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  1. Mark1389

    Word of Inspiration

    thank you KPaulG blessings to you as well!
  2. Mark1389

    The devil is a liar!

    Praise the Lord!
  3. Mark1389

    The devil is a liar!

    Amen! Our God is great! Nothing compares
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    Word of Inspiration

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    Hike in desert funny photos

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    Word of Inspiration

    RETURN IT! There was a story I heard about a beggar who set up his tent house next to the wall of a rich man’s mansion. Everyday this poor little fellow will go around the whole town begging for food. One day while he was on his way home, he saw a rich man approaching toward him. The beggar began to ask for food and alms. The rich man looked at him with eyes of compassion, as he saw the beggar’s body shaking in hunger and obviously starving. He reached down and gave him a packed lunch. And then the rich man asked him,” Where do you live?” The beggar said he live next to a mansion. They found out they are neighbours. The rich man’s eyes glow like he found a bar of gold. With an enthusiastic voice he said, “will you allow me to supply your food for breakfast, lunch and dinner starting tomorrow? I did not know you live next to my house.” The beggar was overwhelmed. It was the sweetest question he heard all his life. It was a miracle! He thinks of a worry-free life of what to eat for the next meal, all his toiling and begging days are over. So with a loud voice and teary eyes he said, “Yes Sir!” That night he could barely sleep. He even thinks he was probably dreaming. But the next morning at exactly 6AM there was a knock on his little door, and when he open the door behold a young maid is bringing his breakfast just like what the rich man promised him. There was coffee, eggs, toast, bacon, cheese, muffin and fresh juice delivered to him straight from the rich man’s table. That plate was big and full to the brim! He said thank you to the maid and started to dig in! The food tastes like heaven. He was so full that he fell asleep on his chair; little did he know it was lunch time. There was another knock on the door, rushing he went out and saw another maid bringing his lunch on a bigger plate with the biggest lunch he can ever think of. He can still see the steam of the sizzling lunch he was about to receive. The maid said, “Please take this, this is all yours.” With mixed emotion, not knowing if he will cry or smile, he grabbed the plate and went inside his tent. He can smell the mouth-watering delicious food, he gladly consumed everything on that plate. Burp... He was full and guess what? He fell asleep again. When he woke up it was time for dinner. It was not long when he heard another knock on the door. He went out and another maid delivered his dinner. That was a superb day. After 2 weeks of unlimited food supply the beggar started to look chubby, he started gaining weight and his skin is becoming smooth. He has never been out under the scorching heat of the sun. Two months later, his figure changes, he now looks like the rich man. He has been eating what the rich man ate every day. As the months went on, what used to be an exciting thing to him had become the norm, but one day – he noticed that it was passed 6AM but there was no knock on the door. It was 8am still there was no food delivery from the rich man. The chubby beggar started to feel his hunger, he has been so used to being always full every day. He was thinking maybe the rich man will serve him brunch but it was 1pm already and he was so hungry. He was asking himself, why in the world there was no breakfast and lunch delivered today? This is the first time that something like this happened. Did that rich man forget? Was his promise now expired? These questions are running through his mind. It was 5pm and his eyes started to get blur, he was literally starving but there was no food delivered to him. He is ready to burst out his frustration. He wobbled himself down to the rich man’s gate and it was very timely, the rich man is about to go out for his evening walk. The gate slowly opened and he immediately confronted the rich man, the beggar was furious. The rich man was surprised, he did not recognized the beggar. He asked, “Excuse me Sir, who are you?” The beggar said, “Uh... so you don’t remember me anymore? BUT I REMEMBER YOU! I remember your promise, I remember how you said to supply my food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, YES SIR I REMEMBER! You know what happened today? I had no food for the whole day, I have nothing to eat because you forgot to fulfil your promise.” The rich man was shocked! He could not believe what he just heard and saw! Months ago he was a thin little beggar now he looks like a rich man! “Oh my... so this is you now? Come inside, sit down and let’s talk about the matter”. The rich man said. They both sit down and he asked the beggar, “How many months have I supplied you with food?” It’s now 6 months, replied the beggar. The rich man said while touching his chin with his right hand, “within six months of supplying you with food delivered to you every day have you ever