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    Matthew 24:9-15

    9Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. 10And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. 11And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. 12And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. 13But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. 14And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. 15When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

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  1. Thinking of you and praying. I have similar issues surrounding dentists and may be having to see one sometime soon. It's wonderful that you've found someone who understands what you're dealing with.
  2. Although not a mental illness, I can relate to this in regards to DID (dissociative identity disorder), formerly known as MPD (multiple personality disorder). Most of the church is ill equipped to understabd and accept someone who deals with DID, let alone minister to them. The main obstacles are fear and lack of education and awareness of what DID really is. Most Christians would freak out and call an alter personality a "demon" and do great damage. There is so much rejection for those dealing with mental issues. What people need to understand is that although there may be a spiritual element, many mental health issues are the result of severe trauma in childhood. Some grace and compassion are in order. It is hard being left outside the doors of the church(es) due to lack of understanding/misjudging. I was part of a church where there was a woman who had multiple personalities. Due to the nature of her past traumas, many aspects of the church service were triggers for her and she would begin to switch. A frightened child alter would come forward, lay on a pew and curl up with a stuffed animal, and fall asleep. People would pray over her and try to cast the "demons" out and of course, that was to no avail because alters aren't demons. They are parts of one's God given humanity that were shattered through trauma. I tried to help them understand what was going on, but they wouldn't hear me. Later, I also was rejected by my friends at that church for related reasons.
  3. Early on, when my son was doing chemo and radiation, I did things to help combat the negative side effects (melatonin, spirulina, chlorella, chlorophyll, vitamin c, etc) plus immune boosters like papaya leaf juice, soursop, and the best diet I could get my hands on while living in a Ronald McDonald House. I also made him a bath with baking soda and sea salt every day after radiation treatments to pull the excess radiation out of his body. He'd soak in it about an hour. His bloodwork was always great. His hair didn't fall out as much and it grew back quickly. They wanted to follow protocol and give him antibiotics (even though his bloodwork was amazing). Well, the intravenous antibiotic made him "sick" (allergic reactions, and flu-like symptoms). So we never did antibiotics after that. He wasn't sickly and other than working around the effects on appetite caused by chemo, he still ate fairly well. We just had to keep finding new foods he liked once the others got ruined for him. We aren't rich. We had to sell things to be able to afford what he needed. And we have had help from various kind hearts and organizations. We have been homeless...then we found a house and bc of medical bills, have struggled to pay bills at times. But I'd rather have my son with me and live in a shack or in my car.... than the alternative. But ...I believe God's promises are for us. So we will see what God does.
  4. They did. You weren't there. His vitals were fine before they doped him up. Are you saying they didn't know the side effects of the meds they prescribed? A friend of mine who also overcame glioblastoma through prayer and nutrition freaked out when I told him the amount of steroid they put him on in the hospital. He said, "What the %#&& were they trying to do to him?!!" This man is on steroids (low dose) because the 3 surgeries he had caused seizures. So he isn't completely against medical solutions. But from experience, he knows that the amount of steroid they put my son on was outrageously high. If I could look up the side effects of meds and put the puzzle pieces together, these "pain management" doctors should know and they shouldn't have lied to me. I was there. I'm the one who has walked through these last 2+ yrs. And I know that it most certainly was a deliberate lie.
  5. For those who are able, it's even more affordable if one can grow their own organic foods ...fruit trees and raised beds, some chickens. That's what I eventually hope to do. If anyone is interested, they might enjoy watching some videos on YT on "back to Eden" gardening. It is a very low maintenance way of gardening.
