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  1. It's hard to believe that we have members at Worthy who don't think repentance is necessary. I have found that repentance is a part of the Christian life. As I have grown in the Lord I become more aware of sins as well as their consequences. When this happens I find myself telling Jesus and the Father how sorry I am.
  2. Trace I want to apologize because I couldn't read this whole post until tonight. I told you about my eyes, sometimes it's really bad. I can only read short things. Monday I'm finally going to an eye doc. I hope he can fix me. When I read your first post on this thread several feelings came over me. The first is you are not supposed to die. Reality supports it too. Look at how many members are concerned about you. I've never seen this before in the 6 yrs I'm here. I was wondering what happened to Sonya, I thought maybe she left you. I see I feared for naught. You told her to leave and she won't. Brother I say God has a plan for you. It's up to you to discover it. Did I tell you about when I lost my car I was crushed by that. I have always had a car. I expected God to make sure that car out lived me. But He didn't. That happened in 2012. I was in mourning over my car for more yrs than I know. I didn't want to accept that I'll most likely never own a car again. Oh man, as far as I was concerned I would have rather died. Big deal right, but I can't walk without the walker neither. I even asked my doc for the drugs they give terminally ill patients so I could end me. And I was serious. My doc wouldn't do it. Well, a few more years went by and I accepted no car, not being able to walk normal; all I have left is the Internet and my life online. I guess this is life, unless all of you are bots. LOL It has taken 7 yrs but I no longer will kill myself. I'll wait for God to call me, my life belongs to Him anyway. It always did. I'm sure that God has more things for you on earth, Trace. I just don't know what they are. However, I feel that as long as you are depressed because God shifted your gears you won't be able to enjoy anything at all no matter what it may be. We who know God almighty are blessed immensely simply because we know Him. I hope I'm helping you, someday it might be you helping someone else who feels there's no more reason to live. God Bless
  3. Really now, how about putting that in writing, have 2 witnesses then go get it notarized. luigi, it is obvious that you are defining the terms, "saved", "born again" and "redemption" differently from the way almost every other believer does. What's now suspicious is that you won't tell us the meaning you use. I'm thinking you will soon be preaching another gospel. So, how does a person get saved? Okay he got saved, now he wants to be born again. How does he get that? He did it, now how is he redeemed? Does he have to die and be resurrected, only then you say he's redeemed. Sounds like it can't happen until Jesus returns. I think you're trying to make fools of us. Are you laughing your head off? There is 1 thing today's believers don't talk about anymore. In my day after you were saved by a profession of faith in Jesus, many denominations advised you to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Is 1 of your 3 things supposed to be baptism in the Holy Spirit? I can understand why that's no longer spoken of. Certain preachers who did it insisted you must start speaking in a foreign language otherwise it's not real. That caused strife among members of the same church, and those who were able to do it developed an attitude of superiority. I know there's a Holy Spirit and I've experienced how His presence is accompanied by some kinds of signs. Supernatural signs, that is. However, people who do this often call it an anointing. The problem was that anointing wore off and the preacher could no longer do signs. So no one really understood it, but many people experienced it. I shouldn't say it, I should say Him. Is this what you mean by redemption? Come on lugi spill the beans. Maybe you're just 12 yrs old and you love all the attention you're getting. Oh wait, is this some new New Age thing, those people always come up with new ideas. Usually they are copying our ideas only twisting them into perversion.