remembered even just one time that you returned my plates? Food is not the problem we have plenty in the kitchen, but there are no plates to deliver them to you, so please return them!” This is a good story to reflect your spiritual relationship with God. Too many times in your past you were that beggar. God showed up in your most desperate situation and has been good to you since day one in your walk with him. He never fails to supply your needs. You can remember how happy and excited you were when you first experience his love. You want to tell every person you meet about how good God is. When every little blessing you receive you turned it into praise. The times when you feel like it was just a dream then but now the Lord made it to come to pass. You have reached the peak of success and what used to be exciting now becomes a common thing not worthy to be acknowledged as gift from God. Somewhere along the way, you forgot something very important. The plate – your gratefulness, your prayer, your worship, your service and your communication with God! This is a sad truth but seems like many people nowadays blame God because they are broke, sick, poor, always in lack and depressed. They accused God of being unfair, He blesses somebody and skip some. They have never realized all this time that the problem is not with God. Heaven is full of every kind of blessing you can ever imagine. But he cannot deliver them without the plates. Why not try to wash that dishes sitting in your sink for days, weeks, months and even years now. Yes, your old church folks are waiting for you for a long time. They have been praying for you in secret. They know that once you return the plates blessings will start coming on your door again. Your Sunday school class misses you every time they see your empty chair. The young people are longing to get an impartation of your gifts and anointing. Don’t be afraid to open your heart once again and start to get things right with God. He is not the problem. The problem is the plate. Why not sit down and have a wee chat with God and talk about the matter. He is not angry with you. You may be angry with him because you’re thinking is polluted by your frustration, disappointment and grief but God is waiting for your come back. It is so easy to get upset with God when your heart is darkened and heavy because things are not falling into place. But no matter how inglorious your situation is at this moment return to the Lord with a humble heart and let him shine his light through your dark clouds. He is faithful. He is not the problem, HE IS THE ANSWER! Can you imagine the magnitude of God’s blessings coming on your way on a daily basis when you start returning what belongs to Him? Realizing that all the things you have right now are from him. Those are evidences of his favour, his compassion and his love for you. You won’t hesitate to return what is due to your Creator if you understand this principle. I believe this is one of the reasons why God hates greediness. We owe him everything we have, yes even the very breath we take every moment as we live, every heart beat & every ounce of strength are from God. You have nothing on your own to boast and be greedy about. The only thing that belongs to you is SIN. Yes that is what you rightfully owned. But God in his love reached down from heaven to save you from a lost eternity. He took your sins away and give you grace. You begin to enjoy a blessed life, you are blessed from food on your table to a successful career. But you need to remember those are God’s blessings, He owned those and made you His steward. You must be responsible in taking care of what He has blessed you with. Give to Caesar what is due to Caesar and give to God what belongs to God. When your plates are up to date your blessings will never be delayed. The secret to keep God’s blessings is to give them away. Do not wait for that awful day to come when you found yourself in a situation where it seems the provisions has come to its last drop. Today be responsible. Turn every blessing into praise and watch God pour out his blessings that you’ll have no room to contain them. If you believe in bringing your tithe to God do it. It is still more blessed to give than to receive. Brother Jim Hobby an evangelist from Florida who preach and feed thousands of Filipinos every year shared with me how he got blessed and prospered by God. He said he did not tithe on what he earned. He tithed for what he wants to earn. There is a big difference. Now in his 80’s he still travels half the globe to preach the gospel. He is strong both physically and spiritually. He discovered a secret to return the plate and now his blessings never came to a stop. You too can apply this golden principle. YOU CAN be blessed by God in ways you’ve never imagined. YOU CAN expect that business to grow. YOU CAN believe God for healing of that incurable disease. YOU CAN get out from debt. YOU CAN have a happy family. YOU CAN take that step of faith towards your goals and dreams. Just believe because in Christ YOU CAN! Have a blessed day! Mark
  7. Mark1389

    My First Blog

  8. Mark1389

    My First Blog

    Hi everyone... am a newbie don't know what to do here.. thanks for your advise. Blessings
  9. Mark1389

