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  1. Thank you for your response now that I think back on the dream it's as if I didn't want to recieve or accept the love the butterflies wanted to give me. I was afraid and ran away from them. Then the voice said 'let them touch you' as if to say recieve the love from the butterflies don't be afraid or run from it. My daughter in the dream even said 'they loved me' in the dream I just felt sad and unloved.
  2. Yes I was still afraid after the voice said let them touch you.
  3. I'm afraid of butterflies and I don't like insects of any kind. The butterflies were tiny and they wanted to land on me and I jumped up and ran away lol I don't have a desire for more kids.
  4. I had a very short dream. I was sitting in a chair and my youngest daughter was standing next to me. I remember just feeling sad/unloved. All of a sudden a small black/orange butterfly comes out of nowhere and comes towards me. My daughter is laughing and excited and then another black/orange butterfly comes towards me and I started thinking 'this is strange because butterflies don't fly at night' and while I'm thinking this my youngest say's 'wow mom they love you' I immediately jump up from the chair trying to get away from them and as my back is turned away from them I hear a voice say 'let them touch you'. Does anyone know what this dream means?
  5. Thank you both for your responses. What if someone is reprobate?
  6. Thank you for your response most days I don't know who he is anymore and I can't see the end of the battle. I feel as though he hates me. I am constantly in warfare being attacked often. My kids are feeling the tension. Thank you again and God bless you.
  7. Hello I had a dream about 6 or 7 months ago after I returned back to live with my husband after our 5 separation. In the dream I saw myself and my children with chains around our necks. God also called this place the wilderness (our home) Anyone know what this dream means?
  8. I pray everyone is having a blessed day. I'm doing my best to stay positive.
  9. Hello I could really use prayers in my life right now. I have been spiritually attacked and there is a thick heavy tension in our home. I have fasted and prayed for God to help and I just don't know what to do anymore. One minuet my kids are sweet and loving and the next minuet they are angry and taking it out on me. My husband is not a believer and is furious when I listen to worship music, watch Christian movies, read my Bible etc. He told me to never read the Bible and only listen to him. I feel so trapped. Our 10 year marriage anniversary is soon and after 5 separations I don't see the point in holding on anymore. My heart is heavy and I feel so lost.
  10. Hello I am a mother of 4 girls and married for almost 10 years. I look forward to meeting more believers.
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