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  1. The OP made good points. Catholicism definitely does things wrong but we do too. The Mary issue is a troubling issue but here's what bothers me. Several years ago I had 2 Catholic TV stations and 1 night they showed an old movie about Mary appearance in France circa 1500. I had never heard of that 1 so I looked it up on the Internet and found a site that went into great detail about all her many appearances. There really are a lot. I was reading it for hours and never even reached Fatima. It got to the point where I was half asleep so maybe I missed this important point. Whenever she appears eventually the people she's appearing to get the guts up to ask her who she is. She never says "I'm Mary the mother of Jesus". She always uses 1 of the descriptive titles the Catholic church gave her such as The Lady of the Rosary, the Woman with the Immaculate Heart, or 1 of others I don't know. I think we know from Job that God puts restrictions on devils. Considering how much God hates lying, and considering who Jesus is, I doubt a devil could say she's the Mother of Jesus if she isn't. This is what bothers me. I wish I could find that website again because I read it very fast. I also have the Catholic Catechism on a CD. It's huge, maybe it's a DVD. I read slow it would take me 10 yrs to read it all. I searched for Mary on it and found a story of well respected priest who said Mary came to him while he was praying and I think she gave him the Rosary. She gave several things that today are accepted by the CC. The Mary issue is what keeps me away from the CC. But I want to say once more, we protestants also do many wrong things. We've developed our own traditions. Also the CC is not the Catholic people. I've known many Catholic people who are more more pious than many a protestant is. But I also have a problem with how they revere Mary.
  2. Thank you everyone. I can hardly believe it but my ribs still hurt. I know I didn't break them. I've seen people with broken ribs and I'm not that bad. They get better until I have to push myself up from laying down in bed. But they are healing. I have a calcium deficiency and we don't know why. I've been taking supplements over a month but my calcium level dropped. So now I'm taking Coral Calcium because it's supposed to be better absorbed. I'm sure this is related to my ribs getting injured. All I did was lean on them. I climbed through that same window 2 yrs ago and didn't get hurt at all. Gandalf I don't think God wants me telling you what I thought. It's just 1 of my silly ideas. Not important. I'd love to explain the Twilight Zone but it would take up too much space. One of my doc's seems to have PTSD or something like it. 2 months ago I needed him to fill out a short form so I can get Medicaid Transportation. He had done this once before and it was fine. But he went ape crazy this time. The form was rejected. They said what he wrote for a diagnosis didn't make sense and he forgot to sign it. Now I have to ask him again and I'm scared. If he's in a normal state of mind it will be fine. But if he has a berserk attack he either won't do, or mess it up again. I needed the transportation for Sept. 29th. It will a take a minor miracle to get it by then, especially with the Jewish holiday coming and he's Jewish. Actually all my docs are Jewish. I'm trying to teach Ray to behave like a good Jew because it's the same as a good Christian. He has a partner who preaches Jesus to him and Ray's not ready for that. Ray is 47 but part of him is about 21. I'm trying to make him realize we have to take God seriously. (of course I myself need to be more serious with God too) It is strange that Ray is a part of my life. But that's 1 of the few parts that didn't change. People who come within my little sphere of life usually need God. I need prayer and lots of it. I'm battling nicotine and I went 2 days without it. Today I messed up and smoked. I must quit. The lung doc won't be able to help me if I keep smoking. I'm very mad at myself. If you feel lead to pray for me please do.
  3. Sometimes it's best to not say much. Thank you for reading it. I suppose I wrote more for myself than anyone else. Do you know an old show called the "Twilight Zone"? It wasn't horror but some episodes could scare you into turning the TV off. Others gave you hope. It was fiction things like that are not supposed to be possible. In the last 16 yrs my life is like the Twilight Zone. Sometimes I just need to vent. And then I consider maybe God will tell me something through someone else. This is why I post these things. In your case I have a word for you. I just don't know if God wants me saying anything or if I should just learn from it. I don't know yet. Because in truth, God also speaks through me, and through all of us who love and awe Him. I shall wait on Him.
