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  1. Hi, a movie called Seraphim Falls stands out in my mind. It was a well made Western, good scenery and story. It starred Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neesom, very good actors. I also enjoyed Anna and the King, starring Jodie Foster....a remake of the old King and I. It's a true story of the British governess who went to Thailand in the 1800s to teach the King of Thailand's many children. I was blessed to visit beautiful Thailand twice and saw the magnificent Grand Palace complex where the King lived at that time....Anna lived there, too. Must have been amazing for her. Recently I viewed a good movie on Tubi TV called Alone Yet Not Alone, a true, historical story about two young Christian girls taken captive by an Indian tribe during the French and Indian Wars in Pennsylvania. I'm originally from PA so also enjoyed the beautiful scenery....the movie was filmed there. The movie is in the Faith category at Tubi TV.... Tubi TV has an app and a website. The movies are free to watch.... Tubi TV works very well....just a few very brief commercials during the movies.
  2. Debp


    Hi, glad to have you join us! Hope you will enjoy the fellowship here.
  3. Christ is risen! Thanks for your post!
  4. All good replies to you already. Also, I think being in prayer can also be when our hearts are directed towards the Lord. For example, sometimes when one is walking, this might occur....not having any words but just our hearts towards Him. To me this is part of the praying without ceasing. About closing "in Jesus' name," although usually I say that, sometimes I just say amen. Because praying in Jesus' name actually means we realize He is the only reason our prayers are heard. We realize we are not being heard because of our own merits but because of Christ.
  5. The danger of legalism lies in focusing too much on what we do or what we think we must do, rather than focusing on God Himself. When we have a relationship with God through our blessed Savior and keep that first in our lives, we are keeping God in His rightful place in our hearts and lives. I have seen where so much legalistic religious talk actually seems to upsurp God's place in our lives....that is, the legalism actually seems to take more of a priority in some people's lives. A great danger that is, as our spiritual lives are more than just do's and don't's. Our focus should always be on our relationship with Christ....then the works will follow naturally.
  6. Our salvation and the resulting imputed righteousness is one thing. Then there is also sanctification, the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives to make us more Christlike.
  7. This is not exactly speaking or praying in tongues but I thought you all might be interested in this. In the 1970s I knew a pastor, Rev. Norman Allensworth, who after being expelled from China as a missionary and after working in Thailand, he became a missionary to the Jews. He had a radio program and would also take us young people to evangelize in the Jewish neighborhood. He was not Pentecostal at all. One day he went to a synagogue for the service. Upon leaving he was shaking hands with the rabbi. Suddenly Rev. Allensworth spoke in Hebrew to the rabbi....Rev. Allensworth said he didn't know Hebrew!! The rabbi told him the words he spoke were "There is something lacking in your worship."
  8. God bless you, brother.... always you are blessing others with your words.
  9. Debp

    I feel Lost

    Hi Sloth, welcome! I hope you will find comfort and fellowship here.
  10. Jesus took our sins and gave/gives us His righteousness (imputed righteousness).
  11. Abraham believed God and it was counted as righteousness....not counted as spiritual obedience.
  12. A more excellent way, that reminded me of.... After speaking of the many spiritual gifts possible to believers, Paul wrote "and yet I show unto you a more excellent way." 1 Corinthians 12:31. Then Paul continues with the famous love chapter, 1 Corinthians 13....the more excellent way. We must always consider and allow these words about what love truly is to flow outward to others. We can say or teach everything spiritual, but it means nothing without having the love of God for others.
  13. Agreeing with you, Mel, for your daughter. She must be a real cutie!
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