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  1. JTC


    When trouble comes we have to remember we're Christians and that we are supposed to represent God on earth and remember that God is love. A lot of things can make us angry but getting angry is usually the wrong thing to do. The scriptures are true.
  2. I live in a strange little neighborhood, I think I've implied that before. My friend who died was a little odd but it probably had to do with the fact that she had some kind of brain surgery. However, I always try to accept people as they are because I've had plenty of tough times in my life. But most people are not like me and now that Linda is gone I seem to be getting odd reactions from others around here because I friended her. It seems several people don't like that I considered her a friend, even though it was only 2 weeks. Strange. Or am I having anxiety attacks because I thought I had someone to hang out with and now I'm alone again. I feel worse than before I met her. I hope I can meet someone else soon because the loneliness is effecting me worse than it used to. I thought other people down here would miss Linda also and that it wouldn't be just me. But that doesn't seem to be what happened.
  3. About 20 yrs I came to believe that no one dies unless God allows it. I know that can be hard to see but I think it's true. So I guess it was Linda's time to go. I'm starting to get used to her being gone, but she was a good friend even though I only knew her 2 weeks. I have to get past this so I gave up trying to learn how she died. Thank you to everyone who responded. I certainly need online friends since I have none in person. I'll be posting again soon.
  4. Thanks BrutalHeart, I've been checking the online obituaries everyday and so far there's nothing. Thanks.
  5. Steven, there are no churches around here.This is not an area where many people believe in God, at least not the way we do. There are several Catholic churches but that's it. I should have tried harder to move when I still had a car and could get around. But I was working a lot back then and didn't feel like apt. hunting. I thought Linda was an answer to prayer. I just want a friend and she said that was what she wanted too. We were both in our late 60's so things are different at this age. I'm just tired of being alone and for 2 weeks I didn't think I'd be so alone anymore. Even Linda found it hard to believe I've been alone 17 yrs but I have. I still haven't been able to find out how she died. I know her health wasn't great neither but I don't know what issues she had. I didn't know her well enough yet. It just was nice to know I had someone to speak to every couple of days. That's gone now and I'm sad. It's going to take awhile for this to pass. Too many people have died in the last 17 yrs. I wish God would take me but for some unknown reason He wants me here.
  6. I'm one of the members with no family and almost no friends left. It wasn't always like this prior to the year 2000 I had people around me. I'm in my 60's and I found as we get older it gets harder to meet new people, especially when you're sick and can't get around. Two weeks ago I met a woman my age on the bus. This is rare so I tried to be friendly. She lived in my building so it sounded good. A week later she lost a 20 yr friend to cancer. I knew she was depressed as that's only normal. But I think 2 nights later she ended her life, I'm not sure yet. I might have been able to stop her if I realized she was going to do that. But I didn't. I thought I was finally going to have a friend again. I'm still in shock over this. I saw her last Thursday and I called her Friday but she didn't call back. I went to her apt. on Sat and no one saw her since Thursday. I called the police who then called the fire dept and they climbed in somehow. She was in there but she wasn't alive. We weren't allowed in as they were waiting for a medical examiner. I left for 20 minutes and in that time they took her out. I'm not even sure how to find out exactly what happened. I feel sad, but also guilty because if I had gone there Friday she might still be alive. I think we would have been good friends. I want to find out what happened but I don't know how. I don't have anyone else to talk to about this so I made this post. Most folks don't understand being totally alone. In the last 17 years I lost so many family and friends to death or they moved that I'm alone. I keep praying for a friend and I thought I finally got one. I guess she might be better off because she was sad over her friend who died from cancer. It's all so very confusing and death always is. Thank you for letting me post this.
  7. JTC

