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  1. Debp

    A "Techy" I Am Not But Here I Am!

    Hi, welcome to you! Nice cat...I have a cat, too.
  2. Debp


    Hope you both feel better soon. Prayed for you both.
  3. Debp

    Watching America's Got Talent

    Did anyone watch this week? The "mentalist" had me laughing so hard! If you have a sense of humor, look for him on YouTube. Totally unexpected! P.S. His name is Lioz Shem Tov and he is from Israel.
  4. Debp

    Your best advice in 4 or less words?

    Keep laughing.
  5. I always heard Florida had alot of bugs but on the news last night, they said a young man was gardening, and got stung by a strange looking Caterpillar. He developed a bad rash. The doctor knew what it was from. Now the young man gardens with gloves and long sleeves. Florida people, have you heard of this Caterpillar? Also, I have heard your spiders are really big. True?
  6. Debp

    Immigrating to The Philippines

    I know their President allows the murders of drug dealers and suspected drug users. So that means the Cartel drug lords will avoid going there, and keep coming to the USA. I believe this is still going on....I heard on Nightline that vigilante activity by the police and even regular people is allowed against even suspected drug users. One lady claimed her son had stopped using drugs but the vigilantes came at midnight and dragged him out to the street and shot him to death!
  7. Debp

    Chal + earth -quake

    NHK news...100,000 still without gas. Should be turned on by Monday. Temporary baths have been set up for people. Weather rainy so homes losing their roofs are affected. The people are still so pleasant but scared as there are many tremors. (I visited the Osaka and Kyoto area years ago so always am interested in Japan.). Is Chal a Japanese person living there? Praying for them.
  8. I understand from one of our members living in The Philippines that all refugees and asylum seekers are very welcome in The Philippines! Their President has told everyone they can go there. In addition, they can receive monthly cash, free medical, free schooling....or perhaps those benefits are just for the tribal people who already have lived in that country for many years? Anyhow, I am thinking that many of the people seeking asylum in the USA, and even some of our homeless might enjoy living in The Philippines. They just don't know about the benefits of living there and that there is an open invitation to them. It is also a lovely tropical country and would be alot easier to live in than many States in the USA. Anyhow just some thoughts....
  9. Debp

    29 Pound Cat Found

    A lady and her family whose cat died in March have adopted Chubbs. She said Chubbs will be spoiled and taken care of very well! Her friend saw Chubbs on the news and told her "I saw your cat!"
  10. I think a journey of thousands of miles from Central America through the oven-like heat of the American desert would be very traumatic on children. Their parents were willing to subject them to that. The children are now being cared for in a humane way.
  11. Debp

    29 Pound Cat Found

    Chubbs is being put up for adoption later this morning. First come, first gets Chubbs!
  12. Debp

    Greetings My Brothers & Sisters in Christ!

    Hi Jack, yes, have been in L.A. since 1967! What part of TX are you in? I know someone who moved to Tyler, near Dallas, years ago so she could buy a home.
  13. Debp

    Encouraging Bible Verses

    And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17
  14. Wonderful to hear! The Lord bless you continually!