  4. Thank you 1to3 for the encouraging post. After 40 yrs of being a Christian and seeing and experiencing everything I did, I know I'm right about this. But when those all talk guys start railing on me, it's nice to hear from another talk+action believer. Above you said that you would have preferred it if you had began walking with God earlier. That happened to me as well. One reason I left the RCC was because they couldn't feed my hunger for God. (I didn't even know I had a hunger for God until I was starving) I like to be sure that I'm sure of whatever I do or say. To that end I had read through the entire Bible one time before I sought out a church and Christian fellowship. Most of it went in 1 eye and out the other eye, but it did seem to be saying that what we do here on earth will matter when we leave here. In my 1st church was a lovely couple that enjoyed taking care of newbies. The wife would sometimes invite 5 or 6 of us newbies to dinner. One night I felt I should tell her that she doesn't have enough food for us all. I wanted to leave because I had plenty of food at home. (two newbies didn't have food at home) That wife, mother and Christian woman, really impressed me. She would not allow me to leave, she simply said "The Lord will make the food we have be enough for all of us". Wow, that was faith in action. We all ate and we were satisfied, no one was still hungry. As good of an example of a Christian wife and woman as she was, her hubby had a few problems. He was always rebuking me for any little (or not so little) sin I did. A few times I caught him doing a very small sin. I only said something to him because he picked on me. I didn't like his answers. I didn't expect to ever hear those saying again, then I met the "all talk" dudes here. You've been here as long as I am so you probably know what they say. Their words are like slogans from a company selling merchandise. But they are not, I say they're slogans from devils selling the belief that sin doesn't matter to the Most High. They say we are insulting God by not believing Jesus death can forgive all sins. I never said that. If I didn't think Jesus would forgive sins I did after salvation I'd give up. What I say is just because Jesus can forgive us all of them, is not a reason to make the list of sins any longer than it is when we mess up. But you agree 1to3 and I'm glad. My point was that if so many people in my 1st church had not been into the all talk mode of thinking I probably would have started cleaning myself up decades ago. I may have even considered that God was calling me to be a preacher and a teacher. I even used to think God wanted me to pastor a church, but I didn't know how to get started. So I did my stress reducing sin, only to then spend 30 minutes crying and asking God to forgive me. I'm so glad I finally decided to do what I know is right, even if it took me 40 yrs to get here. I've seen you around before 1to3, I remember because you have a unique name. I'll say hello more often now that I know we both subscribe to the talk+action philosophy. I don't think any of the NT writers would disagree with talk+action, but James has always been my favorite epistle because he says straight out, that faith without works is dead. God Bless you
  5. This is a very good point, Trace. I'm kinda embarrassed to admit that I struggled with how the Jews got the land of Israel until 8 yrs ago. Oh sure I knew the story but I worked with a man from Egypt who made me feel the pain of being displaced from your home. So up until this decade I often wondered just what kind of God we're following. Then I went into forced retirement which gave me 10 or more hrs a day to read scripture and ponder it's meaning. I developed a new respect for the ancient Jews along with a love of God I had only heard about. I realized that the land God gave back to Israel was always supposed to be theirs. Further I learned that the chaos of the ancient world was a direct result of Gen. 6: 1-4. I always thought there must be more to this than what can be said in 4 verses. There was a lot more, there was more in the Bible and even more in an apocryphal book. Just because a book isn't inspired is no reason to reject all it says if it answers questions with no answers. We use the writing of Josephus, Philo and many others who weren't inspired of God. Most of the land God gave back to Israel was inhabited by giants. The offspring of the original giants that lead to God trying to wipe them from the globe all at once. Then most recently I've learned of a scholar of the Bible who pointed out what was there all along. I always knew there are a vast multitude of spiritual beings, I used to ignore them as God recommends. Nevertheless, the words God and then gods in Psalm 82 has bugged me for 2 yrs. I knew the gods were not equivalent to the God at the beginning. God asked these other gods to watch over all the nations except Israel after the Babel Tower incident. Those gods betrayed the Most High God as well as knifing mankind in the back. God intends to have all the other peoples and nations back. Giving the Jews the land of Israel was step 1. But of course the teachers in public schools will never tell the kids all this. I can see how not knowing this can change them from Catholics & Christians into, "uhh, I don't believe in anything, really". We have to get the word out, God didn't do anything bad, it was bad angels that caused all the harm. I usually refer to them as devils, not to be confused with The Devil aka Satan.
