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  1. Debp

    Isn't that something!

    Still the problem of high rents...rent increase each year. And bad management took over our apartment building a few years ago. But hard for my elderly mom and I to know what to do and where to go. I am weeding out some more little things just in case we ever do move.... sometimes push comes to shove.
  2. Debp

    Isn't that something!

    That's nice you are finding a sound new church body to call home. In what State will you build your retirement cabin? I'm glad you are able to do these things. I am still in a holding pattern in Los Angeles.
  3. Debp

    several issues

    Praying for you.
  4. I like what you said about not dwelling on stuff. We can acknowledge certain issues that might be troubling but it's best for us not to constantly dwell on things. Dwelling on things constantly can become a bad habit....as you have stated, we must learn to give our troubles/burdens to the Lord and leave them there.
  5. Debp

    Why us

    Plavious, I know your burdens are more than any of us have had to bear, but please do not think God has done this to you because of sins. As the Bible says, God sends the rain on the just and the unjust, but only the just will praise Him. Please keep keeping on, day by day with His help. Still remembering you all.
  6. Glad you are feeling better. Please don't think most Christians have an easy, rosy life. We all go through dark nights of the soul or even depression.....we all need to remember that we are still loved by God in these periods of life. We are His children simply through Jesus as our Savior...not by any works or by our demeanor. You can be real with God....He will still love you.
  7. Debp

    Living in a school classroom

    So sorry for your plight... continuing to remember you. That's good the NGO helped some, hopefully they will return to help more. Did you ever contact Christian Aid Mission to see if they know of any native missions ministering near your area? Christian Aid Mission funnels money to approved native missions so this is how native missions are able to minister and help....they receive funds from the Western countries. http://www.christianaid.org
  8. Debp

    my son is in need of prayer

    May God help him through everything.
  9. Debp

    Moving in with my boyfriend

    Having your own home is good if you can afford the mortgage and other bills. Rents just continue to climb. You did mention something about maybe your family affecting your credit.....are they supposed to chip in for the mortgage? If they don't do their part perhaps you can find a Christian roommate to share the expenses? Hope it works out for you.
  10. Debp

    Feeling Sick

    Sometimes when people are unwell they might feel the way you do. But please remember the Lord's grace and mercy to you....He does love you, even in your suffering, remember God's love for yourself. You should read the Psalms.....many verses are of great comfort to the suffering. Hopefully you can get your mind on God's love to you, rather than His judgment. After all, Jesus paid the price for your sins so you won't face judgment.
  11. Debp

    Birthday Money

    . I think you were given alot of good replies. One thing that struck me.....if they can afford a cable TV bill, I don't think they are hurting as much as they make out!
  12. Debp

    Hunger and starvation

    Are there any refugee camps set up there or nearby? I understand from Christian Aid Mission that some native pastors minister to refugees in the camps. I'm not sure if they are in your new area. Perhaps you can contact Christian Aid Mission through their website and find out? I know that mission helps alot of native missions in Africa and all over the world.
  13. Debp

    Churches today

    The Christian Life is not always easy....we need to keep looking to the Lord to get us through hard times. A good church should explain there are both sides to being a Christian. Also, a pastor should not sell spiritual things....these things should be given freely to all from the goodness of a pastor's heart. I have heard some churches in Africa are as you have described. It's not good....God can sometimes prosper us but sometimes we do go through trials. But He helps us through the trials.
  14. Debp

    Self Esteem Really Long....

    Kenzie, will remember you in prayer. You are a lovely young lady and by your words I can see you also have a sweet, kind, grateful heart! Keep your eyes on Jesus, not about your appearance to others. Reach out and be kind to those needing a friend, and to others as well. Most people will respond to that. If anyone is unkind to you, then just leave them in God's hands. I'm glad you found a nice job! They are blessed to have you!
  15. Debp

    Christ, the hope of glory

    Praying, too. Friend, hope you can reach a safe neighboring country.