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  1. Saturday or Sunday?

    Good words, love reading your posts. Pudge
  2. Saturday or Sunday?

    Exactly. JESUS is the Living Word. All the Bible is, the inspired Word.
  3. Saturday or Sunday?

    My brother, the Ten Comments are no different than the Bible you read now, the Living Word. All of scripture and Jesus are One. Jesus is the Word and the Word is Christ. It is the fulness of Jesus
  4. Saturday or Sunday?

    As you well know, I wasn't talking about the teaching, as to who Jesus is. He is the 10 Commandments.
  5. Your experience with Demons

    In the work I do with others against the darkness we cover a few areas. In spiritual warfare, in the aftermath, the area where the darkness occupied has been wounded by evil. I have Angels do a healing ministry in that same space. As for the actual warfare, many Angels are involved. That is about all I can say here. In this forum, most don't understand.
  6. My friend, the Lord reveled Himself to me when i was in my 20's. He asked me a question and I said yes. I saw everything pertaining to that question, my life before me. I'm not at liberty to tell you the question, but I've had many visions pertaining to it. With the "yes" came great authority and great responcibility. I'm heavily involved with Spiritual warfare. Fighting the occult and the darkness. They are bigger than most know. God never said when I would die, but where I would die. As for the 401k. My wife knows me and God's purpose in me. She knows as i, that God takes care of us. We are not rich, but everything gets paid for. We live modestly. I worry a little for her, not because of a silly 401k, but because of what is coming. And that I will have to leave at some point. But she is great on that point. God provides.
  7. Saturday or Sunday?

    Actually Jesus did teach the Ten Commandments. I f you read the first chapter of the Gospel of John, it reads, in the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God and the Word was God. It goes on to say., The Word was made flesh, he lived among us. You see Jesus is the Word of God, so the Ten Commandments is Christ, the Word. I will add to this, that the Sabbath is the day you personally make the Sabbath. This arguements of Sat or Sun, is silly at best. As God made all the days of the week. Think of it this way, we are not only asked to pray, but to become the prayer. As God says, be Holy for I am Holy. If we are to strive to be Holy, then we must strive to be the prayer. Let the prayer live in you as Christ lives in you. Are we striving to be Holy within this arguement?
  8. Your experience with Demons

    Definitely, that was why I said not all are called to that. And that is also why I say, if you do have an incident. And you will know it. You will feel the negative energy of it. Seek out God's love. Let God fill you with His love for you. Some years ago the Lord lead me to do an exorcism on a lady. It was the first time I had ever done anything like that. I asked two women I knew filled with the spirit to join me. Both began in prayer, then began singing in tongues. The Lord removed 11 demons from her. Afterwards her face had a glow, there was a radiance from her. About 6 months later, I went to visit her again. I felt the Spirit urging me to do so. ( before I go on, when I did the first exorcism I followed what was recommended in literature and over the 6 months I discovered using just love) When I entered her apartment it was ice cold, I could see my breath. When I heard her speak, I knew it was the demons who were talking. (She had fallen back into her old ways.) I began speaking directly to the spirits. I told them they would leave the same way they came in. They laughed. I began praying. I could feel the Lord's presence. I opened my heart. His love for me and my love for Him mixed together. I poured it into her. They left, screaming as they came out. (I had them all bound and sent to Jesus) The bottom line. It is love. Open your heart to God's love
  9. Your experience with Demons

    In the Spiritual work the Lord has me do. All you have said is correct. But not all are called to this level of warfare. Even in this work I do, the Love of Jesus, of God is the key. You could also say, my love for God and His love for me is one. Love is the Key. If you are filled in the Love of God, then nothing can harm you. There is nothing greater. It is the armor of God. The authority I have is God's authority, it is He who gave it to me.
  10. True enough. Who can argue with that. I like you a lot missmuffet, I will step back. No real point to stand ground on this. I prefer parting as friends and children of the Most High. Jesus sings loudly in your heart. I will enjoy seeing you in heaven. You can show me around when I get there. Peace in Jesus Always
  11. Its not the anti christ, and it isnt Jesus. In Revelations it says there will be a Beast that comes out of the sea. Revelations is not a literal book
  12. If the Lord revealed your future to you. And you knew where you would die. And knew how the world would be so much different from this time now. The financial system completely changed, and the work God had you do, ×××××××××××××××××××× Would you get life insurance. Lol I can tell you as I'm sitting here, you will see the greatest challenge the Christians will have to face in thier lifetime. The Mark of the Beast. Many will take it because thier faith won't be strong enough to believe God will feed them. Many Christians in America and Europe have never really needed to live on hard fairh. We live in the land of plenty. Now all that will be taken away. And after reeling from the knowledge that the Rapture didn't take place as it was taught, many will leave the faith. It will be the biggest change in history from faith to the one world church. That church will teach, we make our own destiny. I am not worried about you. God has blessed you with knowledge and faith. You will not be afraid because you will know God's seal is on your forhead. But you will need to help your fellow Christians and others to not take the Mark.
  13. The bible never says the first seal is the anti christ
  14. Your experience with Demons

    You don't need to know them. What is important is knowing Jesus. It is through the authority of Jesus that they have to submit