaggart didn't like Baker. Swaggart found out Baker spent ministry money on a very expensive AC for his dog. Swaggart caused a scandal. You've heard we all have skeletons in our closets, yes? Swaggart had a lovely wife who obeyed him like a woman of God should. So why did Swaggart feel the need to hire a lady of the night and pay her big bucks. One month when Penthouse hit the stands there was Swaggart crying with a long story. At that point I had given up buying Playboy and Penthouse but I had to buy that one. Besides watching him and believing him I was sending him all my extra money each month. Maybe if Swaggart used his own money to pay his prostitute it wouldn't have been so bad. But that was our money. I was a poor working class hero. Swaggart belonged to a major protestant denomination who told him no preaching for 3 months. But every am he was still on TV. I was a new Christian back then and he hurt my faith. I started doubting God. But God is real and He proved it again. God put an end to his multi-million dollar ministry in 2 months. (aren't you glad you weren't around yet) Swaggart used to say another thing. The only people who had the Holy Spirit in them would speak in other tongues. Remember there was no internet yet so thousands of believers doubted the HS, Jesus and even the Bible cause they couldn't babble. For 5 yrs I didn't even open my Bible. I spent the next 20 yrs wondering if I was even Born Again. I eventually realized I must be because I had really changed. I still committed sins but I couldn't enjoy them. But did I receive the Baptism of the HS? I still can't babble. What a mess. I was also attending a church that no longer exists. One Sunday we got a new member. The chief elder did the HS baptism but he didn't babble. Back in those days many people came to me with their troubles. I didn't mind, but I only was a believer 1 year. The chief elder wanted the new guy to babble so they took him privately and tried to teach him tongues. He couldn't pick it up. That was when he came to me and asked if this was Kosher. (I was so confused) I told him no, I didn't think so. He never came back. I spent the next decade reading up on tongues. My conclusion is they don't matter. It's a gift from the HS some people get them, most don't. They are simply a sign to unbelievers. I never got them. But I did get the Word of Knowledge and Word of Wisdom. In accordance with the Bible I have no control over them. When God wants them to function they do, otherwise I have no idea what's going to happen. I hope you enjoyed my essay, I confess I enjoy teaching when I can.
  10. Say What's On Your Mind

    What's on my mind is very serious, so maybe I shouldn't say it. For several months now I've been upset cause I don't know God keeps me here. Do I have a purpose? Yeah, to suffer. I don't like that answer. I'm tired of everyone I knew dying. I'm tired of being sick. I want God to give me a purpose. I want to know what He wants me to do. Only 1 cousin keeps in touch with me. She's sweet. I thank God for her. But she's into spirituality. If I say "Thank God..." she responds with gods. She's been seeing her dead mother, brothers, and my parents. This is anti Christian but if I disagree we'll fight and I'll lose her too. I hate to tell you all this, but I think how a person treats others is more important than what they believe. She doesn't realize it but she's obeying Jesus. I'm upset she's seeing our dead family but I'm not going to throw her away. She's the only person who cares whether I'm alive or dead. This is what's on my mind.
  11. Pudgenik, get the insurance. It's fine to hope and pray Jesus comes back real soon. But if you live your life counting on it you're a fool. I seriously expected Jesus back in the 1980's. Then in the 90's, even at the beginning of this century. I lost many opportunities because I listened to preachers more foolish than me. I wish I knew how old everyone is. I'm 65, not so old, right. But due to poor health (which I always had) I can barely walk. I didn't save up money because I didn't think I'd need it. Either Jesus would come back, I'd die a young death (which runs in my family), or I'd just keep working. I enjoyed many of my jobs. I also expected Ms. Right to have come along so at least I wouldn't be lonely. It all went wrong, but also God didn't make it easy for me. I've read the NT more times than I know and I never saw a rapture in there. I know where ya all get it from, but I never saw it. It's a lovely idea. I no longer think it will happen. And 1 of my favorite preachers, Pat Robinson, he also has concluded the rapture is 1 of man's dumb ideas. Once you've been reading the Bible over 40 yrs, and you're in your 60's or above, you realize things. I see the Tribulation, I've watched the world get worse. Plan your life to see 95, and expect evil to grow. Make sure you have a lifeboat on your ship, don't expect God to bail you out of dumb decisions. Buy the 401 K. I actually had 1 in the 80's but that company went bust, and I had to spend the 401 K money. Make wise choices. I hope you're still young and healthy.
  12. My dream from 10 was to get married. I tried very hard. But for some unknown reason it wasn't God's plan for me. Now my only goal is to obey God and wait for this life to end. The Internet is an amazing thing. If there was no internet I'd be clueless why I'm here. God uses me via the net.
  13. I think it can happen also but if you're worried it's happening to you it probably isn't. I've also been surprised by a few people who I thought it did happen to. It didn't. Since we can't see a person's motivations and feelings we should always assume God is doing a work in them. I always remind myself that Jesus said, ideally, the Father doesn't want any to be lost. But it can happen.