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  1. Hi Flipflop, Firstly I think if you weren't really saved you wouldn't be worried about this. A faker would just fake it when he was around other Christians and not care when he was alone. I think you're a young person and self doubt is part of being young. Most teenagers even think they're crazy, and that's part of being a teenager. A truly crazy person never thinks he's crazy. He thinks everyone else is. So going along with my youthfulness theory I think you're over eager to become a spiritually mature believer over night. It takes time my friend. I just listened to a very informative sermon on this topic by Ralph Drollinger on the oneplace website. You should listen to it I think you'll feel better. I think you're ok and I think you're going to grow into a Christian most people don't even want to be. I'll even say I wish more believers were as concerned as you are about being genuine. The whole body of Christ would be better off.
  2. Everyone seems to be misunderstanding this post. Of course all sins are detestable to God. We should all know that. But we all still commit some sins. If we say we aren't we are lying. This is all a given. In the OT, and with the ancient Jews, they also continued to sin even after seeing miracles like the Red Sea opening up to let them cross. One of the most Godly men in the OT was David but look at what he did. He was punished for his sins but he wasn't killed. However there was 1 sin in the OT that God would not tolerate at all. If a man or group of people did this God usually struck them down dead. That sin was worshiping some other god, and there were many of them. Some of them were nothing but most were evil angels or devils. I personally think Baal was Satan himself. If you made a sacrifice to Baal or 1 of the other gods our God usually killed that person. When a group did it they lost the blessings of God. This doesn't mean God accepted adultery, stealing, lying, murder, etc. but usually the punishment wasn't death. But making a sacrifice to another god often resulted in death. So I started wondering which sins are totally unacceptable to God today. This obviously varies with the person. Because to him who knows more, more is expected (Luke 12:48). And there are other verses that mean this also. Therefore, we all need to figure out which sins God won't accept from each of us at all. I think I figured out what I did that prompted me to make this post. I can't tell everyone. It's between me and God.
  3. I consider the Word of Knowledge and the Word of Wisdom to be premonitions. Both of these operate in me from time to time. But just as the Bible says, I have no control over them, they function when the Holy Spirit wants them to. I'm not good at differentiating between them and my own imagination, or maybe I just don't always want to. Either way, back in 1996 I ignored a word of knowledge and got injured so badly that injury changed my life for the next 5 years. I sustained nerve damage that the docs didn't understand so they called me crazy and other unflattering names. Finally 8 months later I found a nerve specialist who explained to me what happened and why I was still in pain. The Holy Spirit warned me that day not to go some place but I went anyway. If that's a premonition then they're real and I get them. It seems most Christians get 1 of these 2 gifts more than any of the others. That's just my observation.
  4. I called her last night. She never got the test email I sent. Somethings wrong with my address book and I keep trying to fix it and it looks fixed but it isn't. So everything is fine. I am thanking God galore bc He made me have a dream about her and that's why I started trying to find her. I haven't seen her since 1988 or 89 so in my mind this has God's finger prints all over it. And nothing good ever happens for me but this is something good. It also doesn't seem like a mere coincidence that in all these years neither of us were ever married. But I'm getting too excited. I just feel like I'm 30 again.
  5. Hey Flip, I should've written a book when I was young enough to remember everything. You know how you said God was always in your mind, even if He was in the back of it. I was like that at 5 yrs old. My mother was a devout Catholic Christian who really loved God. My father had this dumb idea that God was only for children and women. So we almost never went to church. In grammar school my best friend was a Jewish kid. So from an early age I wondered who was right, us or them. It's not about that. I'm just trying to impress upon you how God was always in my mind. In spite of that my intelligence made me an atheist from 18 to 28. Actually at 26 I think God decided He had enough with my atheism and He started to change me. Being of God is life long journey and you're only at the beginning of it. I also want to say we are not living in the days of Esau. God deals differently with us now than He did back then. It was hard to be Godly when I was a kid but compared to now it was easy. And yet it certainly didn't seem easy. At least we didn't have porn in our phones and at our fingertips. Porn is a terrible thing, both for us guys and the girls. It ruins lives. It's addictive as bad as any drug. I'm in my 60's and sometimes I still think I want it. But I finally learned to not even look at it. But it's not easy. I think you will be fine. That doesn't mean a life of smooth sailing. You'll probably hit many storms. But always remember that even when you were a kid you loved God. I hope I'm encouraging you because that's what I mean to do. I bet someday you'll be the 60 yr old guy encouraging some other young person. Have you ever tried listening to the Bible in addition to reading it? Try it, especially the dramatized versions. Sometimes when reading the Bible you get confused as to who's saying what. In the dramatized versions different people say the words of the various people who speak. It's almost like watching a movie. Often I open 2 tabs 1 with the actual Bible and the other where it's being read. I can spend hours doing that. It's just another way to keep God on my mind instead of the things of the world. The devil likes to use the Internet against us, but God in His infinite wisdom put it on people's minds to find ways to use the Internet for God. And they did. And you can always come here and someone will encourage you. God Bless.
  6. I am a people person. No, I can't get together with anyone. Not even non Believers. I can't get that woman off my mind. She told me she had a BF who died suddenly while jogging. I think it was only a year ago. I know grief better than anyone. Maybe this is why God made me dream of Ellen considering I haven't seen her in 30 yrs and she's in Fl and I'm in NY. I used to be a great listener. Now I talk too much. I have to tell Ellen to cut me off when she needs to talk. I don't get angry. I learned from God anger is not a good thing. Everything with me involves God in 1 way or another. I bet Ellen needs a compassionate person to talk to and that's what I always was until the people who were friends and family deserted me for no good reason. This makes sense doesn't it?