  6. We seem to have 2 (or is there more) groups who say different things. The goal is the same, get into heaven. I'll call one group the "all talk" group and the 2nd will be the talk+actions, group. I settled this in my heart and soul 20 yrs ago but new believers raise it anew. Sadly, we can never truly resolve this online, we would have to know the other person intimately because most people exaggerate or say what they wish. According to my understanding of this issue if a person doesn't say or believe the right things, but he then does the right things anyway, he is okay. I suppose the all talk group feel that as long as a person says the right things, then what he does is immaterial. Therefore a murderer who says and believes the correct things will enjoy all the rewards of God. (I don't believe that but it's the general idea of the all talker's) One thing I don't like with the all talk idea is how easy it is to trick them. But with the talk+actions group, it's hard to trick them. I have some very concrete reasons for why I reject the all talk hypotheses. I've explained all this many times, I feel like a broken record. Suffice it to say that I knew some all talkers who loved God a lot but since they believed actions count for nothing they destroyed their lives. I don't think they ever saw it coming. I knew a few talk+action people who also made a mess after 20 yrs. But none said they didn't see it coming. This issue is much more all encompassing than I covered here. To do the rest of it justice I'd be looking up scripture until the cows come home. I need a totally awesome Bible search program, which I don't have.
  7. Hi Clipper, I wasn't saying to try and rival Pew, that would be impossible for collage students. I meant this as a learning experience plus getting a good grade. I'm assuming the professors in certain classes still require projects like this. I'm not sure, since I did mine over 40 yrs ago, but I think the course was given by the Sociology dept. Or it may have been a social psychology course. We were told to first pick a partner 2. pick a topic that's relevant and partly unknown for our society. A female friend I had on campus wanted me to work with her. I think Patty chose the topic because those were my atheist years. We had to postulate what our results would be. I expected a majority would say they didn't believe in any God but Patty thought the opposite of me. We had a pathetically small sample and most were students. The questions were all multiple choice. I honestly cannot remember even 1. I wanted students today to get an idea of why the percentage of believers is declining. Maybe we can just discuss this, I'd like to hear what you other Worthy members think. Whatever reasons you might have, something interesting just occurred to me. We are all believers and that may color our perception of why more folks are falling away now. So after we discuss this, it would be very interesting to find out if non believers see this any different. Alright, I still think a major factor is the hypocrisy of parents who claim to be believers but these parents were not nice to their kids. Maybe the parents weren't even married, not to each other. This is important to know because now we are allowing gay & lesbian couples to raise kids. I think by 13 or 15 any child will find out that the God of Christians, Jews, Catholics, even the Muslim god too all disapprove of homosexuality. What will a young teen think, what will they conclude about God? My hunch is they will either decide God isn't real or else that God is mean, stupid and cruel. Especially if the teen had homosexual parents that were good. But what happens to a child that has 1 male and 1 female parents but those parents make the child's life more miserable than words. To top it off, suppose the child constantly heard talk about God but the parents did not live up to any of the talk. Those kids are already adults. I can write a book on this, but I want to hear from you.
  8. The OPer didn't make it clear, I agree. Quoting scriptures is great but it can be overdone. I'd say this is over doing it. @Adam777 Have you never heard people say, those Christians make the Bible mean whatever they want it to say. These criticisms of God's Word prove a point, namely that without the interpretation of a wise man, one who is well versed in the things of God, who also knows how to rightly divide the Word, this man is needed to make sense of all those scriptures you quoted. That man should also have life experience in applying the Word to his own life. This is missing here which is why Who me isn't clear. I will say, we are fallible sinners, saved by the grace of God, who struggles to resist temptation. For if we say we are without sin, at all, we are not being honest. I have much life experience living as I understood the way God wants us to. Sins can be overcome but it's not easy. Don't expect all your sins to simply vanish, we struggle, we anguish over them, yes but then we win. It's not easy but there's one thing that makes it even harder. When those we respect tell us it's not possible. I once heard a young believer say this, Since it's impossible to reach a state of total sinlessness I've realized we shouldn't even try. God doesn't expect us to, God just wants us to be happy. This is terrible, I knew he was wrong but just hearing that idea set me back on my path to God's glory. Rather, we should believe it is possible and thank God for the sin being gone. Remember the definition of faith? Faith is the substance of what we are hoping for, the things which have not yet happened. It is fine to name our sins as gone so long as we really have faith, and as long as we don't think that means we do nothing. I've been doing this and it works. And I never forget it only works because God makes it work. All the Glory be to the one and only Most High God, He is mighty without equal, His power is beyond comprehension.
