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  1. Well, it seems I was wrong once again. I'm an enigma because I see myself as a pessimistic and yet I hope for the best. Lucifer is still on TV, it was on last night. I had me high hopes it had been taken off. No such luck. I read the review for Supernatural and it doesn't seem to have Lucifer in it this week so maybe I'll try it. Maybe. I want to see why my cousin loves this show so much. I'm pretty sure she takes it seriously, just like she believes our dead relatives talk to her. While I'm blowing the whistle on Satan let me remind everyone on an old Rolling Stones sone called "Sympathy for the Devil". Back in the 70's I never paid much attention to the words, and then I became a Christian. What an evil song. I also marveled at the almost supernatural popularity of the Beatles (not the bugs for you youngsters out there). At 1st the Beatles songs were all about love and as is Satan's way truth was mixed with lies. But once they went to India and studied with the Hindu gurus their music changed. But back then their music wasn't all that bad yet. That changed. I know a man who is a devout Christian until I tell him the Beatles gained their popularity through the power of the devil. Then he gets angry. He has no spiritual discernment at all. So Satan has been attacking us with music, TV and movies.I don't think God is going to bail us out. I think He wants us to repent of our ways.
  2. all i got?

    What makes matters worse is that when girls dress like this is fires up the lust of men. Most of us can keep it under control but more and more guys can't seem to do so, and this is reflected by all the sexual crimes. I saw an old TV show once called "The Loretta Young Show", and she did a few episodes that were warning about this. It was almost prophetic because what she warned of in the late 1950's is our world of today. Women can dress attractively without showing a lot of skin and that's what they need to do. But alas, too few follow that. I heard a preacher say if you wouldn't wear it to go meet Jesus you shouldn't wear it at all. That's a good rule of thumb.
  3. If you see such shows as a work of fiction that's okay. But many people today don't. We've known for a long time many people behave as if TV is an accurate reflection of reality. As a kid Thor was 1 of my favorite comic book characters. But later as a Christian I couldn't read his adventures any more. It took at least 10 yrs to separate reality and fiction in my mind. There is 1 character I just won't watch even with this attitude and that's Dr. Strange. Sure, I know he's supposed to use the mystic arts for good and if he was real perhaps he could. But he'd still be using dark magic. Devils often do us favors to pull us away from God. There's some scary ideas in Jeremiah around ch 47. The people are, once again, making sacrifices to the queen of heaven. This devil has many names and has been around a long time. Jeremiah wants them to stop and some do, but they soon notice their good luck has changed. They complain to Jeremiah that things went better for them when they made burnt offerings to this devil. I think things are the same today. If you engage in psychic practices you may see results. The Holy Spirit gives some people the Word of Knowledge as He uses it as He sees fit. The devils imitate this gift and the tip off is they let the person control it. To some folks that's what matters, they want to control these powers. But after awhile even if they were raised with a knowledge of God He no longer matters to them. I've seen this happen and it makes me sad.
  4. That is a wise philosophy. Most of what I watch are shows that make me laugh.
  5. If you consider such shows as fantasy they may no be horrible. But suppose you consider them as realistic, that's the danger. Are you old enough to remember "One Step Beyond"? I never liked that show but the woman I'm worried about did. She and 1 of her brothers always thought TV was For Real. Not if you asked them, point blank, then they'd say no. But the brother 1st became a commercial diver because he thought the work would be like "Sea Hunt". He was sorely disappointed. Then he joined the Army to learn to fly Helicopters. He expected to get work like in "The Whirlybirds". He was a very good pilot so the army trained him to fly attack copters. He realized he was going to end up in combat some where. Hardly the Whirlybirds. So he resigned his commission. Maybe my family is crazy but they were the closest I had to siblings. If it was up to me Lucifer, Supernatural and the Exorcist wouldn't be on TV.
  6. Jaydog, I'm glad you don't watch these shows. There's a possibility since 2018 rolled in that Lucifer was taken off the air, I hope so. But Supernatural is still on. The woman who loves this show was as a sister to me when we were younger. She's the only reason I watched 10 min of it. I am well aware that Satan's latest lie is that he should be addressed as Lucifer because that's his rightful name. Further, he's a good guy who didn't do anything really wrong but that mean old God won't forgive him and it's not fair. I've even seen this presented as truth on another Christian message board. Notice I said latest lie. Back in the 1950's and up until recently Satan's new lie was that he doesn't even exist so we need not defend ourselves against him. He added to that, God doesn't exist neither so why are you obeying a creature who isn't real. All he does is take your fun away. Most of my generation bought into this and many of you were raised by adults who believed it. Those were all lies. In the new lie Lucifer admits he's real, but the angels are mean and they follow a God who is the embodiment of meanness. I fear a whole new generation is buying into this. Somebody has to call this a lie and that's what I'm doing.
  7. Unfortunately these are on Broadcast and cable channels. I watched the 2nd episode of Lucifer and seeing how evil it was, never again. But all I've seen of Supernatural is 5 or 10 min of 1 episode. Does anyone know exactly what that series is about? It's in it's 12th season so it must be very popular. What upsets me is my last living relative loves this show. She's no longer a Christian but she was taught Jesus is God as a child, just like I was. In the 10 min I watched it showed Lucifer and he was being tortured by 1 of the Holy angels, Gabriel perhaps, who isn't Holy in this show. And then Lucifer escaped by moving through time, but I think he lost his angelic powers. Then I took it off. If you don't watch these shows please do not. But if you do what's the general plot in supernatural? Most evil shows and movies are subtle as in Dating a Church girl. But Lucifer is bold and blatant, it spreads the devil's latest lie that he's a good guy and God is a big old meanie. I fear supernatural is spreading the same lie.
  8. anyone watch this?

