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  1. Division has caused much pain for me. Could you pray that those who need to talk do so. They need to overcome their fear of confrontation and stubbornness to heal the family.
  2. What a blessing it is to have found someone to talk with. I and alone on our farm much of the week with no one to talk to about this. I know my husband would listen but I don't want to bend his ear about this because it would sour his attitude about church. He loves this tiny church and feels like he makes a difference doing what he does in the church. He comes from a huge church that worked it's workers to death "every time the doors opened" and likes a more intimate setting. I finally don't have to drag him to go to church. He wants to go. Today was an eye opening experience for this little "Martha wanna be". God has shown me through many different ways today that I have not given up control over my life and all it encompasses. I am still bullied by the idea of performancism and perfectionism and to be all things (in my strange way of thinking) to all people. If things aren't like I think they should be, then there must be something wrong. Pray for me friends that I would live biblically minded to say Christ is sufficient and “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God;” ‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭3:5‬ ‭KJV‬‬
  3. Thank you, friends. You have given me much to think about and consider. I have actually done many of those things, but maybe my dissatisfaction has clouded these and I need to take a closer look. I appreciate your kindness and advice.
  4. You are right. I do put a lot of expectations on visible signs and results. I pray that my critical spirit will be removed and that I can take joy in the work that I don't see outwardly. Thanks for that
  5. Yes I have become quite good friends with many of the members. I do pray often about this. I don't want to leave, but I'm very discouraged. Out of the whole congregation, maybe 10 are actively doing something. Even then, there isn't a feeling of Spirit led purpose or direction
  6. I do too. I am troubled by many things. The "alter call" never has a response. No one ever goes up to pray. The praise leader doesn't choose music related to the sermon or invitation. She doesn't plan anything further than a week away. Christmas music last year was very nearly spur of the moment and one week only of Christmas hymns etc. She hates hymns. She says that she grew up with judgy old women who only liked hymns. My invitation to not suggest any from then on... She only likes contemporary music (many 15 in varying order from week to week) I'm so frustrated. We joined hoping to help a small church that had a dynamic young pastor and then he left. I got plugged into serving wherever I could and have made friends, but after almost two years, I don't feel as though it is effective as it could be. There have been no salvations, no baptisms, no new members.....
  7. I was wondering why I couldn't post in any section but this one? That would be helpful. I've prayed about this for a while now. I press on to do what I can to promote a missional outlook and growth, but it's met with quite a bit of resistance.
  8. Am I doing something wrong? I just needed some advice...?
  9. Hello, My name is LJ. I live in a small community. I attend a small Baptist church in the city near me. We run about 45 or so and the congregation consists of mostly 55 and older couples and families. The average age would be closer to 65. There are no children, except one family of 6 whose children are all under 13. We have a Wednesday night program for school-aged kids. We have about 18 kids who participate but go to other churches on Sundays. We have a young pastor, in his 30's, who does a nice job preaching. The church has a small outreach to a local rehab community, which the requirement for enrollment is participation in a "faith-based" organization (love the pc verbiage of today) I joined this church about 2 years ago when the previous pastor was there. He left four or five months later to be closer to aging sick parents. The previous pastor was very energetic in his approach to salvation and vision for the church and I loved his preaching style. He preaching was organized and leaned more to an evangelistic message. Since his departure, the pastor who took over has displayed very little vision for growth and outreach, save the small number from the rehab and the children on Wednesday. He is very knowledgeable and studious but does not put Jesus and salvation central in his messages. They are more along the lines of Christian living. I'm relatively young (53) I have several abilities that I think would help in church. I am a former teacher (vocal and elementary) -so I can help with children and sing in the praise team. I lead a women's Bible study. I cook for functions at church and I have a flexible schedule that allows me to do many things needed around the church like cleaning etc. I feel like the Lord had given me talents to use in these ways. I'm not looking for encouragement or acknowledgment really, I just don't see many others at church picking up on a zeal to serve or grow in numbers or reaching people for the Lord. They seem very content with the status quo. It frustrates me and it makes me worry about the future of the church. We do not support many missions outside the rehab, and there is relatively low giving to national or international missions efforts. I am very discouraged by the low energy and drive and lack of vision. I look at myself sometimes and wish I weren't so hard to please, but I don't know if I can stay in this kind of church for much longer. Does this sound like it is just my negative impression or should I look for another church? I'm very sad about this. I can't do this all by myself and I cannot force my own wishes on a congregation that doesn't feel the same way.
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