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  1. The sixth seal.

    That is a good one, lol. You really think you will be immortalized. Is that like being set up on a pedestal? The Servant of the Most High will brake your pride. He will raise up the valleys and level the mountains. And trust me, many who deem equality with God will hate God's Servant. And yes, there are Two
  2. No not downhill, but the Glories of God's truth revealed.
  3. The sixth seal.

    My scripture is in my heart, where we read we will meet Christ. When Jesus returns, when you meet Christ, you will be caught up in His Glory.
  4. The sixth seal.

    You can say this to me now, but when this time comes, even the elect will struggle. It won't matter how strong your faith is, this test will press your limits. Understand, on one hand, your family will be starving, and on the other you will have the bible.
  5. The sixth seal.

    You are confusing God's judgement. The Rapture that is to take place will happen at Christ's return, and that will take place before God's final judgement. That will be when all of mankind will stand before its Creator. The Tribulation is another type of judgement altogether. And this is where Satan's deception will come to its fruition.
  6. The sixth seal.

    On the Great Day of the Lord, i will be praying for you and all the Christians to keep your faith and not fall into Satan's trap. The false teaching of the "pre-trip rapture" will deceive many. And many will fall from God's way. Yet the greater test for all of you will be whether you take the Mark of the Beast or not.
  7. Having I-26 makes a world of differance. Very scenic area.
  8. As a truck driver I see all sorts of signs and writings all day long, and hear a few things that just make me laugh. So here are a few, and feel free to add your own. After the doctor put a cast on my broken leg, my wife said. "Now when you going up and down stairs, you start with this, 'Down with the bad and up with the good' ". ------ On the back of a semi tractor I read, "papas pad when mama's mad" -------- On a billboard I read, "the ability to lie is liability" --------- Personaly I think my favorite town names are these two. Stinking Creek, and Bucksnort ---------- Daddy's hamburgers made with 100% beef. ------- Recently I had a load that picked up on 9/7 and delivered on 9/5
  9. Christians Losing Salvation

    Good quotes
  10. Faith without works is Dead

    It has nothing to do with judging either of you. What I've said are only facts. I can see his love. Did you not read the word "Yet". Think of the apostles, they were not what they became, in the beginning. His love is not there yet. And I do know what I'm talking about. Unconditional love. Don't you think, I too said to the Lord, "i am not your Son", when it came to loving the world. His responce to me was, "there is no limit to the Love I have in you." He still has limitations, it isn't the Love that limits him, it is his mind.
  11. Faith without works is Dead

    Go back and read the messages
  12. Faith without works is Dead

    You should be careful about throughing curses around. Some things come back and you will fall under that condemnation
  13. Faith without works is Dead

    Yes I read the whole statement. And His love is not pure yet. If he was filled with love, filled with the Love of the Holy Spirit, he would not make such a silly statement. Because the Spirit would give him understanding that this man gained heaven because someone else loved him.
  14. Faith without works is Dead

    You must be very careful because you are treading on thin ice. And I do mean that. The way you make your statements are very judgemental. As if you are telling God who can go to heaven and who can not. As I stated earlier. If Sodemn will be judged less harshly than those who lived during the time of Jesus. Then a man who is in despare may yet find grace. You are only seeing things as man sees, you are not thinking as God does, nor see things as he sees them. Sincerely, servant of the Most High God
  15. Faith without works is Dead

    You haven't learned to love enough, yet. You must love all, no exceptions. Jesus teaches us to be like Him. "Be Holy for I am Holy". God sent His Son because He loved us. We in turn need to love. Faith alone you hear, but without love it is nothing.