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  1. WorldWide Church Of God

    Yes, I did wonder if some of the members rejected the leadership saying that the founder, Armstrong, had been wrong.
  2. WorldWide Church Of God

    I read several years ago that this cult is no more... the leadership realized that the founder meant well but the founder was horribly wrong in his teachings!! I can't recall their current name exactly but it has Grace in the church's name. I stumbled upon a very good Christian message on their website....and was stunned to realize they were formerly WWC of God! I was happy to hear the above...I had an aunt who was in it.
  3. i'm a terrible person

    Brother, the above posters gave you some good counsel. I wonder if the following would help you. It's from a classic book called The Three-fold Secret of the Holy Spirit. I read it in the early 1970s and it helps simplify our walk with the Lord. #1 - First we must repent, with faith. #2 - Second we must surrender (or yield) ourselves to Christ with faith. We can do this by reading the Word and seeking to walk as the Lord teaches us. #3 - Finally, have Christian love with faith. I like the above due to the simplicity of explanation.
  4. Riots in Belfast

    Even though you have really tough work...I still believe in loving our enemies as the Lord taught us. Hate only hurts us. Pray for those that mean to hurt you. God bless you and keep you safe.
  5. Temptation: Anger

    Praying for you. Dogs are part of God's wonderful creation.
  6. Please Pray for My Brother-In-Law

    The Lord be with you all, and give you peace.
  7. Please pray for me.

    Amen to the above prayer...
  8. I think it's ok for you to continue to try to find a car. The Lord give you and your wife peace in this situation.
  9. Spiritual Condition - Churches

    Yes, I am familiar with Dr. Walter Martin....his Kingdom of the Cults was used in personal evangelism class. Also, I agree we should love homosexuals just like we love any of our neighbors. As you understood, JohnD, I was not against them coming into church to hear the Word of God...rather I was against a pastor promoting the gay lifestyle as being alright, and leading many in the congregation to think it is acceptable.
  10. Cult, 12 Tribes of Israel

    Johann is a man...he was married to my friend Yolanda. She lives here in Los Angeles and the cult sent him to England. I don't know if he is free to leave or not. But the strange doctrines do make it a cult.
  11. Spiritual Condition - Churches

    My Christian friends mainly live out of State so we sometimes talk on the phone, etc. I did go to Bible College in the early 1970s. Also, I am caring for my 87 year old mother who is home bound but she is a Christian so we can talk, etc, about things. I help moderate at another forum so have a few good friends there. The young Koreans were extremely nice...but I am 67 and they are in their 20s. Also, I know the leadership at that church would not allow them to be with me since I am not going there now....went there for 3 years until I got ill in January. (Doing much, much better health wise now! Thank God! Maybe God's way of getting me out of there?) One of the young Koreans gals stopped attending that church and started a church in her house which she rented with other girls. They rent in a poorer area so they can invite their neighbors (mainly Hispanic) to attend church in their house. The same young lady also ministered in the slums of Brazil for about a year. A very nice young lady... P.S. About the two liberal pastors (one gay and the other saying the Bible has been proven wrong), I did confront them about these things.
  12. Cult, 12 Tribes of Israel

    Yes, I remember the hippie communes, etc., of that time. Also, there was a big Jesus Movement, too. I was reading about the 12 Tribes on the website and recall it started as a church with a leader. Too bad they had to depart into added beliefs, etc, as the cults do. Many people might like the lifestyle, more or less a simple one it seems. At least when Johann got drawn into it, they were raising their own cattle and vegetables, etc, near San Diego. But the strange doctrines are no good!
  13. Very serious prayer requests

    Dear brother, will pray for you, too. Have you ever considered that you are having severe panic and/or anxiety attacks? If your nervous system is constantly in fight or flight mode, you could experience the types of things you mentioned. I would recommend that you seek to get some complete rest or relaxation...let yourself have time to heal. The Lord can still heal today, but sometimes we need to take care of ourselves, too. God bless.
  14. Cult, 12 Tribes of Israel

    Yes, that's them...I had no idea they were all over the world! My friend, Yolanda, said they make alot of their money from delis which are mentioned at the websites. She was married a long time but her husband left her for the cult... P.S. It is not the black cult....my friend's husband is Swedish! Very blonde!
  15. I wonder if he has ever truly been born again. If you have a godly senior pastor, I think he should talk with this youth pastor privately, to see if he is a born again Christian. Or if he has fallen into the flesh somehow, hopefully the senior pastor can help him to recover with the Lord's help. Can you voice your concerns to the senior pastor or other leaders?