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This thread was originally started on May 20, 2002

Since the move to the new website has lost the first page to all threads, I am re-doing this one from the start. This will be a long process since I have been tracking the revival of the ancient Roman Empire for about a year now. I will now attempt to start it again from the beginning, by retrieving all of the links from the original thread, but some don't have links because I pasted them before I learned how to post up links to websites, sorry. Some of my commentaries will be lost forever however. Let the journey begin :


On April 8th, 2002, I shared my opinion as to what a particular verse in the Bible meant. To the best of my knowledge, No one has ever hit upon what this verse means. This verse provides a tiny thumbnail sketch that describes something the coming Anti-christ will do. Is it possible that some in the body of Christ will know who the AC is before his 42 month reign on this earth, that opens the beginning of the tribulation period?? That is one tough question, but I would like to share something that I believe the Lord revealed to me, that could very possibly identify who the AC is. After I said this, I forgot about it, because no one seemed to want to expand on it. Actually I would like to credit my friend Josiah for finding this. I have no idea how he could have remembered something I said over a month earlier, but he did, and it should be credited to him as a great catch. He also provided the links that shed the light on this subject. I will now attempt to cut and paste these things from another forum, to this one. I hope it works. Stand by please.

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An updated list of the links that I had originally provided: Just click on the links under there titles.

Solana : End to Rotating EU Presidency :


Giscard : More important role for Solana :


Who is Javier Solana and where did he come from :


Plans for new EU with new President and Prime Minister:


A battle over who will control the EU :


ROAD MAP : A seven year agreement?? :


MADRID QUARTET: First meeting between Solana and Powell :


U.S. could actually strengthen Solana's Ten Nation Military Alliance:


Is Solana setting a trap for America and Israel? :


It's better than a movie :


Solana : Europe to become a Superpower :


Who will lead the EU if an emergency crisis should arise : (read paragraph two)


Solana seeking funds from NATO members to fund his Rapid Reaction Force :


NATO and EU sign partnership agreement :


Another Road Sign? :


Is the real battle in the EU over Solana? :




Ten new eastern nations to officially join EU on May 1, 2004 :


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Did you notice that the scripture said, "He will think to change the times and laws"?? It didn't say that he would be the one to change them. This was all Solana's idea, and his thought. This to me makes him a very possible candidate to become the future AC dictator that will make Hitler seem like a choir boy. Could it be possible, that the EU will do away with the 6 month rotation, and Solana take hold of the reigns in future days, namely the tribulation?? Fear not folks, if this does happen, it will more than likely take place after the rapture. I can almost imagine this whole thing taking place. The world will be looking for the man who has all the answers in the time of trouble. Come Lord Jesus!!!!!!!

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Aznar wants more power to the European Council


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17.06.2002 - 09:02 CET

Seville summit to discuss Council reforms

BARCELONA COUNCIL - Stricter agendas and limited speaking time in European Councils are amongst the proposals put forward by the Spanish Presidency. (Photo: EU Commission)

EU foreign ministers are set to discuss on Monday a crucial report proposing reforms of the Council of ministers and of EU summits, which will be presented to the heads of state of the EU countries later in the week, at the Seville summit. The report, outlining long due reforms to the most opaque EU institution, sparked fear among the members of the Convention on EU future the EU states risk stealing the Convention

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April 1, 1999

From Foe to NATO Chief: Javier Solana Madariaga


Related Articles

The Overview: Weeks of Bombing Will Aim to Break Milosevic's Grip

Issue in Depth: Conflict in Kosovo


Join a Discussion on The Conflict in Kosovo



RUSSELS, Belgium -- Javier Solana Madariaga, the Secretary General of NATO, is running the biggest air operation the alliance has carried out in its 50 years of existence. This is the same man who opposed Spain's entry into the organization as a young Socialist opposition politician in the early 1980's.

"I've never planned my life," Solana, a 56-year-old former Foreign Minister, said with a laugh in his office this week as the allied bombing of Yugoslavia entered its second week.

"Life, and the wind of life, have taken me places I never thought I'd be," he mused, in fluent if sometimes heavily accented English. "Look at me: I'm a theoretical physicist!" he said, to prove the point.

He looks the part, dressing casually in NATO's button-down headquarters in black loafers, with rimless glasses, and sporting a sparse, salt-and-pepper beard and mustache (but no gray hair yet).