    My Life: the Twilight Zone

    Deb, I haven't been in a Catholic church in about 10 yrs. They don't have the kind of sermons we do. Their sermon is only 5 or 15 minutes at the most, it's part of the mass. When I was a kid the whole mass was in Latin as your husband said. No one knew what was going on. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me. I've been alone 17 yrs now and I can see it's had a worse effect on me than I thought. I think I have forgotten how to be sociable. This is why I'm glad you told me about yourself. I need to learn how to fit into society again. It's not going to be easy, and I can see the older I get the harder it is. The one thing that disturbs me is people around here just don't seem to be into God. I think of God everyday and I pray several times a day. I don't mean big fancy prayers, usually they are short, just so God knows He's on my mind. I don't broadcast this from the windows but I don't keep it a secret neither. So maybe there are other people into God. Anyway, thanks Deb.
  8. I left the CC at 18 or 1972. I don't hate them, I mostly disagree with them, but they do certain things we could use. I like the whole confessional ritual because it forces the person to consider what sins he did. IMO the CC and us evangelicals are going to reunite. I don't believe God hates any of His creatures with the exception of fallen angels. I heard of a new group last night. They are called The Pre Nicene Christians, and these are the people who followed Jesus before Constantine made Christianity legal. They are supposed to have a set of books that are not cheap. I saw this on You Tube. Is this real or a money making gimmick, I don't know. If you ask a theology professor at Yale or Stamford U. they say that during the 200 or 300 year period after Jesus left, the apostles wrote down what they could and circulated these letters to the various churches. The idea being that every church should have a copy of something written by a real eye witness to Jesus. That sounds right to me. I'm wondering how this collection was put together so quickly and can we trust it.
  9. Mike, I had to try the oy vey. I had a major crush on a Jewish girl in 5th grade and she constantly said, oy vey. As an Italian I always heard Mammamia, so I think they're similar.
  10. JTC

    My Life: the Twilight Zone

    Canada woman, first you need a name easy to type. 2nd, I need your age or at least the decade of life you're in. You're probably under 40 and you don't realize how often this has been done, how much time and money has been wasted, all the lives ruined, you're too young. The devil is getting a good laugh. This is the best reason for a central head of the church. I've known of God and Jesus since 1957. In about 1977 I heard the rapture lie. I'm also a man with training on us humans. From 12 to 30 we're most insecure. Unless you had great parents you don't know what you'll do. Satan convinces you Jesus will be back any day so it doesn't matter what you do. I doubt it. Ever hear "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". Tell me, have you been given a date or an approximate date? In the 70's my church was told 1984. Like the book, huh? They wanted us to sell our homes and give the church the money. Yeah right. Are you friends with Audrey Boyd on FB, you might as well be. Satan fooled me several times but now I know God. I've seen the word of wisdom function in my life. Never for me always for others. It's still too warm where I am. C ya.
  11. JTC

    My Life: the Twilight Zone

    Adstar don't get so defensive. (I also lumped you and Heleadethme together) No one accused me of lying and I'm not accusing you. I said that I may go try a CC for awhile because 1. that's all there is near me, 2. I was raised Catholic. I'm very open and honest. Unless one of you is new here, you guys should know that I know, what I will find inside a CC. I've been there before. Isn't it you who also left the CC? If so, you also know what's in there. I'm 66 guys, I know there's been more dirt on the CC than in a dumpster. From what you 2 said I got the feeling you folks don't believe I'm 66, that I was raised Catholic, or that I know the Bible very well. I didn't need the 2 lectures. I'll admit I get angry at how much hatred some people have towards Catholics and then they think they are obeying Jesus. You said this: " This is not surprising.. If one is in a religion that believes that ones eternal destination is based on their performance at being a good person and living up to the level of righteousness of Jesus then you can be sure they will do their absolute best to be as good as they can be.. But if a person believes their salvation is secured by their personal performance in being good enough and doing good works then they are in big big trouble... " Alright Adstar I'll give you that point, but let me reword it a bit. If one is in a religion that believes that ones eternal destination is based on them saying a bunch of words, words they don't live by, and since those words include the name Jesus, soon they believe in OSAS, they ignore all the words where Jesus and His apostles say that what we do will effect our eternal destiny, they talk the talk but they don't walk the walk. You can now bet your last dollar these people are going to hell. I realize I just sent almost 80% of all believers to hell. Let's take a deep breath, maybe we don't understand the Lord. Btw, have you read any of the apocrypha books, the ones Martin Luther took out of the Bible? I have and it's easy to see why our greedy money loving society wants them out. In the apocrypha books the writers claim that giving money to the needy (not the CC) will cover over some of your sins. This is why Catholics are so generous and helpful while protestants will barely give their own church money. Either James or Jesus did say helping the needy will be remembered by God at the judgement. Jesus said love will cover over a multitude of sins but protestants can't even love each other, never mind a bunch of half naked tribal people. Guys, we who call ourselves by the name of Christ have big problems.
  12. JTC

