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  1. “There are three types of people in this world: sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs,” I've heard it a little differently. There are those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who just wonder what happened.
  2. They both use the same weapon the JAWBONE OF AN ASS. Only difference is the preachers use theirs to lead folks astray from the Gospel.
  3. Ah, who? Well I've heard many and while I'll not go naming names just so as to not give the impression that those I would name are somehow more culpable than the myriad of others. Who are they? Many preach a prosperity style Gospel. Some preach that they are prophets. Some build mansions for themselves from the support of poor Christians. Some have even been busted faking faith healings. Some preach that some sins aren't really sin. I saw somewhere where one said the Resurrection wasn't really a resurrection but an apparition of the Disciples somehow caused by some sort of group hysteria or something. I could go on and on but what's the use. Anyone who isn't teaching the FULL GOSPEL of Christ and the Commandments of God is leading folks astray. As a matter of fact when I think about it, I sometimes wonder if those teaching false (in comparison the the Gospel) doctrine don't outnumber those who teach the TRUE Word of God.
  4. Since not many have taken notice I think I'll lay low for awhile as I've already caused enough grief for the moderators with my first video attempt. Now that I know I'll put any future ones where they belong. I could do music ones all day.
  5. BTW, thanks. And to answer your question, I agree that in a way Paul's take is Christ's take, but it's really in the end Paul's take on Christ's teachings. I guess I should maybe say Paul's commentary on Christ's teaching instead of using the word "take". I was just curious if you were meaning the conversation to be about the entire subject or limited to Paul's references to it.
  6. Yep, found it and posted a different one there. Just don't know how to move this one now that I know where it should be.
  7. For myself, when I find something that could become a quandary, I like to check as many reliable commentaries on the subject as required to better understand the issue, but rely on Faith that God will lead me to the correct answer. He usually does and on the occasions that He doesn't I just figure that He feels it's not necessary for me to have that answer at this point, so no worries when I don't know or can't figure out a thing.
  8. Well, the Gospel of Salvation is the Gospel of Christ. That said, while you mention many good references to that Gospel from the writings of Paul, I noticed the lack of references to the actual words of the Lord in your list. Is there any significance to this or is it simply your intent to present Paul's take on the subject?
  9. Thanks. I finally figured it out yesterday (with a little help) and removed it. I sent it to the video section to await approval but have been advised not to hold my breath due to the excessive length. (2+ hours but well worth it I say) Anyway, that said, now I'm going to stick to short music videos, which should have no problem being approved. I put my first one in the video section for approval this morning.
  10. That one worked but it's a little too much so I'll not try that yet. I'm still on milk here.
  11. To me it all falls under the heading of translation. Yes, you must know enough about history to understand context and yes the differences in the styles of different languages (including 17th century English) all come into play. My point is simply that much of what you read is hyperbole anyway and while I tend to look into such things on occasions when they actually affect my beliefs, in general, I find that taking the Teachings of Christ literally sure helps me avoid the pitfalls of most of it. Context is another of those issues that lend to misinterpretation and again, some knowledge of history sometimes comes in handy for context but I still think that for most folks, just taking the teachings of Christ literally might lead to clearing up many misunderstandings.
  12. Now, I'm depressed. It didn't work on that one.
  13. Literal Interpretation. I often wonder about the oxymoron that is literal interpretation. As I've stated in the past, I take the teachings of Christ literally so that the only interpretation that is necessary is some understanding of the few translation controversies. (and there really are very few legitimate ones of those from my perspective.) The dictionary definition of an oxymoron is "a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction". Aren't literal and interpretation terms that in this context are pretty well contradictory? Misinterpretation is one of the main things that I believe has been used over and over by way too many people to lead way too many away from the actual teachings of Christ but misinterpretation is only possible if you attempt to interpret to start with. SO, isn't it so much easier to take them literally and not worry about it in the first place? As for language interpretation, some may have noticed that I speak an English dialect. It's called Hillbilly. It does have writing so I thought I'd post a little here to see if anyone can translate. Here goes Mr puppies! Mr not puppies! OSAR! cmpn. LIB, Mr puppies.
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