    My First Blog

    Thank you! BLessings
  10. Mark1389


    YOU AREN’T TOO SMALL “Your church is weird. Your people dance, shout, clap their hands and sing hallelujah! Y’all are fools!” The bully boy shouted at me on my way home from school, during my elementary years. All his friends laughed with him ecstatically. I wanted to punch each one of them but I was so small for the whole gang! I often get these bullies every time these boys saw me. Many times I choose to avoid them when I saw them coming. Those bully words started to take a hold of my innocent mind and I begin to have questions as to why I am different from the majority especially with my belief. I was asking why I can’t be like anybody else. Satan whispers, “They aren’t bullied by anyone, they’re in a big group!” Of course now I know that is a lie. Everyone experienced bullying at least once in life. I was so affected with these bullies that I began to feel inferior among others. In my mind I always think I am too small to accomplish something. It was always a feeling that I don’t belong. Group works were always the toughest to me because I don’t like speaking my mind in front of people. The devil will always scream, I am not good enough. Somehow he gained a footstool in me through this demonic feeling of inferiority. I remember how shy I was. Many of my friends now will not believe that I was a shy person because now they saw a very different personality. But I was shy and always keep my mouth shut in class years ago. I remember how our teacher asked questions for some kind of oral quiz, I was so afraid to raise my hands to give the answer even if I surely know it. I will turn to my seatmate and give him the answer as a result he gets a better rating than me. This is how I used to be. This is how the devil inflicted my self esteem. I am writing this book to shout from the top of my lungs that the devil is a liar. Yes he is the father of lies. With a damaged self-esteem I went through high school barely passed my junior and senior years. I was thinking school is just for the brainy ones. I don’t belong there. Dad went to school many times to talk with my teachers because my grades were failing. I went to school in the morning and cut classes on the afternoon therefore my grades were always on red ink. Every time I open that grading card, I hear the bullies’ laugh echoing my ears. I felt so bad, he then whispers you will never succeed in life, you are ruined and you can never rise up. The interesting thing is, instead of reacting with a BIG NO, seems that yes was a more appropriate answer to what I felt on the inside. I started to believe that those lies were true. Started to settle for less not pursuing my dreams because of my present failures until God in his mercy rescued me from the pit I was in. He started to regenerate my thinking. You need to know that before God can change your situation you must allow him to change your thought life first. When you think right, you start to talk right, to do right and to live right. Our minds get polluted with negative thoughts since our childhood up to our present age. If we are not sober enough to guard our thoughts satan can use our thinking to damaged our self esteem and missed our purpose in life. Too many lives have been shattered by the devil because he was able to invade their thought life. Suicide is first fought up in the head and down to your emotion before it becomes an actual act. If you can guard your thought life by the word of God, you will always end up winning against the enemy. When your thinking is governed by the word of God, you pull down strongholds built by the enemy in your mind through the experiences you had in the past. In Romans chapter 12, Paul said to renew our mind and not to conform to the pattern of this world. There is a worldly pattern that has strongly gripped our society. Everyone tries to fit themselves in, there is only one problem - you will never be good enough because the devil is the lord over that system. You will only feel more guilty, accused and outcast every time you tried to fit in that worldly pattern. Peer-pressure will cause you to stuck that needle in your veins, involve in addiction, alcoholism and other so called exciting stuff the world has to offer. The problem is when everything is said and done, the void inside becomes bigger, and the emptiness is indescribable. Do not allow the devil to trick you. Now is the time to keep your eyes wide open to see how precious you are in the sight of your Maker. You are his peculiar treasure and his treasured possession. You need to realize that you are His masterpiece, the apple of His eyes and He longs to lavish His love on you. Your worth cost Jesus his life. His blood was dripping from that cross to purchase your freedom and bring you back into an intimate Father and child relationship with your very own Creator. He is the One who can fill the void inside. Only Him can satisfy. This is the truth. You may not feel like it but sometimes truth is not to be felt, it needs to be accepted before you can start feeling better. When you truly know that you have Someone who loves you regardless of your identity and performance, many of the chains binding you will start to be broken. You will experience the sweetness of freedom in a new way just like I did when I made the commitment to believe the truth. Start believing, quit doubting! You are not too small for the job. The God who made the universe says all things are possible. He is cheering you right now to put one foot in front of the other pursuing your goals and dreams. You are necessary to God in this present day to accomplish His plan for you. No one can do it BUT YOU! YOU ARE BIG ENOUGH BECAUSE YOUR GOD IS A GREAT BIG GOD! DARE TO BELIEVE! YOU CAN! Have a real blessed day! -Mark
