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  1. Question: Was there an electronic or pulsating sound that you heard? I suppose it's neither here nor there about the sound... the sounds that happen with "UFO" incidents is usually harmonics and it reverberates through the body and especially the brain. That's because it is usually about programming... as I said earlier, most "alien abductions" are actually a cover memory for other things. Harmonics are used during programming.
  2. It seems to me that these incidents are more and more prevalent as we near the Lord's appearing. Evil abounds. I've heard of this before... it sounds like a classic spiritual attack.
  3. Hello Sister ... the electronic sound you remember... can you describe it? Was it kinda pulsating? Have you ever heard of harmonics?
  4. The Return of the Nephilim

    I agree with you, Brother..... God didn't do a halfway job with the flood. The nephilim after the flood came through other means.... they did not survive the flood and God did not preserve nephilim seed or DNA in the ark....
  5. What does God do when you give up?

    Hello, Pius ... when you give up? ... maybe that is what you need to do. Let go. Do you not know He is able to keep your foot from slipping? You are still here for a reason. Give up struggling .... the struggle to believe. Just believe. If you have to, tell Him... "Lord, I believe... please, help my unbelief." You must seek God's face, not His hand. I am 45 yrs old and personally, I can tell you that my life has never been ideal. I don't know one human being who has had a perfect life without any hardship, sadness, pain, or disappointment... from the very rich to the very poor. I face daily struggles and challenges as well. But I have tasted of God's goodness. I can say that, not because I have had monetary blessings... because I have had money stolen, been in bankruptcy, faced abuse, violence, threats... I live in a rented older house that needs repairs, not much furniture ... but still, I can look to my Jesus and know He has never left me. Pius... that is peace that passes understanding. Seek HIM .... not what He can give you that is temporal .... but what is eternal. TASTE and SEE ..... brother, GOD is GOOD .... He really is ... just taste and see.

    Nothing too extraordinary as far as photo quality, I suppose, but I so enjoy the simple things like this ... the beauty that God created is all around us.
  7. POWER in the NAME of JESUS......Hurricaine Irma

    PS.... sooo glad to have you back on the forums!!
  8. POWER in the NAME of JESUS......Hurricaine Irma

    Yes, yes!! Thank You, Jesus!!! What an awesome testimony to the name ABOVE every name - power in the name of JESUS!!!!! I believe it... and Kwik, what a blessing to read this! Praying for all those who are still picking up the pieces .... may God draw many souls to Himself through all of this!
  9. New User New Christian

    Nice to meet you.... welcome to Worthy!
  10. Problem with rejection by friend

    Welcome to Worthy... God will answer your prayers. He is answering even now, when you can't see it with your eyes... continue to grow closer to Him and trust Him.
  11. Renewing my time here

    Nice to meet you... welcome to Worthy (from a fellow Christian mom)!
  12. Philippians 4:19 (KJV)

    But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”