  4. On June 30th my closest cousin died. She lived in NJ and I'm in NY, I hadn't seen her since 2oo5. I did,'t even speak on the phone with her very often. But we emailed every week. I now realize she was the only person I had that I could tell anything to. Even if she got angry over it, she got over the anger. I didn't expect to miss her this much. After all, I'm no stranger to losing people to death. I have 1 other cousin but sometimes talking to her is like walking on egg shells. She gets jealous and envious too easily. And she never admits these things I just feel them. So obviously I can't tell her many things. The only person I could be open with was Margie, and she's now gone. Margie felt certain she would outlive me, but I seemed to know she wouldn't. I just didn't want to believe it. I wish I could talk to Margie tonight. I feel so lonely, much more than usual. I really thought I had learned to deal with death by 21. Even then I had been to more funerals than I can count. Since I can't talk to Margie I'm posting on this board. This is like my church. I got hurt today and I can't sleep. Actually I can't lie down. My pharmacist, a man named Ray, who's kinda a friend went to the Holy Land. He didn't spend much time in Jerusalem because he went for a wedding. Ray is Jewish and quite confused about God. I think Ray wishes he was heaven so he couldn't be tempted by all the sins of the world. He's only 45 and his love of the world really bothers him. Btw, he has a partner who's a Christian. Ray just came back from Israel yesterday and I had told him to be sure he took pics of any famous sites. I was half asleep today but I had to go see Ray. I expected good pictures. So I had to bring my reading glasses, and I had to bring some antibiotic pills that I needed a different brand on. I was so sleepy I forgot my hat (which I never forget) and I still felt I forgot something. Ray went to Israel with his family and he did take about 100 pics. But they're all everyone in his family with the wailing wall in the background. He's Jewish so I didn't expect him to visit the tomb of Jesus, but he didn't even take a shot of the old cobble stone streets. No, just 100 shots of the family with the wall in the background. I was disappointed but I said nothing. It got busy so I left to come home. I live across the the street. I put my hand in my pocket to get my keys and panic started. I forgot my keys. Never mind my hat I forgot my keys and today is Sunday, the landlord isn't there and even the super was in Brooklyn, at least an hour from here. I live in a building with a heavy solid door. I was locked out. Total panic set in. I have 2 windows that face a roof and only 1 other apt has a window to that roof. The problem was the woman had an AC in her window. Ray had very few tools. If he had a drill I'd drill the lock out. Eventually Ray came up here to try and help. He was trying to use a credit card. Meanwhile I convinced my neighbor to take the AC out and I'd climb out her window. But I'm not 35 anymore and with this spinal stenosis I couldn't bend my legs. I tried going out head first and now I see I hurt myself. I'm in pain from the waist up and laying on the bed makes it much worse. I feel like I broke a rib, but It's probably sprained, and my spine is killing me. I finally got out and just then Ray got the door open. HOW??? I went back to his store and he said he got it opened with the credit card. A minor miracle for sure. He tells me, Someone up there must love you. This is why I think me and Ray have a destiny. But being raised Jewish he doesn't like Jesus. He won't even read the OT. Since I've been reading the Bible some 40 yrs it baffles me that other people never read it all. For the past 5 months I'm almost excursively reading the OT. One reason is because I read the OT rather fast. The other reason is Ray. So I didn't have a good day, and now I can't lay on the bed. I just don't want to accept that I'm in bad health. I apologize for the length of this post. And I thank you if you read it. JTC
  5. This makes a great deal of sense. It's common sense that if a single person sees nothing wrong with multiple sex partners then even as a married person he/she is likely to have casual sex with anyone who turns them on. I'm glad studies were done but to me it's common sense. Do we all know what the "double standard means"? This is why the older a guy gets the less chance he has to marry a virgin. This had started being a problem in the 1960's & 70's and now it's out of control. As Christians this is 1 of Satan's greatest achievements because only the most devout people of God see the problem. Most do not. As young men we want to find girls willing to have sex with us. In the 60's and 70's that wasn't as easy as you young people think it was. Back then many girls would only go to bed with you if she was convinced you were going to marry her soon. But since abortion became .legal girls weren't afraid of getting pregnant anymore. By the 80's & 90's most girls started doing what guys do. If he turned her on she had sex with with him. I mean, why not. (actually 1 reason girls ought not do this is because most girls feel emotional when they have sex, and many men don't. So this doesn't work well) But I digress. So now 60 yrs later most guys would still like to marry a virgin. But you guys, listen to me. As a young dude you want a girl to have sex with you. (I know because I drove a taxi on party nights and this is what I was told) So from 16 to 30 you want sex and most girls do too. Many girls go out, not to meet a guy she can marry but a guy she can sleep with. Some where between 25 and 30 a man wants marriage and he's prefer a virgin. But there's very few left at that age. And then the guy worries that if she's a virgin at 25+ maybe there's something wrong with her. What a mess. I bet Satan is LHAO. We are so foolish. This is why the older you get the less chance there is of marrying a virgin. And listen guys, this is our own fault. Don't say the devil made me do it because he can only make suggestions. We caused this situation and it started with my generation. Very few people my age will admit that, so listen well. Hear me, you guys. So now what, can this be fixed? Yes, start by realizing God is not against us. You young people have to change how you think. If you do, in 50 yrs this problem will be gone. God never wanted this. I hope someone read this. I know it's not what you wanted to hear. But it's the truth.
