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  1. I'd rather tell you why I believe I'm saved from my life. I think everyone, especially new Christians wonder whether or not they're really saved. Sometimes it takes years to see the evidence of it. For some people it can take decades before it's as obvious as the nose on the face. The problem is if I say what I want to tell you I'm going to be accused of boasting. I don't want that. So I'll just say this. I'm saved about 40 yrs. I'm very different now than I was then. And when I look at how virtually every other person of the world is, I think to myself, Why am I here. I no longer want the things everyone else wants. I can remember when I did and I'm glad I don't anymore. If this isn't what being saved means then I don't know what it means. People of the world probably consider me nuts, or maybe a jerk, a person who doesn't know what's important. To me the important things are obeying God. I don't put value on money. I only want as much as I need to survive, the world considers that stupid. I'll go out of my way to help someone, even a person who always hurts me. It just happened last Tuesday. A man I know called me because the alarm went off in his store and he wanted me to go see if it had been broken into. This was during a blizzard and I have trouble walking due to a spine problem. But I went out to look. The store was fine but I wound up falling bc the wing was blowing at 60 mph. By the grace of God I wasn't seriously hurt. And now yesterday this man stabbed me in the back again. He's done that more times than I remember in the last 5 yrs. I used to drive a Taxi cab. You're supposed to drop your passengers off as fast as possible and try and get a new passenger. That's how you make money, they don't pay you by the hour. If I happen to get a passenger with a problem who needed to talk I'd stay with the person as long as possible. I knew I was losing money but I was helping someone. Opps. I wasn't supposed to tell you anything. I only told you bc I think you needed to know. I also don't lie, cheat or steal.
  2. I loved that Dr. Seuss video.
  3. I don't disagree with you. Especially, "when you meet that person, you just know. Even if it hasn't dawned on the other person yet. Call it gut instinct or discernment". I spent close to 10 yrs waiting for 1 particular lady to realize she loved me and that unlike every other man she knew, I wouldn't leave her, beat her, abuse her etc. But I was wrong. I know that until I'm dead there's always a chance. But at this point that chance is not good at all. And based on too many things to mention, I no longer think it's God's will for me to be married. I just wish I knew why. But He doesn't work like that.
  4. You asked so many questions I don't which 1 to try and answer. Since this song touched me I'll go with this. In 1 comment someone said he'd rather listen to pop than this bc it's depressing. He's lucky he wasn't young in the 1960's & 70's bc this song is typical of the music back then. We had pop too, but most music spoke of the riddles in life, the inconsistencies, and many things that weren't fair. Do you know what the main question all philosophers are asking is? They've been asking this since ancient Greece. Here it is. "Why is the human condition one of misery?" That song is asking it to and so are you. I hate to tell you I wasn't very interested in philosophy in collage so I didn't catch onto it all. I remember the answer has 2 branches. 1, if you believe in God. 2. If you don't think God is real. Back then I didn't believe in God yet so the fact that the prof was going to talk about God turned me off. Here at WCF we're all supposed to believe in God so the answer lays in category 1. Since we're Christian we believe the human condition is misery because this is a fallen world. We went against God and we brought misery upon ourselves. I've been observing us some 50 yrs and I believe the more we disobey God the worse things will get. Here's my pet peeve. When I grew up casual sex was not accepted yet. But we wanted it to be. As my generation grew up we made it acceptable. Part of that was to make abortion legal bc casual sex leads to unwanted pregnancies. We now know abortion is bad and for many reasons. Even women who are sluts suffer guilt from getting an abortion. I've known 3 woman who had an abortion very young, 14 or 15. 3 of them were never able to get pregnant again. This added to the guilt they suffer. Casual sex makes marriage less necessary. Today we have an epidemic of kids growing up with 1 parent who has to work so much the TV or a stranger is raising the kids. My generation made a huge mistake, casual sex has helped make the human condition more miserable. I can write a book on this. I wrote enough for now.
