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  1. Annette

    Happy Birthday Sam!

    Hey Sam, Hope you had a good birthday. It looks like you have made many friends here All the very best for the year ahead. Happy birthday.
  2. Annette

    Please Pray For Heart-Brokenness

    You are welcome
  3. Annette

    Today I am thankful for......

    Love this post I am grateful that His mercies are new every morning And i love the sunsets that end each day.
  4. Annette

    My book has been published!!!

  5. Annette


    It is great to be able to praise God no matter what we are going through.
  6. Annette

    Benign Tumor

    It is great reading and seeing just how special our animals are and how easily they become a part of our lives. I am glad you found reasonably priced treatment.
  7. Annette

    Frantic Weeks and Month(s)

    Great to read through your updates. We have been on the other end. Trying to find a house. We too have learnt so much that we never knew before. It is so encouraging to read about things coming together for you guys and being reminded that God is working in all lives. God bless.
  8. Annette

    Cousin had heart attack

    Keeping your loved ones in prayer.
  9. Annette

    Please pray for me

    Keeping you guys in prayer John.
  10. Annette

    Please Pray For Me To Feel Normal

    Continuing to keep you in prayer.
  11. Annette

    extreme trials

    Keeping you in prayer
  12. Annette

    Childhood Abuse & Sexuality

    As I think of your post, I am reminded of the idea that we can come to God with what we are going through. I am glad that you are reaching out for prayer. It can be hard to try and deal with the past on our own.
  13. Annette

    My mom in hospital

    Keeping .you guys in prayer
  14. Annette

    Please Pray For Heart-Brokenness

    Keeping you in prayer.