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  1. Abby-Joy

    Niece wants to give up

    Praying for her and her fiance and all those who have suffered losses...
  2. Abby-Joy

    Betha broke her arm

    Praying now!
  3. I would so love to raise a baby linx! My paternal grandmother had an ocelot as a pet. I'm not sure how she acquired it, though.
  4. So very true! Thank you so much, Debp. That has been my thoughts for so long... how can someone say they love God when they can't love their brothers and sisters, or the person who is hurting nearby? (And that is a basic scriptural truth that so many don't seem to grasp.) Honestly, I currently don't have a home church because of this very reality. I have a lot on my plate and it's more emotional energy than I can spare to go through yet another rejection. It happens in every church I've tried... before long, I get accused of either lying or bringing suffering on myself. (I still deal with threats, etc.) I usually have to do tons of educating, so it's not completely in vain. But it's more than I want to take on at this time. It's much easier to deal with ministry to victims/survivors than to go through the unnecessary stress of becoming part of a church in order to make friends and then be rejected once they discover where I come from and what I deal with. No pity party here... it's just how it is. I wish there was a church family around me... but that isn't the case and I don't know if it ever will be. I have online brothers and sisters who "get it." So that is a big blessing.
  5. Abby-Joy

    Scripture Songs

    Sons of Korah... I really love their songs! I was introduced to their music about 4 yrs ago by one of my daughters... :)
  6. Such a blessing to read this!! I am always taken back to the story of Peter's life. He was a man who was filled with much zeal, but needed shaping by the Lord. In short, Peter learned through a very severe storm, what it is to walk by faith and not by sight... eyes on Jesus. Afterward, Peter would say to the lame man at the gate... "Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I unto thee... in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!" Peter had learned that only by keeping his eyes on Jesus, could he walk through the trials of this life. Later, it was natural to give to the lame man what he himself had received! "Such as I have.... " I've heard so many criticize me and others about going back into the same group of people I was taken out of (to minister). But it's what we're supposed to do!! "Such as I have.... I give, in Jesus' name!" \o/ Note: That is not to say that those are the only people we should minister to, because there are some who are called to go into places they've never been and minister. But we definitely are not to shun or be afraid to go back and reach a hand to those in the same pit we were once in.
  7. This is so true. There are several groups of people that get neglected by the Church... your plight is similar to mine. I represent and minister to those who have been born into the (elite) occult. I am one who was born into satanic ritual abuse. Although I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at age 13, that did not eliminate my suffering thereafter. The churches ignore and even worse, call us demon possessed liars, delusional, etc. For the most part, survivors of SRA are not welcome, let alone helped, within the churches at large. The church should be a place of refuge and healing.... I appreciate your dedication to ministering to a group of people that most want to avoid... God bless you and thank you for sharing!
  8. Abby-Joy

    Emergency right now!

  9. Abby-Joy


    I'm sorry you and your daughter lost your place to live, Wayne. I'm glad you two have jobs and a roof over your heads. Several years ago, my kids and I sort of adopted a woman we saw who was always out picking up cans along the streets. One day I picked her up and brought her home, and we found out where she lived... her house was in very bad shape, she had very little food, couldn't pay utilities, and was on verge of losing her house because she couldn't afford property taxes. No one would hire her so she was picking up cans to try to get enough money to pay the taxes. :( We started taking her groceries and toiletries, and once a week, we would take her out to eat with us. I took her to church with me for awhile until the church bus started picking her up.
  10. Abby-Joy


    My family and I have come so close to homelessness since December 2017. After our youngest son (15 at the time) was diagnosed with brain tumors, we had to go 5 hours away to a children's hospital. After his surgery, we had a small camper that was in okay shape but was in a very bad neighborhood (drugs, violence). We stayed there for 2 weeks until he healed enough to go into treatment. About 5 days after he began treatment, our landlord messaged to say that he sold the rental we were living in and we had 30 days to move. We had no way to pack and get things into storage from 5 hrs away... let alone, look for another place to live. We were staying in a Ronald McDonald House for 7 weeks. We had talked the landlord into accepting 2 more rents to give us time to pack, get our things into storage, and find a home. We didn't find one. We lived in the tiny camper for 3 months while we were looking for a home. It was kind of okay, except I had to call the police on our neighbors about 3 times for fighting all hours of the night and keeping my son awake when he should've been resting. I had to call 911 for the same woman whose ex-boyfriend (stalker) kept coming over threatening her. (sigh) We ended up helping her, as she also was homeless until we let her use another tiny camper that we had (plus our electricity). She and her son would've been homeless otherwise. Our camper was in pretty good shape until storms blew through and knocked tree limbs onto our roof. It began leaking and formed mold. I put my son in the one bed that was farthest away from the mold. I would rather have slept in the car than for him to be near the mold!! After the rains, we fixed the roof and cleaned out the mold as best we could. We had to live in that until we finally found a home in April. It's not huge, but it has everything we need and some things I always wanted... fruit trees, flowering trees, berries, garden spots, and a creek on 3 sides. PS... my son is 16 as of this past June. He feels great and is doing well.... by faith, we know he is healed!!! But we are to go for MRIs in October. His scans in February and May were clear. But in August, they used new machines and thought they saw something. They wanted to do surgery again, but we let him decide. He wanted to wait and pray. They let us wait 5 weeks. October, we go back.... I know this thread wasn't about that.... but it all is mixed in with the bigger picture. We don't always have control over our circumstances. Still, God is good.... He has us all in the palm of His hand.
  11. Abby-Joy


    We had to file bankruptcy in 2008 because our own bank who we'd been with for 9 yrs began stealing money out of our bank account and we couldn't pay our bills. In order to stop my husband's check from being garnished, we had to file bankruptcy. (Regions Bank ... check out the BBB and see how many complaints there are against them for stealing people's money!)
  12. Abby-Joy

    VERY Strange!

    Truth! Ayin-Jade, there are people praying for you that you don't even know.... you are not alone...
  13. Abby-Joy

    VERY Strange!

    Thank you.... apology accepted as well.