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Scott Free

The three unclean frogs of Rev. 16:13 explained

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 I am trusting you are an established Christian and do not have a need to be reminded of the importance of absolute faith in Jesus Christ. The following information does not reflect my opinions, this is for the benefit of those seeking a better understanding of Revelation and Daniel. The existence of these situations proves the prophesies of Jesus Christ. I pause now to give all glory to Jesus Christ and thank Him for giving us Revelation that we should stand with confidence and decisiveness in the face of the greatest persecution that will ever be known to the Universal Church of Jesus Christ. Let me affirm my absolute devotion to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the only unique Son of the God, the one who choose Jerusalem and the one who removes sin from the world. Having said that, let me explain the pyramid on the Dollar from the point of view of the secretive Power Elite.

Warning: This material may not be suitable to sensitive readers. This is a presentation of false doctrine and is necessary to proof the case.


 The pyramid with the all seeing eye is a symbol describing the Antichrist's government. The all seeing eye does not represent God as we know Him, it stands for absolute power of the Eldest as "enlightened" ruler. The eye itself represents the Counterfeit Messiah or the Lucid Mind of Enlightenment that can easily see the absolute laws of the Universe. The three points of the floating triangle it is shining through are the Three Guardians or Elder Body and they represent the Antichrist absolute administrative power over the whole system. They are not elected and stand apart from the main body of humanity with the unbreakable power to change any election or law they wish in the region they each control. Going against the Elder Body will be considered a sin against God. The Head (the Eldest and the Elder Body) have the "Lucid Mind" to see what things are created to be and be used for. They bring "God" to man. They will not approve of anything that is not promoting the Goal of Lucifer. The Pope will probably be chosen to be the top angle of the triangle of the Three Guardians and second in command. The base of the pyramid that is rooted in the earth is related to what concerns the day to day living of man or the things that do not concern the Setup of the Universe. The Communities, the Cities, the Regions and the whole earth will be forced to establish an environment that helps the Goal of Life(the Eldest) and the Universe(the Three Guardians).

"Then I saw three impure spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet." - Rev. 16:13.  

Remember, the First Beast is assassinated, then the Second beast assumes leadership. The Second Beast comes from the Three Guardians. So, it is reasonable to imply that his former position within the body will be replaced. 


Reference: www. maitreya. org/FILES/THOTH/Supplements.htm/Absolute Laws and Relative Laws

                   www. maitreya. org/FILES/Plan/THEMAP



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