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  1. ... and if you change a few of the letters it spells frog.
  2. Salted English muffins, where salt is an anagram of LAST!
  3. but... ... your name is cake. That means you DO talk to your food.
  4. I don't know. Delusions can be quite helpful enduring certain company. Sometimes one has to go into the yard, go real stiff, and pretend to be a flowering pear tree.
  5. LAST must be ables to catch food with their tongue.
  6. You got the munchies. It happens to those smushing in on my LAST!
  7. But you keep posting a toadsprool. Are you on mushrooms? I'm on LAST!
  8. Barnabus is Paul's friend. He too was an encourager.
  9. Barnabus, he saiz Lady Pear & I tied for LAST!
  10. I would win a frawg hop-off every time. And the last person to win a frawg hop-off is of course LAST!
  11. That certainly looks like a long-lasting enoob, but can it hop?
  12. I'm knot a Miss, I'm a dude frawg... ... and LAST!
  13. I think one has to miss three times. I'm pretty sure.
  14. One small tug for a man, one giant leap for the LAST! frawg.
  15. sounds like someone got bitten by LAST!
  16. I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes.
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