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  1. my friend has just updated me regarding this situation Interesting article. We were never the target. Now it looks like mostly W7. so dont always believe the hype - Like all things, wait for the hysteria to calm and see the real story https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/05/20/wannacry_windows_xp/
  2. i have a computer geek friend who is VERY skeptical about the media coverage regarding this kind of thing. she says to be very careful and not to believe everything you hear. think i will leave it at that
  3. didnt open the link but i am guessing it is in America that this happened
  4. Hello BK1110 praying that the dentist appointment when it arrives at the appointed time. that it will be a straight forward treatment.
  5. ah.. the, "be still" i had this prohesised over me back in 2010. i do so have a difficult time to be still. as my coping mech is being busy = staying sane and positive. just lately i am finding that i need to abide in the LORD. and also the counselor i see reminded me about taking 10 mins each day to do nothing (not a christian counselor). in the last few days i have felt so much brighter however cough...i am catching up on stuff i have neglected for several years. i need to find the balance as this needs doing, now that i have the enthusiasm to do it. at times i feel almost that i may be on a breakthrough with the LORD but hey wait and see i guess.
  6. ah.. yes the title did lead to the clip. he used to be a sales man so ...for me i am so hungry for edifying christian content. the church just doesnt do it for me. i feel like a leaky bucket and therefore vulnerable . since listening to his short videos my mood is more buoyant. which is quite something for me. i need to somehow get to the point where i can be filled with the LORD so i dont need these kind of things but right now i dont have a strong inner core. i cant be much good to myself let alone others in this world. yes very good illustration. in this case i am thinking this man received Christ which was why he could be receptive to peace and being in his right mind. the video was by Michael Chriswell many thanks for your words of wisdom. i will take care. gosh i wish i could be sure about these things. "all that glitters isnt gold." is there anything that you could recommend? bearing in mind i do struggle with information overload. God certainly doesn't want me to be a scholar. sigh.. lol! many thanks Mabel
  7. yes distractions...i am good at those as a drug free coping mech. really i guess it would be best if i could just sit and abide in God
  8. ah not read the posts or that many but have you thought about seeing if you can find a demo on youtube on what /how to do this. just a thought. otherwise a watering can might have to suffice lol
  9. finding my way in the super fast information highway. (not sure where to post this so feel free to move it mods to a more suitable location.) there are many pot holes and diversions and over loaded axle weights. that i have now more of a need to focus on Jesus than ever. that is where it always has been for me. just as well really as theological debates give me a puncture. anyways, the journey is as important as the comprehensive theological stuff for me anyroad. just lately i have come across and yes, i will be just posting a link-(3mins +55 sec) as yet this chap seems ok. so many times i discern a kinda deep alarm bell ringing. maybe who knows this may happen with this chap. what i am learning or needing to learn is to have to reduce the high levels of anxiety and so maybe i can take that as my cue amongst the discernment to either continue or leave well alone. anyway here is what i am watching. came across him a few days ago quite by chance. 1 - Do Your Thoughts Really Determine if You Know God? - somehow i need to get beyond the heightened anxiety and brittleness. which to me must be Gods way of saying that i am on the wrong track and hence i find myself watching these videos. its like i am addicted to the anxious state i am in and desperate to STOP it also. ah but am i desperate enough. now that is a dangerous thought. sigh.. moving on swiftly. it does seem to be helping, at the mo, i just need to hear positive Christian dialogue. last week i was metaphorically burnt by two christian "friends" i have at last awoken up to the truth that they are toxic and yes i have forgiven them. well spoken to one of them since the very next day.. long story...
  10. just keep on focusing on Jesus that is what i recommend you continue doing. and yes you may still feel sick but faith is involved here and faith is for things that cant be seen. dont be guided by your emotions as these will chuck up a storm anyway. my you continue to experience the peace
  11. its when i first come onto Worthy before i do anything else its the main page. i havent gone into any threads at this point many thanks
  12. 0k thanks for the replies just now i remembered to click on the report thingie and so have reported it
  13. hello out there cant find who to send this message to. just now and earlier on today i keep getting the," we could not locate the page you are trying to view and yet it works other than this. why is this happening? and is it happening to other people? yes i know so dull n boring! many thanks Mabel
  14. i am so sorry Kwik this is very shocking news. praying
  15. many thanks Neighbor. yes i was very surprised at the approach. and anyway too much information is wasted on me lol! i am giving the trekkies a wide berth as they seem to be in the buisness of programming folk. yep nothing is safe these days. the bible is the only sure thing. nah i would never have phoned i was tempted to a knee jerk post response but i held out and decided to start this thread.