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  1. You are saying that we cannot use the Bible to witness to non-believers until the existence of God is proved to them? I wish so badly that you could have been at my church Sunday and heard the testimonies from our Gideon speaker about people who are saved by reading the Bible. I love to hear these testimonies. A Gideon team was in a prison not long ago for men who have life sentences. They were allowed to pass out Bibles to the men who would take one. One man yelled and screamed, "I'm not taking that book! Get away from me!" The Gideons cam back a couple of weeks later to talk to any of the men who wanted to discuss what they had been reading or to ask more about Christ and salvation. They saw the angry man. He was frightening looking. He yelled at them again, "Hey! Hey!" They were nervous. Then he said, "I didn't take one of your Bibles, but my cell mate did. HE CAN'T READ so he wanted me to read it to him and I got saved!!!" That's the supernatural power of the gospel. Another Gideon [business men who pass out and place Bibles all over the world] was in Japan not long ago. He was talking to a local preacher who was sharing his testimony with him. He said, "As a very young man, I was not saved and was a thief. That's how I made my way through life. I broke into a girl's school one night to find some money. Some of the girls woke up and began screaming. One of the girls threw something at my head and hit me with it. I grabbed it in my hand - why, I don't know - and escaped. It was a Bible. I kept it for a while - why, I don't know - but one day I began to read it and I saw my sin. I was saved and am now a pastor." The Bible is not "information" from God. It's a living, two-edged sword. It does not return to God void. It's had supernatural authority. Because it is the literal "word of God", it can be miraculously used as you see above. To convince someone of the existence of God without the Bible is futile. Yes, Romans 1 says that people have no excuse. But that doesn't mean to lay the Bible aside until you've convinced some and then and only then to share "information". God's word is infinitely more supernatural than mere information. Which bible is the "literal" word of God? If you claim this then every printed bible is from God no matter who translates it. So incorrectly translated bibles are still the literal word of God? The only perfect word of God is the original Greek and Hebrew texts, the English is as close as you can get with English translators putting their own thoughts or ideas into it, even as so far as to add to or take away from the word to suit themselves. If you would say then it's infallible, then your saying the many translators cannot possibly translate it wrong because they are perfectly infallible as well, to be able to translate it perfectly. As we know this isn't true.
  2. Maybe you need to read Watchman Nee's The Spiritual Man.
  3. R U hearing Him for yourself....

