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  1. Thank you to everyone who remembered. I truly appreciate it.
  2. Here's wishing you a great birthday. :cake: 

    1. kwikphilly


      Happy Birthday my friend


  3. I clicked those links ans read a little on each site. Regardless of what those guys said I think to do something like this would cost a small fortune. For that reason alone I doubt that avatars will ever become more than a pipe dream. Even if they ever discover a way to do it. Besides the cost I think too many people have taken science fiction ideas as real possibilities. I don't know how to explain what I mean, but I wouldn't worry about this. I worry about crazy people, like Kim Jong-un starting a nuclear war. Although I still think God wants the world to repent. The more I read the OT the more I see that God always prefers repentance to destruction.
  4. I guess there aren't many gamers here. Way back in 1999 I bought an interesting Bible based game but the PC I had couldn't play it and I didn't understand enough about computers to know why. That was a shame. As you went through the game world you'd reach obstacles or bad guys who would ask you a scripture question. I seem to remember they were always multiple choice questions so they weren't that hard to answer. I had to give it up bc my very 1st PC was just too weak to play it. Want to laugh? Guess how much RAM it came with? 32 MB.
  5. I say no one knows this for sure, but I doubt it.
  6. I want to explain why I said young people almost always think there's something wrong with them. First is because I used to be 1 of them. More importantly is bc several yrs ago I used to answer questions on Yahoo. It took me about a month to realize most of those questions came from people under 25 & even 30. Almost everyday I was answering a similar concern. Then I remembered that when me and my friends were young we thought we were crazy too. Often parents and teachers make this worse. I wished I could've transferred what I know to every parent or teacher that tells a young person, "you're crazy". Or, You're gonna wind up in jail if you keep this up. I spent all my teen yrs expecting the police to come and take me away. I really worried about this, REALLY. But the reality of my situation was that I never broke laws and I was more obedient than most of my friends. But I was a teen and figured my parents knew what they were saying. They didn't bc now I'm over 60 and I never spent 1 day in jail. What the young person worries about has a lot to do with his personality. What I mean is Mat's a Christian and it's normal to fear you're the antichrist except you don't know it yet. When I listen to certain preachers I can see how young people might fear they are that evil person the devil is going to reveal some day. There's nothing logical about paranoia. If there was the person would realize he loves the Lord, may be going to church weekly, he hates the evil he sees, and he longs to meet Jesus someday. Logic dictates that the devil could not have picked a more unlikely person to be the antichrist. Therefore, I'm glad you shared this fear with us. I tell you the truth, this will pass and you will laugh about it.
  7. Hi Mat, Were you diagnosed with OCD or is this something you decided? I only ask that bc if you truly have OCD I'm not sure anyone can talk you out of it. OCD is not logical and all the logical reasons in the world may not make those thoughts stop. Nevertheless, I'll try. First if you were the antichrist you wouldn't be worried about it. In fact yo'd probably be worried about how to destroy Christians. I doubt you'd be here you'd probably be on a New Age spiritual board making posts about how dangerous us Jesus people are and you'd want to find followers. I wish I knew everyone's age bc I have a hunch you're a teenager. All teens and even people in their 20's think there's something wrong with them. Its part of growing up. What I noticed is the people who think you're almost perfect are the ones that are likely to have a nervous breakdown later in life. 40 yrs ago I was studying to become a psychotherapist. Back then we thought all mental problems were psychological. Today we know the brain is part of the body and the body often gets sick. There are meds that may stop OCD thoughts. But I have little to no confidence in these drugs. I wouldn't take them unless it was a last resort. But I can only imagine how hard it is to live a normal life if you constantly think you're meant to be the antichrist. There's a very good chance you'll grow out of this. We now know the brain doesn't stop developing until a person is 24 to 26. It varies. Even after that the brain can still grow and the thoughts will change. I hope this helped. I'll say again if you belonged to the antichrist you wouldn't be worried about it. You'd be happy. Remember that. God Bless.
  8. This is 1 of my biggest problems in my little neighborhood. There are more negative people per capita than there are capita. LOL I deal with this by being nice to these people. (It's not easy) But Jesus said to be good to those who spitefully use you, so I try to do that. I also realize that if I do what I feel like doing, such as tell them off, I just ruined my testimony. I often think this is exactly what they want. Everyone knows I'm a man of God. If they can get me to blow my top and be mean to them then when I'm gone I'm sure they laugh at me and say, and he thinks he's a man of God? He's no different than anyone else. I don't want that and I know God doesn't want me to do that neither. Don't ever think being a Christian is easy. It's probably easier to be a criminal, so long as you don't get caught. But you can't get into heaven if you live like that. And clearly, Heaven is more important.
