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  1. Nice, Patriot. I added a bit of eye candy for y'all.
  2. As I've posed to many evolutionists, even if you believe evolution happened and, the "Big bang" happened somewhere, at some point, there had to be a crator that created the first atom of matter, even if it all came form that one atom, some power created that first atom. I choose to believe that God, the God of the Bible, is that creator. Who or what you choose as the Creator must come from your heart. All I or anyone else can do is pray that you will find the truth and, know in your heart that it is in fact true.
  3. You know when you make too much spaghetti and, have tons of it leftover? Well I have a great use for it, simple and quick. You need enough leftover spaghetti with any sauce you like to fill a casserole dish and enough grated cheese to cover the top completely. Then just put it in the oven at 400 for half an hour to get it hot and melt the cheese. Serve it with a salad and, if you like some garlic bread. I like a blend of cheddar and Parmesan cheese but, even Swiss cheese or cream cheese will work.
  4. I have a vegetable garden each year as well as fruit trees and vines. I need the bees and ants for my produce so, yes, I plant flowers and things to draw the pollinators in that I need. My okra is right next to my peony becasue both need ants, for example.
  5. Ella, I understand where you are coming from. I am a survivor as well. A supposedly godly man inflicted abuse on me that was decidedly ungodly. The two things you have to take to heart are that it was not your fault, you did nor said anything to make the abuser do that to you. He manipulated and lied to you PERIOD. And, no matter what negative effect that had on you, once you give it to God, that's it, it isn't yours any more. You may still be effected by your past, as we all are but, God understands and, He forgives when we give it to him through Jesus Christ. Pray not only for yourself but, for your abuser. Forgive your abuser in your heart and, ask God to forgive him as well. We are all sinners, that's why Jesus had to die for us. Accept His sacrifice as your own. When you are tempted by sin, pray, command the tempter to get away from you in the name of God.
  6. Hi Geova, I met you in chat. It is great to see you here.
  7. BlueMoods


    Hi Scooter, welcome to Worthy.
  8. Welcome Brown Jeremia Mbwiloh. Thank you for the picture showing a bit of God's beautiful creation.
  9. BlueMoods


    Hi ewq, welcome aboard.
  10. Welcome, Maurice. Glad to see you here.
  11. Welcome, I look forward to hearing more form you.
  12. I was raised SDA, and while I can't deny the miracles I witnessed at their Southern California camp and retreat, Pine Springs Ranch, I do know that they teach salvation by works, that the dead sleep until the second coming and, that the wicked will be destroyed before the earth is restored. Not one of them I have ever known follows all of the teaching of Ellen G. White, whom they claim is a prophet. Go to any church buffet and look for cheese in the dishes offered. Yet one thing E.G. White says in "Councils on diet and food." is "Cheese is wholly unfit for food." That's just one small example. I left because I disagree with some of the teachings of the SDA church. I won't condemn them as a cult but, what they teach is not entirely Biblical either. Keep your eyes and heart open to God and, let Him show you the truth.
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