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  1. Ivan, as I've said before, I'm a believer some 40 years. Based on myself and other believers I've known, if your faith wasn't real you wouldn't be worried. So even though anxiety is unpleasant feeling I see your anxiety as proof of your faith. Let me ask you this, are you the kind of person who likes to be very sure of what you believe? I bet you are, and I'm like that too. It's difficult to be this way but this makes us the kind of people others can count on. God likes this too. I also want to tell you that you can't lose your salvation unless you let it go. God won't take it away from you, He doesn't do things like that. In 40 years from now you'll be making the kinds of posts I do now. Never let go of Jesus, that's all.
  2. Hi K9Buck, I'm another ex-Catholic, but I was never as involved in Catholicism like you and several others here were. I mean I wasn't an alter boy nor did I attend Catholic school. I only had to go for religious instruction classes several times a week when it was time for us to make our 1st communion and then again when it was conformation time. I walked away from the Catholic church 50 yrs ago. At that time I considered myself an atheist but I had become so disgusted with life I was seeking to find what else there might be. This was back in the 1970's when Christian tracts were all over the place. So I decided that maybe God was indeed real. But where could I find Him. So 1 Sunday I got up the courage to go to a Catholic Mass. Five yrs before this I thought I had felt God while in church for my father's funeral Mass, so it seemed like a good idea. But this time I felt nothing. It was like no one was there other than us humans. So my search went on. I must say that if it had been solely up to me I probably would have quit seeking and stayed a sinner. But supernatural things kept happening me, things I couldn't explain. Most of these things are what the Bible calls "the word of knowledge" but I didn't know about the spiritual gifts yet. Even so, it seemed as if someone was telling me certain things when that someone wanted me to know. I had no control over this, and believe me I tried to control it. So now, looking back, I say God wanted me and He was going to get me to be on His side because God never loses.
  3. Please remember that some of the advice Jesus gave was meant to make us perfect. Ideally, Jesus would like us all to be perfect. But God knows this isn't very practical, so what can you do. I suggest you start with trying to not hate sinners, leave loving them for another year.
  4. I want to comment on the scripture in Jeremiah 17:9, "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?". What this scripture usually means for us, is don't trust your emotions. The word heart here is being used to mean how we feel as opposed to what we think & know, especially from scripture. I just wanted to explain this because there was a time when I had not yet realized it either. I suppose most older believers know this but we have lots of newbies who probably don't yet.
  5. I see this as Christianity grew out of Judaism. That means, Jesus was Jewish and it was the Jewish scriptures that foretold of His coming. I further believe that as Christians we should be thoroughly familiar with both the Old & New Testaments. I believe we have to read the OT to know everything God wants us to know as humans. I don't believe we have to follow the old ceremonial laws but I find them interesting. I also think the book of Proverbs gives us one of the best glimpses into the values of God that the Bible offers.
  6. Based on what Jesus said, as well as what I can see in reality, it's only a small percentage of each generation that will make it into Heaven. There are many, many people who start on the road to Heaven but few go all the way. This reminds me of the parable of the sower. Many seeds are scattered about but very few take root and grow into maturity. This happens with people too.
  7. I like Dr. Heiser also. This is quite possible, the battle of Armageddon may indeed be a fight for the city of Jerusalem since we know the whole Bible is focused on the nation and the people of Israel.
  8. When I was saved, 40 yrs ago, I immediately got caught up with this expecting the Lord's return, any day now. As I said that was 40 yrs ago and all it did was give me great disappointment. I believe Jesus is coming back someday but I no longer expect it very soon. If Jesus should return today or tomorrow I will be delighted. But we should not be focused on this.
  9. This is the charismatic movement run amok, and it's sad. I always believed in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and 40 yrs ago it was only the charismatic Christians who accepted those gifts, that was how I became charismatic. But we never did things like this, no one ever barked like a dog. It always was common for a person to lose strength in their legs and fall backwards, I've even had that happen to me. But usually once you fall you just lay there until your strength returns. I must warn people to never fall on purpose because I've seen a few folks get hurt like that. When it happens for real you have no choice and you wake up feeling fine. If I was ever in a service and saw stuff like this happening I'd walk out. This is not of the Holy Spirit. I think we can accept the spiritual gifts without doing any of this. In fact, I know we can. People need more wisdom and to not be overly eager to see supernatural manifestations of God. Seek to obey God first and you'll be pleased with what He does.
  10. This is different, I'll agree with you on that. But I don't have a problem with it.
  11. No Ivan, there's nothing wrong with this.
  12. You're quite right Coliseum, I think most kids are watching almost everything their parents do. I also think that the fewer the kids are the more this is true. I was an only child and I watched everything that went on.
  13. I mean if after the test is over did you become stronger with God or weaker. Now please Ivan, don't be fast to decide how a test effected you. Remember that being a Christian is a life long journey. Back in 1996 I had a health issue so I went to a few doctors. They did everything they could but it wasn't enough. This test lasted close to 1 yr. For awhile I was angry at God because I was sick and I expected the docs to heal me. Once I finally realized that the docs couldn't heal me completely I humbly turned to God. I didn't receive miraculous healing from God but He did give me peace over my latest health issue. I accepted the Lord back around 1980 but my faith only became the way it is now in the last 20 yrs. It was slow going and I often felt tempted to give up but I didn't. And then in 1989 my closest relative, who was also my best friend, became involved in what we now call the New Age. This man and me always told each other about everything so after 1990 I had to hear every crazy New Age idea he heard of. For about 5 yrs I had some serious doubts but at this point I have to say God protected me from buying in to those New Age theories. The net result of me learning all about the New Age is I'm stronger with Jesus than I ever was. But don't be fooled, it was NOT fun when it was happening. Did I explain what I mean by how you handle trials & tests?
  14. Yesterday I watched a video where the guy who made it speculated that there is microbial life on Mars. This is based on the fact that 1 of our rovers discovered more oxygen & methane gases in one place on Mars than NASA expected there to be. IMO this is very flimsy evidence to say there's life on Mars. I won't be surprised if the guy who said it is looking for a reason to deny God.
  15. The 1st thing we should do is confess the sin to God. Sometimes it can take yrs to realize something is sin, when we become aware of it we confess it. But after confessing it we should ask God's help in not doing it again.
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