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  1. Thinking of you. Will be praying.
  2. Hi guys, So this weekend we travelled to a wedding in MN. The GPS took us down so many back roads before we got to our destination. It does the same when we go visit friends in Indiana. On the way back, we bought a map to see where the GPS was taking us. Out of interest, I wondered who still uses paper maps and wondered what some of your experiences has been. Look forward to reading through the comments
  3. It is amazing how we can look back and see how things worked out.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to share. Its good to learn more about others.
  5. We do have so much to be grateful for each day That is so true.
  6. Thanks for sharing. It is interesting to learn about others.
  7. Did you make the picture yourself? That will definitely be a day we never forget.
  8. Will be keeping you in prayer. Thank you for sharing.
  9. I can totally relate. It is so hard seeing a loved one make a decision that we know is not a good decision. Will be praying with you for your daughter.
  10. That definitely does sound like a good day for you. Have you been to any gun shows recently?
  11. That would be awesome Turtle. I am sure many of us have loved ones that we are praying for. I look around at church and not only see couples, but the single spouse who is there in their own. My heart goes out to them.
  12. Someone recently mentioned that so often the hard times are there to mold us. I guess this goes for the good times too. What you share made me think of this and learning to appreciate each day.
  13. That does sound like the perfect weather to be out and about on the road.
  14. Hi MissMuffet. Thanks for sharing. Getting time out to stop and read in comfort sounds good.
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