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  1. esoteric satanist symbolism - The New World Order - as above so below - good is bad and bad is good religions coming together to set aside their doctrinal differences - one world religion. the symbolism is inverted symbol represents the transmutation of our world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep70eQxo15I
  2. eeee i used to live next door to the Popes ah yes those were the days
  3. found a monster spider today and it almost was too big to fit into the pot that i placed over it eeeeeek. reckon it was the one that has been in the bathroom for a while and everytime i use the loo it comes out from under the bath eeeek
  4. yes this is the snare that satan uses i imagine. been thinking about this. i mean what better way than to put half truths and down right lies = confusion and we all know who the author of confusion is. the shipping lane for immoral behaviour and attitudes and mix in confusion and its a deadly cocktail i reckon https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/tolerance The ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with. ‘the tolerance of corruption’ ‘an advocate of religious tolerance’
  5. causes me much angst. it all "looks" all inclusive and friendly but it makes me very uneasy
  6. gosh expository had to look that up lol! no there is none. 0k the reading and listening sounds like something i could do. and it feels timely that you say this as i am what a teacher would say, "easily distracted"
  7. funny that as not once did i mention pastors.
  8. thankyou so much Davida. yes i have done a lot of renouncement's over the last 5 years. i do listen each day to the bible. i find listening "easier" than reading.
  9. all that glitters isnt gold. for instance do you get an emotional uplift from it and yet dont do anything about it. i used to think all these kind of things were so good. it used to uplift me for a couple of days maybe .....essentially it distracted me from the real deal. i.e God. someone asked once is the bible in itself not sufficient? why do we need so many different gurus. i do listen to stuff other than the bible but i am very wary after being so led astray and distracted for so long. its not enough to be a good idea it has to be edifying and life affirming. and that we live it out in life
  10. i just wish i had the courage of my convictions as i should have had that conversation with someone reg it. yes i see so many folk being hoodwinked and you cant say to them anything as they get defensive/offensive and i aint that brave eeek. just have to leave it with the good LORD something a new friend is coaching me with at the mo lol cant help thinking it has so muddied the water for me all the new age hocus pocus. i just think my walk with the LORD would be more straight forward sigh so even now it bugs me.
  11. now that is a slippery slope/sticky fly paper eeek
  12. hello 1to3 gosh no you didnt. i had an immediate discernment about him. having done all things new age in the past. i was able to see him for what he is. i was concerned for you but i didnt feel i could say anything as you were really liking him. and i am not that good at things like that. i can be but not on this for some reason as you have known with our chats that is what you call a counterfeit masquerading as christian. i am so glad that you have now moved away from him. so praise God indeed. leave him to the LORD and let him go totally is what i would suggest. as a way of closing the door properly. btw get rid of all his stuff also, (dont give it away) when you can. a kind of spiritual cleansing.
  13. so now i was just chatting to someone online who i am in regular contact and it just happens that she is a nurse and what she told me further backs up what someone else told me last week. anyway here is what she said Do they know why your mother's INR is all over, generally there are a couple of reasons, they are not taking their tablet at the same time every day and it needs to be 6pm no other time that's important, they are eating foods which interfere with it especially foods high in vitamin k such as green veg and banana's or they are not taking the correct dose, sometimes intentionally.... i really am almost right at the edge of stuff and i so dont need this on top of it all. i feel scared all i can do is leave it with Jesus. i really dont know whether my mother is confused or quite what is going on.
  14. i have always found it incredible that a very olde not long for this world chap is chosen to be next pope. why do they end up being in the twilight years. is it to do with wisdom?
  15. yes for the longest time i have just stuck with the bible. as to be honest i was lazy in regards to learning about God for myself. i would just go to church on a sunday and that was it. and then i kept getting an uneasiness in my spirit and i ended up leaving this church and reading the bible myself from start to finish. i was seeing too many inconsistency's in this church. and also in regards to other teachings i felt that i needed to know the bible first before i started looking at other things/people, get a true north if you will. and that takes as long as it takes. maybe it could be a bit like the hare and the tortoise. in that i am taking the time out away from other sources and really wanting/needing understanding. i do struggle .. as the bible should be sufficient enough on its own me thinks. i say this because each "expert" has a different interpretation which is ok.... but if i am not strong in the bible then i would be like grass in the wind. just me thoughts