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  1. There are two separate events. The 3 1/2 years is catastrophic climate change caused by man. The 40 days or trumpets is the impact of the meteor Wormwood causing a mass extinction event (these are the days that must be shortened). Daniel 12:11-12
  2. There is no indication anyone in her past has been associated with any kind of cult. It seems Mr. Aquino did not create something new. The mind will do this on its own. It is just when the wrong people are there to exploit it does it fall into that camp.
  3. I know her stories are fabricated because I would do the research and knocked on doors to find the truth. She is a very rare bird and I love her, giving her the same forgiveness that I want from Jesus. I just think this story sheds some light on what is happening in the minds of the poor people held hostage by these cults.
  4. Thank you for your prayers. I have seen prayer accomplish miraculous things concerning her. Sorry I do not go into the details of the miracles or focus on prayer and the state of her soul more. Prayer has shaped many aspects of this situation and more is needed. Getting accurate details of what happened has not been possible. She is a habitual lair, and most of her memories are fabricated. I do know child abuse and PCP are involved.
  5. Thank you, I will take what you said to heart. One will self harm thinking another personality was taking the punishment. Many personalities died by his hands. In these situations you learn what being in constant prayer is all about. I love how God is using this to make me a stronger person. I was given a dream of her 10 years in advance of meeting her. I immediately knew who she was and dove strait down to the bottom of the furnace to purify the my gold with fire. I love what has happened to me.
  6. They are not controlling the mind. They are creating fresh dissociated identities and brain washing them to want to perform a certain way. Each identity is predictably predisposed to act in a certain way. I always had to watch what words and phrases I used around my wife. I would force an engagement with a personality and be very disheartened with the outcome. I apologize for the vague statement earlier. Rereading it I can see I did not write it well.
  7. You are right, my apologies. Everyone can be affected differently. One thing I found, the types of personalities that manifest have a constant pattern. The psychopath is one of them. Hollywood relied heavily on this knowledge writing scrips on the subject, Identity did a good job of exploring this. Many people die young with DID. One fear is that she would kill herself thinking she was attacking another person. I would go to bed praying to God I would wake up alive. I thank God everyday for using the situation to make me a stronger person in Him.
  8. My wife has DID. This it is no longer a distinct classification but is now identified as PTSD. You should not engage this disorder with the desire to help if it is only a matter of curiosity to you. Do lots of research and learn how to cope with and manage sociopath behavior. The loving person you see may only be there for you, behind your back your worse nightmare could be unfolding to swallow your life as you know it. "And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes:" Daniel 9:3
  9. 2 and if the sign or wonder spoken of takes place, and the prophet says, “Let us follow other gods”(gods you have not known) “and let us worship them,” 3 you must not listen to the words of that prophet or dreamer. The Lord your God is testing you to find out whether you love him with all your heart and with all your soul. Deuteronomy 13:2-3 Here is the 411 on the identity of the high altitude light formations that are occurring. They are not alien craft but constellations of Allied Aerospace 29N iSTAR. This is important to Christianity because this is being using to replace our concept of God. I had the pleasure of witnessing one of these go through a one hour routine of maneuvers one early Monday morning around 3 AM. I was camping out and pier fishing in the Galveston Bay when I saw an amazing acrobatic display of a single craft hovering about 8000 feet. It imitated a helicopter, high altitude plane and low altitude plane depending on nearby passing aircraft. It imitated a balloon, falling leaf, wrote something out in cursive. and did a fall with the angled geometry of steps. These can fly in strict tight formations and give the illusion of a large craft using their lights as an illusion. I had good binoculars and steadying it on the roof of my car I was able to make out its features. They are the bright star you see in the sky. Look closer and you will see slight altitude adjustments. I spent around 30 hours doing research on all the varying UAV platforms, This is the only vehicle that matches what I saw on that and subsequent nights.
  10. As a mature Christian strong in faith I often do opposition research. It is beneficial to relate to others in terms they understand. I gain their respect and trust by understanding their beliefs. The Gospel of Jesus Christ seems to have better impact on others when we are invited to their house as a friend, instead of carelessly tossing statements over the fence like a disgruntled neighbor.
  11. Yet, an Associates Degree in Psychology is mandatory to become a competent minister. There are proven genetic abnormalities linked to many disabilities. A Christian should have at least a common sense for most situations. Example: someone talking of suicide requires immediate professional services, even if it means calling the police. Then, afterward you pray for their full recovery. Wisdom needs to be one of our defining characteristics.
  12. Accusing them of angel worshiping. The angels and all the host of heaven, including Micheal(Revelations 10), are in the image of the Word of God. We are not the only ones. The difference is the level of authority we have been granted. No one should be confused with the Logos Himself, even thou they are in His likeness.
  13. Explained in one word, selfishness. The "get rich quick scheme" they have going for themselves is in direct opposition the principles of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. We are to seek to give away our possessions not hoard them to us. We should have the desire to empty our purse to the needy, not collect our silver and live in decadence. The Kingdom of God has nothing to do with these wealthy pastors.
  14. The mind is more complex than the entire known universe. It is easier to understand astrophysics than our true psychology. A certain level of humility is in is called for in our approach to understanding ourselves. The division of the mind into multiple parts is Biblical and a good starting point to establish an arbitrary but working framework to help us understand how we are improving ourselves.
  15. It is best to keep personal experiences of that nature as a private source of confidence and comfort. The presence that we should be broadcasting for others to notice is the fragrance of forgiving kindness and profound humility. It is within or heart of hearts that we are to focus and fully realize the presence of God.
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