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  1. Who knows, maybe DONALD is the last Trump? funny that i was only thinking about his name last night. i thought nah....
  2. fairly ok today even after the garage said my brakes were almost shot and another couple o things looking at a few hundred quid. as the other two things are big jobs. thats Christmas sorted lol
  3. hey marvellous time you seem to be going through it at the moment. i pray that you have refuge under God's wings. KJV Isaiah 41:10 - Fear thou not; for I [am] with thee: be not dismayed; for I [am] thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. Psalms 46:1 - (To the chief Musician for the sons of Korah, A Song upon Alamoth.) God [is] our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
  4. indeeeeeeed but i am also cautious .....as i know....but hey make hay while the sunshines! i couldnt even do that before so things are changing hopefully this is a sign ....who knows? just not having to constantly worry about my mother has been very different and the speed that it all came about. i had no time to whittle God so knows me well !!
  5. for the last few days i have been feeling more peaceful and also i notice, well the Holy Spirit prods me more like, how i can be in certain situations and the need to let go of this. i am actually catching myself doing it as i am doing it lol. set myself a challenge today to drive to a very busy city and using the Motorway to an open day at a pet charity and i took a freind with me. managed to stay serene all day lol! i did warn my friend that it was a challenge i had set myself so she was very good and didnt do the verbal diarohera (sp?) on me! got another challenge on Saturday lol a long day trip on a coach and then a busy enviroment!
  6. Oh wow tics I just wouldn’t ….so nervous about pulling it out incorrectly. Anyway I found this and thought you might be interested. Obviously I have no idea if these kind of things work https://www.cdc.gov/lyme/prev/natural-repellents.html hey thanks for asking today is a good day in fact the last few have been. I am feeling more peaceful
  7. i did a number of years ago and it freaked me!! for some people its a real source of help but for me that wasnt so. thanks anyway
  8. ah yes worry...having to learn...once when i was younger a lot younger cough much coughing i was experiencing peace and that was way before i became a 'Christian proper' the bible is so amazing ...i do marvel at these world leaders ...obvioulsy not bible readers then...
  9. thanks for clarifying and a reminder too i have no where to go and so if/when the sh*** hits the fan. i am a rabbit in headlights urm is being born again mean that i am baptised in the Holy Spirit? yeah i have wondered about getting older but for differnet reasons...family history....but i do believe that we are in the last days and i am not given to saying stuff like this. ever since i was born there have from time to time been 'prophecies about the end of the world is nigh' and it became just background in fact it never was more than background thanks muffet indeed that is good advice yes and that is the crunch really do any of us really know just how we would be. a real test on keeping our eyes fixed...
  10. we in the west have little or no idea myself included. and though i would like to bury my head in the sand about this possiblity happening i dont think that is helpful but neither scaring myself rigid is either! so anyone got any thoughts and please nothing massively complicated thanks!
  11. hello marvelloustime have just seen this thread sorry that you have this Lyme disease. but PTL you have seen the doc and now on the correct medication. i always thought insect bite over here are more likely between July to Septemtber. is there a repellant you can use to prevent tics....anyway praying for a speedy and full healing
  12. for me the thread reminds me of how there are many symbols in this world.
  13. oh thankyou so much yeah my brother..i do so feel for him he has such a lot of stuff that is not brilliant. once again thankyou so much it means a lot ....yes Jesus is the only one
  14. 0k a quick overview Pantheism = God is in the rock and therefore the rock is sacred Omnipresence = the rock is in God Does that makka aniya sense?!
  15. yes that word, in, again have been around people in the past who were into all kiinds of whacko stuff, the only difference back then before i was a Christian it was not of GOd but pagan stuff. now some Christian's even paganise God. at least the pagans never made that mix up! its really strange what some people get up to i guess. i think the trap with pantheism is that it appeals directly to the emotions. unlike the bible which uses scripture i am only just now realising that i have been under the new age spell, grip far longer than what i realised.
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