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  1. That was very well said choir loft. Thank you for the insight. I think the Babylonian influence on our modern world is more complicated than religious doctrine. Her secular impact on government and laws seems to be more relevant in bringing nations together in a global system of free trade and establishing international cooperation. Neo-Babylon body of influence continues today as the United Nations. Thanks to the U.S.' great wealth and military dominance over the territories of the old empires.
  2. I am introverted and I have found the best way for someone like me to be Christian is just to walker in kindness and consideration for others, seeking the needs of those around me first and putting my own selfish needs last. I become identified with Jesus Christ through the obvious way I think and act toward others. I let this happen naturally and do not seek to confront people with arguments or unwelcome advice. The works of the Holy Spirit speaks loud and clear and operates in a way that transcends our shortcomings.
  3. I see your point about the scale. I am reading from multiple sources that the mount was the site of a palace and the wailing wall is really part of a roman fortification. I am trying to figure this out. I understand the Mount is formed out of multiple hills later joined together and the temple was once separated from the royal residence.
  4. Doing simple exercises is one thing, the Bible says let go of your anxieties. But what they are meditating on is the Void and calling "her" the one who gives birth to the gods. This is the worship of death itself make no mistake about it. Their words sound innocent but if you dive into what is preached it is identical to joining an esoteric cult. Eventually, at more advanced levels you will be introduced to a spirit guide and climb the "ladder to heaven" and trivialize the Blood of Jesus Christ and the gift of His Holy Spirit.
  5. For details see: New Evidence for the Site of the Temple in Jerusalem
  6. The European Union already has the greatest army known to mankind, It is called the United States Department of Defense. The reason Europe is considering bolstering their alarmingly weak defenses is that the US is annoyed at carrying all the weight. With only 7% of global population, the E.U. alone has little hope a being a challenge to the combined the armies of Russia, China and India. The E.U.'s only hope of survival without the U.S. is to be annexed into the Asia power structure. Germany has already taken the first steps to unify with Russia at the chagrin of the U.S. President.
  7. Shanghai Cooperation Organization was created in part to counteract Europe's use the United States military for world domination. The S.C.O. represents 50% of global population and is the model for international peace. Formed from a economic and security pact between Russia, China, India and 5 other satellite countries. This is the "de facto" kingdom of the beast in my opinion. They are positioned to overrun and replace N.A.T.O. should the U.S. be suddenly destroyed and leave the European Union alone with their woefully underdeveloped national defense and minuscule would be army recruited from only 7% of global population.
  8. Even by today's standards. The Christians in the age to come will look upon us in our own brand of naivete and see similar shortcomings. Even the greatest minds in Christianity admit to seeing only part of the whole truth. Humility of mind is important to consider when judging the opinions of other Christians. There might be a slim obscure chance we could be personally interpreting something wrong, just maybe.
  9. I think the mentality of the Pharisee's saw everything as clear cut. The black and white of the scriptures was well figured out, yet they were far from the Spirit of God.
  10. I write this post with tongue in check. I suffer from all these flaws and the following is a self reflection upon my own pride. Every morning I need Gods forgiveness and His loving kindness to help me renew my mind. I hope sharing my lessons will inspire humility in your heart. 10 Easy Steps to Achieve the Righteousness of the Pharisee 1) After watching movies and shows that condone homosexuality or fornication make sure to obsess and condemn others for considering such behavior. 2) Urge moral duties upon non-believers without any reference to the need of drawing strength from Jesus Christ. 3) Make sure to be exclusive and marginalize people and groups who are not exactly like you. 4) Force people to rise up to your level, so they to can be accepted into the Kingdom of God. 5) Do not be transparent or vulnerable. 6) The proof of your Christianity should be provided by the displaying of Jewry. 7) Beat down others beliefs, you have no need to validate your own ideas. 😎 Always assert yourself on how essential you are for the survival of God's Kingdom. 9) Every issue is black and white. They are either for you or against you, it is just that simple. 10) Always read the Bible for the purpose of finding scripture that collaborates with your convictions. .
  11. Too little, too late. Biblical prophecy is on a global level at this stage. The unipolar authority that is based on Western Europe/America is unwelcome by the world and will fall completely with absolute finality. Giving rise to a truly international world order.
  12. Western Europe only has 1.25% of global population. How are they going to overpower the S.C.O. which has 50% of world population and who's armies are firmly set against N.A.T.O.?
  13. Source: Egypt says police kill 2 gunmen behind November attack on Christians
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