  6. I consider the people on this board as friends so you're important. There's nothing wrong in taking a break from dating. Often it's the best thing to do. And you're right that a relationship shouldn't be so draining. It shouldn't be hard work. Of course you have to work at having a happy marriage, I know people who have them say that. They say you have to work at it. But not to the point where it wears you out. From what I noticed all my life when Miss Right comes along she won't just go away. The woman has to work at the relationship too. You have many years to find the right girl. And it should be better if you're both Christians. At least it should be better if you both have the same values. Especially when it comes to sex and relationships. It's not good when 1 person thinks many partners is just fine and the other doesn't. That kind of thing will kill a relationship every time.
  7. Reprobation

    Tyler, I'm glad you said you're ocd because I was thinking you're depressed. You can be both. I also wish I could see everyone so we'd all know each other's ages. It matters. You ask at what age God gives up on a person, I don't believe God gives up on anyone. A person gives up on God. Do you know the parable Jesus told about the land owner who hired men to work in his fields? If not find it and read it. Do you know what it means. The men who worked 1 hour were paid the same as the men who worked all day. God is the land owner, we're the men working. Even at the end of the day God still takes people in. Even if you did deny God all your life you don't anymore, do you, doesn't sound like it. God isn't telling you to commit suicide. (but the devil and your ocd has you hung up on thinking He is) God doesn't tell us to quit and kill ourselves, God tells us to repent of our past sins and come to Him. That was the lesson of several of Jesus parables and by studying the OT I keep seeing this lesson back then too. God did punish the ancient Jews a few times BUT before He did He kept giving them a chance to change their ways. In other words to repent. I don't know why you think you're a reprobate but you don't have to stay that way. We have free will. You can stop doing whatever makes you feel reprobate. I once thought God wanted me to commit suicide but I kept studying the Bible, praying, making posts, talking like we are now, and eventually I realized it wasn't God telling me that. As I said I get depression and it's not that different from ocd. And I also realized the devils are real and they don't like to see us do the right things. They don't like it when we repent. But there's also Holy Angels and they're also real. They love it when we repent. They can help bad thoughts go away. Someday when God ends our lives on earth us and the Holy Angels will all be part of the same reality. I feel for you Tyler because I've felt the way you feel. Fight it, don't give in, God doesn't hate us He loves us, and His Holy Spirit helps us be strong. Just don't give up.
  8. Do what you did in beginning that first brought you close to God. Think about how you got on the wagon to start with, remind yourself of that, it should help. Being of Jesus is a lifelong journey. I think we have all fallen off the wagon at least once, those of us who have been believers many years. If you have favorite scriptures or books of the Bible, read them. Avoid anything that that causes questions. Sometimes that includes people and places. If you sincerely want to be on the wagon again you will get there. You're just going through a trial, a rough patch, we all do. you'll get past it.
  9. Here's an interesting fact from neuroscience we only learned not that long ago. We used to think the brain was done growing at about 21. The latest thinking is the brain keeps growing until 25 to 26. So you may think differently in 2 years but your gf's brain isn't going to change physically. Here in the USA a 30 yr virgin would be hard to find. The problem isn't that she's not a virgin the problem is it bothers you. I had a cousin who married a girl who only had sex with 1 guy before him. I guess it was 1974 and even back then that wasn't so bad. But it bothered him. It bothered him so much he went to a hypnotist. That bothered me. I don't like allowing someone else to control our will. I would have rather seen him go for 5 yrs of psychotherapy if necessary. I don't think the hypnosis worked and my cousin's life didn't go well. If you're going to keep seeing this girl you have to get to a point where her past sexual experiences don't bother you. That's a hard thing to do. But if you can't do it I don't think you should keep seeing her. The other issue is will she ever be happy with just 1 man. I've know both men and women who could never stay with just 1 person. I was once deeply in love with a woman like that. She claimed if Mr. Right came along she'd stop sleeping with other men. But I was friends with her about 10 years and to this day I wonder what became of her. Like your girl she saw nothing wrong with all her sexual partners. But when you deeply love someone you can convince yourself you don't care. At least you're questioning yourself. Considering you're only 24 maybe you should look for a woman with morals like yours. Nowadays many people don't marry until they're 30. IMO it shows you're smart maybe even wise. In my day being single at 30 said there was something wrong with me. Nothing was wrong with me, as I said, it wasn't God's will for me to be married. At 65 I'm convinced of that, otherwise it would have happened.
  10. Paulie, I wish I knew your age. When I was a teen I wanted to marry a virgin and back then it was still a strong possibility. By the time I was 25 it wasn't much of a possibility anymore. It took me several yrs to realize if I ever did get married she probably wouldn't be a virgin. Btw, I never got married but this isn't why. It just wasn't part of God's plan for my life. I drove a cab for 10 yrs and discussed this with many young people. I was surprised the old double standard still exists. Guys want to marry virgins but when they go out partying they want a girl who will sleep with them. You can't have it both ways. In my whole pretty long life I only knew 1 woman who stayed a virgin until she got married at 40. I don't like that this girl sees nothing wrong with her sexual activity. I wonder how old she is. Another strange thing is I knew 1 girl, mid 20's, who had so many abortions she was using abortion as a form of birth control. At least that bothered her. She was a friend, not a gf. Just in case you were wondering. Unless you live in Muslim country you have to realize most girls over 21 have had sex. You have to come to terms with that. If you can't don't get married. We aren't all meant to be married.
