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  1. 1.The Rapture Theory

    Just wondering why it is Jesus never mentioned a "rapture" when he laid out the events leading up to his return. You would think it most important for Jesus to mention it, unless 1 - it's not true, 2 - maybe he for got, 3 - God didn't tell him about it, 4 - or actually he did mention it AT THE END - Matthew 24:31. Jesus says he who endures unto to end shall be saved. No mention of those who are a Christian will get a free ticket out of here. Because it says It is appointed once for a man to die, then the judgement. If they are raptured then they won't die. Which means that verse would be wrong, unless they have to come back and die which is ridiculous not to mention not something God would do to us.
  2. New

    If anyone interested in discussing their interpretation of the trinity. If you believe it or don't believe it. Was going to start a topic on it. I am curious to know what people understand about it and why. And whether scripture fully agrees with it or if it doesn't agree with it. Bible verses for or against it. Because I want to know if since the bible is all truth and people believe the trinity is truth then the bible shouldn't say anything that says otherwise.
  3. Conditional Salvation

    Faith isn't belief. You can believe you have faith to do anything but it's not faith. Faith is a power that only comes from the word of God dwelling in your spirit. Faith is a spiritual power that only flows out of your spirit. Faith is creative power as your spirit grows in unity with the word your faith increases also.
  4. Conditional Salvation

    We have been given a measure of faith. To say faith is a free gift then puts a limit on how much faith you have as your basing your level of faith on how much "gift" you can get from God, which is totally wrong. Because your saying then if someone has more faith than another then they must be better than someone else who has less faith, because God has "gifted" them with more faith. That belief is very wrong.
  5. Conditional Salvation

    You say that but scripture says different. Romans 10:17 and Ephesians 2:8 according to what I said and posted doesn't say faith is that free gift.
  6. Conditional Salvation

    Faith is not a direct gift from God given to some but not others. Rather, as Paul wrote to the church at Rome, “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17). Faith in Christ as the Son of God is only found in those who have first heard the Word of God, and then believed (cf. John 20:31) http://apologeticspress.org/apcontent.aspx?category=6&article=1246
  7. Conditional Salvation

    So when Jesus said to have faith as a mustard seed He was saying what? You need to be waiting for more gift from the Lord? If faith was a gift then you would have to wait to get the gift of faith to then believe by faith in the gift of salvation to get saved.
  8. Conditional Salvation

    Actually the bible says where faith comes from Romans 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
  9. SUPERGIRL? Really?

    And the anti christ will be the superman everyone is looking/waiting for.
  10. The Spiritual Realm

    Yes they can, my parents have seen it for themselves. Some statues a friend of ours had from Africa. God told her to get rid of them so they prayed and then cast them into the fire and they jumped back out. They had to command them in the name of Jesus to stay in the fire.
  11. Conditional Salvation

    Actually the free gift is salvation not the faith.
  12. There are 7 spirits of God, which one is the holy spirit?
  13. Numbers 23:19 Says God is not a man nor the son of man. 1 Corinthians 15:21 Says Jesus is a man. Clearly no trinity. Only the anti christ claims to be God.