    Ark of the Covenant Dream Interpretaion

    Hey Augustus, When I was young I trained to be a psychotherapist and dream interpretation was 1 of my specialties. In real life dreams are interpreted by knowing a little about the dreamer, it's not like in Daniel or in a book on dreams. I learned a little about you from previous posts. What happened with that girl, is it still going on or is there something else of value. In the dream you have something valuable that you want to put in the Ark of the Covenant for safe and secure keeping. It can be anything. It can be an object such as a ring, or a relationship even a relationship you don't quite have yet. You expect to get this thing, the dream says you feel hopeful. In a dream your feelings tell more than the symbols except you didn't say how you feel. I think it was a happy hopeful dream, right? That's about it, whatever you want you expect to get it.
  13. JTC

    My Life: the Twilight Zone

    Play nice people. Heleadethme, Adstar, et al, I guess you guys don't believe me. What do you think I'm lying about my past? I know what goes on in some CC's, such things also happen in Born Again churches. 30+ yrs ago I was in a church with elders instead of a pastor. And almost everyone claimed to be a prophet. One of the head elders took a new member into a private room and tried to teach him to speak in tongues. He never came back. I sounded like you guys but I was a baby Christian. I thought real Christians do what the Bible says. I was so naive. Because of all the stuff going on behind another person's back I left that church and never found another one. Looking back 40 yrs, they weren't that bad. They didn't deal drugs, beat people up or worse. But they weren't even trying to obey the Lord. They liked to play church on Sunday and they were good at it. What I'm objecting to is you guys telling me things about the CC as if I'm a newbie.
  14. JTC

    My Life: the Twilight Zone

    I know how hard our lives are to explain. It would be easier if I was just in the Twilight Zone, but that's fantasy. After reading the OT almost exclusively for a year I decided to try to read some of the early church fathers. This is before Catholicism wasn't considered Christianity. I started with Augustus of Hippo and now I'm reading about Origen of Alexandria. Some of those early guys sound almost more confused than we do. Ever since I was 5 it occurred to me that I may have been someplace other than Earth before I came to Earth. Have you ever met someone you could swear you knew before but you didn't. This happened to me in 1986 or so. Well Origen as well as some of the other great men of God also considered we are some place before here. My life is so crazy that perhaps I volunteered for this, as the alternative would have been worse. That's 1 idea Rod Sterling missed. I don't know, I'm just sharing my thoughts. I also know this, I'm super eager to see heaven, Jesus, the angels, and all the things we're waiting for.🙈
  15. JTC

    Judging by the looks

    This is a problem that's almost impossible to avoid in America. Nevertheless, this doesn't make it right. Clothes don't matter to God unless you mean to not dress sexy. We are told "God is not a respecter of persons". To God a $100 suit and the $500 suit don't influence how He sees you. I live in a seaside community and as of 2 weeks ago some girls started walking around with just their swimsuit on. So even after 40 yrs, BlueGreenADA, I have to make an effort not to stare at a semi nude body. That alone doesn't make you lukewarm. In time the lack of clothes will bother you less.