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  1. my mother is moving away from the area next week so this weekend is her last one at the family home. this is the next toughest thing since seeing my dad slowly dying of cancer. but at least my mum, well hopefully, will be happier but its a big thing as she will be leaving behind everything and at 84 that is a tough thing to do. i just hope that she will be ok. she will be living in a supportive housing and 200 yards away from my sister. i am feeling quite flat. have i got enough left to give? seems a bit of a Ben Nevis. but with the Lord's help... many thanks
  2. When Mary became Queen of England, she worked to bring England back to the Roman Catholic Church. One of her first acts was to arrest Bishop Ridley, Bishop Latimer, and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer When Ridley was asked if he believed the pope was heir to the authority of Peter as the foundation of the Church, he replied that the church was not built on any man but on the truth Peter confessed -- that Christ was the Son of God. Ridley said he could not honor the pope in Rome since the papacy was seeking its own glory, not the glory of God. "Christ made one oblation and sacrifice for the sins of the whole world, and that a perfect sacrifice; neither needeth there to be, nor can there be, any other propitiatory sacrifice." These opinions were deeply offensive to Roman Catholic theologians. https://www.christianity.com/church/church-history/timeline/1501-1600/bishops-ridley-and-latimer-burned-11629990.html
  3. so sorry turtle to hear this news. i pray for strength within the family to grow together at this sad time.
  4. pray to release his mind from the lost and to guide him to the found!! PTL
  5. 0k so is this fake news and if so who would gain from this? i havent watched it as yet
  6. can we keep this thread on topic guys otherwise i will pull the plug on it. many thanks for your cooperation
  7. oh thanks for that i did wonder and then i got to thinking that Adam was made out of the dust of the earth
  8. i have started to listen... well i did... and then found another site with a better 'accent' lol! anyway i have just started to listen and i think what about folk who are cremated then? that wasnt an option back then as it is today. the resurrection is about the physcial body be that at it is...
  9. i dont tend to read long posts these days!!!
  10. cant think about it too much having to place it at the cross. unbelievable
  11. THE UNHEALTHY LODGER oh dear me...have just found an email that my bro sent me and i am very worried about him. he has taken in a lodger who it seems spends a lot of time doing videos for youtube -meditation ones and i think oh.......and i was right to think that. after looking briefly seconds - just the title told me all i needed to know www.youtube.com/channel/UC548LPLMgPxm5mfBNNeYE-g/playlists👾 i have taken off the beginning so as hopefully it dont load! Can you pray for my brother as i am scared that the darkeness is well and truly found a home in his house. suffice it to say i wont be visiting whilst this lodger is there. and that could be a long time. if i was to go i think i would be exposing myself to all kinds of stuff - maybe a vivid imagination i know but in these days. and what with all that is going on with me. 👾
  12. many thanks for the continuing interest in this thread. it is very helpful you guys.
  13. 1Cor GNB CHAPTER 15 The Resurrection of Christ 1And now I want to remind you, my brothers and sisters, of the Good News which I preached to you, which you received, and on which your faith stands firm. 2That is the gospel, the message that I preached to you. You are saved by the gospel if you hold firmly to it — unless it was for nothing that you believed. 3I passed on to you what I received, which is of the greatest importance: that Christ died for our sins, as written in the Scriptures; 4that he was buried and that he was raised to life three days later, as written in the Scriptures;
  14. isnt DT connected to Scotland so that would have the europe -well before 29 march eeeeek lol!
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