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  1. That was a 30 years girl. After about 3 days of acquintance I found another girl of 27 years and better profession at the same dating site in the same city (and the same denomination, I am confused by the fact that they may go to the same church). I decided to marry the second girl, because she is younger and has better profession (teacher). And she seems to love me from our first meeting. I decided to stop my searching for any other girls. This is a decided issue, so I don't need an advice anymore.
  2. My new 30 years old girl wants 3 children. I confess that I don't like or don't much like little children. Elder children are OK if they are clever. I also feel that I may spend too much time raising children and I want to do something other, maybe more important. What in particular would you advise for us? Also, is it any issue that I am white and she is black? I don't think this would create any problems (unless the Israel authorities disallow her to live here we decide to move to Russia and this would make some Russian people to dislike her for her color, not sure how much rasism in Russia, but afraid of it being a serious problem), but I ask to be sure that I don't forget to ask any important questions. What about mixed race children? Any issues with them? Is it true that mixed race children are healthier?
  3. I am 38. What is the best age of a girl to marry to?
  4. @Dennis1209 For my surprise, I found no meaning whatsoever in Genesis 4:18 - https://withoutvowels.org/wiki/Blog:Main/My_failure_to_understand_Bible Hasn't God provided any meanings? :-~ or just I am to blind to see it?! Why don't I discover any meaning?
  5. Some Bible passages are of the form "X gave birth to Y, Y gave birth to Z, etc." It looks like very uninteresting and boring for the readers. My question: Can you suggest me to read any interpretations of such passages? Preferably on the Net, but a paper book (in English or Russian) on this topic wold be also of interest.
  6. Where the meanings of proper names are got from? For example, my lexicon tells that Enoch means "dedicated". Where this meaning of the name was got from? Is it Jewish tradition? verbal tradition?
  7. Bible teaches not to be unfaithful to the Lord (submitting to idols), even if doing it implies us to be cast to a lion cage or furnace. But does being unfaithful to the Lord extend to other kinds of sin? Suppose I am told by a gangster: Go steal with me or I will kill you. In this case, should stealing be equated with being unfaithful to the Lord? or is it a lesser commandment which may be violated due a necessity?
  8. If you see a book named "End of Gospel" and with the following words in its description: "... New Testament terminates itself in the same way as it terminates Old Testament...", would you consider it a heresy?
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