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  1. "Israel had won the diplomatic war. "It was a strange victory, however. Netanyahu was never able to let the public know what was happening. "Had he informed the public, the knowledge that the US was backing Hamas would have caused mass demoralization and panic. So Netanyahu had to fight the diplomatic fight of his life secretly."
  2. Not everyone views the Lord's Prayer as a mere model. Why should a person refuse to pray just because of the event/location? Fine you want to keep faith silent at something political, even though it is "partisan," then that is your prerogative. Bye.
  3. I can only hope that the Left will get that Islam is not Jew-friendly.
  4. We obviously have a different set of values. To me, that would be hiding your light under a bushel.
  5. New media hype - making an issue out of a non-issue to hurt the president.
  6. All I can say is that if for some bizzaro reason I was on stage at a political rally of any kind, and I led a prayer or spoke of my faith in any way, I would feel both grieved and angry at anyone who accused me of doing so for political gain or the like. Unless evidence can show that Melania's prayer was for ignoble reasons rather than from her heart out of love for God, I will regard the moment as I did when I first watched it, that an introverted woman stepped out of her shell and though nervous as she was prayed a prayer that would expressed her faith in God and brought unity to the participants there.
  7. Are you saying that all this time you haven't been talking about Melania's praying the Lord's prayer?
  8. Did you read what was written? Snopes called it "true" but as you read the documentation and quotes, you realize there was some media hype going on. Snopes did not write it as such, but the reader readily sees that it was so.
  9. Yes we are. But as we judge others, so shall we be judged. Would you speak your words of judgment against Melania to her face? Would you tell her to her face that you think she is a phony playing politics? Not everyone expresses their faith in the same way. And really, this was a big step for Melania. Not that I've been a follower of her, but since Donald had run for president, there was no indications from Melania as to where she stood on the matter of faith. Even with all the buzz about where Donald may or may not have been on the issue, there was not buzz on her status. When she opened the rally with, "Let us pray," and then recited a prayer that people could - and did! - pray along with, I felt a sweetness of glee and hope. I'm sorry you felt bitter about it.
  10. True, the ship was there. False - reports that made it sound as if this were anything new, or any indication that it left international waters.
  11. So leave your faith at the door at such?
  12. That is still making an assumption against Melania.
  13. So why is it OK for you to make assumptions of a woman who's not been involved in politics before?
  14. What I've read about Melania - she's an introvert. She hasn't exactly been putting herself "out there." Seriously, other than the Convention, when else has she spoken in front of a crowd? If anything, she was probably very nervous taking such a bold step. Based on how she was sounding, I'm pretty sure she had a ton of butterflies fluttering in her stomach at the time. But people like you have to assign the worst motive for her based on... As if Melania has spent her life in politics like all those others!
  15. It sounds to me like you are saying that if a politician says a prayer it is for no other reason than for political gain; therefore, politicians should never pray in public or at least at a political event. Is this what you are saying? Politicians are forbidden to pray before the public? But it's not OK for the First Lady to open a presidential rally with prayer? What if Melania truly wanted to recognize God? My problem is that you are judging the motives of her heart without evidence. You are assuming the worst of her based on what previous words or actions from her?