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  1. its when i first come onto Worthy before i do anything else its the main page. i havent gone into any threads at this point many thanks
  2. 0k thanks for the replies just now i remembered to click on the report thingie and so have reported it
  3. hello out there cant find who to send this message to. just now and earlier on today i keep getting the," we could not locate the page you are trying to view and yet it works other than this. why is this happening? and is it happening to other people? yes i know so dull n boring! many thanks Mabel
  4. i am so sorry Kwik this is very shocking news. praying
  5. many thanks Neighbor. yes i was very surprised at the approach. and anyway too much information is wasted on me lol! i am giving the trekkies a wide berth as they seem to be in the buisness of programming folk. yep nothing is safe these days. the bible is the only sure thing. nah i would never have phoned i was tempted to a knee jerk post response but i held out and decided to start this thread.
  6. faggots in the uk are made of pork. everything goes in except the squeal! oink! not heard of lamb faggots before
  7. yes i need to carry on with the bible
  8. think i got what you mean!-------------
  9. had a look at the link and it is spot on even the microwaved mushy peas yum really love sausage and mash and peas good honest tucker/grub. comfort food. oh and gravy of course to go with it. my mum fries onions to go with the sausage very nice touch! yummie in my tummie
  10. thankyou so much for this post what you say makes me think YES this is clarification. i did wonder if God was going to speak something to me hence the nervousness! there was no run up to the message it was exactly as i posted it. other than omitting the name and telephone number.
  11. interesting post. i dont believe it to be a virus as it is gone through a forum. however i will wait and see ...
  12. thanks so much for your reply i spoke to a friend a very strong ex catholic Irish woman not given for mincing her words i wont tell you what she said lol
  13. hello MayGodHaveMercyOnMySoul this journey is a difficult one at times and not always a linear one, in that if i do A then B will happen. keep reading the bible and talking on here take care
  14. hello welcome to Worthy.
  15. this post was within a forum so i dont know ...can that happen then? this message wasn't through my email account. maybe i should PM the mods and check. they have even given me their phone number on a first post now that is very forward! ah.. but just how well does a believer have to be, what if like me i struggle to make sense of stuff. i know i come across as being fairly literate but i do struggle with information and it does overwhelm me. i need the overview version of it and yes the verses all seem quite explanatory. but i have a knack of not really getting stuff which frustrates me as i see others take all this for granted and it is a given, a walk in the park that it makes sense. which then rears the embarrassment and confusion. and the heart connection is thwarted so i need a miracle oh and the Holy Spirit and yet i do get things but not in the typical way. its only having random conversations with people that i realise that i have gotten it in a round about way. sigh doesn't make for growing in the LORD in a simple way. as i am quite often baffled. and i battle to keep on with it and then i get too discouraged and have to take a break i have had to self teach myself because of this. sorry for waffling thanks for your reply