  11. A DOSE OF ENCOURAGEMENT “Mark, I can sense that you are very polite, you know what...I don’t want to preach over the phone but let me tell you this, wherever you are and wherever you go, whether you work in this company or somewhere else I can sense God’s blessing in your life. He will bless you, He will take you to places you have never been before, He will take you to new levels, you will experience His favour and wherever you go you will be blessed, just don’t forget to call on Jesus. He is the answer you’ve been searching for. He will make you the head not the tail and He will cause blessings to overtake you!” The client said on the other line. I don’t know how he managed to insert that during our conversation, I was helping him add minutes to his phone. But I remember... It was a cold rainy night, the roads were wet and I felt so lazy to get myself ready for graveyard shift. It was a literal torture to my physical body adjusting to sleep during the day and like an owl being awake all night, solving client’s problems, trying to calm irate customers, not to mention the profane words they scream directly to my ears from my headset. I used to work for a US based bank as an account specialist and a collector. At this point I was standing on a crossroad not knowing which way to take. I don’t like my job but it was the only way I can earn money. I remember signing in that night – back to my regular routine of acting and sounding so nice to my clients on the line just to get a good feedback even if I felt like bursting out of frustration. I came to a point where my spirituality started to be drifted away from where it used to be. Influences of the mindset of practicality began creeping through my mind. I began losing my appetite in serving God. All I want to do on Sundays was sleeping. I was never like this. I used to get really excited on weekends because it was our church ministry time. We fed little kids, taught them Bible verses and stories. Sundays were spent in church and I remember how I always start my week right, seeking God first before anything else. But no matter how strong we think we are spiritually there is always a time that we become weak and the enemy will try to throw his best shot against us. All of the sudden we find ourselves vulnerable and we felt so helpless, so alone and so desperate for someone to tap on our shoulder and encourage us to take just one more step forward. This is exactly how I felt that night. When I first answered that call, I was doing my normal spiel almost ready give up because I am not happy anymore but at my darkest moment, God used someone who is on the other side of the world to deliver a fresh dose of encouragement to me, directly to my work cubicle. Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I listen to the client speaking life toward my situation. I was overwhelmed. I ran out of words. All I can say in response was, Amen Sir, Amen. Up to this moment I still get goose bumps every time I remember this. Someone who never saw me in person and a complete stranger was used by God to strengthen my faith once again. When you are down in the valley and cannot see the sunshine be assured you have Someone who KNOWS EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE. Keep your eyes, ear and heart open because if you let Him, God will always come at the right moment to rescue you from the crisis you are in. HE KNOWS! That night was awesome. I finished my shift with a smile on my face because God gave A DOSE OF ENCOURAGEMENT. He is always be there at the right time because He knows. Psalm 139 (NCV) God Knows Everything For the director of music. A psalm of David. 139 Lord, you have examined me and know all about me. 2 You know when I sit down and when I get up. You know my thoughts before I think them. 3 You know where I go and where I lie down. You know everything I do. 4 Lord, even before I say a word, you already know it. 5 You are all around me—in front and in back— and have put your hand on me. 6 Your knowledge is amazing to me; it is more than I can understand. Encouragement is a word we always like to hear. Sometimes it comes through little acts of kindness like a tap on your shoulder or simple words of appreciation to a person. Make it a goal to give a dose of encouragement to the people around you on a daily basis. The people you’ve encouraged today might be the same people to encourage you tomorrow. Start planting the seeds now. Paul penned these words in 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. Your encouragement can save someone from suicide, giving up, depression, self-pity and many more. Your little act of kindness today will come back to you someday with interest. Your encouragement how simple it may be to you just speak it, chat it, write it, blog it and you will be amazed how it can change somebody's day. Be blessed. Be encouraged today! -Mark
  12. Mark1389

