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  1. Thank you Joshua777. It is an encouragement to meet so many people who love the Lord. Trust you have a good week. Blessings.
  2. Thank you so much Fidei for taking the time to answer. I love that we have the opportunity to have God with us.
  3. Thanks Warrior12, I appreciate you taking time to share it. It was refreshing to read it. Blessings.
  4. Hi Fidei, It was good to read your post. And I agree with you, the Bible should remain our guide. And we need to go back to it as our guide. I also liked your idea of reading to findout more about places you want travel. Blessings.
  5. Hi Warrior12, It is great looking through this post and see all the suggestions that people are making. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.
  6. Thanks SisterActs2, It is good to hear from you. It is so nice to get to meet and interact with people in this group. I enjoy finding out about people. So reading details like you enjoying John and Psalms 91, is special. My father in law has memorized Psalm 91, and uses it as a prayer before traveling. One of my favorites at the moment is Psalm One. I trust you will have a good week. Blessings.
  7. I hadn't thought about audio books from the library. Thank you.
  8. Hey DaughterOfGrace, I am up for books that I can read and understand. I do know that some people enjoy more in depth reading. Blessings.
  9. I think writing it down is a great idea. We want to spend time outdoors enjoying the warm weather and spend a lot of time in the pool.
  10. It will be interesting to see how everything works out in the end. Blessings.
  11. Hey PlanetChee, It is fun looking at photos of places people have been too. Seeing your quote about safe travels made me think of how we pray before a long trip. Blessings.
  12. Hey Wingnut I enjoyed your answer. I often think that life can get so busy that we no longer get good rest. I enjoyed the idea of going somewhere new each year.
  13. Hi Yowm, I enjoyed reading your answer. Thanks for sharing it. Blessings.
  14. An interesting time ahead. Looking forward to updates.
  15. I am always encouraged to see people praying along with a request. Praying.