    “And the Father himself, who has sent me, has borne witness of me. You have neither [not] heard his voice at any time.” What an indictment! Jesus was saying to these devout Jews that as far as God was concerned, they were stone deaf! Have you ever thought that these words of Jesus could apply to us who believe in Him? Recently, I had a conversation over breakfast with a dear brother who loves God and is quite knowledgeable in the scriptures. Over the years God has used him to lead others to Christ and he has become a prolific writer about scriptural things. I have not personally known anyone like him for having insight into the deeper meanings of scriptural teachings. Yet, he confessed to me that he was having to be purged of all the interpretations of his former Bible teachers and things about the scriptures he has read so he can hear what the Spirit wishes to say to him as he reads the Bible. He found that as he reads a verse he hears the voice of these human teachers and their spin on each verse. I have not had any formal Bible school training as this brother has, but I still know what he means. As I read certain passages in the Bible, what my own teachers said about those scriptures either in their writings or personally, pops up in my mind. So the question came to me as I was pondering this problem, “Do I hear HIS words to me when I read the ‘Word of God’ or do I hear the words of human teachers and preachers and what they said about these scriptures?” Jesus made it clear that after He was to die on the cross, we would not be left alone but that He would come again. The Holy Spirit would be our Teacher and lead us into all truth (See John 14: 18-20 & 26). Yet, how many of us have filled our minds with the teachings of men and their traditions that make the commandments and leadings of God of no effect (see Matt. 15:6)? Even our adherence to the Bible itself can get in the way of obeying God as it did with Peter (See Acts 10:9-16). Isn’t this what Jesus was telling the Jews who wanted to kill Him because He healed a lame man on the Sabbath? He that HEARS my words and believes shall have everlasting life. We search the scriptures as did these learned Jews, but do we come to Him in the process and listen for His voice? Or do we look for and unconsciously hear the voices of our Christian teachers as their teachings bounce around between our ears with each verse? When the Spirit teaches us, there is life in His words. When we do not hear His voice, even as we study the Bible, it is nothing but a dead letter. The letter of the Bible kills, but the Spirit who desires to teach us gives life! Like Peter said after most of the disciples had turned away from Jesus, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life…” (John 6:68, ESV2011). Paul the Pharisee had been taught by the best Jewish scholars in Jerusalem, but when the living Christ confronted Him for the first time in his life he had to ask, “Who are you, Lord?” He knew the words of God, but he still had not met THE Word of God or heard Him as his Teacher! His life would be radically changed as Christ went on to teach him by His Spirit. When we wait on the Spirit to teach us, we have His words of life taking up an abode in our hearts. When we read the scriptures and hear the words of our human teachers or rely on them to tickle our ears with new things, death remains in us. We are no better than Paul who persecuted Christ by killing those who believed in Him thinking he was doing God a service. This radically changed Paul would go on to write, God desires to un-teach us so that we can once again become as children desiring to hear our Father’s voice or as Peter put it, This process of His stripping might take us out into a dark season of wilderness where we are even removed from Bible reading and teaching until we can hear HIS voice once again. Oswald Chambers wrote, Dear Father, help us to see our need to hear your Spirit as we read the scriptures and blot out of our minds all the voices of our human teachers that we have heaped upon ourselves over the years so we can hear Your voice clearly once again, Amen. Amen!! So true God has been showing me very much this, not to listen to man but to trust His guidance and listen to only His voice, not man's words.
  4. We are spirit and body. When the spirit enters the body the soul is created. The soul is the joining of the two which produces our will, mind, emotions, the seat of our personality, the "who we are" This joining of soul and spirit from then on can never be separated. We become a living soul through the spirit. This can never be undone from then until eternity. ONLY GOD can destroy both body and soul in hell, which shows you have body of flesh but it's a spiritual flesh body. So the three part isn't really a three part because the soul is the joining of spirit and body and isn't actually a part as body and spirit but is personality, emotions, will etc. These are not another part but a combination of the two. As an example, you make a cake by mixing ingredients and the result is a cake. By mixing a spirit with a body the result is the soul.
  5. ISLAM: We are spirits

    Yes the anti christ, not the true Christ.
  6. Standing with Israel

    We are to pray for Israel because we are their extended family as Christians. As they are are God's first born according to the word, we are God's adopted children, we therefore must pray for the peace of God's people because as we bless them God will honour us and bless us.
  7. No one ever goes to Heaven in NT times either!

    If the "first heaven" is the sky, that is, "of clouds" "which we can look up and see with our eyes," and the "second heaven" (Greek: epouranios = "above the sky") is not "limited to outer space," then how can the "second heaven" be "of stars" and not also be "God's abode?" We call it a "universe" because it is not limited by dimensions, and "as far as we can see," we STILLfind more stars and GALAXIES of stars! Some believe that the universe is finite, but others still imagine that it is a TRUE universe because, to date, the limit of the distances has never been found! It's only the Big Bang proposition that suggests a limit to the size of the universe. If that's true, then where does that put your "third heaven = God's abode?" In another dimension of reality? And, if the New Jerusalem comes down from God out of "heaven," then how far would that city have to come? Or, how could it make the trip from another dimension of reality? Could it make it The universe exists in heaven. The heavenlies are outside our physical universe, which is the third heaven. Heaven existed before the universe so it's logical that the universe exists in the realm of God's abode.
  8. Jesus Is God

    Actually I only mentioned one word in that passage, the word God, which is actually strongs concordance number 410 which doesn't say God. It means strength or mighty in reference to any deity, God, god, goodly, great, idol, might(-y one), power, strong. That's what I said. So to use the word God in place where the word is supposed to be strength or mighty is wrong and is not true to what the verse is saying. If you actually look it up for yourself you will see what I mean. And no I didn't actually say the whole verse. The verse is still talking just about Jesus. And besides 17 of the 39 words in the verse are added words. Look it up if you don't believe me.
  9. Was mary "full of grace"?

