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  1. the oil is Sanctifying Graces received during prayer pray as much as you can Nicky...and your lamp will be shining brightly when He comes! if you struggle to find 'something to say'... then pray His Word back to Him...The Psalms especially, they are the very prayers He used here on Earth they needn't be 'for you'...so your own feelings needn't be reflected in them offer them in prayer and Jesus will use them as He needs for wherever/whoever has that need in the world or you can simply sit in silence with Him if you're busy/on the go...just pause a moment and tell Him you love Him! or thank Him for His Suffering for you and for everyone or for some particular Grace/Mercy/Blessing in your life...or those you love...or those who offend you its all about prayer Nicky...prayer lights the lamp God bless you my brother
  2. the End Times harlot is a 'church' guilty of spiritual adultery that is...embracing non-Christian beliefs/practices it teaches 'there's many ways up the mountain' and 'Jesus was just a human being, a great spiritual leader, but nothing more than that...someone like the Bhudda' that 'church' is already in evidence it is the Unitarian 'church' they call themselves 'free Christians' they fully embrace unitarian universalist theology and purposely include 'multi-faith' readings/prayers in their services some even have the accepted symbols of all world religions displayed outside their chapels they are welcomed by many as a step toward peace and an end to religious conflict (even the Quakers, a once staunchly Christian group, are increasingly falling prey to this tendency) it is this 'church' that the foe will co-opt as he tries to form a 'one world government/currency/religion it would seem that he may 'headquarter' it in Rome, seeking to ape the Headquarters of The True and Universal Holy Catholic Church in addition...some of his agents, both witting and unwitting (freemasons, communists, rampant homosexuals), have infiltrated the Holy Catholic Church and are attempting to destroy Holy Mother Church from within (and other churches too...check out the official position of The Holy Lutheran Church of Sweden on 'LGBT issues') so...the End Times Harlot is readily identifiable, it is the 'one world religion' encompassing ALL world religions promoted by the antichrist and led by the false prophet love to one and all Pax Christi
  3. 'Christian mindfulness'... being 'present'...'in the present moment' the present moment is given by God...every beat of our heart, every breath we take every sight we see, every sound we hear all have been ordained...either Created (if Good) or 'allowed' (if not good) by God they couldn't exist/occur otherwise...God is Sovereign God is in the present moment He isn't in the moment that just passed, nor is He in the moment yet to come His Power, Grace and Love are in this moment...though He is aware of every moment past, present and future it is this moment He holds in being...constantly, eternally, lovingly He is here...He is now...He is Love thus paying attention to the (God given) present moment is paying attention to God/His Love that is prayer the difference between Eastern mindfulness and 'Christian mindfulness' can be illustrated thus... Bhuddist looks at a beautiful landscape and thinks 'wow...that's beautiful' Christian looks at a beautiful landscape and thinks 'wow...that's beautiful...thank you Jesus, i love you' in the monastic tradition it's sometimes put this way...do what you are doing then when you look, you will see when you listen, you will hear it's only paying deliberate attention to the activity you are engaged in and that may only be sitting quietly and breathing...in Gods Silent Peace and by His Given Grace all our moments then become prayer and that is the path to Contemplation St Theresa of Avila called it 'finding God among the pots and pans' (i assume she was washing up!) long before the current popular craze of 'mindfulness' it isn't about an ALTERED state of consciousness it's about a SIMPLE state of consciousness my guess is that those who have become ill while trying to practice this very useful spiritual discipline, have much misunderstood it and sought an altered state of mind more in keeping with Eastern understanding that of course is no place for a Christian to go deliberately altered mental states can result in mental illness deep meditative states can leave the individual at risk of very subtle enemy attack i'm told children are being taught it in schools, no doubt that will be in it's secular humanist/Eastern form with no mention of Him Who provides the present moment we live in/the air we breathe/the eyes that see/the ears that hear that of course is cultivating ignorance of God much love to one and all Pax Christi