  11. I've told you all before when I was young I was studying to be a psychotherapist. I like people and I like helping people. I was also interested in how we get to be how we are. All psychology students use themselves as their 1st patient. I never could figure out why I lie so much less than the average person. Of course I've told some lies but they're rare. It might be because I was an only child and parents always seemed to know if I said an untruth. I was punished severely for that. So I quickly learned to not lie. It just wasn't worth it. Anyway, here's some more interesting observations about chronic liars. That man I know, who gives me rides occasionally but I always have to pay him and not just for gas. He becomes furious when I tell him I know he lied. Right now his wife is sick and almost died. He had asked for my help but now he doesn't want help. I find that curious. If he really has a basic psychopathic personality (that means he doesn't feel compassion) then having to care for his sick wife must be driving him nuts. I guess he realized she's not going to get better. I think he's torn between wanting his freedom back, but also being all alone, and having to help her with every little thing. But now my last family member, the good egg, she surprised me. She dislikes 1 of the women who comes to her husband for help. He's a homeopathic healer and if he gets to someone before they're too sick his diet plans seem to really work. They don't have a lot of clients so I was surprised that there's 1 woman my cousin wishes they didn't have. I asked why and the answer was "she fibs". I guess my cousin doesn't realize that the whole family always knew she often fibs herself. So as a student of human behavior I'm surprised that chronic liars either don't know it, or if they do it enrages them. This is why they drive me nuts. And Kwik you're right, to be a successful liar you need a great memory. Once we hit our 60's our memories are hardly great, at least mine isn't. I just felt like sharing this with the community.
  12. In this past year I've almost been exclusively reading the OT. At first I thought God must be nuts to keep favoring the Jews considering they kept sinning against Him. But then I realized we're doing many of the same things. One example is in Daniel where he asks God to forgive his people. Now I often pray as Daniel did. I was born in 52 and yes, America was sinning but I've watched as it keeps getting worse. So far God has been giving us His favor but I think we're wrong if we think God doesn't have His limits. He did with ancient Israel and I'd bet He will with us too. What we do matters to God, both here and after we leave this life. We're lucky God is immortal so time isn't His primary concern. Although it shouldn't be primary to us neither. Is America making any progress to obey God? I don't think so, but am I making progress in obeying God? Compared to 40 yrs ago I've made a little progress. Maybe America has also I just don't see it. We do have a White House Bible study for the 1st time in 100 yrs. I believe it's lead by Ralph Drollinger and I've listened to him online, he seems to know what he's saying. So like myself America has made a little progress. There is 1 sin that's worse to God than the others. In the Bible it's called idol worship but today that can take many forms. All idols are, at best, nothing other than what a person thinks it is. But at worst it's Satan himself who happens to be God's #1 enemy. The more I realize this the more I understand some of the things God has done. I loved that prayer.
  13. Book of Enoch

    I apologize Gary. I got angry and I sinned. Please forgive me. (but I do have a new PC that seems to have died. I'm trying to fix it but when I was school computer engineering didn't even exist yet. I'm not even sure what the BIOS is. {I think it's a local bus} ) LOL But I am trying to fix it.
  14. Book of Enoch

    Thank you but I know that. I just lost a long post I was writing about this. I guess my PC is old and can't handle it when I'm writing a post and someone else is quoting what I already wrote. That's a shame because it was important.
  15. Book of Enoch

    Zoltan, there are actually 3 books ascribed to Enoch. I think the flat earth is in the 3rd which is considered the least reliable. 1st Enoch aka Ethiopian Enoch is the one the apostles read. I've read Enoch 1 several times and I don't believe it's inspired scripture. Not all ancient writings were inspired by God. However, some have useful and true information in them. What made me keep reading Enoch is the story about the watchers aka as fallen angels. What I've found out is a lot of things happened that God didn't want us to know. Why? One reason is because those things lead some people into sin. Most people don't need help finding reasons to sin. There's a lot of things we'll never know for certain. Enoch talks about many of them. I agree with leaving Enoch out of the Bible but I agree bc most people are weak willed and they can't deal with uncertainties. But Enoch answers some questions and raises others. Such as who built the pyramids and other structures scattered around the world that man couldn't build even today. Since you read Enoch make sure you keep reading the Bible. The Bible tells us how to be saved. The other ancient writings don't do that. Some of us have curious minds and we want to know. Some of us don't. I'm in the first group but not all believers are.