    Mary full of grace. The angel is stating something already otherwise he would have said, Mary you will be full of grace. She was highly favoured because of being full of grace. Nor did he say to Mary, you will be full of grace when holy spirit comes upon you. A requirement of the holy spirit overshadowing her was, her full of grace. Think of it this way, if she'd been unkind or an unfriendly person or mean hearted or judgemental or anything against the law do you think God would have used her this way? No he wouldn't. Her being full of grace was God's requirement for her to be qualified or fit to raise God's son. Otherwise Jesus would not have had the right environment to grow in, as the son of God. God had to have standards as to what was required for Christ to grow up. Mary full of grace was the required standard.
  10. Jesus Is God

    I John 4 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. 2 By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already.4 Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. 5 They are from the world; therefore they speak from the world, and the world listens to them. 6 We are from God. Whoever knows God listens to us; whoever is not from God does not listen to us. By this we know the Spirit of truth and the spirit of error. Your agenda is not fooling anyone. Not a single Christian on this forum accepts a word you have to say, mission failure. It's obvious you haven't looked up that verse in the concordance to check what I said. My agenda?? Really, I have no agenda but the truth. That verse you quote I agree with what it says, it is true that Jesus was flesh. You have such a mind set that your right and everything else is wrong. You do not even have a humble spirit to consider something different because you believe you know it all. It's unfortunate you will not listen to what God is truly saying in His word. God will use the person you least want, to teach you the truth. If your not humble or willing to be open then it shows a spirit of pride. I am sorry that you don't have a spirit that is humble or willing to learn. I've given you the truth in the word and you deny the word what it says yourself. I quoted exactly what the word says and you refuse to listen to it. I let the word judge as you are accountable before God according to the truth I've shown you. I pray that God opens your spirit to see the truth in love. I don't want anyone deceived by the devils lies. In Thessalonians only the anti christ says he is God. I just re read the whole new testament for verses the last week, as I read it every day. If you study the word God will show you the truth also. Be blessed.
  11. Jesus Is God

    Actually the word used can relate to any deity, god, idol, angel. Doesn't specifically mean God. If it did then your saying every idol angel etc is God. But you would already know this because you read Hebrew, or are you just twisting scripture to fit your belief??
  12. Jesus Is God

    Well it does make sense because God cannot take on sin and since Jesus spirit is one with his flesh both spirit and body took on the sins of mankind. God cannot look upon sin, let alone take upon the sins of mankind. It is against God's perfect nature to take on sin. That is who God is. He cannot change, He cannot be something else, He cannot break His word, He cannot lower Himself lower than angels. God never changes, never ever.
  13. Jesus Is God

    Can you explain how when Jesus was in Mary's womb as a few tiny cells how was he co-equal with the Father and how it can be that God never changes yet Jesus changed from God in the beginning to being an embryo in Mary's womb. How is this never changing, being the same yesterday today and forever as the bible says?
  14. Jesus Is God

    You talk like you know it all but it's obvious you don't. If you actually studied scripture you would see how much is added to make you believe a trinity. The devil loves you believing a trinity because it's his idea, long before the new testament was written. The bible doesn't prove a trinity, it's just been added in by translators who believed it, not because it's what's being said. I studied out Isaiah 9:6 today which you love to quote, and you know 17 words are added out of 39 words total in the verse. And you know what I found?? The word God (Jehovah) isn't even in the verse. It's been added by translators. The word is actually 410 which means strength or mighty. You say you know Hebrew yet you quote that verse without even looking it up. Well got news for you trinity believers, I've now found nearly 400 verses that discredit a trinity belief or Jesus being God. God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. All apostles say it and believe it. The trinity was introduced and people have just accepted this lie. The anti christ is the only one who claims to be God. 1 Corinthians 15:28 Says Jesus is subordinate to God the Father. This is contrary to a trinity belief in which they are all equal in position character personality. John 16:13 Says the holy spirit doesn't speak on his own but only that which he hears, that will he speak. If they are all equal then none of them can speak unless the other speaks. So no one can speak because they can't speak of their own. Numbers 23:19 Says God is not a man (human flesh and blood) that He should lie nor the son of man (human flesh and blood).......... Yet Jesus was flesh and blood, and still has flesh now. Genesis 2:7 Man became a living soul, that is flesh and spirit became United in the soul, they became 1. Jesus cannot be God and man because of this verse. The flesh and spirit are united as 1 being.
  15. Jesus Is God

    Except you don't understand that verse. The other 385 verses that use that word "word" say so. If it was Jesus being referred to then those other verses wouldn't make sense.