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  1. I'll let the forum mods know ok.
  2. Just left click, and highlight the entire pic, once it is highlighted hit the delete key. The pic should disappear from your post.
  3. This teaching that the wine and bread actually becomes the tangible blood and body of Christ is not going to sit with Protestants at all. Just not going to wash. It is very problematic, Scriptures teach us that Christ died once and for all, and that by the one offering He has perfected for all time those who are sanctified. The roman catholic Eucharist is a teaching that Jesus' one time sacrifice was not sufficient to save us, and thus nullifies the work of Christ on the cross. For the roman catholic church Eucharist ritual each mass is sacrificing Jesus all over again and again which goes against scripture, which says Jesus is our final high priest as well as the final and ultimate sacrifice. We are not saved by a ritual, but by faith in Christ to do for us, what we can't do for ourselves. In the Roman Catholic Mass, there is a sacrifice of Christ. In other words, in the ceremonies, is a reenactment and an actual sacrifice of Christ per Mass. In this context, there is worship and adoration of the elements instead of what scriptures say that it is to proclaim the Lords death. In other words a testimony of his life and death and resurrection. We are NOT instructed in God's word to have communion for the the purpose of performing a repeated ritual of our sins or to maintain our salvation. Since roman catholic view is claiming that the wine and wafer the priests hand out to participants actually become the real and tangible flesh and blood of Jesus who is fully God and fully man at the same time; they are advocating participants to eat human flesh and drink human blood. No protestant church even hints that the wine and bread is real and tangible. It is meant to be symbolic.
  4. It is NOT ladykay that I was speaking to. My post was addressed to HAZARD specifically.
  5. oh, nooooo...... the mice and squirrels are plotting to raid your refrigerator !!
  6. The story of Saul and the witch at endor (1 Samuel 28) teach us that it is NOT possible for us to have any kind of contact with those who have died. My point in mentioning this is of the witch's expectation of who she thought she would be in contact with. Scripture says that when the witch began her thing, she was expecting a familiar spirit, which was a demon in reality and not Samuel. She knew from the start, that she would NOT be connecting to a dead human but something else. So when she didn't see the usual familiar spirit, it scared the willies out of her. The story of the rich man and Lazarus ( Luke 16 ) also point to the fact that those who have died, cannot communicate with those who are still living on earth. The rich man asked for Lazarus to be sent to warn the rich man's brothers only to be told that the brothers had the writings of Moses and the Prophets to listen to. These two stories are the strongest scriptures in regards to our being UNABLE to contact the dead. There are scriptures that also strongly teach against even trying to contact the dead or praying for them, or to them. Under no circumstances are we to ever try to communicate with a dead loved one. Scripture is very firm on that. A huge, huge no-no.
  7. @HAZARD As I have already said; People in general are free to post their opinion and do not have to agree or change their stance on issues. No one disagrees that wild mice pose a health issue, and no one disagrees about the necessity of disposing of an unwanted creature, having to do so, already makes people feel bad enough in the first place and have tried to move on to something more pleasant in the thread.
  8. The first three chapters of the book of Romans says that the knowing about God, righteousness and the coming judgment is knowledge and is indeed a fact, that resides in every person's conscience (heart and mind). It is not based on feelings or emotion, but knowledge from God, Himself. The bible says that this knowledge has been written in every human's heart and mind so no one has an excuse. All humans are capable of committing all sorts of acts that are clearly labeled in the bible as sin. Doesn't matter if a person has empathy or lacks empathy; for whatever act or deed that is morally or civilly wrong is still sin, and each person is still morally accountable to God for them; because God's laws of right and wrong are written in every person's heart. The bible says that everyone will be judged according to what they have done. The bible says ALL have sinned, all have fallen short of God's grace. No one is beyond the reach of God’s grace. For God is fully able to make himself known and the knowledge of salvation to all even if such person's demonstrate a lack of conscience or empathy. The bible is very clear that belief is the requirement for salvation by ALL peoples, A person must come to the point that he or she excepts the truth that there is a living God. In other words, believe. Must also come to the truth of his/her spiritual condition, followed by the truth that he or she must also experience repentance (change one's mind and attitude towards sin and turn to God). In summary, a lack of empathy or conscience will NOT give people a free pass into heaven. They too must come to God through faith and trust in His son Jesus.
