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  1. I've been looking for this website since I saw this thread. This is one of the best creation sites I've ever seen. I hope this is the site I think it is. If it is, they even have a chapter on why the scientific community keeps pretending the hoax of evolution is real. It's going to be a disaster when the truth is finally admitted. Take a look: http://www.creationscience.com/onlinebook/IntheBeginningTOC.html
  2. When I was younger I was quite good at analyzing dreams. It was a special interest of mine so I studied several methods of dream interpretation. In my experience dreams are seldom messages from God although it does happen. Usually a dream reflects something that happened in the past 2 to 3 days that escaped our conscious mind. It might have been something we don't like about our-self. Although just as often a dream has a wish fulfillment in it. It can be a wish we are unaware of. Most people focus on the symbols or images of the dream but the emotions are usually more important. Whenever a person told me a dream my first questions was what were they feelings. And symbols are always specific to the dreamer so those books that tell you what a certain symbol means is usually of no value. There are a few exceptions. Eating in a dream usually represents feelings of love, while water often represents sexual desire. (unless the person almost drowned in which case the drowning needs to be explored) Dreams are very personal and to properly analyze one you have to know something about the dreamer, the more the better. Here's an interesting phenomena I've noticed over the years. You may want to take notice of it. Most of the time a man will dream in B & W, while mostly women dream in color. I don't know why but when a man sees a color in his dream that color almost always is significant in determining the meaning of the dream. But in a woman's dream it's a 50/50 deal. The color may mean something but it just may not. Interesting huh.
  3. Hi Juna, Welcome to the board, I see you're new here. I'm also wondering if you're a new believer. You're doing well to want to eliminate your sins because this is pleasing to God. But I hope you know Christianity is a lifelong journey and some sins are much harder to get rid of than others. Trust me on this, I've been doing it some 40 yrs and I still have sins. If it involves a substance, such as tobacco or alcohol it may be exceptionally hard. Then there are the sins that seem easy enough until someone comes along and says something to you that makes the sin pop up again. Along with these we have jealousy & envy. I found the solution to jealousy & envy to be by taking to heart something Jesus said. But don't think I did this overnight, it took me years. Here it is, “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matt: 6: 19-21 As you go through life you will find this saying of Jesus has more and more meanings. Also remember that the longer you're a Christian the easier it will get to avoid sin just as long as you spend at least 15 min a day reading and/or listening to the Bible. And I highly recommend you do both. When I was a newbie reading the Bible was all there was. But now we can listen to it as well, and there are different benefits in both ways. I use the audio Bibles on Biblegateway.com. I highly suggest the dramatized NIV Bible because they use different readers for the various characters. And did you know they even made a few movies where every word spoken is scripture? So far I only watched the movie on the book of Acts but I'll get to the others. Lastly, even when you mess up and sin remember, God is faithful and your sin is forgiven as soon as you tell God you're sorry.
  4. I really didn't know where to put this. So if you Mods know a better forum go ahead and move it. But this is kind of a problem. I don't think it's a problem but I'm almost a dinosaur. However God still wants me here. So what exactly constitutes a favor or doing someone a favor? That's the question. I'll give my answer first. If I do you a favor that means I'm going to get nothing in return for it, most especially not money. Now this doesn't mean I don't hope that someday you will do me a favor, but it's not a payback it's more of a gratitude. I learned this as "one hand washes the other". (I broke my wrist in the 3rd grade and water proof casts didn't exist back then) So without my families help I couldn't wash the unbroken hand. Besides this, isn't doing favors (with nothing expected in return) how alliances are formed, both nationally and between private individuals? I'm almost certain this was once true. Is this now false? And I mean big things and little things. For example If I ask you to carry my trash out the garbage pail do I now owe you $5.00? (assuming the garbage pails are 20 to 30 ft away) Another example, You own a car but I don't. I ask you to do me a favor and drive me to the supermarket which is 5 miles away. Is it sufficient to give you a few dollars for gas or am I obligated to pay you for doing me the favor of driving me to the supermarket? So that may mean I have to pay you $10 or $20 plus the gas money. In my mind if I have to pay someone to do something then it's not a favor, it's a job. Am I wrong?
  5. The odd thing is I thought I was being specific about the answers I wanted. But most of you who believe this as so defensive about it that you didn't give straight answers. Although BeauJangles did, and to say you learned it from Calvinism is also a straight answer. I think there were a few more but as of late my memory is not as good as it once was. So forgive me if I forgot your name. I am bewildered by any and all of you who think you understand every little thing the Bible says, as if that was possible. I don't think it is possible. It's man's arrogance that makes him think he can understand all that God says. However, I'm not trying to change anyone's minds. So I will ask a favor of the moderators. Please delete this entire thread.