And indeed he has a Ph.D. in solid-state physics and, after graduate study at the University of Virginia in the 1960's, became a professor of physics at the Complutense University in Madrid in 1974.

But politics has always been his true vocation; he likes to describe himself as a social democrat rather than a socialist.

Born in Madrid on July 14, 1942, under the fascist dictatorship of Generalissimo Francisco Franco, Solana quickly became a troublemaker.

He joined Spain's underground Socialist Party in 1964, a year after being expelled from the university where he later returned to teach, because he had been active in youth organizations opposed to Franco.

"I am a European, and I come from a country that has suffered very much in its history this century from a civil war," Solana said, with images of columns of Albanian civilians fleeing repression in Kosovo on the television screen in his office on the first floor of NATO headquarters, just outside Brussels.

"We have to say very clearly that we cannot live together with people in Europe who behave in this manner at the end of the 20th century," he said, referring to President Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia.

"The great frustration I've had in dealing with the Balkans is a good number of leaders are people with their heads turned to the past, not to the future."

His own head firmly turned to the future, he met Felipe Gonz

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26.06.2002 - 09:36 CET

Muted EU response to US proposal to replace Arafat

JAVIER SOLANA - Secretary General of the Council expressed the EU leaders' readiness to help the Palestinians organise free and fair elections. (Photo: Spanish EU Presidency)

The Secretary General of the Council Javier Solana welcomed the US statement on the Middle East, particularly on the perspectives of two States living side by side in peace and security. However, whilst President Bush made a clear call on Monday for the removal of the Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, as the price of support for a future Palestinian state, Javier Solana fell short of making this statement, saying only that the Palestinians should have fair elections in order to be able to choose their leaders. The EU, so far, has always recognised Yasser Arafat as the elected leader of the Palestinian people.

In his statements, the Secretary General of the Council, Javier Solana, expressed the EU leaders' readiness to help the Palestinians organise free and fair elections, giving them an opportunity to choose their leaders. "We should deploy all political efforts to secure the right conditions for holding democratic elections. Israeli co-operation will be of essence to achieve this end," Mr Solana said.

UK refused to back US call for Arafat's removal

Mr Solana's position is shared by the external relations commissioner, Chris Patten, who agreed on the same fundamental objectives; that of having an end to terrorism and occupation and having an early international conference, as agreed by the Quartet. Also, the UK has refused to back US President George Bush's demand for the removal of Yasser Arafat as the price for a future Palestinian state. UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw both said it was up to the Palestinian people to choose their own leader.

This item is set to be the matter of discussion in private talks on Wednesday, during the G8 summit in Canada, which could mark the first rift between UK and US since 11 September, BBC said.

Bush: Peace requires a new and different Palestinian leadership

Javier Solana, who is in regular contact with the US over the Middle East issue, conducted a telephone conversation with US State secretary Colin Powell before US president George Bush held his speech on Monday.

Mr Bush said "Peace requires a new and different Palestinian leadership, so that a Palestinian state can be born. And when the Palestinian people have new leaders, new institutions and new security arrangements with their neighbors, the United States of America will support the creation of a Palestinian state whose borders and certain aspects of its sovereignty will be provisional until resolved as part of a final settlement in the Middle East."

Press Articles Le Monde BBC Berlingske Tidende Spiegel Telegraph

Speech President Bush Calls for New Palestinian Leadership

Statement Javier Solana welcomes the renewed engagement of the US to overcome the Middle East Crisis

Written by Sharon Spiteri

Edited by Lisbeth Kirk, Honor Mahony

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16.07.2002 - 09:11 CET

Prodi: Commission's head should be EU president

ROMANO PRODI - president of the European Commission argues that dispersal of effort must be avoided, and therefore the EU should not have too many presidents. "On grounds of democracy and efficiency, the best solution could be for the EU and Commission presidents to be one and the same," he said. (Photo: EU Commission)

The president of the European Commission Romano Prodi pleads for the Commission

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Israel Today - October 7, 2002 - 1 Heshvan, 5763

Israeli tanks and armored vehicles, backed by helicopters, raided the densely populated town of Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip overnight. Twelve Palestinians were killed, 10 of them when an Israeli helicopter fired a missile into a crowd. More than 100 people were wounded, 25 seriously. The army says a group of gunmen opened fire at troops as they withdrew, and the helicopter targeted them.

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