  9. Hi Blue, I have a hunch we're gonna wind up agreeing to disagree on this. Not only do things God said have more than 1 meaning but we do this all the time. But please don't misunderstand me, just bc a scripture can mean more than 1 thing that doesn't mean that 1 of the things is wrong. Unfortunately I can't think of any of those verses right now. But I will and when I do I will either post them or send you a message. Consider what Deborah said. In a court of law a persons words can convict or acquit the person on trial. So in that case the words hold the power of life and death. But now in Mark 5:41 & Luke 8:54 Jesus called a little girl back to life with His words. In that case His words had the power of life and death. And nowadays some people have the gift of Faith and these people can often speak to disease and it goes away. (Bear in mind we can't all do these things. It's a gift that some believers have and in my opinion it's 1 of the rare gifts. But it does exist.) So, of course a scripture can have multiple meanings. However, that doesn't mean the other meanings are false.
  10. If you take it spiritually it means we can cause things to happen with our words. But in my experience God can over ride our words whenever He wants to. If we look at it more realistically, and especially if we consider when it was written, a king can have someone put to death just by giving the order. The king can likewise issue a decree that can save the life of a person who may even deserve death. But I think the writer is telling us to be careful with our words because our words carry much power. Many scriptures have more than 1 meaning and I think this one does.
  11. Who me? I know I paraphrased some of the meaning but I think scripture supports what I said. I'm not sure, off the top of my head, where the scriptures are that gave me those ideas. Which ideas, specifically, do you want support for? I'm sure glad there are search engines bc that's the only way I'll find them. What did I say that you think is questionable? I'm honestly confused.
  12. I agree with Ginger, Satan wanted to be god, not just like god, he actually wanted to be god and have all that exists worship him. That's what pride does, pride does a similar thing to us, if we let it. Suppose you're fresh out of school and you get a job working with a master electrician, mechanic, or any man who is 1 of the best at what he does. Maybe after a year or so you decide you can do the job better than your boss and you try to usurp him, you want to discredit him, take over his business and even kill him. That's what Satan wanted to do to God. It's baffling bc Lucifer was the most beautiful and intelligent of all the angels. God shared everything He had with Lucifer. It was similar to when Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of everything in Egypt. Joseph had all the glories of Egypt except, of course, the very throne of Egypt. Lucifer wanted the throne of God, which no one can ever have, and it turned him into Satan the worst devil there is. There are many good lessons for us in all of that. One is to be grateful when a person of power gives you rights and privileges no one has, whether you deserve them or not. Never turn on your benefactor, especially if he's also your maker.
  13. Hi Pert, are you young, even as old as 29 or 30, but especially a teenager. If you are it's almost normal to feel like you describe. But in today's crazy world even us older folks often wish we were dead. But it's very common for young people to feel like you, especially Christians. A non believer would probably go out and get so drunk they don't feel sad and then spend 2 days with a hangover where they can't feel anything. When that ends it's time to go back to school or work. That's how the people of the world live, and very few confide in anyone. It's good you confided in us. You might have a serious depression issue and if you do I recommend talk therapy over anti depressant drugs. Avoid those drugs unless you can't stop crying or you're on the verge of suicide. In those cases the drugs may help. But if you just have the chronic blues try talk therapy first. It's not a quick fix but I think it's better.
  14. I was going to suggest what OO did, try listening to the Bible. On Biblegateway.com they have several audio Bibles including 2 or 3 dramatized ones. I love these bc the different voices make it obvious who is speaking. For Example the voice of God is always louder and bolder than the people. This is very useful in the OT where I was always confused by when the words were God speaking and when they were the prophet. I listen to the NIV dramatized. I also love the book of Acts in the dramatized versions. Try it. You might also mean you get confused bc there's too many questions. I had the problem for a long time. So I used to take a break from the Bible. Don't worry, you will always come back to it. Sometimes your mind just needs time to digest what you read. This is 1 reason Christianity is a lifetime thing. You can't fully appreciate this until you've been a believer 20 or more years. But you will see that God never leaves us and neither do we leave Him. Take a break if you need one and don't feel guilty, you will go back to reading the Bible when you're ready.
  15. I also don't believe this will ever become a reality. The wish of man to live forever is as ancient as man. I think people who wish for this are either young, as in under 40, or if older they've gained no wisdom yet. I had a cousin into this idea of wanting to live forever. I told him 1 reason I disagreed was bc of sickness, disease, and the changes in society that make us older folks feel like this isn't the world we grew up in. He dismissed the sickness argument by saying in avatar body there wouldn't be sickness. Even so, society still changes too much and while those changes seem great and normal to young people many of my generation long for the days of going to grandma's house for Sunday dinner. Women wearing hats in church, stores closing on Sunday in honor of the Sabbath, and many more things I don't recall. I wouldn't want to live forever. I'd let God have His way and take me when my time is up. I'll end with this idea. Regardless of what man invents, even avatar bodies, don't be fooled God will always get His way. That's 1 reason He refers to Himself as the Sovereign Lord. A Sovereign has the last say and no one can go against Him for long.