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  1. Thanks so much and indeed, the closer the better.
  2. Communication is key in any relationship, one with the Lord is no exception. Therefore, I've started a prayer/scripture journal and set aside time for more regular prayer and study. A brief prayer and verse hunt in the morning and a question with an in-depth study in the evening. Then yesterday the funniest thing happened. As some of you know, I've been considering my internship. Weeks ago, one came up for the summer and the process for getting into it was confusing. This didn't help with my tendency to freeze up on especially important decisions. So, I kept it simple and prayed, "Lord, if this is the right internship, open the door wide. If not, slam it in my face." After sending in my application, I received no response and assumed rejection. Closed door, on with summer, that's fine. From yesterday morning's verse hunt: "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans." Proverbs 16:3 The day proceeded as normal. Then, right before bed, I looked at my email and saw a response for the internship much later than I expected. FREAK OUT, FREAK OUT, FREAK OUT!!! At that point, it looked like the door was swinging wildly on its hinges. So, I went into the deeper study of the day, "The Lord works out everything to it's proper end--even the wicked for a day of disaster." Proverbs 16:4 "In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps." Proverbs 16:9 The Lord's answer: "What's changed? The door is open, just in my timing, not yours. Finish what you started and don't worry." My tears stopped flowing, and I settled. The worries shrank into irrelevancy and I felt more than a little silly. What was I afraid of, anyway? It is interesting to see just how little substance is behind fears for the future. Put the candle of faith to it, and you'll see it was nothing more than a shadow cast on the wall by your nightstand.
  3. Thank you very much. I'm glad it was touching. I will check out the poetry club as well
  4. Hi there, I'm new and I love well done Christian fiction. Though I can be pretty picky, especially considering that the "Christian fiction" section of my book store is comprised almost entirely of those frontier romances that quickly become a broken record. Maybe if I look around here I'll find something more wholesome. Of course, this isn't all take, take, take. Here's a book called The Door Within. I picked up because the synopsis was kind of interesting: https://www.amazon.com/Door-Within-Trilogy/dp/1400322642/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=the+door+within&qid=1552137619&s=gateway&sr=8-1 I started reading and it has some great ideas, but I'm on the fence about it because of some aspects of its tone. Any of you all hear of it? If so, what's your oppinion.
  5. As I said on my profile, I came to Christ at a young. But, as we all know, the initial approach is only a beginning. This seems like a good spot to share some of that growth. It's a bit of a long story. So, get a cup of tea, sit back, and relax. Picture yourself with a massive jar of pennies. You want to know how much is in the jar and the only way to find out is by hand counting, one hundred pennies for every dollar. After a while your hands pick up the scent of the coins, a gross coppery smell. Now, picture that in your mouth. That's what blood tastes like. When I was ten years old, I was playing with a jar of flour. I blew into it gently, visualizing it as fairy dust. My mouth filled with blood. I ran to the sink and began spitting it out. But it was gushing faster than I could spit. My sister saw the incident and ran for our mother. Thank God, she was a nurse and could contain the bleeding with thick wads of paper towel and pressure. She sat me down and said I needn't be afraid because Christ bled too. Once I calmed down we piled into the car and headed for the ER. But they could find nothing wrong and the bleeding had stopped. Though the evidence of it was all over my shirt. They sent us home. Mom wasn't satisfied and who better to turn to than the creator of the human body? After some prayer, God told her to call my dentist. She explained what happened and they told her to bring me in if it happened again. A week later it did and we went to the dentist. Thank God, he referred us to an oral surgeon instead of making careless assumptions. The surgeon we saw was delighted because he had just put down the latest book on my condition that very day. Arterial Venus Malformation. I'll keep the explanation brief. It's an aneurism (an over sized blood vessel) in my right jaw. For over a decade after, we took six trips down to Boston and six hours back. Sometimes it was for surgery, other times it was just appointments for discussing procedures. This was something I was born with and I knew the Lord had his reasons. But, I won't deny a hot vein of anger that surged. Why was I on this never ending carousel? Why was it this hard? What was this grander purpose behind my woes? During one of my many times at Mass General hospital, we were in the waiting room when an older woman asked mom how the bedside cots were. It turns out, she and her daughter were seeing the same doctor for a similar issue. We were later placed in