  5. I don't know if this is true neither. But if I assume it is true I can think of several reasons. Firstly, the false idea of evolution has now been so accepted as true that research in the hard sciences is always being presented by the professors in terms of evolution. So a young Christian sitting in a collage classroom may be sick of hearing this bc he knows it's false. Or he may just not want to have to hear for fear he might start to believe it. But if he still wants the collage degree he might major in the subjects where evolution isn't constantly discussed. You mentioned psychology and one reason Christians might be drawn to that is because some areas of psychology seek to understand why people do whatever they do. Actually as I'm doing right now. A young Christian entering collage may want to try and understand why are some people drawn to understanding God while others aren't. Psychology would allow you to study that. A young Christian also knows the Bible says we should help each other. One reason to major in psych is to become a therapist and then help people in that way. There are all kinds of ways to help others and one of them is to help them with their confusions and anxieties. That's a hard thing to do but you do it by being a psych major. I've had a little experience with the 1st reason I gave. Here is an example of what I mean. I'm long since out of collage and I was a psych major. I had to take a class called Physiological Psychology which was about how the brain works in relation to emotions, perceptions, thoughts, etc. Back in the 1970's we knew so little about the brain that emotions etc. were still being explained is psychological terms. Today we have a field called Neuroscience or Neuropsychology. This didn't exist in the 70's. I had an idea back then that most professors disagreed with. I claimed that if we ever learn how the brain works we can explain behavior in terms of brain function and more important we will be able to cure mental illness by fixing the brain. This was not a popular idea but I wasn't alone in thinking it. I can't go to collage at my age but I found 2 or 3 professors from Stamford U. who teach Neuropsycholgy and some of their lectures are online. To me what they are saying is fascinating stuff bc I was right and we're at the beginning of understanding the brain. Not everyone has the same brain anatomy. Furthermore, on some people certain brain structures have grown in what seems to be illogical ways. Remember, this knowledge is in it's infancy. There were a few brain connections that made no sense and the prof couldn't explain why. In a futile attempt to explain it he resorted to the false idea of evolution. I thought to myself "oh no" "not in Neuropsycholgy too". I lost interest in that prof after he said that because he just took a wrong turn. He will never understand the illogical brain connections by thinking they must have served a purpose for ancient man but as evolution progressed new brain structures formed and these others are no longer needed. He couldn't just leave it at, We don't know. That really made me lose interest and if I was a current student I might've shifted my focus bc I know this is wrong. From what I read on the Internet this kind of thinking is even more prevalent in the hard sciences. If there are less Christians in the hard sciences trying to explain everything in terms of evolution, a false idea, could be why Christians aren't there.
  6. No I'm not, worse still is that in nearly 40 yrs I have never been able to find a good church. My very 1st one was founded by a man who turned out to be a false prophet. If we were in OT times we would have had to stone the man. His prophecy involved a total social and economic collapse. This was supposed to happen in 1984. (very much like the book) That church only had about 70 members but once it was 1985 people started leaving. We did have a great worship service, it was the best of any where I've been. I still miss those worship services. They didn't have a pastor instead they had 3 elders and 4 deacons. One day a new guy came in. That was rare. A few weeks later we had a church BBQ. At the time I was still pretty new myself, for this reason I befriended the latest new guy. During the BBQ the new guy was upset and wanted to talk to me privately. I was kinda shocked by what he told me. The elders did a baptism in the Holy Spirit with him. Back then they expected you to start speaking in tongues and if you didn't they believed you didn't get the HS. Back then they also thought speaking in tongues gave you power. One of the elders brought the new guy in a private room and tried to teach him how to speak in tongues. He asked me if they are supposed to do that. Not that I knew of. We never saw him again. I've had nothing but bad luck with churches. At this time, I no longer have a car so I couldn't get to a church. I have spinal stenosis and can't walk much. I'm also bent over. I had to give up working 5 years ago. I'm on disability but it's very little. I never had much savings but what I had is gone. I just wasn't meant to be married. If I was it would have happened. I've noticed that, for the most part, the woman chooses the man. What woman have done since I was 20 is when she sees a guy she wants she makes it obvious to him. It's then up to him to chase her. Girls love being chased and most guys need to feel like they choose the girl. But it's all a social game. Most people don't know this, I do bc I'm basically a psychologist I just never got my PhD. That wasn't God's will neither. I've helped many people in my years. Almost everyone would have never gone for formal therapy. If I had gotten the PhD I would have never met all the people I helped. This is why I think it happened just as God wanted it to. Thanks for asking.
  7. Thanks guys. I wound up downloading the NVDA reader bc it's free. It works but I have to learn to use it. That isn't going to be easy for me bc 1st I have to learn a new terminology.
