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  1. OK, I haven't heard that one before. What were the objectives?
  2. What I thought was most interesting about this article was that if there are accepted historical records that speak of Biblical people and events from a different perspective, shouldn't that be considered confirmation or at least accepted as evidence that the people existed and the events happened?
  3. Walking by the TV monitor at school that plays CNN all day, I saw the headline of the discussion mocking Obamacare as "unaffordable". I had to chuckle - when CNN starts mocking Obama, you know it's bad!
  4. I was thinking it sounds like Israel's been backed into a corner.
  5. Tick-Tock (?)
  6. And for the past 8 years, we've had a federal government that has been weakening our military and making them ineffective.
  7. Military strength begins with the Commander Inn Chief. Again, why did we lose Viet Nam?
  8. If you want to believe that me and others are mindless media sheep - then it's not worth my time to converse with you anymore. If I told you the true reason my heart was open to be open-minded towards Trump and evaluate things differently, I dread what further accusations against me you would come up with.
  9. Stating opinions as opinions is one thing. You stated yours as fact. That's the difference.
  10. A lot has changed in 8 years.
  11. Prove it. Prove it that you know his heart oh so perfectly well. Provide the evidence for you judgement, Judge.
  12. Jeb Bush lost because the Conservative populace did not want him. PERIOD!
  13. Have you read the article in this thread:
  14. The air time during the primary was all negative, though. The unfettered free air time wasn't to promote him; it was to paint him as evil incarnate and his supporters as bigotted, hateful, xenophobic, etc. To believe that people chose Trump over the others merely because of air-time is insulting.