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  1. Hey Brother, I think you & me are on the same page, at least the same chapter. I have also felt the Spirit telling me things for a long time. I remember being in one full gospel church back in the early 90's when during his sermon the pastor started pacing nervously. He was about to tell us something he said God was telling him. When he said it, I already heard. The Spirit revealed it to me also. I don't think the churches have ever accepted it, that's why I'm not stating it. Besides this the message to repent is more important. I really think America, nay the whole world, is tethering on the edge of destruction. I also think the outcome will be due to the Christians. God both loves us and judges us, He is a God of both love & judgement. I don't see why anyone finds that a problem. I didn't receive the blessing of fatherhood but even I can see how a father both loves his children but stills judges them and sometimes has to punish them. God loves the whole world and He doesn't want it to end. Eventually, at some time it will but God's in no rush. I think one reason we can't understand this is because we're mortal, but God isn't, time has little or no meaning to Him. Yes, we all need to examine ourselves. But then we need to judge ourselves. Better to judge oneself than to have God judge us. Once we judge ourselves we ought to make the appropriate changes. This then becomes a way of life. Once we do this we can save our planet.
  2. Hi Thomas, This is a good point. I don't think those who insult atheists ever stopped to wonder why they are here. I'm sure there are exceptions to what I'm saying but I think most atheists who come here want to be convinced their atheism is wrong. Being nasty to them only shows them we Christians are not only wrong but total hypocrites as well. In the Bible we are called ambassadors for Christ, we represent Him. Whether we like it or not, Christ, the Bible, and Christianity is judged by how we behave. "yeah well, don't look at me look at Jesus", ever hear that, I have. It's a lovely idea but it's not realistic. I'm hoping for a new reformation, one in which every believer puts his beliefs into actions every day.
  3. Perhaps you don't realize that America was losing WW 2. I'm not a history buff so I forget which other country was very close to developing nukes themselves. But it wasn't one of our allies. You should know mankind has a problem with pride and America's pride almost made us lose WW 2. One example of what I mean was our inferior tanks. Saving money was always more important but in war money ought not to matter. But nukes can't be used for surgical strikes the blast zones are too large. Also, back then we knew almost nothing of the radioactive fallout. I hate to think what would have happened if 10 or more smaller nukes were dropped in areas of high troop concentration. The end result would have been horrific. We had to scare the Japanese into surrendering. Time has shown it was the right decision. Nukes are too terrible to be used as a regular way of waging war. At least we learned that much. I'm a peace lover, I don't think anyone should wage war, ever. But most people don't think like me.
  4. I think you misunderstood that statement. I had thought the New Age was becoming a thing of the past, but it's not. It seems to have gained a new momentum. This proves Satan is behind it, but I always knew that. It's like Satan can't die and the New Age won't die out neither. Satan keeps it alive. We have to do 2 things. Be diligent in warning others about it, and to pray against it.
  5. Well... I've been saying murder can be forgiven by God, does that mean you think I'm a murderer. I would hope not. I'm sorry Pinacled, but no, I really don't. But I bet you're talking about apples and I'm thinking oranges. I shall try to explain. When it comes to the Bible all kinds of people think certain scriptures mean all kinds of things. I understand that. But I feel this has more to it than just you disagreeing with almost everyone who read the Bible. That's what I don't understand. And just FYI I looked up the story of Jezebel in 2 Kings. She didn't just murder someone like a typical murderer would. She killed many people, perhaps more than God felt like numbering. However, Jezebel was guilty of something much worse than murder, in God's eyes. In 2 Kings ch 9 verse 28 we read: " How can there be peace,” Jehu replied, “as long as all the idolatry and witchcraft of your mother Jezebel abound?”. So ah ha, maybe God had her killed because of her idolatry & witchcraft. They were worshiping Baal. If you remember, I had said Baal is, in actuality, Satan who is God's arch enemy. When the people paid homage to Baal they are really worshiping the devil. Satan. That's the sin God won't tolerate nor forgive. But I've already explained most of this. If you just plain ole don't agree that is fine. It's not that you disagree, it's the way you disagree. I feel like murder has a significance to you. As if it was personal, but I don't know in what way. You are a brother Pinacled, therefore my offer to help is still on the table. God Bless
  6. I've used this verse a few times in my saved life. I've used it with another believer, especially when we both knew full well what God wanted from us. My saved friend just didn't want to do what we had to do. So I said to her, don't be fooled God is not mocked. She understood the point. In this sense God had told 2 of His believers what He wanted. We had little doubt. I felt to disobey Him in these cases was the same as mocking Him.
