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  1. I know just what you mean. And I have to let that go as it is fear that stops me from pretty much everything. That said I pray that you will experience the Peace that passes all understanding and that it will slowly germinate in you so that it is not only a one off event. it does help to abide in the Lord, as in read the bible each day and just chat to the Lord which i am told is praying and being still (lol cant do the being still but i am working on it!)
  2. thankyou both so much and others who are also praying a big thanks
  3. hmmmn its as i thought its going to have to be little steps. he is not open to ideas at the moment. he is not at all street wise. he is vulnerable. he wants to move there is no doubt about that. but he is double minded fear and ignorance i guess. so yeah we need God to break into this. there by the grace of God i would have stayed like this myself. he reminds me of how i was in my early twenties. i have either been extrodinarly lucky or God has been guiding my steps.
  4. thank you all so much. i am going to phone him just now he doesnt know that the family are trying to come up with a plan. but yeah God's plan is best
  5. i did go to the link and then didnt quite get what to do and so if in doubt i usually revert to what i know! not good with change!
  6. I have a bro who is at risk of making a bad choice regarding his housing needs he lives in a block of flats which quite frankly is at times a hazardous and even dangerous place to live . he never knows if the street door is going to be kicked in who is going to meet in the hallways just recently there was a stabbing just on the stair well and a noitorious drugs family are involved with one tenant. Even my family are now concerned as he is at risk of making a rash decision a move to a private landlord which will not really help him especially as he is on a low income. he really needs i think to move up north to be closer to the rest of the family. i dont know if that is what he would like but i have a deep worry about this bro being left alone with very little network. many thanks
  7. i have heard this also and i have seen people messed up. and putting their trust in some man who was messed up himself hence i never went back. i learnt a lot from that
  8. yes indeed. i went along to a mindfulness one off event. For me it was about seeing what it was about. i figured it probably was more about pop psychology and i was bang on. the person who ran it was a little odd i thought. and they were making it just a little christain to get it under the radar sigh no one..... yeah i could see the eastern connection it was veiled though, but it was there. then this person sought me out for what .....and they went into detail interesting though that was and flattered, i might have been just 12 months ago. all the books on offer ... there was nothing absolutely nothing about Jesus. in fact i need to mention it to the lady who organised it as i was asked today about it and i did a knee jerk socially acceptable reply lol.
  9. indeed PTL. best to always check new things out. be a Berean. all that glitters isnt gold. the bible is a great tool for sharpening your discernment the bible proper i mean not someones interpretation.
  10. by this do you mean to discern if its counterfiet?
  11. can anyone explain the difference between mindfulness and contemplative prayer? i have been told they are the same and this from a church setting. but i dont think so imo mindfulness is about emptyiing your mind and focusing on sensorary sensations .....nothing much to do with Jesus me thinks contemplative prayer funny that but i had a difficult time finding something on the net and what i have managed to find has been what i call infiltrated by other beliefs weaved in well you cant mix fibres so have i missed the boat to ever discovering what true authentic contemplative prayer is then? did it ever exist even?
  12. i am in the eye of a big storm once again....its just as well that we have a good God. if someone was a heavy drinker and then got saved then they would start to get convicted about it then. no longer the life style without thought regarding alcohol, so if that is absent then yeah i could see ....
  13. Lol if i had a stronger constitution i most probably would have been one so there by the grace of God… Anxiety is a miserable thing after days on end of it i need a break from it. Something I have done over the decades without ever thinking why and gradually i realised what was at the root of it. i have seen other folk get into a mess with alcohol..(not Christian folk btw…) Since my baptism 10 years now …that has gone a long way towards changing the dynamic… but you could drink heavily and know that you salvation cant be lost...gosh a gift... so what about someone who upsets the Holy Spirit then? (most likely a different topic )
  14. 0k so drinking a beer to manage anxiety, only one, now is that a practicing sin.
  15. ah i was thinking along those lines. its just like the consequences of something which you mention. as at times life is too stressful and i have to find a way to cope which is not exactly brill but the other alternative is even more enduring stress. ok falling is a temporary blip then as against falling away where someone would walk away from the Lord
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