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  1. Thank you! This answer has encouraged me in my prayers.
  2. I have a question that I have struggled with for a long time. In The Old Testament psalms, David prayed for judgment on his enemies - the "Imprecatory Psalms" - then Christ said to "love your enemies, pray for those who use and persecute you." When someone does something despicable to you - how are you supposed to know whether to pray for God's judgment on them, or pray *for* them? I'm a long time Christian and this still stumps me. I have seen people get away with atrocities, and do not appear to have gotten repaid for the evil they did. Even when Christ said to pray for your enemies, he didn't say specifically *what* to pray. Has anyone else stumbled with this?
  3. Glory to God is right! Thank you.
  4. Amen is right! I got on my knees, as far as I could, and thanked God. It is a beautiful victory! I pray this is the final judgment. Her ex made up lies, which they were able to disprove using 360 which records where you are. The most important issue, is that my grandson's voice was heard. God surely heard my voice for my grandson! Thank you all for standing with me before God. I hope that I can pray for your needs as well when they arise.
  5. I also want to tell you all something else: A lawyer I spoke with told me it's "nearly impossible" to keep an ex-spouse from getting at least some custody rights. The lawyer didn't know what God could do. God bless you all for your prayers!!!
  6. God answered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My grandson went to talk with the judge, and I was praying heavily. My daughter called and told us my grandson told the judge that his father and grandmother cursed his mom IN FRONT OF HIM. He told the judge that he got a stomachache when he was forced to his fathers, and he did not want to see him again. I prayed something I read years back in one of Mark Bubeck's books: Lord, put your holy finger on them and cause them to make foolish and stupid mistakes. That is what they did! After 9 months of not seeing his son, he's vile in front of him. My daughter also received a timely call from CPS that her ex was "not cooperating" with them. I think it was on drug tests. I told her to notify her lawyer. AMEN! The judge told my grandson he wasn't going to force him to see his father again! Finally a sense of relief! My daughter wants something in writing so that her ex cannot come back like this again - it cost us a lot of money, and her ex owes her $10,000 + in back child support. Thank you so so very much for your prayers and faithfulness!!! "Surely God has heard my prayers, He has given heed to the voice of my supplications." Psalm 66:19
  7. I am thankful for your prayers and encouragement. I have to fight fear, because you don't know how bad his father is - and he has an evil lawyer who cares nothing about jeopardizing a young boy's life - just about money. Please pray to break any alliances that are not of God. There are spiritual forces of evil in high places. My grandson isn't the only one whose stomach is churning. This is evil. It has to be fought spiritually.
  8. Thank you. It's putting so much pressure on us that we're snapping at each other. Her ex is of his father the devil, and when he speaks, he speaks his native language...
  9. Another fiery dart - my daughter's ex lied and falsely accused my husband & daughter of trying to run him off the road. We're in a terrible spiritual battle with my grandson hanging in the balance. I told them both to tape all interaction and my daughter did something wrong and it didn't tape. It is upsetting. They knew they were dealing with a snake. His lawyer wrote a letter falsely accusing them. So my husband has 360 which proves they were away. I am upset that my daughter won't come to her own relationship with God, and I have to fight this battle without her help. My husband is not very strong spiritually - his job takes everything out of him. My grandson goes to talk to the judge tomorrow. PLEASE PRAY THAT THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL. I know my grandson does not want to see his father. What child would want to witness his father abuse his mother? That judge is ripping my grandson up forcing this. The day after that judge forced my grandson to go to his degenerate father's, my grandson had to stay home from school the next day from a stomachache. They are hurting him! PLEASE PRAY THAT THIS WILL END TOMORROW. I DON'T WANT IT GOING ON ONE MORE DAY.
  10. Thanks, I'll look at them today. My husband used to listen to David Jeremiah.
  11. Thanks - I'll watch for it. Feeling pretty beat up.
  12. Thank you. The visitation was as expected - my grandson dutifully went and did not want to be there. I knew her ex didn't change. My husband went up to his house and knocked for my grandson, and his derelict father belched out "I have one more minute!" My grandson scrambled to get to my husband. All her ex is concerned about are HIS RIGHTS not whether this child had food, clothing, or shelter. I had such anxiety today, even though I prayed. I hate to keep asking so much, but please pray until the 31st. That judge should not have been allowed to do what he did, after her ex assaulted our daughter on an exchange. It's asinine to force a woman to interact with her abuser. I can't wait until it's over. There is "spiritual forces of evil in high places." Does anyone know of any good, solid teaching on spiritual warfare? I've read books over the years, by Bubeck, Unger, and Prince. I can't seem to overcome things quickly though, in spite of protracted praying. Has anyone experienced this?
  13. Please pray - I am under unendurable stress, and feel like the world is crashing down around me. What that judge ordered is abnormal. The ex who abused my daughter, and his wife, who exposed herself while urinating on the floor came out to meet my husband and daughter, acting like everything is normal. IT'S NOT. I thought God was answering but we've all been arguing from the stress, (a man's enemies will be those of his own household...) and my grandson went into the den of devils. I did not want him to go, but my daughter's lawyer advised her to make him go. It is sickening. I sought God all morning and feel terrible - the ex is in the 'honeymoon stage' being on his best behavior, but he will return - "a dog returns to it's vomit" - and all this is doing is ripping us up emotionally. When the judge interviewed my grandson, my grandson said he did not want to go to his dad's, because he hit his mother. So the judge in court stated that when he interviewed my grandson, he told him that he wanted to see his dad. That is a lie. I asked my grandson three times if he wanted to see his dad, and he said "no". So you see what we're up against. Satan is hitting me relentlessly, and I've prayed and prayed. One heavy trial after another. Now I'm worried that my grandson could be swayed by his father's wooing - just like the serpent did to Eve. My faith is being tested beyond belief. I thought God was answering, and it appears as if evil is winning. I'm so weary and upset that judge is playing with my grandson's life in this way. There are evil people in positions of authority. Please continue praying for us until this is over. It makes me sick to think his father's disgusting life may be thrust on my grandson. I feel like the bottom is dropping out of my world. If any believer wants to become involved, this will give you some insight into what is being done to children, and it's ugly.
  14. Thanks - that situation resolved and she finally backed off. I sent her an email wishing her a happy birthday, but she's holding a grudge against me, when she was the one who did wrong. I did what I could. A worse trial hit - so I'm ready for a rest.