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  1. hi Willa, Thanks very much for your reply and I'm very sorry - I reread my original reply to you and could see that the way I had written it had given the impression I was referring to your text as being harsh!! I had meant my friend's remark - so I have edited my reply in bold so hopefully that's clearer. I guess that shows how easily misunderstandings can happen! Thank you so much for praying - may God bless you - and thank you for the explanation about the root of bitterness and God's grace. Sapphire15
  2. hi Willa, Thanks so much for your reply. I note the quote at the bottom of it - very apt for me to take heed of because although I found the remark from my friend (edit 31/10) harsh, I think I also reacted harshly. It did hurt yes, and to be honest I'm thinking that it might be best to have some space and agree with the suggestion alluded to in your example about Job praying for his friends. Your reply has got me thinking a bit more about forgiveness. I'm not convinced that Jesus taught unconditional forgiveness - I hope I'm not misunderstanding what you've written. In Luke 17:3-4 he says "Watch yourselves. If your brother sins, rebuke him; and if he repents, forgive him. Even if he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times returns to say, 'I repent,' you must forgive him." There is also the parable of the unforgiving servant in Matthew 18:21-35. But there also, the servant who owed the lesser amount of money was repentant and was asking for time to repay the smaller debt. These examples are of course within the body of Christ. But then, as I understand it, when we come to Christ seeking forgiveness, in His mercy and grace He forgives us all our sins but we are expected to aim at walking in repentance....at this point tiredness is taking over again, sorry,...... I need to take a break from the screen.... will write again God willing.... Thanks again for writing and may God bless you, Sapphire15
  3. hi Repose, Thank you for your positive and encouraging reply. I'm sorry I hadn't got back to you sooner - I lost track a little with who I had replied to ! Thankfully today was better and I got some cleaning done which felt like an achievement and paperwork is in a neater pile ready to tackle. I have actually seen an online painting class with Udemy which looks really good - I notice they do sales sometimes on their courses which helps a great deal - but I will also try the class. I'm not sure where painting or art will lead but its something I look forward to trying. I probably do need to give the church part more time - and focus on being thankful for the friendships that I have at the moment. May God bless and encourage you too, Sapphire15
  4. hi Godismyloveforever, Thank you for sharing - it is so interesting to learn more about the details of the history of biblical events. How incredible it is the way everything fits together - God is awesome!! My memory hasn't been working as well as it used to, but when I hear of the significance of particular words used in the bible or see glimpses of how things come together it really encourages me in faith. I haven't visited Israel and am not sure I'll get the opportunity, but it must be amazing to see the actual places where events took place and Jesus walked. May God bless you, Sapphire15
  5. hi Willa, So sorry not to have replied yet. I just typed a long reply and lost it!!! I'm a little tired but will try and respond later. Take care, Sapphire15
  6. hi Coleseum, Thanks for your reply.... on reading it what also comes to mind is the importance of being thankful for all the blessings that God provides, especially where I've taken things perhaps for granted. I do have lots to be thankful for - like central heating, fresh water and sufficient clothing and food. I remember reading a verse which I think is in 2 Timothy which talks of being content with food and shelter. So much difficulty I think has been from me either looking back or jumping ahead, rather than resting in what God has provided and is doing and wants to do today. Now its remembering that for tomorrow too!!! Thanks again for posting and may God bless and encourage you, Sapphire15
  7. Thanks for welcoming me here Coemgen and Dennis1209!
  8. hi DustyRoad, thank you for sharing things that are helpful to meditate on. I really think that I do need to 'see' Jesus better and if anyone has any helpful thoughts on this I'd be grateful. Perhaps if I studied scripture more, and was more disciplined to apply lessons I'd progress much better - I listened to someone sharing that they had a two hour study time each day. Thanks so much for reminding me of the verse that Christ is faithful to continue that work he started. May God bless and encourage you, Sapphire15
  9. hi missmuffet, Thank you!! I found your advice very grounding and encouraging and it helped me to get back where I needed to be - in prayer before Him. May God bless and encourage you, Sapphire15
  10. hi Blue Lulu, Thank you for that word of wisdom not to take to heart something which is not spoken in love, and thank you for your prayer over a church family. May God bless and encourage you too, Sapphire15
  11. hi lovethelord, Thank you so much for understanding and for replying to my post. I think the art class might be on tomorrow - I'll have to check - yes, I think going to it is the right thing to do so hopefully I'll still be able to. I agree that I do need to strengthen myself in God's word. I came across some helpful online videos about studying the bible, which have encouraged me not only to aim at studying much more carefully, highlighting verses and looking into word meanings - but also to just read every day, no matter how I am feeling - because whilst I am reading I am familiarising myself with God's word better and then God willing, things can come back to my remembrance better. I realise that may seem obvious to most, but I'm typing this out to tell myself again before I go to sleep! I had got into a negative habit of just opening the bible randomly quite a lot to read, so I still have not read it all the way through. Thanks again and may the Lord bless and encourage you too, Sapphire15
  12. hi David/BeauJangles, Thank you for your kind and understanding reply to my post and also for highlighting the care of our Lord as he watches over us. I agree that regular church attendance can be really important - I do need to give this issue more thought. I have been going but have often wavered over which was the 'right' place for me attend. Thanks too for reminding me that 'we only have to live one day at a time' and also not to be overly stressed for the next. Sometimes it seems I need to hear things over and over! I haven't been listening to many songs lately which probably hasn't helped - its quite quiet at home - thinking about it now, encouragement so often comes through Christian songs that I really ought to switch the radio on or perhaps listen to a playlist on youtube. May God bless you and encourage you too, Sapphire15
  13. Hi Godismyloveforever, thanks for your reply - I wasn't aware that that was the date for a full moon - I'm a little hesitant to ask, but I am curious about why the full moon should be such a good date? But I also don't want to pry if you'd rather not say :).
  14. hi Dusty Road, thanks very much for welcoming me. I did find the welcome uplifting!! However, in all honesty I have been a bit up and down due to circumstances lately so I have posted further. Thank you though for posting on my thread.
  15. Firstly, a big thank you again to those who welcomed me here. I'm in a bit of a complicated situation because several things are happening at once. I've been struggling the past few days with slipping back after a couple of comments were made to me by another believer. I won't go into them as I've already had assurance that the comments were overly harsh and not warranted, but it made me realise that I am really not very emotionally resilient and have been too led by ups and downs of feelings and circumstances in my relationship with God, even though just before the remarks I had felt really positive. I don't work currently and haven't for some time. I was going to push ahead and apply for something part-time. However, the downward spin I've found myself in the past few days has alerted me to the fact that perhaps I am not really able to manage pressures in a secular environment at the moment . There is a painting group that I'd love to go to, although it classes with one bible study class, and I'm thinking that as for many years I've wanted to do something artistic that this might be a good opportunity. I haven't done anything before, partly because it seemed to affect my relationship with one of my parents (who also has wanted to do art). But its become even more evident, that distancing myself from my parents (non-Christian) might be best for my health. In addition, I've just come out of a church after a new elder came and a group I was going to stopped, although I have been told that I am welcome still to visit. So I am not well knitted into a church family currently and if possible, would be grateful for prayer about this, especially that it would become really clear where I am to be. Thanks for reading this far. I've tried not to get overly deep, but at the same time highlight the fact that I've been struggling (again!).
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