  7. I hate the new age & with good reasons. But the way you worded your post brother almost scares me. (I'm gonna give away how old I am). You said it's taking over as if it's fairly new. It is not. To tell you the truth, until a yr ago I thought the threat of the new age had passed, like a fad might. Then I saw many new You Tube videos about it done by people that were too young to know what it is, when it destroyed my family. I'm talking about when the web was just an idea in a technician's mind. Since the net didn't exist yet I went to libraries for information on this horror. (some people still haven't heard of it, such as a 32 yr old woman i see occasionally. I almost don't believe her) Back when it happened, the best books I read were 3 stories of young folks who believed in God but probably weren't saved. My point is a belief in God, even our God, was not a protection. These 3 people were lucky because they got out of it. My family members never did and now only 1 is left alive. Here is what I want you all to know. One or two of the true stories I read in those books had nervous breakdowns, even after they had given up the new ago beliefs. In fact, it seemed like the folk who had a belief in God before the new age were more likely to lose their mind than a total non-believer is. I think this is correct cause 1 of my relatives who grew up believing in God lost his mind. This man was like my brother, we had all the same childhood experiences. Up until I started reading The Word but he started Eastern style meditation. I had hoped he'd accept the Lord someday. I only hope (& pray) that he did on his death bed. He used to love God and Jesus, before those devils got to him. So everyone Beware of this New Age thing! And if you are not able to recognize the new age when you hear their lies, ask someone who does. I can't overemphasize how dangerous it is.
  8. Pinacled, I don't know what you mean by taking the mark of a murderer. I assume you mean a person has committed 1 or more murders. It doesn't matter. I think you still don't understand what repentance means. If a person repents at least 2 things happen. The first is he's truly sorry for killing another person. The 2nd is he swears to not murder again. If these things are done in all sincerity God will forgive the sin. However, other people may not forgive him and if he's a conscientious person he may not be able to forgive himself. I can understand why such a person might think that God can't forgive him neither. But God can forgive him. God is greater than any human. If God was like a man no one would be forgiven and not just of murder but not of any sin. Part of me wants to ask why you can't believe this, but another part feels I should not. If you want to send me a PM go right ahead.
  9. I'm another of the older folks here so I sure do remember the tracts. Back in the late 70's I was working in NY city and those tracts were all over. At the time I was an intellectual atheist so those tracts usually annoyed me. What I didn't know was that God was after me. My path to Christ was unusual, long, and different from most people. Eventually I started to read the Bible but in my mind I was doing it to prove to myself God isn't real. (Of course the opposite happened) I now know the Holy Spirit was talking to me through the Bible. But if it wasn't for all those tracts I may not have been able to listen to the Holy Spirit, those tracts had softened my heart.
  10. The big problem in Christianity today, and for at least the last 40 yrs is the people don't obey the Bible. I always knew we have to obey God cause I came out of Catholicism. I don't mean we should obey traditions like they do, but they're very aware they should not sin. I loved my 1st church 40 yrs ago, but I saw a big problem. The members would sin often and if I said something the man answered by saying, I'm covered by the blood. Praise God I have nothing to worry about. I won't tell you what happened to his life. All I'll say is the hurt & pain he caused his family was terrible. This guy was 33 at the time and he was taught a false doctrine. Because of this he didn't even try to not sin. The NT is full of admonitions to not sin. It's true that when the OT says to fear the Lord a better translation is to have awe of the Lord. I worked with a young man once who was falling away because being afraid of God did not seem right to him. I managed to help him out. God would much rather have us obey Him because we love Him instead of fearing Him. But I learned a hard lesson 15 yrs ago. If you can't obey the Lord out of love then it's better to obey Him out of fear. If one of us stops obeying the Lord really bad things may happen. God can & will turn His face from us under certain circumstances. For one of us, to be without God is the worst thing that can happen. I'm sure there are many problems in the churches today. It was inevitable considering what's happened in the USA since the 50's. Many of you young adults grew up never even hearing of God. At least I didn't have that. So we have problems, we can fix them and as long as God sees we're sincere He will make us succeed. The OT is very important and one of the main lessons in the OT is that when the people repented God always helped them. America needs major repentance (probably the whole world too, but I'm American so I'm only familiar with this country). I'm not taking sides here cause there shouldn't be a disagreement. Some folks need to focus on God's love, but then they better obey Him. And those of you who like to disagree and argue, be very careful anger doesn't become what defines you. I'm done for now. Praise, Glory, and Honor be to our Lord, now & forever.