the same room. I was wearing an ice pack and felt the usual drowsiness. Yet, you can't imagine how hard it is to sleep on that hard mattress with the constant beeping of monitors. On top of that, you have a lovely nurse coming in every hour to say, "Can I check your vitals, honey?" Anyway, the older woman told her daughter that she was going down for coffee and the girl pleaded desperately, "No mom, please don't leave me alone." Instantly, my prayer was answered as I remembered a time when I was the one pleading for my mom not to go, even for just a minute. I felt moved to speak and called out to them on the other side of the curtain. "I know that this hard right now, but it'll be ok." I then told her about how the mouth is one of the spots in the body that heals fastest. Or something like that. Afterward, I sat back and just like the ripples on a lake, I could see a little of what my journey did for those around me. That girl was a little less scared. I remembered the doctor from Israel who thanked me for letting him examine my case and how helpful the information would be in his own country. There was one nurse who changed her entire career path based on my case. I remembered the cross made of popsicle sticks that I gave my doctor and how he said, "I could've used this three years ago." Those were just the instances I knew about. What about all the others I didn't know about? How far did those ripples extend? What other shores did they touch? What would I lose if all of it had never happened? I don't have all the answers, but I'm in touch with the one who does and, even when I don't comprehend, I can know that He is working. Some day, it'll be rolled out in full and I'll marvel at His wonders. "Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live." Psalm 116:2
  6. Very! Those words rolled well. Being positive is just plain swell
  7. I love the idea of a Christian art section. Of course, this includes literature. So I thought I'd share my poem, originally written and read at a school event honoring the techniques of Emily Dickinson. I hope you all enjoy it. Radiance of Pearl Romance and I have never met, Though I glimpse him through a fog— At times in forms most fine, Once appearing as a man of virtue, Of compassion and encouragement Attractive, The future I imagined was an illusion— The fog ate him away with no hope of interaction— I am alone and cold, Worthless slime— Hideous obscurity. I prayed— With agony’s wheeze rather than words, Until there came in answer the soundless voice, Radiance of Pearl Pearls are rare—first interpretation derived, But then the second unfurls. Does a pearl know that it’s a pearl? Is it aware—while in the darkness of its shell—of Its beauty forming layer by layer? No, It doubts in darkness, Lost in its fissure—until the sun kisses it And it feels that it’s a treasure.
  8. Thank you so much one and all. When two or more are gathered, the Lord is there.
  9. I would like to submit a prayer request for the United States of America. We are a nation drifting further away from the Lord and there's so much anger. I pray for the Lord's forgiveness upon us. I pray that if it is in his good and glorious will that we shall continue to prosper. But if not, I pray for his strength and preservation for us in our times of trouble. Come Lord Jesus come. 
  10. Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, My name is Emily Norris and I live in the state of Maine, USA. It's a cold morning, with snow steadily falling. There's no school today and mom is preparing a piping hot turkey dinner. She got onto this site a short while and has been raving about how nice it is to have Christian companionship in a world fading further and further away from the love of God. Being amidst my education at the local University, I'm finding that I too am craving such companionship. I came to Christ at age six and have been growing through both victories and trials since then. He has truly kept his promise, "Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you." Deuteronomy 31:6. Some of my favorite biblical role models include Daniel, Enoch, and Paul. I admire Daniel for his dedication and in the time of my country's turbulence, it's encouraging to see that the Lord and His kingdom to come is a steady rock upon which we stand, regardless of how our physical surroundings change. I like Enoch because of how close he got to the Lord and I like Paul because he reminds us that the Lord can mold any person for the better. I'd love to hear which are your favorite biblical role models and why. I love Christian music. Some of my favorite tracks include: The Proof of you Love by For King and Country, Diamonds by Hawk Nelson, I Can Only Imagine by Casting Crowns, Just be Held by Casting Crowns, Blessings by Laura Story, Even if by Mercy Me, Sparrows by Jason Grey, Greater by Third Day. Okay, I'll stop now, haha. I would love to hear what some of your favorites are. I'm also a real Narnia nutty and very much enjoy writing Christian based fiction, the goal being: Sharing the love of Christ as many time and in as many ways as possible within the world of literature. Thanks for accepting me into this group and I very much look forward to fellowship. God bless! 
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