  4. in the revelations given to Vassula Ryden called 'True Life in God' Our Lord Jesus Christ makes a point of saying "when I lived among you in the flesh"...thus PROVING BIBLICALLY that these messages ARE from God (His statement is on the very first page of the printed version of these Holy Messages...DO NOT SLANDER THESE MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN...THE HOLY SPIRIT HIMSELF SPEAKS THEREIN, IN PERSON) and yet many here...Bible believing Christians all...refuse to accept Our Lords Love Hymn His Call is a call for Christian unity and love...unity of the heart it is rejected by those who, from misguided zeal, pride and lack of love, are hostile to it's obviously catholic content and by those who are suspicious and superstitious regarding it's method of delivery...Our Lord Jesus Christ guides Vassula's handwriting, gently and steadily, with her full permission and cooperation as she hears His Words (locutions) 1 John 4:1-2 PROVES IRREFUTABLY, BY THE VERY WORD OF GOD HIMSELF, GIVEN IN HOLY SCRIPTURE, that Vassula Ryden IS a genuine prophet and are we not taught...do not despise the gift of prophecy, simply test the spirits to see if they are from God these revelations pass that test...it's that simple who here will help Our Lord Jesus?? who here will deny Our Lord Jesus?? His Word...His Will much love to one and all...always and forever Pax Christi
  5. Welcome to Worthy Debbiejean, may God bless you and grant you His peace do not listen to the opinions of the corrupt and worldly culture we are besieged by...it's all 'phoney baloney' (an American term i believe?) who are 'they'...the media, the 'trend setters', the self appointed arbiters of beauty and value...to tell anyone what is or is not beautiful?? love them and forgive them...pray for them...but don't ever believe them without Jesus to reveal true beauty to them within, they are floundering...blind guides leading the blind true beauty has NOTHING to do with physical appearance true beauty is Jesus Christ alive in our hearts and shining from our eyes true beauty is love, mercy, humility, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, patience, self-control the more we have of our Beautiful Jesus...the more beautiful we become lotsa love to you my beautiful sister Debbiejean Pax Christi
  6. yep, agree with that we certainly don't all have to follow certain behaviors or practices unity is not uniformity and Traditions are treasured by all but i know Jesus wants us all to eat His Flesh and drink His Blood He said so and that Precious Gift is simply not available in every church i met a very interesting Indian lady today she is a Catholic...and attends Holy Mass every Sunday to receive Holy Communion literally...The Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ present in the form and taste of bread and wine why would anyone who loves Him NOT want to partake of Him?... (remember The Holy Bible contains a very stern warning to anyone who receives His Body and Blood without discerning for it...believing in/for it, they would eat and drink condemnation upon themselves...it's in one of St Pauls letters, can't remember where off hand but i promise you it's there...and why would that be included if The Blessed Sacrament were not His True Presence?) ...and then she goes on to a wonderful Holy Pentecostal Church afterwards for some more worship, prayer and praise i do the same thing myself from time to time very different behaviors and practices...both very enriching/complimentary concerning knowing and reading The Holy Bible and accepting/rejecting teaching... absolutely we must read for ourselves we should also remember The Magisterium of The Holy Catholic Church has prayerfully pondered, digested and pored over Holy Scripture for 2000 years or so the end result is The Catechism of The Holy Catholic Church those teachings are worthy of consideration too even if someone wanted to dispute them the main 'problems' people seem to have are Mary, Purgatory and works all are easily answered... look again at Rev 12:1-5 the woman (in v1) is identified (in v5) as the woman who gave birth to Jesus so that's Mary and (in v1) as wearing a crown in Heaven so that's Holy Mary, Mother of God (Jesus is God), Queen of Heaven look again at the parable of the unforgiving debtor, Matt 18:34 & 35 that guy is tortured...so he isn't in Heaven but he does get released once his debt is paid...so he isn't in hell either ergo...he must be in Purgatory look again at 1 John v23...we are commanded to believe in Jesus and to love one another v17, 18 & 19...we are told our love is to have practical charitable proof...good works (and of course these works can only be the product of Grace...apart from Christ we can do nothing) so... we are saved by Grace through faith alone (there is no other way...receive the gift of faith and confess Christ or be lost) but Jesus commands us to perform good works too...so we do please do read the verses for yourself and see what you make of them : ) much love to one and all Pax Christi