  9. Now back to ladykay's kitchen. Um, maybe she should open a special cafe for them and name it "cheeseateria"
  10. Hazard, People in general are free to post their opinion and do not have to agree or change their stance on issues. Several have posted that they don't agree with the drowning. It already makes people feel bad enough for having to trap them in the first place and have tried to move on to something more pleasant in the thread. And had long stopped talking drowning them. But since this got dragged back up to the surface, here goes. Your own rspca which is your very own local animal shelter in Australia NOT to be confused with peta. Your own government, animal control, pest control and scientists all agree that drowning a living and breathing mouse/rat takes on the AVERAGE of 2.6 minutes to die in a pail of water. Don't tell me no, cause I already checked the Australian rspca pages. Glue paper is banned in Victoria, Australia. A snap trap is more humane and causes the least amount of suffering than drowning an unwanted living and breathing creature . A fish takes 3 to 4 minutes to die when it is pulled out of the water. Don't tell me no, because I already checked. We humans are NOT wild animals, snakes, or frogs etc. . etc. . etc. God gave us the highest reasoning and compassion capabilities to deal with things, such as this. No one disagrees that wild mice pose a health issue, and no one disagrees about the necessity of disposing of an unwanted creature, but that we should do it in the most humane way possible. You know in the movie “dune” a hamster or rat , I don't remember which it was . . . . was dropped in a fish tank full of water and my spouse and I were watching it struggle for air which both of us found it extremely bothersome. It was the most disturbing scene in the movie. Maybe this would not bother you, but for most people it is upsetting.
  11. A person does not become a Christian because of suffering and lack of empathy in the world. But because God first loved us and proved it by sending His son into the world to die on the cross, to pay the penalty of death for us. The debt that we could never repay. Death is the penalty for the wages of Sin. God in His great love for us, does not desire for any of us to live in eternity without Him. God took Christ's blood, and our faith as a means of bringing all to him that believe the gospel. God is fully able to communicate to all peoples in every walk of life, no matter who they are or where they have been in life of the coming judgment and the dire need of turning to God to have their sin and guilt washed away. A person's health is not an obstacle standing in the way. All can come to him in the same way. By believing what God has said about His son, and the way to him. A person is not called a Christian, because he/she decides on it, or because he/she attends church or their parents went to church. A person is called a Christian because he/she has put their faith and complete trust in Christ and as a result, follow Christ. The problem is not that unbelievers need proof of God's existence or the answer to why they should believe, but that if they do believe, it will change their way of living. They like their sins and don't want to change the way they live, and don't want to get to know God. Unbelievers don't like hearing the gospel, or that they are sinners because as they listen; their hearts are pricked and everything deep down in their hearts is laid bare and they are convicted of their moral guilt. What unbelievers reject is the idea of a Creator who demands morality from His creation. And this is what unbelievers s are really arguing about.
  12. Hormel's has canned tamales. You can find Hormel's tamales at any grocery store. Typically they are stocked near cans of chili. They are good, but not as good as getting them in a for real mexican restaurant that isn't a little taco stand.
  13. I put up a youtube video in the video section of the forums, so you can see what they are and how they are made. Tamale's are a mexican dish and delicious. https://www.worthychristianforums.com/topic/244974-how-to-make-tamales/?tab=comments#comment-3095531
  14. We used to have a parakeet that would whistle for the cats, and while doing that, would stick a leg outside of the cage. Once the cats neared the cage, the parakeet would retrieve said leg and then laugh at the cats. Yes, off topic I know, but someone mentioned a cage and a cat.
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