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    I believe in God our father I believe in Christ the son I believe in the Holy Spirit our God is three in one. I don’t understand a lot of things but I know that God sent the Holy Spirit to teach us All things. We need to read the word more if we ask He will show us if that’s what He wants.
  2. Hi all I’ve been having very strange dreams some are scary some are sad I used to get really scary ones my mum has a book about curses and broke them off I have repented for watching horror movies as a kid . Sometimes I have really bad thoughts which I have learnt to overcome with help from God. I have prayed. Let the Holy Spirit show you what is happening please 🙌🏻 All the glory to the God who heals in Jesus name ❤️
  3. Amen!! All the glory to God. Thank you 😊
  4. I was born with gastroschisis a birth defect (caused me to be born without a belly button) I grew up with my mother and two other siblings. My mum taught me about God and came to my school once to talk about him. After that I was teased and Kids would say things like what I would be getting for my birthday. Kids over heard and mocked saying is Jesus going to buy you that. It was horrible the fact that I didn’t know how to react. I grew up and was very troubled I constantly stayed in my room watched any movie I wanted mostly horror movies. I then felt ill due to having a cyst so I was in hospital for an operation after that. I missed a lot of school and didn’t want to go back. I didn’t like school at all. So I changed schools and the most I went was for two days and I done some study but never finished it. I never went back never got a qualification and never finished school. I then get older and tried to feel something other than pain I was addicted not to the drugs but to sleeping around, I was craving love from all the wrongs things I was so miserable and all the while I called myself a Christian. I went in and out of relationships and suffered depression and anxiety and all the things I tried to harm myself and I felt so rejected I was baptised and had gone to church and meetings. Then I met a guy who was meant to make everything go away I wouldn’t have to fight for love. One night I had a dream I woke up crying and the dream turned out to play out in real life. My sister and boyfriend were sleeping together. I couldn’t handle it I was so broken and cried myself to sleep every night. After two years of going back to the only thing I knew was sleeping around. Then my lord and saviour saved me. I had read the bible and went to church but I never felt it. I needed a way out. So I went to these groups called the Jesus tent with my mum she’d been asking me to go to for ages and she wanted me to watch my little sister. One of my mums friends was there and he prayed for me then along the way id go to meetings and feel touched and start crying uncontrollably in front of everyone. It was my heart crying out to God. The man would come over and ask to pray with me in away that I could connect with. He’d tell me what God wanted me to know and I would just cry. I started to change. I want to say I jumped but I walked into God’s arms. I felt rejected and every time someone would pray for me and break off the rejection and all the things holding me down God was taking away the chains that held me from jumping into his arms. The more I trusted God the more I started to feel changed. He has been so evident in my life with so many blessing I owe everything to God! This is a short version of my testimony if anyone would like to hear more 😊
  5. I’m trying to get the hang of this app I will try and forgive this out and share my testimonys thank you
  6. Hi I would love to share my testimony I’m still new here and don’t know my way around 😊
  7. God has been blessing me so much and I just want to let those out there know if you feel discouraged or rejected press harder into to seeking God. The more it hurts the deeper you seek for him. He always shows up. JesusLovesYou
  8. Hi all up into this moment the trinity was a sure thing but someone’s reply made me think and I have googled and it says that trinity isn’t mentioned in the bible? Peace and truth be with your answer and reply in Jesus name 😊
  9. Please let me know when you have this is an awesome Idea May peace truth direction and knowledge be with you in Jesus name 😊
  10. Thank you I am still working out how to post and comment and all that 😊 Peace truth and blessings be with you 😊
  11. Thank you so much for your kind words. I want to do his will for my life. He deserves all the praise. It’s lord is with me I want to grow with him. 😊 That is very nice of you thank you 😊
  12. Thank you I have been feel very strongly lately to read the word of God. I have been praying that the holy spirit leads me. Thank you for you help 😊
  13. Thank you for your reply. I am holding onto God because He’s the only one worth holding on for. ❤️ May Peace and many blessing be with you 😊
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