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  1. I changed the title to reflect the actual message.
  2. OK, I appreciate your sentiment, but how does that related to what the article actually talked about?
  3. A long time ago, Bebe and Cece Winans recorded the song "Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong" - only their version of it was "Lord, Lift Us Up Where We Belong" - and it was a hit among Christians.
  4. The real title is actually How to Raise a Pagan Kid in a Christian Home - but you get the idea. Read what the author has to say about it here:
  5. It would be nice if there was a governmental system in "Bible times" that is like ours, where it is the citizens' civic duty to have a say in electing governing officials and such, because I would love to hear what the recognized men and women of God would have to say about supporting or not supporting candidates while donning their civic duties. Seriously! We are limited by who runs, and we have to pick not only who we believe to be the best person, but also the best to win against the opponent whom we believe to be not the best person. And then you either "stand by your man" or opposed things you don't like and risk giving fuel to "the enemy." So in this past election, we had the party that wants to move the U.S. towards Globalism, something people like me believe is in opposition to God - reference the Tower of Babel and the Beast of Revelation - and the party that is two-faced - speaking conservative values but encouraging the move towards Globalism - and then we had a man who seemed to be a threat to both corrupt parties. Several of us took the risk with the man who seemed a threat to the elite establishment. With that said: While both have traits that can be considered positive an negative, the bottom line is where is each platform taking this nation? Right now, the Democratic party is going towards State control-Globalism, promoting the satisfaction of the lust of the flesh (abortion, same-sex "marriage," etc.), demonizing free-speech and values that are not theirs, and the so forth. While they express concern for caring for the poor, hating greed, wanting to preserve the environment, the problem is caring for the poor through the state is not the Biblical mandate for caring for the poor, the Democratic leadership aren't exactly greed-free themselves (look at their wealth and power and what they do with it), and caring for the environment is a cover (by those in power) for increasing state-control. The Republican party on the other hand ... is secretly aiding in the fall of America and globalization of the world. But Conservatives keep holding on to hope that someone in the party is true to the Conservative values' word the bring more freedom to that market place, legislate laws that strengthen families rather than encouraging single-parenthood (welfare has been doing that from the beginning), make small business ownership economically feasible again, value the life of the unborn, and the like. But they fail us. I am baffled by those who believe it is obeying to God to throw their lot with Obama or Clinton. How is that? Well, when your choices are limited, you either go one way or the other - or you abstain. Do you believe Christians should stay out of politics because all are corrupt? Or do you believe the Democratic Party is somehow the godly party and worthy of our support? Why did Christians support Hillary even thought she was caught lying many times and did things that any other person would have been jailed for long ago? But as for Trump, again, when it comes to politics, you either support or fight against or abstain from politics. While there are some that are good at being behind someone while yet calling them out on things they do wrong, others fear doing so will just give ammunition to the opposing side, which we are even more against. So how should a Christian speak against Trump's sin in a way that won't give the nation over to the Globalists? The persecution - the taking away of 1st Amendment rights - of Christians has been occurring long before Trump ever made an announcement that he'd be running for president; in fact, it was happening even before Obama became a household name. Putting this blame on Trump-support is a deceptive lie. Now if you wanted to blame Christians for being religious jerks rather than walking in humility, speaking the truth in love, and all of that, you would have a case. But to make it all about politics? No.
  6. <snip> "While dissenting opinions are important because they often open our eyes to viewpoints that we maybe never considered, the spirit in which they are given is just as important. Comments that are arrogantly dismissive, snarky, nasty or just plain rude reveal far more about the person writing them than they help whatever cause that person is trying to champion. Often these comment threads turn into backyard theology brawls and completely ignore Paul's reminder not to judge or despise our brother, and that we are ultimately only responsible and answerable to God for ourselves (Rom 14:10-12). But I'm not as interested in dealing with the symptom (people being horrible on social media) as I am with the root, which is ultimately many Christians' feeling that policing other people is not only their right, but their God-given duty. When Paul tells the Corinthians that it is not our place to judge those outside the church, but rather those within (1 Cor. 5:12), I'm not sure he had Facebook or YouTube in mind. When these words were written, there was a natural understanding that any "judgment" of fellow believers was going to happen in the context of relationship. What has happened today is instead a kind of free-for-all of opinions shouted at the top of our lungs that is completely outside of relationship."
  7. I am betting there were Chirstians in the Church of Ephesus with all their accolades who had a hard time accepting there was anything wrong with them as well.
  8. Understood. Thank-you for the explanation.
  9. Happens to us all! But sometimes, it comes out funny.
  10. There's got to be a good comeback joke to that somewhere....
  11. Do you mean Enoch ch. 1, or what? But what does Enoch say that you are pointing to?
  12. The situation is baffling to me. Has anyone here been keeping eye on the details of things over time to get what's going on?
  13. Actually, nickn was pointing to something. Earlier he encouraged another poster to Google: Problem, Reaction, Solution. I just did. And it disturbingly makes a whole lot of sense.
  14. Along with the principles we need to look at the applications. Jesus said, "Love your enemies," and all that, but look at how He regarded and the religious leaders, King Herod, and the others who rejected Him. The ones who rejected Him, He didn't even bother giving the time of day for. King Herod, He completely dissed. The religious leaders, He vehemently opposed.