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  1. I always thought that Lucifer and Satan were the exact same thing in meaning. How the mighty had fallen. First there was Lucifer that failed then Adam who failed and then Jesus Christ who had victory
  2. Its helpful to see the flow of principles. Its good to know that God doesn’t change. When all else around us keeps changing I seem to recall that there is a program/film called games of thrones the complete opposite and very dark I believe.
  3. it is helpful to know God's character something i have been starting to look at. and seeing Jesus in this light helps us to see the character of God
  4. existential mabel


    yeah i was that 1-2% and it was quite scary and then on top of that the doc is less than 'helpful'..and then i see ok this is how it is yeah....doesnt fill me with confidence
  5. would that include the person who gave the orders? and not just the ones that carried it out
  6. Harry & meggan told the public what they were going to do even before the Queen. meggan has been extremly rude on various occaisi0ns to the Queen...
  7. there is evangelical school who is street based and have been active for a number of years now and they look at the fact that everyone when asked if they are a good person then goes onto explain about the 10 commandments... just google Living waters they have lots of video's very interesting also they have a series called The Way Of The Master. which is very good. it explains more fully these two things as mentioned above
  8. not heard this on the radio so far
  9. the question being are they affliated to some cause to promote climate change?
  10. yes i get this what you are saying as i struggle with both anxiety and depression....and though i dont 'choose to have these states' i can choose not to follow them.. gradually i am beginning to 'see' this. anxiety and depression to me was as much a habit as a 'chemical imbalance' stop fighting and start praying ....as what i resist persists and resistance if futile!
  11. 0nly time will be the teller of truth as to what unravels. undoubtably the temperature of the water has significantly gone up somewhat. 0k so if not the Russian war who/what then?
  12. wasnt there an earth quake there a few days ago?
  13. i had very troubling sleep paralysis for a number of months. this happened at my parents house at friends house and at the flat, before i was a Christian and i couldnt read the OP cos even after all these years i dont want to be triggered. i searched a vicar out and had counselling which helped me. it made me realise that i needed to change what i was doing back then. i didnt become a Christian until a decade later. i would certainly becareful what you read, listen and watch is what i learnt.
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