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  1. Debp

    Please pray for me

    Agreeing in prayer for you. Keep your thoughts on the Lord rather than the enemies.
  2. Debp

    Bones displaced

    Joining in for your mom.
  3. Debp

    For me

    Praying you feel better, Mel. Life isn't always easy but God remains constant, doesn't He?
  4. Debp

    Orissa christians in fear

    How horrible....may the Lord protect you all, Mel.
  5. Debp

    Spiritualist churches

    I agree with Frienduff....Point out to your friend that Jesus said we should pray in His name, John 16:23, John 14:13-14. Also, the Bible says Jesus alone is our advocate.
  6. Debp

    Spiritualist churches

    Of course, since the person is bereaved, you need to speak very gently and with wisdom to them about this. But you can say something like do you know that God forbids communicating with the dead? This is for our protection as there can be evil spirits that will impersonate our deceased loved ones in order to draw us into something that the Lord forbids. Instead of attending a spiritualist "church", encourage them to pour their hurting hearts out to the Lord.
  7. Tubi TV might not have many Christmas movies but they have a gigantic section of family movies!! Tubi TV is free.....you can either go to their website or load their app. The way the movies are free is that you watch a couple of very brief commercials three times during the movies. The commercials are only about thirty seconds long. I tried to check to see if Tubi TV had any Christmas movies for you but this WiFi is shutting off alot right now.
  8. Debp


    I also love the old hymns and have a few old hymnals....I found two in a church thrift shop, and another I got when a church got new hymnals and was giving the old ones away for a donation. The oldest hymnal was 50 years old a few years ago when I gave it to a young man studying to become a pastor. My favorites are Be Thou My Vision and It Is Well With My Soul, but there are so many other beautiful hymns. The modern worship songs just don't have the same depth as the old hymns.
  9. Debp

    Yoga worship

    Since he is verbally agressive, I would pray for the Lord to help him to find release from this deception or evil spirit....also pray for an opportunity to speak even brief words to him of the peace Christ promises to us. Perhaps the words of Jesus in John 14:27....Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you: not as the world gives, give I unto you. Plant some Scripture brief as it may be and pray the Holy Spirit works in his heart.
  10. Debp

    Knowing God vs Knowing about God.

    This is called Illumination, when the Holy Spirit works internally in us as we read and hear the Word of God.
  11. Debp

    1st December, my Birthday

    Happy belated birthday! I am not on the forum as much anymore so missed it.
  12. Debp

    Talking to strangers?

    So true. Also people are often much more open to prayer when suffering from illness or other adversities. We should not hesitate to ask people if they would like us to pray with them. The Lord can often use this to reach their hearts.
  13. Debp

    Coyotes, problem

    That's interesting... didn't know you lived on an island either. I think foxes are pretty.
  14. Agreeing in prayer with you. May you sense the Lord's love for you when you are feeling unaccepted by others here.
  15. Debp

    Prayer Warriors, I need help

    Agreeing in prayer about this.