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  1. Something interesting about me

    Well, it's been interesting. We've been without electricity since about 1:30pm today and no one has come to restore it yet. My phone is dying and it's cold. I suppose I'll head to bed pretty soon. I like to stay awake till my son falls asleep. Good night...
  2. Something interesting about me

    That happened to a cousin of mine. It seems this happened a lot. My mother is left handed. I had things I did more with my left than my right but I do most things right handed. I have on occasion been known to write and draw with both hands simultaneously.
  3. Something interesting about me

    My husband delivered 1 daughter bc the midwife didn't arrive in time. My longest home birth was a little over 3 hrs. The shortest was barely over an hour. (He was almost a month early.) The 2nd longest was an hour and a half, but I slept through 45 minutes of it. My husband said he knew I was in labor bc my foot would wiggle every 5 minutes. (Lol) But after I woke, it was only 45 minutes till she was born. The midwife didn't arrive in time for that one either. But we had a nurse friend with us.
  4. Something interesting about me

    I think the hammer fared well, lol
  5. Something interesting about me

    Another thing that some may find interesting is that I had 4 home births.
  6. Something interesting about me

    Thank you, brother. I don't mind making jokes at my own expense. Joy and humor help get us through difficulty.
  7. Something interesting about me

    It was, but I don't remember the pain...I only remember the sound of the impact and that my head felt like it doubled in size...and the chaos.
  8. Something interesting about me

    My brother and sister were allowed to go out and play and I had to stay inside and do chores. After a bit, my brother came inside asking for the hammer so he and his friend could build a club house. My mom gave him a hammer and he ran outside. When I was done with my chores, I went outside and walked out into the dirt road we lived on, where my brother and sister and the other kids were playing. Bout the time I walked out onto the road, I heard my sister yelling at me to duck...then, BAM!! It sounded like a glass bottle hitting against rocks...the handle hit in the front of my head and the claw in the back...blood everywhere...filled a bath towel and my clothes...rushed to a hospital. I still have lumps and bumps. (I've had many head injuries.) What happened is that my brother and his friend changed their minds about the club house and decided to tie a rope around the head of the hammer. They were tossing it up into the air and watching it land. I happened to walk out unaware of what they were doing. Idk of any lasting damage....
  9. Something interesting about me

    I was hit in the head with a hammer when I was 11 yrs old by my brother's friend. Maybe that's why I'm so weird. Haha!!
  10. Found a Lump

    Praying for your motherπŸ’—
  11. ABBY_JOY(SON needs PRAYER)

    Yes yes, amen!!! My dear sister and friend, thank you so much for posting this thread and standing with me and my family, fervent in faith and prayer... I love you!!πŸ’•
  12. ABBY_JOY(SON needs PRAYER)

    My son absolutely loves cloudy and rainy days, and all morning he'd been asking if it was raining. It started sprinkling around the time they began to prep him for surgery. He got up to look out the window ..."Do you think it'll rain?" Well, they came to take him downstairs and it started thundering a few mins before they took him back...then the neurosurgeon said she loves rain too! So awesome! As he was falling asleep, I kissed his forehead and told him how cool I think he is...blesses my heart, bc the last several days we had been discussing Peter walking on the waters, eyes on Jesus!!!πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
  13. ABBY_JOY(SON needs PRAYER)

    Guys, I never post photos of myself or my kids, but this is different and here is my baby, bandaged up and resting. My bed next to his...that is where I am sitting, writing this post. God is good, y'all ...I didn't even know how I'd survive to the next day when we first came here. What do you do when all your emotions are magnified by 1000 and you can't decipher any of it, let alone release them? I didn't want him to see me upset. I "disappeared" for a couple hours that day and talked to a nurse, a social worker, and a chaplain. Meanwhile, my sweet son was texting me..."Mom, you okay?" Just the sweetest guy...I love him so!! And all my children coming together in such love...I can't begin to tell you all the things I'm seeing God do in the hearts of my children....and their parents!! πŸ’•
  14. ABBY_JOY(SON needs PRAYER)

    Hi everyone and thank you all who have prayed and are still praying for my son. We are still in the hospital. He came thru surgery very well...a 4 to 6 hr surgery took only about 2 hrs - praise God! He was asking for his phone and his underwear within 10 minutes, the neurosurgeon said. Lol So that was a great sign. She came out with big smiles...she thinks highly of my son. She said the tumors were both taken out along with surrounding tissue, and a high probability he will require chemo and radiation but we focus on recovery the next couple weeks or so and go from there. Tomorrow, an MRI. We are in overnight observation tonight...to a room tomorrow hopefully by noon. She is the sweetest doctor...they are amazing here. "Random" nurses and staff will stop and talk to you, ask what you need, give directions, offer a hug, encouragement and prayer...even right in the hallway, praise God!!!