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    Jesus first! I just can't get enough.Nature/animals : the Creation is just the best work of art... I am very protective of Nature and animals. Real dog lover, too.
  1. Lonely christian alert!

    Hi Justin Really, same feeling in the UK? I think it's a general trend... Come and chat with when you want. Blessings
  2. Hello Everyone What a "real-life" topic this one is for me... I live in an environment where people are mostly atheists or people involved in the new-age kind of religion (yoga-related, mostly). My own family does not know the Lord. I am trying to let them know about why we need Jesus. And let me tell you how hard this is... "Noone is a prophet in his/her own country". I pray again and again, hoping our Lord can have pity for them and lift the veil that blinds them. I certainly would listen to any advice you may have! Especially for the relatives. I find it easier to talk about Jesus at work, even though I expose myself to being fired for it (we are a republic insisting on secularism and religious matters are prohibited in public places, especially at work). Yes, it is easier with "strangers" or people I am less involved with, emotionally. (sighs)... What is the best way to do this ? I am soooooo grateful that I was given the gift of faith ! I am so grateful to be on the Lord's side <3
  3. Lonely christian alert!

    Thank you!! I hope I can contribute as weel :-)
  4. Lonely christian alert!

    Oh that's an encouraging welcome :-) Thank you very much !
  5. Lonely christian alert!

    Hi there, I feel alone in my country (France) where faith is seen as an old fashioned thing for biggots :-( I feel relieved to be able to chat with bros and sisters in Christ on the Internet. I cannot wait to get to actually speak to my people! God bless you all :-)