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  1. I am so sad

    The ear plugs sound like a good idea. If it's possible, maybe you can search for a new apartment. I know sometimes it's hard to move. Also, I hope you find a nice church.
  2. The Bible is healing for our minds...as you read and believe it, hopefully your nightmares and confusion will lessen. If you have believed on Jesus as your Savior, remember that all of your sins are forgiven through Him. He has given you His righteousness and taken away your sins. Just read the word of God and seek to walk with Jesus each day. Keep a simple faith in Jesus.
  3. Demonic visions

    If you have been checked by a doctor to make sure everything is ok with your system....then I would recommend that you not think so much on these visions. Instead seek a quiet time with the Lord.... meditate on some Scripture verses. If you meditate on some verses, it will help saturate your mind more with the word of God. If your mind is focused more on the word of God, then you will think less on these visions. P.S. Instead of fasting so much, see what happens if you eat normally.
  4. I also enjoyed him very much in Person of Interest. For those of you that never watched that show, Jim Caviezel played a hero saving people and evading "Big Brother" technology.
  5. Heavy on My heart...

    It's not an ideal situation, however since she has her mind made up about it.... perhaps you can consider going over there to bond with them while the ex is at work? Please consider it.
  6. I am a fan of Jim Caviezel, who is a Christian and played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. I know someone who knows him, and he and his wife are also pro-life. They also have adopted children. I just watched a YouTube video on him where he talks about his faith in the Lord. He is very commited to Christ. When he made Passion of the Christ, he said he nearly died. He got pneumonia and he actually got struck by lightning during the final scene on the cross! After the movie, he had to have heart surgery. Anyhow, I thought it was a very interesting interview. I think it was at a church called The Rock in San Diego.
  7. tigger398

    Praying the Lord comfort her, heal her.
  8. missing of my dog

    Agreeing with you all for a safe, speedy return of your beloved dog.
  9. Please pray

    Praying for it to disappear. Sometimes I get a bruise and it might be a tiny bit sore, but it does go away.
  10. Also, many Christians and other people do not have any clean drinking water. This causes deadly waterborne diseases. Some Christian organizations are digging deep wells, called bore wells. A couple of secular companies have invented solar water filters to help remedy the situation in the third world. They give them to the poor. While visiting family in India, an American-Indian girl, at age 12, saw children collecting dirty water for drinking. After she returned to the USA, she worked on an invention at age 12....a solar filter which would clean water in only 15 minutes. She is now 19, attending Harvard. Water is a precious commodity....we often don't realize it might not last forever, especially in our Southwest.
  11. Update on My Eyes

    Praying, too.
  12. Heart Surgery

    Thanks very much. Appreciate it. Actually, my elderly uncle Leo is single. Bobbie is an extended family member so she and Leo share the rent, as they are both on just social security.
  13. Please pray for my three motnh old grandaughter

    How is the baby? Praying.
  14. Returning to christianity

    A warm welcome to you, Julia!
  15. Heart Surgery

    Talked to my uncle on the phone and he says Bobbie will have another surgery on Monday. It's hard to believe she has been in the hospital this long. He wasn't sure what the surgery is about.