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  1. Human trafficking is happening in every country. That much is evident. That's no reason to tolerate it here or elsewhere. There is no excuse to tolerate any crime.
  2. Stereotypes are generally accurate. We have stereotypes of cars, motorcycles, cats, dogs, elephants, gators, football players, jockeys, etc. "Let's not stereotype elephants, they're not as big as they say" when one comes charging. Good luck with that.
  3. Trafficking is already happening in the US so we should allow in more illegals so that they can traffic too. Impeccable logic lol.
  4. You're right, arguing with them is pointless. There are lots of retired, older folks here who have nothing better to do than troll this forum tens of thousands of times lol. They are just bored and restless, their words are just random meanderings. Please try to forgive them.
  5. These atrocities would not be happening if they just stayed at home instead of illegally jumping the border. There are many millions applying for legal immigration status: you can't cry "victim" when you attempt to jump the line.
  6. The reality is that they are illegal aliens who are in violation of border law. They need to be sent back.
  7. It is as unfair as separating any other criminal from their family for committing a crime. Don't commit the crime, you won't be separated.
  8. The problem with your claim is that you do not take into consideration the fact that the KJV and all translations are just that: translations. You will need to consider the original text from which the Bible was translated: the Greek. If you do not do so, you really have no idea what you are talking about. Which unfortunately is true for at least 90% of those professing Christianity.
  9. For those interested, we are actually looking at the Greek original text demonstrating all of the fallacies in translation of major editions such as the KJV and NIV. Suffice to say, without actually examining the original Greek text, we know nothing about the Bible itself.
  10. In a way, I'm glad I encountered this heretical church. It's forced me to dig deeper and conduct my own research instead of being a lazy slob and relying on someone else to spoon feed me the supposed word of God. As I have discovered, a lack of vigilance leads to a lack of knowledge, which in turn makes one an easy prey for shifty pastors looking to turn a quick buck. I see this church and every other church for what it is: a fun, social gathering which may or may not present God's word in an accurate light. Whatever is said, I'll be sure to double check it's accuracy on my own. And no, I won't feel guilty in the slightest: Sunday is not the Sabbath and attending church is not required by the Bible. So many people have been duped but I'm not one of them.
  11. Drug use is now celebrated and promoted in "gangsta" rap, popular music and film. It is the "cool" thing to do. You can't really be accepted in youth peer groups unless you at the very least, consume alcohol. Almost all "youth" parties revolved around drinking and drug consumption. There is even a local church meeting group which holds meetings at the local tavern.
  12. This was disappointing to me. They were older, but newlyweds. This was their time to bond deeply with one another, in this their "honeymoon" period. Instead, she is already flirting with single men in front of her husband. What made it worse was that the husband had had hip replacement surgery and relied on her to transport him to their car in his mobility chair. Instead, she kept him waiting in the lobby for 15 minutes while she was chatting me up. I saw him waiting outside for her the entire time? when I left (she insisted on walking me to my car). It leads me to believe that there is no real distinction between the "christians" at church and nonbelievers in actual behavior.
  13. And yet we are supposed to welcome these drug cartels, pimps, gangs and thugs with open arms or we are "racist."
  14. It's not just California; the entire country is a lost cause. Within two generations, the entirety of the country will be unrecognizable.
  15. There are several meetup groups, all associated with the larger "mega" churches. All of the attendees are older, middle aged, trying to find a partner or spouse. They're not well attended, actually. They typically struggle to attract even a single RSVP. One lady in one such group pestered me to attend one of these meetups which was quite annoying.
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