  9. Even when I considered myself Catholic I never knew he was seen as infallible. When I found out it answered several questions I had on why the CC does some confusing things.
  10. JTC


    Welcome to our little neck of the Internet, Jacinta.
  11. This is so true, brother. There will always be young people who want nothing to do with knowledge & wisdom, but others want to hear. It is this latter group I seek to find.
  12. Abdicate, are you accusing me of living unrighteously and always sinning? If you are you don't me 1 iota. I'm one of the most Godly men you'll ever meet. Even before I was saved I wasn't always popular because I wouldn't do what most Americans live to do. Hey moderators, I say close this thread, delete it and burn the server it was on. This thread can make a devil come into almost anyone.
  13. Generically speaking Legalism is when you make any one idea, part of an idea, or with a commandment this also applies; legalism is when the 1 idea outweighs and over shadows all other ideas. Originally Paul meant legalism as a defense against the Jews of the circumcision party who claimed all believers must be circumcised or God will not accept them. They could feed the hungry, clothe the naked, defend the helpless, nothing mattered if that skin was still there. Of course, that is false. But you guys are doing a similar thing. Although you have it inverted. You say if a man accepted Christ he's eternally saved, he may steal food from the hungry, he can burn the naked man's last pants, he can oppress widows and orphans, so what, he's still going to heaven. That is being legalistic. You guys are gambling your eternal destiny on what you wish is true. I wouldn't even put 2 cents on the idea that you may be right.
  14. The latest PEW study shows belief in God down while atheists & believers of nothing are up. It was a statistical study which means they don't look into why, the effects, nor what might happen in the future. I realize collage students can't do a professional study but you can do a non scientific survey that asks why this happened. I'm not being silly because me and a classmate did such a survey back in 1973-74. We asked, Do you believe in God? We found a majority did, earning ourselves A's and B's for that class. I'm challenging some of you to create a similar study and earn a good grade also. The PEW study focused on millennial aged people, which many of you know well. Some of you may even be millennial's. You don't need a lot of questions, I seem to remember our survey had only 20 questions. Your professor can tell you the minimum needed to get a good grade. I think this is a subject many of you probably know a lot about. The point is to learn about surveys, get a good grade, and possibly even why this happened. I have a hunch, but it is also my basis from 30 to 40 yrs ago. Back then I was down on couple's who had kids, and that called themselves believers because they did not show their children what a real person of God is like. A common excuse was, "kids don't know anything. They believe whatever we tell them. Their only real concern is toys, or maybe television." I always knew this was false. Children are quite bright and they watch everything their parents and other adults they know do & say. What children lack is the wisdom to process what they see & hear. They misunderstand much so they necessarily come to erroneous conclusions. Although, they may be right about their parents but wrong in how they reacted to it. Wrong from our POV of course. Many of you are millennial aged, what is your hunch, we should discuss this. It's important and now you are either soon going to become parents or you are already. If we can get an educated guess as to why this happened maybe you can save your children from further falling away. I always did like helping people and I know some of you do as well. I sincerely hope some of you take this challenge to heart. But even if none of you do, I still think we should discuss this. You can start, I'll be back tomorrow. I had a very tiring day. God Bless
  15. Hmm...when saved you are for 40 yrs how much sin will you have............................ Seriously luigi are you honestly convinced you personally know a living person who never sins at all? (be careful how you answer my boy) If you say yes you just called God a liar. 1 John ch 1: 8 If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us......10 If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word is not in us. You luigi are between a rock and a hard place. "sometimes the cards ain't worth a dime, if you don't lay them down" You're bet has been called, either tell us what you think you know or go out. Most of us define saved, born again and redeemed as the same thing, or very close. You aren't doing that. You are defining them as 3 different states a believer goes through. My question is where did you get this from, I never heard it before? Is this something you thought, and if not, where did you hear it? Your arguments are beginning to sound like double talk. Consider also you aren't arguing correctly, you're breaking some rules. I'm not an expert in the rules of logical argument, some here know much better than me. But I'm pretty sure before you attempt to amaze, dazzle, confuse and insult others with your argument it is incumbent upon you to define your terms since your whole argument rests on your different definitions. (I hope that wasn't too confusing) Let's conclude this luigi.
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