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  1. Same here in the good old USofA.
  2. First I don't know of an instance where I made judgemental comments about any person about money. I call out the actions but not a person. I knew that wasn't popular long ago but when I talk about actions such as the use of wealth it's not any personal attack on anyone but a hope that someone somewhere might see that they have fallen into the money trap and have a change of heart. And sometimes it's when people see that the actions that I describe are those in which they participate that they think it's personal but that's only because the actions are personal not because I said anything personal about the person. I wasn't insinuating that it was a joke as I rook it quite serious. I was simply pointing out the fact that it was insensitive given the modern usage and could be taken as offensive by someone else who was unfamiliar with your definition as I was and while it's going to be like water off a ducks back for me it might not be so for the homosexual who had the same reaction. So, I'm always on the side of caution when it comes to such things and still think it was insensitive even if no double entendre was intended. BTW, only God knows your intentions, I can only speak to my interpretation of the words and my concerns that someone more sensitive than myself (someone who might see it as personal) might see it and become disillusioned about the sensitivity or compassion of us as Christians. That's all God bless
  3. All I'll say is that I'm compelled to call out what I believe to be problematic behavior or rhetoric every time I see where it could even possibly unnecessarily have any detriment to anyone's ability to witness to anyone, and in this case it's obvious that regardless of your intention of definition your statement has the possibility of being interpreted as a derogatory term for homosexuals and thus undermine any efforts to witness to any homosexual who might take it as such. So I'm calling it as I see it. The only culture I wish to cultivate is one of God's love and it can't be imposed on anyone. I just wish everyone could be more sensitive about words that could be seen as derogatory attacks on persons. While I believe in calling out actions and words I try my best to avoid language that could possibly be seen as personal attacks on anyone. That's all God bless
  4. There's your entire quote and the only mention of evergreens is looking at them (which is in no way offensive) and the your statement about burning faggots with no cross reference. So, again, it's not about what you (or I) might think it means but what someone who is familiar with the modern derogatory term and not the antiquated term might think, specially if that person were a homosexual seeking spiritual guidance I can't believe that you aren't familiar with the modern usage so are you suggesting that the aforementioned person should go look up an old or unknown to them definition before deciding that there is no compassion here? If you're suggesting that it should be their responsibility to check if there's another meaning I'd suggest maybe you should think about the fact that it's probably not going to happen before posting something which is at best a double entendre.
  5. Well crying isn't going to change anything (it never does do any good) so why not try something more productive?
  6. Because it had a meaning per the OED in the 18th century as a bundle of twigs doesn't make it any less insensitive given it's modern adaptation and I still maintain that homosexuals everywhere would see at as a derogatory name for them so i stand by my original premise that they might leave after seeing it. It's not about an obscure meaning (if I didn't know it I'm betting I'm not alone) as much as it is about sensitivity towards those who might be offended. FYI, I checked and there are numerous instances where British folks have used it as a synonym for homosexuals and the dictionary also has it as slang. Actually a couple only have the slang. I just wish we could discuss pagan rituals without divisive insinuation if not outright ridicule of folks who have nothing to do with them.
  7. I fear that it's unnecessary rhetoric like this that makes it hard to witness to a homosexual. You know it's hard to witness to someone after you have called them derogatory names? What if a homosexual person had come here today to seek spiritual guidance, would they have confidence that they would find much compassion here if they read this?
  8. What does drinking water have to do with the price of eggs in China much less the adoption of pagan ghost repelling rituals and turning them into a retail bonanza while children are starving all over the world including right in our own backyard?
  9. Try the Scofield Reference Bible. While I don't necessarily agree with dome of the commentary, they have a map section with good explanations. You have to remember it was written and compiled in the early 19th century so there may be newer maps that take into account more modern archeology but I have for years referenced those and found them helpful. I have seen that it's now available in a reasonably priced paperback edition but I have noticed that some copies say "complete with maps and concordance" which makes me wonder if some versions have left them out for some reason, so I'd just check to be sure.
  10. Wow, why don't you just tell how you really feel? I thought I was hard core about the way we celebrate holidays and the things we choose to celebrate and while I don't know your reasoning it seems you have taken it to a whole new level. Partly because you've just lumped them all into one. I have differing reasons for my feelings on each one and usually take them on one by one (was already planning Halloween post). I think Halloween is one of the most baffling as to why Christians would participate in such a holiday much less spend money to celebrate it. Now, since I'll have no new material for a new topic on it that could top this, I'll just put in my 2 cents worth here. Or should I say my $6B worth since that's what Christians spent last year celebrating Halloween. (Total retail was $9B and I'm being kind only assigning $6B to Christians). How can we justify such a expenditure celebrating Halloween or Samhain which is the pagan holiday of the ancient Celts upon which it is based? The Celts lighted bonfires and wore costumes to ward off ghosts. In the 8th century Pope Gregory III deecided that we needed a holiday to honor all saints so all saints day was born. Soon (and there's no sensible reason that I can find) the celebration of All Saints day began to mirror Samhain and became All Hallows Eve. Then over time it became even more pagan in it's celebration and became Halloween, the retail corporate bonanza that we celebrate today. I know that's a Readers Digest version but this isn't my topic so I'm hitting the highlights. So, I'll only say that I believe that $6B would be better spent doing God's work and could do a lot of good for a lot of people and Trick or Treat time would be way better spent in a Church service teaching the young folks the teachings of Christ and why they don't include Halloween. Good luck with that one!
  11. This is for everyone who remembers when you could live on $2000.00 a year.
  12. To paraphrase an old quote, Did you ever wonder why the wicked seem so strong. It's because the Christians sleep while the devil leaves the porch light on. It's kinda thought provoking if you ask me. While Scriptural discussion and study has it's place and is necessary to understand God's plan for our lives (and there's several learned and Scripturally sound individuals here from whom to glean new insights), it's all for naught until we put those teachings into action. (Faith without works is dead) That said it can sometimes seem overwhelming because the devil does indeed leave the porch light on 24/7 and there's always a party there to which everyone is invited. That just means that we must be ever vigilant and work even harder to keep up. Just remember that the Gospel is one of action and somewhere close to you, the devil has a house with the porch light on. Sometimes doing God's work means getting your hands dirty or as the old song says "Put your hand to the plow and hold on". I've seen talk of social and political activism on here and I just wanted to remind folks that activism in the name of God is the best kind and the most rewarding. You can see the physical results every time you extinguish one of the devils porch lights. God bless
  13. I don't see much about the event itself or the cause in general that should "sow the seeds for social unrest and breakdown of family structure" as those seeds are being sown every day by much more compelling forces than this so any effect it might have on either will probably be so small as to have little effect.
  14. I am of the belief that the best way isn't to convince them (as that can fall on deaf ears as you note and I've never had any luck with it) but rather make sure and keep them so busy doing God's work that they won't have the time to experiment and hope that they'll be so full of the blessings that come from doing God's work that they'll not even want to risk losing them.
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