  6. Thanks David, I know I can do that but since this is a topic that causes so much insolence I wanted to hear what our members would say. Very few said much and that told me something as well. I know what the problem is, as soon as a person acknowledges that something, anything, can effect their eternal destiny several problems arise what. I am more aware of this than most would like because when I was a baby Christian I went through all the fears and doubts such thinking causes. However, that was 40 or so yrs ago and since there was no internet yet I nearly drove myself nuts. But I finally resolved it and I can now say there is no need to fear this. I remember when I was afraid to think I had a cold even though the thermometer said my temperature was 101.4 degrees. I didn't want to confess I was sick. I also recall being scared to think I didn't understand a certain scripture because maybe that meant I was never saved at all. This is nonsense. But with maybe only 8 to 12 older people I could ask I went through years of torment. Most of it was unnecessary. To a certain extent the only way a person will know if he/she is really saved is through the passage of time. Actually Jesus covered all this in His parable of the sower. But young people, because they are young people, want immediate answers. Unfortunately the answers can't be immediate. But one thing we all tell those who are worried is the very fact that you are worried means you most likely really are saved. Time will tell this too. This is why us older folks keep saying salvation is a marathon, it's a life long journey. This doesn't mean you won't have doubts, from time to time, we all do. Think of Moses. A newbie might think Moses never doubted. Oh but he did. Moses even argued with God, telling God that He chose the wrong man. It was almost funny. Puny Moses was telling the maker of all that is that the maker goofed. (See, God does have a sense of humor) God let Moses complain and cry and then God enabled Moses to do His bidding anyway. I think the danger with the OSAS doctrines is that when the going get tough, and it will, a person might say I guess I was never saved otherwise it wouldn't be so hard. It will get hard but if you really love God you will come out ahead. Think of it which ever way works for you. Just don't give up.
  7. What I was looking for was the names of churches or denominations that teach OSAS. For example, isn't "Southern Baptist" a name of a church or is it a denomination? I really don't know because up here in NY where I am I've never heard anyone identify themselves as Southern Baptists. But I do know we have churches called the First Baptist, Second Baptist and there might even be a church of the Third Baptist (not sure). We also have Methodist churches and the Assembly of God churches. Then we have Vineyard churches. And of course, there are various Bible collages that teach this doctrine. These are the kind of answers I was looking for.
  8. Hi Nadjeschda, I was thinking about you today, and here you are. That psychopath guy I know managed to rip me off again. Nadjeschda you don't know me that well so let me remind you all the family members I was once close to have died. The last one was in 2017. And the few friends I had were bad friends because when my savings ran out they left. So the only person I get to see occasionally in the psychopath. My point is if my family was still alive I wouldn't bother with him. Psychopaths can cause us to sin so we must be extra careful around them. Even if we don't actually sin, being around a psychopath leads us away from having a godly attitude, so they are dangerous. Atheists and psychopaths are not always the same. Although they can be. A psychopath is a person who cannot feel sympathy or empathy, or at least not the way a normal person does. The psychopath I know feels a kind of sympathy but only for cats. He owns 3 to 4 cats and he talks about them as if there were human children. I know he thinks nothing of women, and men exist only so he can lie, cheat and steal from them. Nadjeschda I also want to remind you that this psychopath I know doesn't consider himself an atheist. Strange huh. He claims he knows God but it's not our God. He won't speak of his god. I think he believes in what is called the "space gods". Again I'm going to tell you to avoid psychopaths like the plague. A long time ago I considered myself an atheist but it came from being depressed and not understanding God. It lasted about 8 yrs but in the back of my mind I wanted to know God. So for awhile I didn't believe in God but God never gave up me. A few years ago someone asked me about this so I wrote part of it up. I tried to make it humorous. You can read it here, you might enjoy. https://www.worthychristianforums.com/topic/230063-how-it-all-started/ JTC
  9. You may love free candy but Halloween is a day steeped in sin. This is not hard to see. On Halloween the average person will do things he or she would never do all year long only they think it's okay because it's Halloween. It's as if the fact that it's Oct 31st means some sins are not sins. This is hardly much to do about nothing. I'm thinking of adult costume parties where many respectable girls go to dressed like sluts, whores and prostitutes. This is fun fun fun? Well yeah, to the people of the world it is. But it should not be so for God's people. We should not even acknowledge that day. Except to pray extra long for God's grace.
  10. I agree that we can't pay the kind of penalty Jesus did for our sins. When I think of what He went through and that He knowingly went to do it, I have to think He was only able to do it because He is God. Any kind of quicker death would be preferable. So in my mind Jesus is our savior, there is no question of this.
  11. A lot of the tortures Abby describes makes me think of many OT scriptures where God is yelling at His people, especially the ones who worship "foreign gods" (as they are called) and God says things like "don't make you children pass through the fire", etc. I never understood what those scriptures meant and they aren't scriptures you hear spoken of. Also, as a typical American man, it never occurred to me that the ancient peoples were torturing or killing their children. I love children and consider them all precious. This was in the past. But in the last 6 yrs I started wondering what was going on that it made God so angry. Now I know. What's worse is it's still going on. I also recently, saw a statue of the god Molach that was being put on display some where in Europe. The statue is quite large with a grotesque face, but what really horrified me was the base on the statue. At it's feet were what looked like an open oven where fire was made and I think the people put their living children into those fires. I'm sure this offends a lot of peoples sensibilities but this is what God was screaming at. And today we have people doing the same and worse.
  12. I absolutely agree with this post that I quoted. Okay so maybe you never knew Halloween is associated with so much evil, now you do. If you are a true Christian you should never have anything to do with Halloween again. It's simple.
  13. Maybe that was why I associated that preacher from 45 yrs ago with 7th Day Adventists. It really is hard to remember.
  14. I'm sorry I wasn't clear. I don't mean SRA is attractive. I meant the kind of things a Satanist might say can be attractive to the weak minded. This is obviously true because if it wasn't Satanism wouldn't be popular at all. But to some people it is. When it sounds attractive a person needs to shut it off. To illustrate this point I learned this parable in collage, There was an archaeologist who went to Africa and South America to study the cannibals who live there. This archaeologist wrote the most informative book on cannibalism we had ever seen. There was 1 problem, after 10 yrs with the cannibals the only steak this archaeologist enjoys are human steaks. The moral is while learning about what is evil, don't become like what you went to learn about. I never forgot this.
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