  6. They tried to kill my son bc they saw his scans and knew he wasn't taking chemo and radiation. He went into the hospital bc he had neck pain and took the oxycodone he was prescribed. He took it again several hrs later. His eyes began hurting so bad, sharp pains. We didn't know at that point that oxycodone causes inflammation of the iris (among many other things). His pain level skyrocketed and he began puking due to intense pain...which led to his inability to keep food and water down...then dehydration was an issue. So we took him to children's hospital. They jumped him up to a ridiculously high steroid, morphine, and oxycodone, tylenol, reflux med and laxative (to combat the side effects of those meds). His vitals dropped and they told us he would die that night. Then when he didn't die, they said he'd be dead within 3 days. I went online and researched the side effects of those meds and found out they cause blood pressure and heart rate to go down. I asked the "pain management team" if it could be the meds causing his vitals to dip and they bold faced LIED to me saying it wasn't the meds. Meanwhile, they were bombarding us with questions about donating his organs. ($$$$$$) Well, praise God, my son walked out on his own 2 feet, down from 4 stories, carrying his bags. (lol) A few days later, he was mowing the lawn, cooking, tending animals, and riding his bike. But that happened again about 5 weeks later and we still didn't know it was the oxycodone that caused the severe eye pain. We figured it out since then. Over 3 months ago, they said he had no more than 3 days to live. (LIES!!)
  7. I know of one 4 yr old boy who was being treated at ST Judes (research hospital) for brain and spinal tumors. He was "treated" and they then sent him home on hospice to die. His mom was doing her research and begged doctors to prescribe an organic whole foods meal in a bag (for his feeding tube). She said to them, "You did what you could, now let us do what we can." They prescribed it. Before long, her son was gaining weight and strength and then hospice released him. All 17 of his brain and spinal tumors gradually shrank and were gone. I think it's been 5 yrs and he is still alive. He has much damage from the high doses of chemo and radiation that he is still recovering from, but he's alive.
  8. They can be...but at least they don't have a million side effects, including cancer. There can be some "side effects" such as lowering blood pressure and blood sugar or (slightly) thinning the blood (on a few supplements here and there) but that's why you research and educate yourself before just taking everything you see. Moringa is one such superfood. It is a cancer fighter, immune and energy booster, and it does lower BP and blood sugar. That is why people who are already on meds for those things should beware bc it can bring BP and and blood sugar down even more. On the other hand, some have been able to control these conditions without medications, using things like moringa....something God made. Apple cider vinegar also helps these conditions...as well as a healthy diet. Again....organic fruits and veggies, eggs...are not expensive.
  9. Sister, I've been advised even by medical people that these can and probably would lead to cancer. (I was prescribed it due to severe trauma-related damage to my stomach and upper GI.) I chose to go the route of treating with diet instead, to heal my insides. My upper GI and stomach linings were bleeding and nearly everything I ate would come back up. I began drinking aloe vera juice and apple cider vinegar, daily. And that, plus eliminating a few foods has greatly reduced my symptoms...I'd say there is about 90% reduction.
  10. Cancer (etc) is a high profit industry...it doesn't pay for patients to get well.
  11. There's a reason why nearly 100% of meds advertised on television has warnings that side effects could increase your chances for cancers. I know from experience that diet DOES matter. I know of many who have reversed cancer with either keto or raw foods diets. I know many who faced what my son has faced who went the conventional route of treatment and all the children we knew when we began our journey now are passed away. My son has outlived prognosis by over a year (depending on what statistic you go by). We eliminated sugar from early on. We went keto about 8 months ago. Lately, we have limited meats, and increased our raw foods (which we already did a good bit of). Of course, we have prayed and trusted God along the way and have had many challenges. We haven't eliminated all medical help. We just use much prayer and wisdom. Right now, 100% of what my son is dealing with are side effects of the meds. His last 2 hospitalizations were because of severe pain caused by his meds. They nearly killed him!! We finally singled out the meds that were causing his pain and have weaned him down. When they did scans, they asked, "What have y'all been giving him?" They knew he had chosen not to do chemo and radiation over the last year and a half, and couldn't understand what they were seeing on the scans. (He did his own research and decided he wanted to be able to eat and get the nutrition his body needed, and that chemo and radiation would greatly alter his appetite and prevent him from eating normally. He had chemo and radiation in the beginning and knew what it did to him. We knew from the beginning that both chemo and radiation do cause/increase risk of cancer.) In my view and experience, we do what we can and God does what only He can do. We still have a part to play. You don't jump off a cliff and then expect God to prevent you from hitting the ground.
  12. I very strongly disagree, but you know.... that's okay, and time will tell.
  13. Might be more of a shift in the spirit realm. We are in a year that was/is a target (year) for NWO.
  14. If he said they are assessing damage AND casualties ...there were casualties.... I suppose it's all good .... wow...
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