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  1. it seems that one of my brothers is having a crises. and another brother is going down a Very dark path. i am very worried about his salvation. he is advising people about things that really are quite toxic, due to the nature of his work. i was shocked when he spoke about it. and the very weird thing was all weekend i was there a tiny bird kept tapping at the window. apparently its been doing this for a while and i wonder gee is this the Holy Spirit trying to alert him...fanciful i know. please pray for him as i think he is lost totally lost almost i was very disturbed for a number of days afterwards.
  2. oh dear this brother is having either a health crises and or a major crises. my sister is going to try to get to the bottom of what is going on with him. as he is saying that the doctor visited him 8PM the night before to give him an injection...something is not right ....but he is not saying what is it is....
  3. i just found them on the net it just goes to show that there is not much you can trust on the net. all triggered by what a little boy said in regard to santa
  4. https://amredeemed.com/end-times-headlines/true-origin-christmas/
  5. https://www.think.cz/culture/478-satan-s-cause-the-shocking-truth-about-santa-claus There is no disputing the historical fact that our American Santa Claus was completely created by Coca-Cola during the 1930's as part of an advertising campaign aimed at children. In fact, the original Santa is housed at the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta. The original artist was a Coke employee named Haddon Sundblom; "A hard drinking Swede whose work was brilliant but usually late, "The Devil comes from the north, domain of darkness and punishing cold. Curious connections exist between Satan and Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas). The Devil lives in the far north and drives reindeer; he wears a suit of red fur; he goes down chimneys in the guise of Black Jack or the Black Man covered in soot; The Devil's nickname (!) "Old Nick" derives directly from Saint Nicholas. Nicholas was often associated with fertility cults, hence with fruit, nuts, and fruitcake, his characteristic gifts.,
  6. yeah its an olde thread.... anyway my 9 year old great nephew came home from school recently and said to his mother that... with the word Santa if you change the word a little makes satan. and that coming from a child!!
  7. the collective aka resistance is futile
  8. she looks very like Mrs Obama..oh that makes more 'sense'
  9. gee i was thinking of China so we would end up with a communist mindset pretty much then? everyone comes into line or is....
  10. now its interesting that the Jews and the moslums dont add interest to their loans only to those who are outside of this circle. and of course the West do...
  11. 0k so Trump doesnt fund the east then?
  12. thanks Maz have really enjoyed the Blogg.
  13. 0k thanks Maz yeah just learning as i go along.
  14. how would the A/C make people everywhere worship him...church is ever more the social thing so maybe...
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