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  1. Christ died and we talk to Him. And Jesus talked to Lazarus. Who was dead.
  2. Everything to the end of the anti Christ will happen in our lifetime. Unless you are knocking on deaths door. I am 58 and i will see most of it
  3. When you meet St. Michael the Arch Angel, you might apologise. He doen't take to kindly to those who insult God (i.e. the Holy Spirit) Laugh as you will, but you will meet him. I guarantee it.
  4. Jesus sent the Apostles out into the towns and villages. They preformed all sorts of miracles, they had not recieved the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. But the Gifts were present. Even Judas was listed amoung them. Casting out demons, healings etc. The Gifts are just that, Gifts. But the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is different. The Baptism gives us the authority to use them. When Satan rejected God, he rejected Love, and the authority to use them. This is why the gifts he uses are false gifts. Why when a false healer does a healing, and 5 min later the healing falls apart. Talk to anyone that experienced a healing from Jim Jones. The first 5 min no pain and great, but once off the stage, broken legs were back, every single one of those healings fell apart.
  5. You are a little jumpy, not refering to you. But look at how picky many are at this site. Holy cow, J. Machabeus, heaven and paradise, Jesus says others will come doing greater works than Himself, and the Apostles saying there is more but not written. Yet some here won't believe unless it is in the Bible, even though it is contrary to what Jesus Himself says. I can go on, but some people here have an idol called the Bible. Yes that was what i said, some here have made the Bible into thier idle. Rather thanworshipping God, His Glory and all He is, nothing is greater than the book. It has to be in the book or it is of the devil. Give me a break. Sorry got a little carried away.
  6. Many of those who call themselse Christian do not have thier hearts circumcised. They are not in love with Jesus. To be circumcised in the heart is to be in Love with God
  7. You did not listen to what i wrote, satan has all the gifts of the spirit, except Love. He can not create gifts, he only can corrupt what was given to him. You to can corrupt your own gifts thru sin. Swearing all sorts of things. Your love of God is the greatest Gift of the Holy Spirit, and we can still corrupt it when we sin.
  8. A Christian is one whose heart is circumcised for the Lord. Not all who call on the Lord or who call themselves Christian have thier hearts circumcised. There are many people un the world whose hearts are circumcised who have never heard the scriptures, yet thier hearts are full of Christ's love.
  9. The Lord has given to me a job to do, it has to be finished
  10. I can see you One Light, and you are fine, as is Yown. Your spirit is in God, your thinking is a bit rigid. I have a question for you, can Satan create. My answer is NO. There is only one creator, and that is God. So why then do you give satan so much credit. Can he create the Gifts of the Holy Spirit? Anything, and i mean anything, that anyone does comes from God. There is nothing that does not find its origin in God. That being said, we have free will. We can choose to corrupt the gifts with sin. Satan has all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, except love. The out of the body experience does not come from Satan, but from God.
  11. May the Lord Bless all of you. The Lord has given to me authority over Angels, and i am very humbled at that. Wbo am i, compared to God's Angels. Some years ago when i had a command of some 300k the devil was bugging me constantly. I think he gave up on trying to think i was crazy. ( you don't really believe this, it is all in your head) that is a sample of it. So he started something new, and i never want to be a burden to God, sinning. I know how sorrowful He gets from that. So, and i didnt catch it till later, the new thing from the devil was, "oh you dont want to burden God, He suffers enough as it is" . So i didn't do the one thing that is very important to do. God gives us burdens to bare, but when they get too heavy we are to ask His to take are burdens. I stopped asking Him to take the burdens. At that same time the Lord more than trippled my responsibility with the number of Angels. It became too much, i went andstood before God and gave Hom back the authority He had given to me. I returned the armor the shield of the Holy Spirit and the Sword of God. I said to God, "i can not be this thing you want me to be" and i left. After wollowing for about 7 months, the Lord brought me before Him. I could see all the armor, shield and sword sitting all polished up before me. The Lord said, "We can't find anyone else to be it" and my respoce was " ya, you can't find anyone else crazy enough" So i took back everything. I am doing what the Lord has asked. This is just a piece of my life.
  12. Do you really want to hear?Where is your discernment. When i tell you, you will reject me. You will condemn me even more than you do now. Because you have been taught and it has been re-enforced, over the years, that you can interpret the scriptures in thier fulness, when there is so much more to gleen.
  13. Now you are just being silly, " Do you love God", yes with all my heart. I spoke in another post here somewhere,God is in me and i am in Him.
  14. To prepare the path of the Lord