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  1. Possibly. But the location is the outer edge of NW DC, the wealthier part of town. The "murder capitol" aspect is SE DC.
  2. "Center-right policy institute American Action Forum (AAF) released a report on Wednesday detailing how 300,000 small business jobs have been lost due to higher healthcare costs under ObamaCare." And then there's the cost and small businesses lost and paperwork hours.
  3. But considering how close this is to D.C., it's a bit unnerving.
  4. This happened a couple of weeks ago, but I just heard about it.
  5. Thoughts? ~~ "There is a serious problem within protestant evangelical Christianity. We love right preaching and teaching more than we love right living. We love power and authority more than sacrifice and submission. We love honor over humility...." <Snip> "Leaders of the church are to be representatives of Jesus, individuals set apart to be under-shepherds. They are to care for the flock. And what do we need? We need teaching, encouragement, comfort, and rebuke in their proper times and measures. But most of all we need our leaders to be images/examples of our true Shepherd. "Quite simply, the good shepherd is one who lays down his life for the sheep (John 10:11) and who feeds, carries, and gently leads (Isa 40:11). Of course this is a picture of a powerful leader. Only one with power who knows right and wrong can choose to sacrifice rights and become smaller for the purpose of care of the most vulnerable. "But we have a pattern of enabling self-promoting leaders of the flock. These want to be listened to, respected and followed for their own sake. Sure, they may speak of the Gospel of grace, but how do live it? ..."
  6. I read a report that the passage from the Koran that was spoken was the one that denied God having a son. In other words, the Muslim(s) read the one passage that directly defames Christianity. That this means nothing to the bishop is very, very telling.
  7. If you go to YouTube and search: "Read Scripture Series: Job" posted by The Bible Project, you will find what I thought was a very well explained presentation on Job. What stood out to me from their conclusion was that the main focus of the book was a teaching on God's justice. While the wisdom of the ages tried to make sense out of Job's suffering, the only answer God gave was, "Who are you to judge My ways?" Do we go through testing? Do we go through harsh trials? I believe the Epistles have a fair deal to say about the fact that we do - and how we should regard them. [Goodness, look at what the Apostles went through!] Look, I hate suffering and trials as much as anyone, but I can see how the suffering from my past has worked out for my good. I can see how they've improved my character. And I really hope that what I'm going through now has a similar type of result!
  8. My thought - if you explain sin as actions that hurt God, others, or yourself (I know, sin is a nature rather than an action per se, but for the sake of getting the message across...), you could then compare God's action with shoeing love to someone who bullied you, or something like that. ???
  9. This next week could be "interesting times."
  10. For me it was in a cave and the guide turned out all of the lights. I agree. It is creepy. By the way, did you ever know that a match actually does give off a lot of light? I discovered that in one of my dark cave experiences!
  11. How many Episcopalians does it take to change a lightbulb? None. They don't know the light went out.
  12. I'm not familiar with Vine's. In any event, the explanation/meaning I presented had struck a cord with me because it made the word much stronger to me, that it wasn't just a state of being or feeling, but a power - a power that is needed in this broken and chaotic world.
  13. That makes sense in this context. Thank-you for your words.
  14. "...The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work." 1 John 3:8
  15. Someone shared this video on FB - But it comes from here: