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  1. I really don't like to be lonely cause a woman need someone to lean on and share life together always or what is the suggestion please everyone here ...I'm tired of single life
  2. I need help from people around the world who can help for relocation from those unclean spirits...thanks admin
  3. Many have gone astray and I just wish we can still find a godly man spoken in the words of God.
  4. Doctrine of men's and very soon it shall be on earth no more cause they are worshiping gods of the land not God Almighty
  5. I was saying things that looks so strange in the room but they didn't let me reply anymore...I guess we are all learning and sharing ideas but who knows if the truth will come out of it
  6. Thanks Coliseum and I really appreciate your reply
  7. A new songs which was never heard before on earth and the way of our Lord is uncommon, a spiritual songs that lift up people from the ground when praising Him
  8. My happiness is to see a new world which Our Lord Jesus Christ want to share for all the believers
  9. It is the beginning of the New Jerusalem spoken in Revelation because after the end of the dark ages ...behold a new Light, Holy City where death have no power there
  10. My name is Melissa and my parent have passed away but I believe they rest in bosom of our Lord, please I just want to learn more righteousness and salvation to soul cause devil is here and there in the world but Christ is greater than all his works hallelujah
  11. Our Lord Jesus Christ have raised up the serpent and bruised it, hallelujah
  12. Genesis 3:15 makes us understand the secret of the beginning when first Adam and eve were tempted by the great serpent, Glory be to God for the power in Our Lord Jesus Christ to overcome the serpent amen
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