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  1. Margo had made a scenario and asked a question about the scenario to Blood Bought. So Blood Bought was trying to explain something to her.
  2. The wonderful thing about being born again, given a new Spirit in our hearts...is that we can sense when the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin. So, of course, we confess it in order to have the blessed fellowship with our Father in our hearts restored.
  3. Actually the legalists are the ones who "don't get it." We who believe that Christ's finished work on the cross is sufficient for our salvation are not believing we have a license to sin. I think the point that Blood Bought is trying to make is: if we happen to sin, our sins are covered by the precious sacrifice Christ made on our behalf. Btw, the horrible scenario and question you presented to us about "believers" being rapists and murderers is actually going against what the Word of God teaches us. This sort of imagining and question should be avoided. 9But avoid foolish disputes, genealogies, contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and useless. Titus 3:9
  4. Oh, BB, looks like you've met your match now in Ladypeartree!
  5. Usually I put up a very small tree and decorate the counter with ornaments and snowmen. I have alot of decorations that I got on sale through the years. Will put a wreath on the door, too. But haven't lugged anything out yet....it seems like Christmas just ended!
  6. Just saw this.... it's night time here, so good night!
  7. Welcome Resurrection Priest! Glad you are here!
  8. Agreeing in prayer for your dad.
  9. Yes, where would we be, but for the tremendous grace of God towards us!
  10. I don't remember Lil Bub, but what a delightful story about her! Grumpy Cat also died awhile back.... another cat star! I'm sorry about the mountain lions dying from Mercury poisoning. I heard something on our news about it. Years ago one of our mountain lions got mange. But then later on, it was ok. Just looked up an article on this....they treated one cat for the mange and he was ok. Another cat was treated and released. https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-mountain-lion-mange-rat-poison-20190307-story.html
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