  7. I need prayer again. Any of you who have been reading my posts may know I'm all alone. I have no real family to speak of. I have 1 cousin but she lives in Florida and she's just as broke as me. Meaning I can't go there and she can't come here. All we can do is text each other. 20 years ago I had some friends and a day never went by that at least 1 didn't call me. I was a great listener and women always called me for 1 thing or another. I was fine with this. I was a helper. But 20 yrs ago it all changed. Now I'm alone with very poor health. I had to stop working and go on disability. 6 weeks ago I had a dream about a girl I knew in the late 1980's. I thought maybe this was a message from the Lord. It wasn't easy but I found her online. I left messages at whatever phone numbers I could find and last Sat she called me. We spoke 2 hrs and it seemed to go well. We exchanged email addresses and I sent her a quick email to say how glad I was to hear from her. She never emailed me back and I went into 1 of my depressions. I guess the dream wasn't a message from God. Please just pray for me. I can't take being all alone all the time but what can I do. Nothing I try ever works and God doesn't want me yet.
  8. Hot
  9. For the past few weeks I've been reading in the OT almost exclusively. I started with Genesis and then since it was Passover time I read Exodus. I started Leviticus but I got bored with all the ceremonial laws so I jumped to Deuteronomy. Then I read Joshua and Judges. I skipped Ruth bc I had read that about 5 months ago and then I read 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, and I'm in 1 Kings. I get more questions from the OT than anything else. I was intrigued at the end of either Deuteronomy or maybe it was Joshua (I forget) bc the Lord was reminding the people to obey Him so things go well for them. But then suddenly the Lord tells them that they are going to disobey Him. Maybe God thought if He predicted what they'd do then they wouldn't do it. Another big confusion for me is when God led them out of Egypt God did some of His most astounding miracles in all the Bible. I envision myself running away from Pharaoh and his men and suddenly there's a sea in front of us. I would have had a panic attack for sure. But then God causes the waters to part and the ground becomes dry and hard enough for all the people to cross. I was a Scuba diver when I was young and let me assure you the bottom of a body of water is never hard and solid. Even if it's a sandy bottom all of Israel's carts and animals would have gotten stuck. We finally cross and the waters come back drowning all the Egyptians. I imagine if I had seen that and the other wonders God did. If I had seen such things I don't think I would have ever doubted God again. But they did and that blows my mind. God expects us to trust Him, and I do, more so as I've gotten older, but I never saw such amazing miracles. But as we all know, God expects us to trust Him without seeing 1/10 of what the ancient Israelites did. It makes me wonder why God kept helping those people. As I read on I noticed something profound. God overlooked all kinds of sins except one. When the Israelite's worshiped other gods, meaning they sacrificed to them, or even had a statue in their home, the punishment was often death. If the whole nation did it God sent them into exile. They could murder, have fornication, steal, lie about their brothers, or anything else just so long as they didn't get into the foreign gods. Back then, that was totally unacceptable to God. I know why. Those other gods were either nothing or worse yet, they were the fallen angels who rebelled against God and caused a war in heaven. So don't think I don't understand why God became so angry over this. Here comes my question. Ancient Israel couldn't even have 1 little statue and if they did they died or had an enemy blind them, or something terrible happened. So now here we are today. I should say here I am in 2017. I do much better than I did even 5 yrs ago. I wish I could resist every sin there is 100%. That's where my heart is. But I fail. I wonder which sin or sins God considers totally unacceptable today? In the past few days I felt like God was helping me, but it stopped. I need God to fight for me like Israel did. I did something wrong, and God isn't helping me today. What are today's unacceptable sins to God? I need to figure this out.
  10. I know I haven't done everything I can do. I'm still no where near 100% of my potential. I'm pretty sure I have improved, especially in the last 6 yrs. Our society makes it harder than should have to be. But that's not a legitimate excuse to not do all we can, but it's a fact. It means we have to try even harder.
  11. I'd say that all of us in America, except for the real homeless people, are guilty of not giving enough. Greed runs rampart in our country. And we shouldn't make excuses for being like this (if you are do that) bc that adds a 2nd sin to being greedy. I think it's the 5 pm ch 2 news that does a segment each night called Living Large. They show apartments, usually in NYC, where the rent is over $1 million a month and the kitchen looks like something out of a kings palace. I change the channel when that comes on. I know there are people who live like this and see nothing wrong with it, but I don't even want to know about it. I realized as a teenager money can't buy you happiness, and now as a Christian I know money can damage your soul. Actually, to be more accurate it's the love of money that does damage. God did bless some of His people with wealth. He expects them to use that wealth to help the unfortunate. If a wealthy person does that there's no sin in being wealthy.
  12. I think so too. So even if I didn't need his pharmacy I'd probably go in there and speak to him anyway. On some level he knows he needs God, but he's 45 and he loves his sins. He's not ready to give them up.
  13. He's not a friend but he was supposed to be. One of his partners was a hindu man who converted to Christianity. He met me after the storm and when he heard I'm a Christian he said Good maybe I can help him convert Ray. How do I convert a man who dislikes his daughter bc she's short. From what I've seen the whole family is not tall. He is weird. I use his store bc it's right outside my door and I have a problem walking more than a few 100 feet. I felt better after I made this post. I needed to get this off my chest. Thanks.
  14. Nor should it have an impact on your faith.
  15. I used to have relative that argued with me about this incorruptible issue. It isn't just the Catholic saints that are said not to corrupt. This is also claimed for certain people in Buddhism and possibly Hinduism. The idea is if you raise your Chi level high enough your body won't corrupt after death. I remain a skeptic on things like this. I would want the bodies examined by at least 6 very reputable doctors before I'd consider it to be possibly true. I like to be very certain about what I believe.