  8. I'm not a typical man. I never was. But after I was born again at 30 I couldn't do what most guys do. If I tried the guilt was beyond belief. And as I've gotten older I want to sin less and less. At this point all I want is companionship, and I've always preferred female friends. I don't have family so I'm lonely. It's hard to have friends bc I always want to talk about things that pertain to God. He's always on my mind.
  9. Mark, Have you seen this website? http://www.creationscience.com/onlinebook/LifeSciences27.html It's huge but it's also well documented with tons of foot notes and it explains evolution was never proven. The link goes to a page explaining that all the fossils they once expected to find, were never found. If you jump ahead to page 33 it explains that many archeologists know very well that evolution is not true, but there's so much money wrapped up in this, as well as human pride, that they dare not admit evolution failed to be proven. Hundreds or thousands of high paid people will lose their jobs and their credibility. This is why the scientific community will not admit evolution is a false theory. The pity is the best scientists know all about this. The new generation has to get rid of this idea. As these new scientists come out of school they have to resist going to work for a University or research facility that doesn't care what's true, all they care about is money bc the money is in evolution. But that's going to change.
  10. Evolution was never even proven. True science is a wonderful thing, without out it we wouldn't have any cures for cancer. 17 yrs ago my mother died from a kind of lung cancer that we now have a med for. And I don't mean chemo. Science taught us that cancer cells are invisible to our immune system. Wow, no wonder everyone who got cancer always died. But now we know why. So the new drugs work by making the cancer cells visible to our immune system. Once that's done it's a question of how advanced the cancer is and if it destroyed the immune system yet. If it didn't, today more and more people are living. When I was in collage (a long time ago) the professors told us straight out that evolution was never proven. There's a thread called Science Disproves Evolution. The guy who started it provides a link to website that explains and documents, all the scientific problems with evolution. I've gone there and that website seems endless, that's how many problems there are with that theory. But I am told that nowadays most people blindly accept it. So if you're in school I'd advise you to not say a word. You won't win and you'll make yourself unpopular. Science is supposed to always be open to change. Usually it is but not where evolution is involved. But true science is now curing certain kinds of cancer. I'd say that's awesome.
  11. Hi HF, I wanted to get married since I was 10. I'd love to say there was a woman shortage when I was young but that would be a lie. At this late date the only thing that makes sense is it wasn't God's will for me to get married. I doubt there's a man shortage, even where you live. I've been observing couples most of my life and let me assure you all kinds of people get married. For example, I was out in a restaurant - night spot 15 yrs ago and a young woman who was born with a short, deformed arm caught my attention. She was there with her girl friends and suddenly I noticed she had a wedding ring on. I thought that was great but bc of her arm I wouldn't be surprised if she once thought no man would want her. In my life I was often told I'm not married bc I'm an overweight person. Usually I was between 15 to 40 lbs overweight. I went to a new church once and the pastor was a man in his 30's. He was probably 100 to 200 lbs overweight. He also had a wedding ring on. I don't know your age so maybe you just have to wait a while longer. Btw, I've even heard of 2 people in their 70's getting married, so even age doesn't prevent marriage if that's God's will. Don't give up, I believe we all want a mate.
  12. A 10 yr age gap should be the limit regardless of who's older. I think the biggest worry is health but truthfully anyone can get seriously ill at any age. I know this bc I've seen it. I knew a couple in their early 50's, not old at all. But at 51 the husband became too sick for modern medicine and he died at 53. His wife had a minor nervous breakdown. For her truth had just become lies. The Sun no longer shinned and she lost her direction in life. Even so, if 2 people marry with a huge age difference the odds are greater that this might happen. But IMO it's better to have a short marriage than no marriage at all.
  13. "When the truth is found To be lies And all the joy Within you dies" Of course the truth matters. One of the worst things that can happen to a person is to discover that they have been believing a lie. I've suffered this several times in my life. Actually it's happened so many times I could have gone insane. Instead I'm dedicated to finding truth no matter what it costs. One reason atheists are atheists is bc they don't want to believe a lie. Men of science and the great philosophers used to be dedicated to learning the truth of all things. We've lost that, I hope someday we get it back. I spend a great deal of time thinking about what's true.
  14. I'm curious, what does it tell you? Don't forget I mentioned Elijah.