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  1. I don't think you need to mention the skin problem if you will mainly be in your room. You can vacumn in your room so there won't be any skin flakes around. If you spend any time in the kitchen it would probably be brief so you probably wouldn't create any flakes there. On the application there will be a place asking about your income...so you can put about the assistance there. Also, if you have a job or are planning to work. Don't forget to ask around at various churches, not only for work, but ask if they know of anyone needing a boarder. The churches might have some elderly person that would rent you a room...or that might give you a room in exchange for some small chores done for them.
  2. Debp

    my father has asked me to move out

    P.S. Maybe ask around at some churches to see if they need any help. They might need anything from clerical work to maintenance work done, etc. I knew a man who did gardening and maintenance at a church, and they gave him a room to stay in, too.
  3. Debp

    my father has asked me to move out

    Sorry to hear this, Equippers, but maybe this will actually be a blessing in the end. Consider it as such so you will not fall into depression. Will pray for you. Do you have a church family that might know of some accommodations or jobs for you? Try to network among any caring people you know in order to find a job and accommodation. Be willing to consider all types of work in order to get some experience. Do you like farm type of work or caring for animals? If so, maybe some farmers might need help and they might even offer a place to stay. About your skin problem, you would probably spend most of the time in your room if you board....get a vacumn and keep your room clean so the person renting to you will not have a problem about it. Just a few suggestions that I hope might help you. You are loved.
  4. Debp

    Study Bibles, types and suggestions

    Welcome! Dr. David Jeremiah has a comprehensive study Bible with vast amounts of notes, charts, etc. I don't have it but he is a very sound, good pastor. I get his free devotional magazine.
  5. Debp

    Reading your Bible

    I enjoy the NKJV since most of the memory verses I know are from the KJV. I especially love the Psalms for devotional times.
  6. Debp

    I bought lottery tickets

    My uncle buys them regularly as he wants to help the entire family....his nieces and one remaining sister (my mom). He never married or had any children. He raised two of my cousins who had irresponsible parents...both girls became Christians. He did without all of his life so he could provide dental work, medical treatment and clothing for some of his nieces. Meanwhile he lost all of his own teeth and no dentures. Some of his own clothing is threadbare as told to me by one of my cousins. Even now at 77 years old and just on a small social security, he is still helping others and wanting to help others more...so he buys the tickets. As I told the OP, I don't buy them but I won't hit anyone else over the head about buying them.
  7. What a smart cat....she followed a lady home in the rain....a sweet baby. Her colors and markings remind me of one of the strays I used to feed. When she got old and ill I let her die in peace in my bathroom. She never let me pick her up before so I never could take her to live with me. But I fed her daily for years and she lived in the underground garage of our apartment building. She loved sleeping on the warm hood of one of my friend's cars. https://www.lovemeow.com/cat-stray-follows-woman-home-2613652820.amp.html
  8. She is 88...will be 89 in a few months. I think the Lord will give comfort to us when we go through a death in our family. Gary gave some lovely verses in support of that.
  9. Debp

    I bought lottery tickets

    No, I didn't buy any. But I'm not going to hit you over the head because you did. ☺️
  10. Debp

    Born again Christian

    Welcome, hope you enjoy the fellowship here.
  11. Debp

    I burned my throat

    I pray you will be ok.
  12. Debp

    Evil activity around us

    Oh wow, that is really horrible. But that's really nice that the ministers are visiting the injured in the hospital.
  13. Here in Los Angeles an artist replaced the head of the crazy killer in the Halloween movie with the head of politician, Maxine Waters! She is also holding a knife! As you might remember she is the one who urged people to confront anyone in Trump's administration on the street or other places. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/street-artist-places-maxine-waters-head-on-halloween-billboard
  14. Debp

    Fall is upon us. Comfort food! Yum

    No, never heard of that. Is it a Southern dish?
  15. Debp

    Evil activity around us

    Sorry to hear this, Mel. May you all have the peace of God through this....prayed for you. I heard on the news last night about many people there celebrating were on the train tracks and got hit by the train....they didn't see the train coming! Or maybe because of the noise, they couldn't hear the train.