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  1. The Dark Side of Christianity

    Speaking of "your thread", why choose me to be your fall guy saying "this isn't what my thread is about"? I don't see you complaining with all the others that are off topic.
  2. Why were the Elect not raptured

    In the scripture, Jesus referred to John the Baptist as Elijah. And that Elijah would also come again. We know that John the Baptist was born of a woman, that he had been preaching a long time, even before Jesus public ministry. It stands to reason, those Two Witnesses are already here. And that thier "Public ministry" hasn't started yet.
  3. The Dark Side of Christianity

    So do you think that sticking your head in the sand and screaming till the cows come home, that Jesus is your Lord and Savior, will save you? As I just wrote before, The term "works", that you make such a big fuss about is Salvation. It is Christ alive in you. If Jesus is not alive in you, you have no salvation.
  4. The Dark Side of Christianity

    You didn't listen to anything I wrote. You are so fixated with the term "works" . It is salvation. The word, alive in you. That is salvation. Salvation is Jesus alive in you. If Christ is not alive in you. You can scream to the heavens, that Jesus is your Lord and Saviour, and that will not save you.
  5. The Dark Side of Christianity

    When God speaks to us, it is no mere spirit. It is God and you will have no doubts about who is speaking. Look at Moses. Did he "know" God before God spoke to him. When God spoke, the very first time, Moses knew it was God. There was no doubt in his mind.
  6. The Dark Side of Christianity

    The way I look at having Jesus in you is this. 1st, what is God? "God is love". What do we do with God in us, or in other words, The Love that is God. Do we, "hide it under a basket", or do we, " set it up for the whole world to see" . So what is Love, God's Love. Love is an action. So when we see those who are given talents by the Master. Each servant recieved so many talents. The one buried it in the sand. If you take the love God gives you, and never use it. And say on Judgement day. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour. I am in the book of life, I am saved. And then God will ask, "what did you do with my Love, Jesus within you. Did you feed the hungry? Did you clothe the poor? Did you help those who needed help?" And you say, "well no I did not. But im saved because i accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. " You will go to hell. You burried the talent. You waisted Gods gift of Love. You only thought of yourself and of your salvation. What you didn't do was what Jesus asks. Follow me. Show mercy, feed the hungry, care for the wounded. You didn't Live Christ within you. The works is this, Jesus with in us. And allowing the Spirit of God to move us.
  7. The Dark Side of Christianity

    This I will say plajnly. I have always been the servant/child of the Father, our God in Heaven. I stand as an enemy to Satan and all his teachings. God's works in me as Gods works in you will only glorify His Son Jesus. Read every post I've ever written here and see if I ever have changed from the path of God. I preach God's love. Faith alone brings us to Christ, but you still have to recieve Jesus to enter Heaven. This is why I preach faith alone is not enough. Scripture says, faith alone is like a gong clanging in the wind. You must have faith and Jesus/Love to enter heaven. Jesus says, No one can go to the Father, but through me.
  8. What prophetic event is next up?

    The invasion of the north will trigger the Great Day
  9. What prophetic event is next up?

    Yes you are right, the invasion of the north Is Daniel 11:41, and the Great Day of the Lord begins at Daniel 12:1
  10. The Dark Side of Christianity

    What can I tell someone when the Lord has made it plain to me Not to reveal. About 30+ years ago the Lord spoke to me as well as anyone talks with another, audible. He asked me a question that I will not share here. In my mind it was like a video. I could see everything He told me. My life. I said yes. Over the next few months I had hundreds of visions. But this one vision I think tells it best. It was during the daytime, and I was praying. The whole room became black as night. I stood up, but I couldn't even see my hand infront of my face. A wooden cross came into view. The wood was a dark brown and had a rough texture about it. There was light coming from behind it, but I couldn't see where it was coming from. So I peered around the cross, I looked at the left side first. (I was in my apartment, at the time.) Behind it I saw a path leading through a forest. A walking path. There were a few fallen branches, a few stones, but the path seemed inviting and I couldn't see the end. Then I turned and looked behind the right side. There was another path. It was in terrible shape. Broken glass, jagged rocks, logs. Like it had never been used. Then the Lord spoke to me. (Looking at the left side) if you choose to become a minister, I will be with you and I will bless you, and you will do many great things in My name. (Now looking at the right side)But if you choose the path I have prepared for you. I will be will you and I will bless you and you will do even greater things in My name. My responce was, "may Your will be done and not mine". So this is where I am. Probably leaves you with more questions than answers
  11. The Dark Side of Christianity

    I thank you all for your concern, but the Lord has me here for a purpose. All I have done in the Lord is only a shadow of the Work God has prepared for me.
  12. What prophetic event is next up?

    First, invasion from the north on Israel, then the Great Day of the Lord.
  13. The rider on the white horse is not a person, just as the riders on the other three are not people. Just like the beast that comes out of the sea isn't a creature. But for the riddle, they are all living. 😁
  14. The Dark Side of Christianity

    I don't want to make this a catholic thing. But being one, I can recognize the failings of my church as well as the blessings all individuals have had, no matter what the church. Before the time of the reformation, a teaching was introduced about tithing. If I remember correctly, it was called indulgences. The idea was, if you gave to God extra money, you would be rewarded more by God in heaven. Thus, the saying, buying your way into heaven. I believe the reformation was a direct result of this teaching along with a few others. I'm glad those teachings are gone from the catholic church.
  15. Division of Soul and Spirit

    The Lord created us with intelligence. Science, in fact is a tool of God. I know a man who is involved with micro biology. There is a little known book out that shows the reaction of cell structure to things of God versus things of Satan. No one is able to understand why the cell structures do this. If you put a bible next to a leaf over night, the cell structure is in uniform, harmony. But if you put a Satan symbol next to the same leaf, the cell structure is chaotic. Same results with human skin and even rocks. You tell me how rocks know it is of God or the devil. I have talked with a few micro bioligist, and they will tell you, DNA can not change from one species to the next. Science isn't against God. Satan corrupts people. And Satan corrupts the thinking that good science is now wrong.