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  1. I love a number of ministries led by women, and know of some amazing women speakers. A friend of mine told me that it is not right for women to have that roll,and if they do, they should not be surprised when a man does not respond as the leader may expect. Should it matter whether a man or woman trues to get a similar message across?
  2. Welcome to the group. Trust that you will be encouraged.
  3. Romans 8 vs 28 right? Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. Blessings
  4. I like what you said about God's Word being the way; and it being up to us to choose to obey it. Blessings
  5. I know that God can use the bad for good. And I am so glad that He does.
  6. Samson seems to have a love/hate relationship with the Philistines; loving them (or the beautiful woman) and killing them too! There was no love lost between Samson and the Philistines, as a people. How awful it must have been to have his eyes taken out, to be betrayed and to know that the Lord's had left him.It doesn't come as a shock to me, that he was betrayed because prior to him telling Delilah the truth, she tried all other tricks to control him. What stood out to me, was early on, when Samson found a Philistine woman that he liked, he would not listen to reason.And then there is a verse that I stood out to me. Judges 14:4 "But his father and his mother knew not that it was of the LORD..." Do you think that today God still allows us to get into situations because He has plans for us in those situations?
  7. hi

    Welcome, Mr. Popple. I am sure that you and your wife must have many interesting stories. Trust that this group will be an encouragement to you. As I mentioned in the chat room earlier, I am new too.
  8. Good to hear from you. Glad to hear that you had a good week.
  9. Welcome. Trust you will find this a useful group. Blessings.
  10. Welcome, Joseph. Hope that you will find the encouragement and support you need. I am new too. Blessings.
  11. Welcome Christian Soldier. Trust that this group will work out for you. Blessings.
  12. Welcome. Good to meet you. I am new too. Blessings.
  13. Hi Omegaman, Blessings. Though I am married, I was still interested in seeing what you had to share. I like the encouragement you give, that marriage is a lifetime commitment. I like what you said about taking the time to get to know one another before getting married, and not just spend time being entertained. Finding out later may just be too late; especially if a person enters into marriage knowing that the decision that has been made, is a lifetime commitment.
  14. Welcome Catherine313, I trust this group will be a blessing to you. I just joined recently too.
  15. Welcome. All the best for the week ahead.