  7. the End Times apostate 'church' will be a unitarian universalist 'church' 'Jesus was just a good/wise man' and 'there's many ways up the mountain' thing the denial of Christs Divinity therein is part of The Great Apostasy sadly, many people will welcome it as an end to inter-religious fighting, a move toward 'peace' this will become the 'one world religion' promoted by the anti-christ and the false prophet it will have elements of every world religion included in its 'non-doctrinal' 'doctrine' how else could it appeal to so many with already existing religious beliefs? very sadly, even some Christians will fall foul of it...and apostasize people of no religious belief at all will find in it an uncontroversial religion they can accept all who follow it will eventually accept the mark of the beast...or face starvation these 'churches' are already in widespread existence their name boards sometimes carry the symbols of all the major world religions the vast majority of those attending do so in innocent ignorance of what is to come THIS is the vehicle the foe will infiltrate and use to form the End Times apostate church it will be obvious to us all another (possible) aspect of the Great Apostasy... it may even happen that there is an 'official' or 'semi-official' denial of/controversy over The True Presence of Jesus Christ in The Blessed Sacrament made/initiated by someone (a Pope even?) from within The Holy Catholic Church this man may be nothing more than a 'very silly billy' after all...many Christians already do not believe for the True Presence...no offence intended this too is part of The Great Apostasy it will be obvious to us all we can expect the foe to attack any move that would strengthen The Christian Church unity would strengthen us immeasurably hence the call for unity will be attacked...relentlessly if Christian unity does increase and the foe fear they face a losing battle they will change tactics they will attempt to subvert a more unified church from within they are already doing so...in ALL denominations indeed they have planned ahead and placed 'agents' ready freemasons and illuminati these are already active any destructive influence is 'worth a shot' for them also... infiltrating/hi-jacking genuine Christian evangelical dialogue with other world religions or moves to further genuine peace and non-violence would be a likely target we must be on our guard that attack will be subtle but ultimately...what can they do? Christ told us the gates of hell will not prevail against His Church and by that i assume He meant ALL of it...united or not we need only hold fast to the doctrine of The Holy Trinity and The Divinity of Jesus Christ any 'church' (united or otherwise) that discards those fundamental Truths has been 'got at' and any that doesn't...has not and it will be obvious to all of us so...do not fear the call for Christian unity it is a call given by Christ Himself the night before He died love to one and all Pax Christi for friendufthaylorde... may God bless you and grant you peace
  8. home church? no that's only (yet more) division that has NEVER been Gods Will obviously i'm aware the church started as 'home church' initially but the intention must always be to build...and to unite never to divide (though i know my brothers intentions are totally honorable/offered as food for thought) home prayer group? yep...He wants those VERY much now... having said the above the 'established churches' (ALL of them) will be increasingly under attack in these days The Tribulation draws ever nearer it may even be in our lifetimes that we see The Perpetual Sacrifice that is The Holy Mass abolished as Daniel prophesied and an abomination take its place wider spread denial of The True Presence of Christ in The Blessed Sacrament will be the sign that has happened when THAT happens it will be necessary for us to withdraw into seclusion The Lord will guide us until then...build and unite (and i'm not going to get into pre/mid/post Tribulation Rapture) JERRY...my brother in Christ, stand firm IN the church, do not leave, you need support much love to one and all Pax Christi
  9. one more point... who do we think continued to produce copies of The Holy Bible in the 'dark ages'? Catholic monks by hand and often at risk of their very lives amid Barbarian persecution SO was the Word of God preserved SO was Light still shone upon the Earth amid darkness Pax Christi
  10. for anyone... Protestant martyrs...(and there were many)...never should have happened Catholic martyrs...(and there were many)...never should have happened who was behind both, urging those responsible on to hatred, cruelty and barbarity? THE FOE that's why we MUST forgive...and forget or we risk playing straight into the hands of the enemy memory is so often a sign of REcrimination and all the rancor that goes with that Who is our ultimate role-model?...Jesus Christ what does He do when He forgives? He forgets so why don't we imitate Him? if we cannot, in our human wretchedness, forget can we not then choose to see such memories ONLY as an opportunity to love and forgive? love and forgive Catholic...love and forgive Protestant Protestant...love and forgive Catholic at least stop dredging them up as an opportunity to bash one another about where is the love in that? remember the past or? the likelihood of Christians literally burning one another alive today is...NIL (please