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  1. You are not last. I am
  2. If you would only recieve the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, then the Spirit would teach you the truth in this matter. God's love fill you, pudge
  3. Just before Fifty shades came out, the first one. The Lord showed me a very large demon that was pushing. Enticing, and titillating people to watch it. This spirit had power over the whole world. It was only one demon. It was one of the 6 arch demons of satan. (They are the mockery of the 7 arch Angles of God.) We fought against the hosts it commanded, and won. Still the effect of that movie affected many people into a sinful life.
  4. Reach out to the Lord, feel His love fill you. Feel His peace fill you. Now take this love and peace and reach out to your Grandson and your husband. Share with them the love of God that fills you.
  5. I disagree with that. It is important to share about eachother experiences. Some of those new people may have been caught up in those things. To hear of others, who went though it makes it easier to share
  6. Traveler, I know from experience that one person will experience something and describe it as they see it. And another will have a like experience, yet describe it a little differantly. Still they will speak of the same thing. So I have some questions. In the Spiritual Warfare I'm involved with, we encounter entities that are made. (Satan can not create, only make things and corrupt things or both.) One of the entities has been named "svengul". An Angle gave it that name. The description is this. Made up of thousands of demons. It can move, but it is slow. The combination of demons cause it to be able to hear, see, smell. And although I've never heard them speak, they have what I would describe as a maw for a mouth. Most of the demons will stay with the entity, but others travel with it like troop movements. Another entity we have encountered are what I call "miram's". Very nasty things. This thing is like a robot, but made from parts of demons. It has no mind of its own. It moves, also slowly. (Thank God) because these things leave pieces of itself behind. The Angles hacked this thing, but couldn't kill it. We found that by using pure love, it was the only thing that would stop it. Another thing I found when battling in the earth. Pieces of damned souls combined with pieces of demons. Disgusting to look at. They had eyes all about them. So anything sound familiar? My Spiritual work takes me all over the world. Angles I work with are many. God the Father, I talk to daily. But my boss with this is the Holy Spirit. My trubidor Angle, will come to me with a list, a scroll, work to be done. I have seen that scroll unwind a hundred feet. I'm sure the drive by's here will say thier piece, but this is for you. Peace in Jesus always, pudge.
  7. Jesus tells us to love your enemies, to bless those who curse you. To forgive always. God who sent His only begotten Son. To die at the hands of His beloved. (The isrealites) To save all mankind. Now, who are we to tell God, especially as Christians, (followers of Christ) that this isn't going to happen. Because why, you are more concerned about your own skin, your own soul? There is a parable about this very thing. The parable about the Talents. What happens to the guy who burries his. His are taken away and then what happens to him? The same will happen to any Christian who is more concerned about his own skin, or his own soul than the souls of others.
  8. If God is love, then why would He send the Israelites to Egypt only to have them become slaves. I think you are only seeing love as in loving tenderly. As a parent, I have to be tough on my youngest daughter. 19 going on 25. She has not gone beyond thinking she knows everything. (Gosh, I wonder where she gets that stick in the mud attitude from. Lol) Does being tough on her mean I don't love her, of course not. Going back to your list, you made a comment that is commen among some here at Worthy. Something I find surprising coming from a Christian. "When not everyone is saved, no matter what". Thatstatement is not for us to decide. It is our job as Christians to reach out with faith, hope and love to the very last minute. Yes all those experieces can get me upset, and in some cases angry. If I were present, and saw a guy blowing smoke in someone's face like that. I'ld be stepping infront of that guy and there would be words. But even the most wicked of people can have a chance to be saved. When I'm in a room with leople, I always know which on the devil doesn't want me to talk with. It is the person I'm most repulsed by. Most of the time, I will go talk with that person. My wife will tell you, I can talk to a brick wall. Never stop hoping, never stop reaching out from your heart. Even those who's hearts are given over to the devil though homosexualism, and all sorts of depravity. God's love can break through any wall of the darkness
  9. Yes I understand you there. Be at peace.
  10. Who are they?
  11. I understand what you mean about choosing God over anything else. But if you are using this in reference to what I was saying. When we say something like, the only way one can be saved is by accepting Jesus as Lord. And we only mean this phrase as a verble thing, then we do God a disservice. Because Jesus says no one can go to the Father but through me. And going through Jesus is more than just words. It is actions. When Jesus was telling the story of the King and judgement. He said to those on the right. Come with me. And they replied. When did we see you. And His respondce was, when you fed the hungry, when you clothed the naked, when you did for the least of these, you did it for me too.
  12. Would you mind explaining that a little more. You kinds lost me. Thanks
  13. Gotcha lol
  14. You are into saving souls, aren't you? Lol
  15. Quoting scripture is fine and dandy. But what i also like is personal viewpoints. I like to make people think, and I love to hear good solid thinking. As a Christian, it is important to understand why we think the way we do. This is why I bring up subjects like God's love reaches more than just Christians.