  11. God hates all sin, we all know that. But ever since I read the first 5 books of the Bible I was uneasy with the way God opened the ground and made it swallow up the ancient Jews who had made & worshiped the calf of gold. It took close to 40 yrs but God finally told me why. God has done that several times, I don't remember exactly why, I'd have to check. I love God & His Bible but those ancient Jews puzzle me. Have you ever thought about what it was like to be 1 of the Jews who left Egypt in the exodus, what I mean is imagine seeing the cloud that lead them by day and the fire they followed at night. Then imagine you have reached a sea, with violent blood hungry soldiers charging you on chariots. Death was imminent when suddenly the sea opens up in front of you. That was miraculous enough but as you cross you realize the soft sand, or muck that's usually at the bottom of the sea, has become solid ground. Finally, after you all have crossed the sea closes up and drowns the blood hungry Egyptians. I would not have wanted to live back then but I would have loved to see such a thing. It baffles me how the people who saw this could then doubt God and worship that idol. (I can only think they were so stupid they could have won a stupid medal) Even so, God didn't destroy them for being stupid. So then why. After a yr or more of meditating on this issue an answer came. Yes God hates all sin but 1 sin is the most grievous to Him. The OT is full of God warning the people to not make Asherah poles or burn sacrifices to any god but the sovereign Lord. There's a good reason for this. Maybe some of those false gods were just stone or wood but not all of them. Some were representatives of devils, that is the fallen angels. These are the same angels that attacked God and made war in heaven. Bal seemed to be the top one of these gods and IMO Bal is in actuality Satan. So when the people worshiped Bal they were worshiping Satan who is also God's arch enemy. Abortion is wrong. When I was a teen abortion was illegal but it was done by crooked docs in back rooms. Many a woman got sick or died cause it wasn't always done right. Back then, fear of getting pregnant made most single females say no to amorous men. We men didn't like this but looking back it was a good thing. Our society is in trouble and casual sex is one of the reasons. I wasn't saved yet when abortion became legal so I thought it was good. I never really thought about how an abortion is done. One night I saw an abortion simulation on TV. I became against it that very night. We must needs to take stands against abortion. It took many years to legal is so it may also take long to stop it. We should picket, sign petitions, write to our leaders, we can even give lectures on it. But we ought not to call abortion sacrificing babies to a god. I understand the similarities, believe me, I do. But saying this to the general population can do more harm than good. Think about what we want to accomplish and how is the best way to do that. Saying abortion is the same as child worship is not it. That's all.
  12. Congratulations, not me, you said a lot of words but didn't answer my inquiry at all. Both Jesus in the gospels and then all the apostles in their epistles told the people that what they do is just as important as anything they say or think. How would a person dead in Christ behave compared to one who's just saying he is? That was the question. A similar question would be, how does the behavior of a saved individual differ from the unsaved? You seem to think being saved is the same as being dead in Christ. Perhaps it is. I'll tell you this, and I know it's true. If anyone is truly saved it must show in their actions. Two examples show in the Word are if you see a man hungry or cold and you have extra food or a cloak but all you do is wish him well without helping him you are not obeying God. Today we might say you aren't saved.
  13. David certainly committed adultery with Bathsheba but the devious thing he did was to have Bathsheba's husband sent to the front lines of the war where he was sure to die. Most folks consider this premeditated murder. Even so God still forgave him which is evident by the rest of his life. However, bear in mind the child born from the adultery was made to die as a baby. Consequences. **************************************** The story of David and his sin is in 2 Samuel ch 11.
  14. It sounds a bit odd to say Jesus is under His own blood, but ok, I think I know what you mean. Here we have a problem. I'm glad you realize there will be consequences for our sins, most won't even believe that much. The main scripture for this is in 1 Cor. ch 3. I don't think even Paul knew what the price is or what paying it meant. Even Jesus warned us in various ways, one time was when He said "man will have to account for every idle word he spoke. Yikes! In spite of all this, here in the USA there are many people who think a saved person can sin to their heart's content and be blameless before the Lord. I always knew that was wrong, but older Christians than me had me confused for 20 yrs. Now I'm 1 of the older ones and with 40 yrs of Bible reading under my belt I confidently say we will not be held blameless for sins we could have not done. Some sins do seem unavoidable, at least at the time, but eventually they may become easily avoidable. Once they do the Lord expects us to avoid them. If someone does not do this to a very large extent then it is possible to lose your salvation and end up in hell. We must never be complacent. The importance of repentance is it's necessary for salvation. Don't misunderstand me, usually one accepts Jesus and then he repents. Occasionally, someone who started repenting comes and then accepts the Lord. Either way, to be truly forgiven of sins God wants to see some repentance. It proves you are sorry and that you are trying to quit sinning. Giving up sins can take decades but we must work on it daily. I probably would have quit many sooner but when I was saved even good conscientious Christians believed and taught sins do not matter in a believer's life, upon death all is forgiven. Brothers & sisters, this is false. I know many folks don't want to hear it but I must keep saying it. We know we will stand before God after death. For believers we call this the Bema judgement. God will review all we said & did while on earth. What will happen if a person's only excuse for a sin is "I was ignorant of that sin" or "I was taught it's okay for me to sin". Will God hold a person blameless based on ignorance. I honestly don't know, but I'm not gambling on He will. I know the USA courts do not accept ignorance as an excuse. So I recommend we all do our best to avoid as many sins as possible.
  15. Amen to this. James also challenged us to tame our tongues in ch 3. Actually, James said no man can tame his tongue but I think James said that to shame the people, he didn't mean it literally. It certainly isn't easy. I put it off for close to 40 yrs but since last yr I've been working on controlling every word I say. I've always known this had to be done. James teaching on what we say, along with others who taught on it always did stab at me. Time has come today, or actually, last year.
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