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  1. So I've been getting rid of possessions that don't glorify God, like books on the occult, New Age stuff, all kinds of books, and also possessions like African religious masks, healing crystals, dream catchers, etc. I also got rid of 8GB of mp3s in the heavy metal, House, trance, and electronic genres. What do you all listen to that glorifies God? Christian bands? Can you point me in the direction of some, please? Now I'm working to get rid of old habits which I know God doesn't approve of, and some other things I'm not sure about. I've stopped watching bad videos. Do I need to stop going to clubs where we dance and hang out? I don't drink there or do drugs or anything. I think I should stop going. Am I just overreacting? Also, something I learned from a friend a while back was self-spanking for the purpose of discipline. Does that need to go? Can that stay? And what of masterbation? I find it helps me stay focused. What does the Bible say? TIA for any feedback you may send.
  2. I guess I acknowledged Jesus as my Lord and Savior, but I never received him as such. I hope my friends were wrong. I'm going to try and read my Bible more and get to know him better. Thank you everybody for these replies.
  3. I'm sorry, I posted that without first signing in.
  4. Being around Christians is a safe but painful place. It's like being so thirsty and laying in a stream but not being allowed to drink. Still, I respect God's way. I read once that God's way looks foolish to men and women. I don't think his ways are foolish though. I just wish his door could open again to me. I have to go destroy books, of that I'm not sure where or how yet. Earlier I smashed all my healing crystals with a hammer inside a cloth. That was fun! Lol. Maybe it made God smile a little.
  5. Jeff, I think I understand. I'm disowned from God because of my past, and so no amount of Christian advice can help me because if I heed it, I'm still disowned and can't be saved. So if I try to get rid of bad spirits in my home by doing something a Christian would do, the spirits will just increase. And I can't be a Christian for real if God has cut me off. And if a real Christian rids my home from the dark spirit, it will just come back because I'm dark too because I'm not savable. I accept this. I think this place here is true Christians. I knew I was permanently lost but I didn't know that my lostness will just undo whatever a Christian can do in my home as far as rebuking the bad spirit. I think what's best is if I destroy and/or get rid of everything that invites dark things in my home, and then to move to another place, of which there are many around here, and start new, not inviting darkness in my home again. I don't feel very peaceful over all but I know what I should do now, so I thank you for taking the time to explain. I wish you all well.
  6. Jeff thank you. I think some people I work with are maybe faithful and true Christians. I really can't tell the difference. I don't really need Christian friend but definitely Christian advice because I know that's the best kind of guidance. What I don't understand is if God disowned me then why let bad spirits live in my house to get my attention. Really it doesn't matter. If I get rid of the dark books and things, and that makes the dark spirit leave? That's all I need to know. You are good people here. I wish you all the very best God has to offer.
  7. To Willa, David, Godismylove, Heybro, Promises, BloodBought, Amanda, Deb, Zephaniah, and Justin: I knew there were holy angels but I didn't know there are also angels that have left God. I heard about Satan or Lucifer and I thought that was just some creature God had made who had turned from God. I didn't know there are more of those things just like him. So this thing in my home is an angel that lost its glory or doesn't reflect God anymore? Because, this thing is like the opposite of light. It's a shadow but it doesn't have its own shadow. Even real shadows are not truly black. They're dark grey and they lay across a surface. But this shadow is black upon black upon black. There's no seeing through it and it stands on its own not relying on surfaces to make its shape. It has its own shape. It makes no noise. About 7 or 8 feet tall. It makes no sound. It affects the room like air conditioning. This is a demon? And I understand that this thing is attached to my stuff or my stuff is like an open invitation to these things. I have a whole room full of books and I've been going through them to set aside anything about spirituality, New Age, etc. I have all kinds of unbiblical books. I have the day off and I'm boxing them and will get rid of them. I have no means by which to destroy them. Half my belongings are books and trinkety things that are occultish but I thought of them just as fairytale things with no affect on real life. This stuff will NO longer be in my home. It's just possessions. I don't read them. 11 years ago I was learning about Christianity with Christian friends. I had a boyfriend and got pregnant. He left. A short time in my pregnancy and there were complications. My doctor said if I didn't terminate the pregnancy then the pregnancy would terminate me and my baby. My friends told me if I murder my baby and don't trust God, God will disown me. I didn't listen to them. With my approval and consent the doctors ended the baby's life, and a few weeks later I was healthy again. My Christian friends and God disowned me and I accepted that. I'm not angry with God or them. I killed a life so I could have life. I didn't trust God. I think I collected lots of books since then and things from other beliefs because I missed the Christian influence. Its like a hole in my life. I just want to say that even the most unsaved people in the world, when things really get serious and there's disease in your body or you're looking at death, or you're in lots of pain, or if you have no where to turn, of if there's a shadow puppet camping rent free in your living room, then no matter what someone believes or knows on the outside, when these days come, everyone knows to run to a church or a priest or hold onto a Bible. People know where the safety is even if they spend all their life ignoring it. Ps, I have lots of healing crystals, demonic and horror movies, many many books about mythology. A Middle Eastern prayer rug. I collect masks that are according to myths and religions. I've made and collected lots of dream catchers. Tarot cards. Very ungodly music mp3s. Everywhere I look there is stuff that God probably wouldn't want me to have in my home. Thank you for all your input everybody. I'll do my homework. I don't know where I'll put all this stuff but definitely not to give it to someone else. I won't live here.
  8. Shalom David, I have many books on reincarnation, mysticism, New Age etc. I just collect books. 99% of them I haven't read. I would have no problem getting rid of them. I have lots of crystals that my friend gave me. They're supposed to bring good luck but I don't believe in them. I could get rid of those too. I've had this stuff for over 10 years and never had this "shadow" problem before. Just to be sure, i'll get rid of it. It's not important to me this stuff. I'll try anything. So, things like this dark shadow, when people die, they go either to heaven or to hell, right? So this thing can't be a person or remnants of a person. Right? So according to Christian belief, which I believe is the true belief, what are things like this? Are they spirits? Are they something God made? (Sorry for so many questions) I just would like to know what the purpose of these dark things is. I know without a doubt that if I can see it, something's wrong.
  9. Hi everyone, and thank you for such open friendly hearts. I'm not a Christian but I know well enough that when there are dark spiritual beings in your home, Jesus is the answer. Or God. Or the Holy Bible. I've never experienced this sort of thing before in other places I lived. So I have some questions. Is there any way I can make the dark thing leave if I don't have the power a Christian has? If not, I know some Christians in my new job and maybe I could ask them to make it leave. If so, would it just return again or does it have to stay away if they tell it to? (Sorry, this is not my forte ) I hope I haven't said anything offensive. I have the utmost respect for you all. sister Hanalei Adoniram
  10. Hi, I just want to read here because it feels safe and friendly and supportive and lots of knowledge. But my question is how to get rid of bad spiritual things in my home? I moved in a new place that is newly built and very nice, but long story short, I have been seeing a black shadow moving through the rooms on 4 different times in the last week since I moved here. I'm not afraid but I don't want it here. What do I need to do to make it leave?
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