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  1. i know i shouldn't ask about this matter, about what's happening in the church. im one of the young people in my church. and i really have a strong desire to serve God. i know that i don't have to please men. but sadly i can see they(young people) don't have a willingness in their heart. i know i shoudn't be so judgemental. but action speaks louder than words. and i can see it in their action.
  2. i have a boyfriend and he is a Muslim and i'm a christian. i broke up with him. but i still love him. how can i get over about what i feel. i want someone to lift me up. and i want to follow God's Command. i don't want to get distracted. am i doing right?
  3. Jesica

    i'm new here :)

    i'm new here, so i hope we can be friends and sharing each other beliefs.