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  1. Yes, they are a famous, old time circus act.... famous for their huge pyramid of family members on the tight rope or high wire. They had other major falls, someone died, too.
  2. I remember that Elvis said there is only one King, and that is Jesus Christ! He also would sing Gospel music for hours with his band after his concerts! I think because he was signed into a contract by his agent, and that included performing many, many consecutive shows....that that was the reason he got on to drugs. Help to sleep and help to wake up I heard. So I think he was saved, but due to circumstances, I think he was trapped. Couldn't get out of his contract and was used. But I think his heart truly loved the Lord.
  3. I watched it live.... when the Wallenda family pyramid had a major fall in 2017, the sister was very severely injured. She suffered from PTSD over that. Last night both brother and sister were on the high wire approaching each other from opposite ends. It took the brother about 30 minutes to complete the walk, and the sister took 35 minutes. They had prayer before the act with a pastor. During the act, brother and sister were praying, singing and praising God outloud as they walked the wire 25 stories above Times Square!! The wire is only as wide as a bottle cap....3/4 inches wide!!
  4. I'll try sculpture....lol. Get an oil painting or a watercolor?
  5. Raspberries. Although I've had boysenberry pie years ago at Knots Berry Farm. Take a nap or not?
  6. Recently I saw a medical show from Japan about acupuncture. The doctors were saying it can even help with pain and depression. The needles are extremely thin and the doctor doesn't insert them very deeply. They are put in at points in order to cause the blood to circulate better. Has anyone here ever had acupuncture or known someone who did? I've known one person who had it for her shoulder which was injured when a train door shut on her. She did that instead of surgery.
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    Thanks for the update, ayin jade.
  8. Hi and welcome Kindheart. We need more kindness to be shown in the world. And let it begin with us... Christians.
  9. Welcome again! Yes, do post in the other areas now!
  10. Praying it all went well!
  11. Agreeing in prayer with you.
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    Agreeing in prayer for you.
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