God, surely that is so) if anything, that happens, metaphorically, here on the internet and it shouldn't, lest we DO (in heart, thought and word) repeat the horrific events of the past and where is the love in that? love to one and all Pax Christi for JustPassingThru... hi brother : ) i made no mention at all of any supposed 'false teaching' Catholic teaching is established by The Magisterium of The Holy Catholic Church and has developed over 2000 years of prayerful examination of Holy Scripture and prayerful contemplation am i absolutely convinced it is devoid of HUMAN error? no, i'm not human beings make mistakes but nor do i think it will be far 'off base' either 2000 years of scholarly and prayerful examination would make that unlikely do i think it could ever contain corrupted teaching resulting from darkness? no, not a chance now... of darkness itself...yes, that i did mention but your quote is incomplete i referred also to the infiltration of such darkness into The Holy Lutheran Church of Sweden look at their reported position on LBGTQ 'issues' and see for yourself it comes straight from the pit of hell i think such attack will become increasingly evident in these Last Days here in UK another paedophile priest scandal has just hit the headlines this one in The Holy Church of England as for nailing grievances to doors...clearly i should not be the only one we must ALL be vigilant thank you for your love my brother love is a precious gift every Christian brother and sister is precious to me i love you peace be with you
  11. the post about Catholicism/Protestantism/teachings and Scripture prompted this... for anyone... i'm Catholic i believe i am saved by Grace through faith in Jesus Christ there is no other way to be saved no faith, no Grace, no sanctification, no salvation i also believe my Savior requires, indeed He commands, good works from me i believe He sees these as further proof of my love for Him a practical outworking of His Love and Compassion from my heart and He wants me to show love for others partly in this way the Love that He has given me and commanded me to share these works include... feed the hungry give drink to the thirsty clothe the naked shelter the stranger visit the sick visit the prisoner He said so so i do my best enabled always and only by His Grace and Provision to do them in obedience to Him (it's not necessarily any more complicated than that) if i may be so bold... so much for the faith v works controversy...it's really just smoke and nonsense now consider this... faith (the absolute requirement for our salvation) without works is DEAD (James) DEAD...non-existent in Gods sight so for God 'no works' equals 'no faith' He said so...in His Word and the 'goats' on Judgement Day...did none of the above good works, and get condemned (Revelation) saved by works then? NO...we are saved by faith alone (there is no other way, confess Christ or be lost) good works an optional extra after that confession? apparently not...not according to Jesus they're not...they're mandatory...He requires them of us and i believe He takes a mighty dim view of disobedience because those who have chosen not to do them are condemned (Lord have mercy on us all) all who call upon the name of Jesus will be saved (Paul) yes, but also from him... work out your salvation in fear and trembling (Paul) in other words... 'welcome to Gods Family...now live to serve and please Him' and according to Jesus...woe betide us if we don't because clearly we could then find ourselves counted among the goats what are good works? well Jesus gave us the above list and told us to love one another so perhaps we could also say... a simple kindness a gentle gesture a loving smile a kind word a helping hand most especially when given to the poor the things WE ALL DO ANYWAY because we are Christians because we love Jesus and we want to please Him they're good works within our families within our workplaces our towns and cities all these are witnessing for Christ IF people know we are Christian do we wear visible symbols of our faith so that they can know? a Cross? a Crucifix? a Rosary? (yes that too is all about the life of Christ) a JESUS baseball cap? a JESUS t-shirt? clearly visible for all to see wearing those and loving anyone and everyone that also is good works isn't it? for the person who adjudged The Holy Catholic Church to be a servant of satan, leading people into error... we are all repentant sinners we have all made mistakes some of my own have been grievous but you need to be aware that your comments are hugely offensive you need to say sorry to Jesus for that one my friend The Holy Catholic Church is every bit as much His Church as is your own just say sorry, His Love and Mercy are unfathomable, He will forgive you most especially if you have been misguided by others or floundered in confusion and He knows too that your intention is only to be zealous for Him as best you understand that offered in love (i have posted elsewhere regarding the infiltration of 'enemy agents'...homosexuals/paedophiles/freemasons/illuminati into HRCC...trust me we will not be the only one's to suffer so in these times...eg see Holy Lutheran Church of Sweden reported position on LBGTQ 'issues') Pax Christi love to one and all Pax Christi