    My First Blog

    REACH THE ANSWER! 2 Kings 4:6 When all the jars were full, she said to her son, “Bring me another one.” But he replied, “There is not a jar left.” Then the oil stopped flowing. On this story the widow woman is facing a huge problem. The creditor has come to confiscate everything including her sons as payment of the debt they owe. What I like about her is the truth that she approached the right person – God’s prophet Elisha in the midst of her predicament. This is wisdom, in your lowest valley always approach God, call him and as he promised he will surely answer you and show you great and marvelous things that will amaze you. When you are facing challenges in your life do not turn to people who never know God. Ask advice from godly men and women. They maybe your pastor, youth leader, parents or someone whom you know has godly wisdom. This widow woman had the option to turn to another creditor to pay their debt with another debt. But she realized it is no good to answer a problem with another problem. She chose the best option to let Elisha know they are facing a situation. Nothing is better than coming to God and asking him to bring his miraculous answer to your crisis. The bigger the crisis, the bigger the miracle will be. The prophet asked her what she got in her house. She answered, a jar of oil. This is a pattern in your Bible when facing a dilemma. God will always use something within your reach to deliver his miracle. When Moses and the Israelites were trapped between the Red sea and Pharaoh’s army, God used the rod in his hands to part the waters so they can walk on dry land. You might think you do not have anything useful for a miracle, start to change your thinking because you got something in you. There is something inside you that can be used by God. As long as you got your mind and mouth working together to think right and speak right, cry out to God you can always expect a miracle. Start speaking life to your situation! When you speak life death is defeated. Have a believing heart and watch simple things turn into something powerful. A rod is very ordinary but Moses’ extraordinary God use it to let them witness his mighty power. Let me tell you this, your God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all what we can ask or think, according to the power that is working in you. Realize that you got something very special in you – dreaded by your enemy and ripped hell all of its power. It is what the apostle Paul wrote to Romans 8:11 The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, he will give life to your mortal bodies by this same Spirit living within you.(NLT) When all the demonic hosts of hell tried their best to keep Jesus in the grave, a super power from on High pulverized their chains, defeated death, ripped off the bondage of sin of the world and get the keys.(Rev.1:18) Satan was so defeated by Jesus that even the keys of hell is not with him. Jesus got it. That means he cannot imprison you again, he got no lock. No pain, no sickness, no demon, no depression, no cancer, no bankruptcy and no devil himself can lock you inside his prison because Jesus got the keys. That is good news! All the problems you got right now Jesus has the keys to open the doors of answers you have been searching for. Right now Jesus is inviting you to come boldly to the throne of grace you can obtain mercy and find help in times of need. When you realized that the same power that raised Christ from the dead is living in you, it will cause you to walk with confidence knowing that greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. This is something within your reach – this is in you. It’s been there since the first day you accepted Jesus. Just like the widow who got a jar of oil. The answer to her miracle is in her house all the time she face the problem. Through her sleepless nights the answer is within her reach. Through all her anxiety attacks, the answer is within her reach. Through her tears, depression, frustration and loneliness the answer is right there within her reach, all the time it is inside her house. Today you might be in the same situation as this widow woman. Let me encourage you that the answer is within your reach. Reach for your Bible open it and let the Holy Spirit reveal to you the answers to your circumstances. Reach forth your hands toward heaven and pray. The church is within your reach go there and fellowship with your brothers and sisters. Bend your knees in intercession and groan in the presence of God like a travailing woman who waits for the child to be born. God uses something within your reach to deliver the miracle. This is the time for you to get serious with God! Don’t wait for another day! No matter how difficult the situation is inside your home I am writing this to tell you, there is a miraculous answer inside that home. Never give up on trying your best to keep that home stand together. Fight the good fight you got something useful for a miracle. Be faithful in pouring out the oil from a small container in to a bigger vessel. It might take a little while to fill a big barrel from a small jar but wait patiently it won’t take a lifetime and all those vessels big and small will be filled with oil. I am talking about little acts of faithfulness unseen by your neighbors but recorded in heaven. I am talking about a multiplication of anointing. You may be seeing a little jar of anointing in you at this point of your life but use it. Start pouring to vessels of all sizes and your little jar is not little anymore. God can turn it into a remarkable miracle. YOU CAN believe in God! Remember the answer is within your reach! May you have a blessed day! -Mark *connect with me through Facebook: www.facebook.com/kmuzix1 gmail: kmuzix@gmail.com