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  1. I can vouch for the truth of this. It may not be the exact same circumstances but in my own life I've experienced God's freeing Power from mental illness despite being told by medical professionals that the answer was in medication. The world can only attempt to treat and cure and stabilise us and the troubles inside ourselves with the worlds mean - medication, breathing techniques, minfulness, etc. But we serve a God who is not conformed to this world. Of course God created doctors and medicine for us to use for our physical ailments. But when I read the Gospels I see that every case of insanity or what we would call mental illness etc, was demon possession or demon oppression, and Jesus and the disciples dealt with it by addressing the root cause - demon powers. I therefore truly believe that the majority of mental illness in the world today is a result of either demonic possession or demonic oppression (as children of God we cannot be possessed, but we can be demonically oppressed from the outside). I have found freedom from deep depression through filling my mind with the word of God, proclaiming His word, and verbally binding the enemy in Jesus' name. Not only that, but 10 years ago I experienced a trauma in my life, and from that day forward I was plagued by a spirit of fear which manifest in certain situations. I was told by the professionals that this is normal when you experience trauma, and that while I could try to manage it with breathing techniques and the likes, I would just have to learn to live with it. But do you know what? Four long years later I surrendered my life to Jesus and soon after He delivered me from that spirit of fear in one MOMENT! This was an immediate deliverance for me, and of course not everything will happen immediately. We must learn to use the authority God has given us through Jesus Christ to combat the spirit of fear and anxiety which are NOT from God but from Satan, and to use His very word to renew our minds and conform them to God's truth, and refuse to allow the devil to make us feel like there is no way out of our present circumstances. We must fight the fight of faith in all areas of our lives, depression and anxiety included. I want to encourage anyone here experiencing what the world calls mental illness that you do indeed have a sound mind in Christ and it's devil who wants you to believe otherwise and we must combat that liar with the Word of God and apply His word to our lives and we will see freedom, praise the Lord.
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I guess the main issue I have is no so much the cutting contact, because I do believe that can be biblical in the right circumstances. But the issue of not welcoming the believer back into fellowship again once they've repented of the sin they were cut off for. I fell into sin for a season, for which I am thoroughly ashamed and will never condone. But the fact I have repented and am still cut off from my born-again sister (including her husband and kids who I adore, and have been there for all their lives until 7 months ago) and 2 other very important people in my life, has kept me in a place where it feels impossible to move forward and have faith I'm truly forgiven by God. It's only been recently I started picking up my bible again, because I've been feeling so much condemnation inside. To have already repented and be trying to continue my walk while remaining this tainted person who is not allowed to see or speak to them because of my past. It's so difficult and has been affecting me more than I think they know.
  3. The context is cutting all contact with a fellow Believer who fell into sin for a season. After having repented, that Believer is still cut out because the Believer/s who cut them off believe they are not fully right with God in other areas.
  4. Thank you all for your warm welcomes and kind words And welcome Bluejeans!
  5. Hello and welcome, praising God here for how He brought you through that bad season of your life, He is so merciful.
  6. Thank you! It's good to be here.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm Rachel and a Spirit-filled, bible believing child of God saved by faith in Jesus Christ. I have believed in Him since childhood, I said 'the sinners prayer' at about age 3 and my faith - thank God - has never ceased, even though I am ashamed to say I spent most of life doing my own thing, living in sin, not really giving Him a thought. It wasn't until the age of 24 - in December 2012, that God drew me back to Himself and brought me to true repentance for the first time in my life. Nothing has been the same since then, and I am forever thankful to God for His love and mercy. Fast-forward to now, this year has been full of some of the best and worst things to happen to me, all at once; many of the major events in life, bad decisions, and situations beyond my control. My faith has taken a lot of knocks and I have at times doubted God can ever use me again and have become despondent for much of the year. But I'm determined to not let anything keep me from Him and His Word any more. I need His wisdom and guidance now more than ever and having been abandoned by the three people whose godly fellowship and encouragement I used to cherish the most, it's so good to be able to join an online community of believers. Thanks for reading and nice to meet you
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