  12. hi jerry just found your post about maybe leaving the Church when we find ourselves innocently struggling with stuff and that includes doctrinal/denominational stuff or 'people' stuff we found discouraging or even the usual 'life' stuff the enemy WILL seize that opportunity to attack us the foe will try to get inside our heads and mess with us and then try to convince us to throw in the towel BE STRONG MY BROTHER IN CHRIST DO NOT ALLOW OUR ENEMY TO OVERWHELM YOU the foe is very, very crafty...and thus potentially very deadly BUT... defeating him is simple simply be...calm and prayerful breathe Gods wonderful air, don't worry, don't stress, talk to Jesus, sing songs to Jesus, tell Jesus you love Him to bits hold up your hands to the heavens and tell Christ you are HIS...for indeed you ARE and then, a bit like the old anti-drugs ads on tv...JUST SAY NO TO THE FOE trample the temptations of that scumbag into the dust FOR HE THAT LIVES IN YOU, THE HOLY SPIRIT OF CHRIST, IS MIGHTY AND BEYOND COMPARE, HE WILL GUIDE YOU AND HOLD YOU, HE WILL LIFT YOU UP AND STRENGTHEN YOU FOR THE FIGHT OUR RISEN SAVIOUR LIVES MY BROTHER, HE LIVES...IN YOU be BLESSED jerry and be DETERMINED...FIGHT!!! all will be well you belong to Jesus my friend and He will NEVER let you go peace be with you
  13. hi this for a moderator please would it be possible for you to move my longer posts (Mar 08 and Mar 26) to the appropriate forum? my computer/key board skills are rather limited
  14. this for anyone... i happen to be Catholic and believe me the ignorance, prejudice, animosity and even hatred directed at us by some within other denominations of the Christian Church is appalling and sometimes breathtakingly arrogant personally i love and respect ALL denominations Catholic/Orthodox/Protestant (conformist and non-conformist) i see Evangelical Christianity as the Very Heart of The Body of Christ but a Heart, so sadly, separated from the Two Lungs of The Body of Christ...Catholic/Orthodox which are, so sadly, also separated from one another a divided and thus broken Body and that Evangelical Heart itself torn into thousands of tiny pieces...by pride EVERY time someone decides they can pastor a church better than 'that guy' or latches on to some debatable (or even obscure) point of doctrine/understanding then slopes off to 'go it alone' or 'do it my way' and thus forms yet another division among us they weaken The Body of Christ they weaken our witness and they wound Christ Himself and that...is SIN we are to love God and one another that means we are to build up, not tear apart, The Body of Christ we are to contribute/compliment/strengthen/encourage not detract/divide/weaken/discourage Pax Christi this for jerry hanson... be ENCOURAGED my beloved brother in Christ you carry our Beloved Saviour JESUS in your heart and HE holds you in His focus on His Love absorb it in each moment He gives you and above all...share it! with anyone and everyone all will be well : ) peace be with you this for still alive... your post about beverage-based church splinter groups made me chuckle thank you many a true word is spoken in jest peace be with you
  15. My basic point is this... why is this still supposed to be something worthy of memory and discussion? i wasn't there neither was anyone else reading this there were many and numerous guilty parties involved...may God forgive them all i pray dredging up events, however dreadful, from hundreds of years ago is detrimental to Christian unity today only the foe want us to remain divided a divided witness is a weakened witness does anyone seriously believe Jesus wants THAT??? discord, bitterness, rejection, resentment, animosity, hatred...all of this comes from our enemy choosing to remember past wounds plays straight into the hands of the foe and is especially nonsensical when we weren't even there LOVE (and only love) mercy and FORGIVENESS comes from our God when we stand apart from our brothers and sisters in Christ, in heart or mind, in thought, word or deed whether those family members be Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant (conformist or non-conformist) then we are FAILING failing to love failing to forgive failing to accept (our own family members...Father Gods family members) and that failure to love and forgive is SIN we have torn apart the Body of Christ and CHRIST has felt every tear...all 33,000 of them now... unity is not necessarily uniformity if we cannot unite organizationally/theologically we can UNITE IN LOVE and acceptance and forgiveness of one another it's time to stand together, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand Catholic/Orthodox/Protestant WITH AND FOR JESUS CHRIST OUR KING THAT IS LOVE dredging up barbarous events from hundreds of years ago has no place in that whatsoever love to one and all Pax Christi
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