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  1. In Need of Prayer Warriors

    Keeping you in prayer.
  2. prayer request

  3. Have been ill

    Glad that you are noticing an improvement
  4. New Memeber

    Welcome to Worthy. I hope that you continue to search and find answers. I think this is a great place where people of all ages can interact and learn from each other. Its great to know and meet people who on a daily basis are reaching out and impacting the lives of others. God bless
  5. Just signed up - Hi :)

    Welcome to Worthy.
  6. Howdy from the hills.

    Welcome to Worthy. Always good to hear about a prodigal who has returned.
  7. New, Thank You For Accepting Me.

    Welcome to Worthy Glad to have you here.
  8. Looking for a holy direction

    Welcome to Worthy
  9. I'm new to this forum

    Welcome Lisa, glad to have you here.
  10. Shalom - I'm new 2

    Welcome to Worthy
  11. Noah's family

    Welcome to Worthy
  12. What is your earliest memory of Church?

    I think it is worth giving some thought to why and how things were done and the impact it had before we just discard an idea.
  13. So many things here to think about, and wonder if we are being that friend to someone else. Thank you so much for sharing this MissMuffet
  14. What is your earliest memory of Church?

    Being a pastor's kid, I grew up in church. I can remember Sunday when we would have a morning and evening service. My mom was such a kind lady, she would sit back a couple rows with my brother and I, and give us paper that we could use to draw to keep ourselves busy. I remember many nights falling asleep with my head in her lap. I found church very relaxing
  15. What is your earliest memory of Church?

    Thanks for sharing this Dennis Great picture.