    Oh, so it's a movie. Thank you. I agree with what you said. It's presenting a basically false promise. That makes sense since Satan runs Hollywood.
  9. anyone watch this?

    Is the name of the show "Im in love with a church girl"? I guess it's on a channel I don't get. I think you're also concerned because it's implying you can live a thug life, which is extremely sinful, but fear not because God will save you from your sinful life with a loving girl and it will be easy as pie for you. I'm not young but from what I've seen in my life this is a fool's idea. If you live as a thug you will probably die as a thug. Or, if you do come to know God will you struggle throughout life to stay away from sin. That's the reality of living sinfully. Even if you come to realize it's wrong it won't be easy to stop. Even if you aren't a thug. There are a small percentage of thugs who find God while in jail. But it's so rare that when it happens either a book is written, a movie is made or a TV show. Ever hear of a movie called I was raised to be righteous and now at 75 I'm still in Church. I never did. That's the way it usually goes so who would make such a movie? No one. I agree that show is sending out a dangerous message.
  10. A new Home!

    I agree with you. Whenever I went in a new church if I didn't feel the presence of the Holy Spirit I probably didn't go back. If I liked everything else I'd go back at least a few more times. Some might say that's very subjective and a bad way to choose a church, but that's what I always did. I wish I had a car so I could search for a church. In years past I worked all night Sat nights which made going to church very difficult. But that's over.
  11. A new Home!

    Hi K-Lynn, I don't think you are wrong nor are you being judgemental. We're supposed to judge about what's right and what is not. We aren't supposed to judge on who's going to heaven and who isn't. I wouldn't go back to them neither. The spiritual gifts can be a difficult thing to deal with especially if the church is huge. That church I mentioned was so zealous for the spiritual gifts I know at least 1 elder didn't have the gift of prophesy but he thought he did and told everyone, quite proudly, that he was a prophet. He wasn't. I tried another church where many people were in fact wealthy. I'm not. I saw quickly that they placed too much importance on having money. To them, your money made you something and no money meant you were low. Paul talked about this in 1 Corinthians, I think. I hope you find a church but some areas don't have any really good ones. I seem to live in an area like that. I no longer have a car and can't walk much so I can't look for 1 anymore. It doesn't matter too much to me because I almost never had 1. But now in my latter years I wish I knew of one. I consider this board my church, and like a real church we have lots of disagreements. I hope you find one.
  12. This is very common with new Christians. One thing should be different, even though you sin how do you feel when you sin. Usually before a person gets saved they see nothing wrong with the sin unless maybe it's illegal or harmful. But usually small sins seem fine. Once you are saved any sin will make you uncomfortable. As you do it you probably feel guilty or at the least you are aware you just did something God doesn't like. A lot of people say they can't enjoy the same things they did. Those things are sins, that's why they can't enjoy them. The longer you're a Christian the more intense this becomes. If you have this happening I'd say you are definitely saved. Now you will grow in spirituality maturity as you go through life. Remember being a Christian is a life long journey.
  13. A new Home!

    Hi, I'm wondering what you mean by "what they do"? I never found a church for many reasons. Looking back now at my life it's ironic because I think the first church I joined was the best one. They did a lot of things I didn't like but they had 1 very good thing I never found again. They had great worship services. They projected the words of the song we were singing on a screen so everyone could sing along. I miss those worship services. It was a small church maybe 70 adults most of which had children. Again looking back, I felt more comfortable there than any where else I tried. I used to get confused because an awful lot of them thought they were prophets and I knew they weren't. I probably would have stayed there but 3 yrs after joining it the church fell apart. And it fell apart because it was started by a man who had a false vision about the future. He believed that in 1984 there would be a total economic collapse. So they wanted us to sell our homes, give them the money, and they would buy a piece of land with buildings and we'd live there after the shipping and trucking industries had ended. We all knew the leaders believed this but then they found a piece of property and started calling in the members privately. No one was willing to do it, the leaders got angry, and people started to leave. It was a shame. It made me very leery of people who think they are prophets. But for a few years it was a good church. I even found a friend who I stayed in touch with until she died. But as I said, the worship services were great, the teaching was fair to good, if only they didn't have that prophesy of 1984 the church might have stayed together. I don't know if this helped but I hope so.
  14. I'm wondering where you got this idea from? There sure are a lot of unusual ideas floating around lately. I used to think something similar to this but I thought of it to try and explain why we come to earth in such an unfair way. But as the years went by I found such ideas did me no good at all. What I realized is that there are many, many things we don't know about and often it's better that we don't know. The only really important thing is that we obey God. The more we don't do that the worse life on earth becomes.
  15. Yowm, Mostly I mean because he's a Jew. The owner, who's also a Jew, made a statement once that the NT isn't worth reading (something like that) only the OT is. Eventually I'll see this man again. When I do I need to ask him what caused him to lose his faith. I should have asked today but I was already in there close to 30 min when he said that. But unless I'm reading those 2 men wrong they both want to be convinced to take God seriously. In another thread someone said that nowadays you never hear people speak of God anymore. Unfortunately I agree. It wasn't always like this. In the 60's, 70's and even the 80's occasionally you heard about God, but not now. Then I come along I mention God every chance I get. I feel like people hate this but I since I don't know who needs to hear about God and who doesn't I always bring Him up. I think both the owner and now this man like that I'm not afraid to talk of God. But it is different when you're speaking to a Jew (or ex-Jew) than when you're speaking to someone with a Christian background or even a total atheist.