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  1. May Gods wisdom fill us. Dear Colbalt, it is good that you have justice in your heart. My friend, frienduff thaylorde means well in the sincerety of his heart. He cares deeply for all. And in this love he touches me. I can understand his concern, even though he doesnt understand me. Im telling you this because i know that frienduff thaylorde would go to his grave, standing on what he knows as truth before backing down. He is sincere in his conviction.
  2. Personal statement of belief. Love God with all your heart. All life is greater than any death
  3. I can not leave being catholic. But as i said before, your concern touches me. I do understand you. Even if you dont think so. When the time comes, you will be happy i persevered.
  4. My friend, you are in for a storm. Lol. Yes, you are absolutely correct
  5. I havent talked with Chris Gilbert for a long time
  6. I dont listen to him. But God can work where he wants. Im not defending the pope. My problem with the pope. Well i have a lot of issues with him. There are many catholics (conservative) like myself that have issues with him. In the Catholic church there are two distinct groups. Conservetives and liberals. It is the liberals that are giving everyone issues. They are open to gays and all sorts of things. It is known to some of us that there will be a split in the church. There are a number of prophesies on this. So you are hearing it from me. Im sure this can fuel all you want about catholics. Just remember, we to are Gods children. Baptism, confessing sin. Accepting God. Baptism in the Spirit and much more.
  7. That is fine with me. You should know my heart. You have read in most of the threads i write in. My heart is in Jesus
  8. The only Gilbert i know is a blacksmith who does wonderful art. Makes things like grapevines with leaves out of steel.
  9. Do not put me in the same mindset as pope Francis. We are not.
  10. I quote scripture often in my messages even though i dont say so. God only creates in His Love. And it was through His Love God created all there is. The Greatness of Gods Love is not a false love, but a true love. A true love includes to be firm and disciplined. Like true fathers are with thier children. The hardest part of being a dad is disciplining your children. God created our families to represent His relationship with us. The Loving Daddy. Abba. All adams children are Gods children. Just because the "unsaved" are still in the darkness. We can not jump to the conclusion that they can not become saved. I look at all mankind as the potential saved.
  11. My friend. What is the Law? It is scripture. And who is the scripture, the Word. Jesus is the Word. What Paul is saying is the Law, that is Christ, is written on thier hearts. All i quoted was from Paul
  12. Everyone. All created people are Gods children. And God loves them all. The scripture is clear on this, "for those who know the Law, they will be judged by the Law. And for those who do not know the law. They will be judged by the law written in thier heart."
  13. Anyone who loves from thier heart already has God within them
  14. You will judge me whether i told you or not
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