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  1. Tennis anyone?

    Happy New Year! It's 2010 and the first major of the year is underway. Welcome to week one. On the women's side, Maria Sharpova lost in the Frist Round. That's really a big surprise. Elena Dementieva lost today, but she lost to Justine Henin, who has unretired. Venus (Go V!) and Serena are playing well. Ana Ivanovic is back and doing well. It's good to see her playing hard and well. On the men's end, James Blake went down in five sets. Andy Roddick is playing well. He already won a title this year in the form of one of the earlier tournaments. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are on opposite ends of the draw. There could be a rematch of last year's final. You never know, that's why we play, and watch. Check tennis.com to live action, though it won't show you any live video of the matches. Besides, where I'm writing from, it's day. You'll have to wait for tonight to catch a live match. Check out the Australian Open's website: www.australianopen.com for all of the latest on the year's first major. Enjoy and I'll see you in week two.
  2. Messianic Music

    I've got "Out of Zion" stuck in my head. Been known to just randomly start singing during the past couple of weeks. That and "Ani Ma'amin!" Oh well, at least it's worship. Ani
  3. Tennis anyone?

    It's months later. My final thought on Wimbledon: Andy Roddick proved he could play and do well against Roger. One of these days, he's going to beat him in a major tournament. (Hopefully.) Onto this past tournament, the U.S. Open. What fun, what craziness, what an interesting two weeks. Most of my picks for the women's singles lost in the first week, with Venus's loss to Kim clijsters rounding the first week out. Usually, whoever beat Venus in a tournament who goes to win the tournament. This year's U.S. Open proved to be no exception. Melanie Oudin played really well. There maybe some hope for American women's tennis. Plus, we have Vania King. Melanie Oudin went pretty far in the draw, taking out three big name Russians along her way: Elene Dementieva, Mara Sharapova, and Nadia Petrova. If you didfn't hear about her run, you read that list right (in that order). Serena got herself defaulted in her semi-fnail match. Still, I think she would have lost anyway. Now, we'll never know. Major news on the men's end: Roger Federer lost in the final of the US Open. I thought it was going to be over in four. Nope. Lost in five and the second and the fourth sets were lost in breakers. There was some drama during that match too. This weekend, the Men are playing Davis Cup. In the semis, we have Y'isra'el vs. Spain, and the Czech Republic vs. Croatia. The finals have already been decided. still, I'll try to pst the news tomorrow. Shahar Peer is in China. She's into the final of that tournament and playing Alberta Brianti for the title. See you tomorrow.
  4. Messianic Music

    Jonathon Settel is great. I still love his Ani Ma'amin! album. That's where I got the inspiration for using the words as my screen name. After all, I've always believed. Another person that I like is Sharon Wilbur. Her Our of Zion is a fun song, to me. Currently, listening to Paul Wilbur as I write this. Ani
  5. Tennis anyone?

    I caught the last part of the fifth set. It was amazingly played. Wow: what a match! Ani
  6. Tennis anyone?

    Well, the French Open is over. Roger Federer won in three sets, like I thought he would. Svetlana Kuznetsova won the women's title. In my mind, Roger is the second best clay court player. After all, I lost the three finals that he played to the same person (Nadal). Also, he lost in the semis to Nadal. It's not like he couldn't do it. It's just that Rafa has always been in his way. It's onto the grass season. Wimbledon starts in a couple of weeks. Roger is my pick to win that. I think it's his best surface. I think Andy roddick is the second best grass court player. He usually runs into someone else; Roger Federer. That's happened in the final a couple of times. One of these days, Andy is going to win it and prove that his U.S. Open run in 2003 was not a fluke. Ani
  7. Tennis anyone?

    Speaking of the King of Clay, guess who went down this past weekend? Rafa Nadal lost in a four setter on Sunday. The Men's draw is wide up in the top half. In the bottom half, Roger is still the favorite to win. On the women's end, Ana Ivanovic lost on yesterday. Maria Sharapova is playing well. It's been interesting. It's week two. Time to play out the quarterfinal, semis, and championship matches.
  8. Tennis anyone?

    As I write, Roger Federer is in the middle (or near the end) of a four set match to get into the fourth round of the Fench Open. He won two of the three sets that have been completed. There are some that say Roger won't make the final this year. You never know. Personally, I think he will. Why? It's one of the four majors. If there is anything that Roger does, it's up his level of play during the majors. Also, he's probably the second greatest clay court player in the game. Losing three years in a row to the Nadal, in the Final, as well as losing to him in a semi-final, is what I offer as proof of that fact. It's the first weekend of the French Open. It's been kinda quiet, for the most part. No major upsets until today. Venus Williams made it to the third round where she lost in two. The first set she lost at love. Then again, Venus was on her third day of playing in a row. She's still in the doubles contest with her sister, though. Maria Sharpova is doing what she does best; playing hard and proving where she is a champion (even if it has not come here, yet.) Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Jankovic, Dinara Safina, Serena Williams are playing hard and moving on to the next round. Elena Dementieve lost today, which came as a surprise to me. The women's draw hasn't had too many surprises so far. We'll see what the second week brings to the tournament. On the men's side, Andy Roddick is going into the Fourth Round, which is something that has never happened to him since he turned pro. Go, Andy! Andy is in the same quarter as Roger. I expect Roger to take that quarter, though. Rafa Nadal has a great win streak going. Doesn't look like it's going to get challenged, until the second week of the tournament. Still, he should win his half of the draw. Novak Djokovic lost today in three sets: 4-6, 4-6, 4-6! For those that picked Nadal to beat Djokovic in the final, it just went up in smoke. The quarter that Djovokic was in has just just opened up. Tomorrow concludes the first week of the tournament and starts the second week. That's your French Open update. Enjoy the tournament. Ani
  9. Tennis anyone?

    Update on that match: Patty Schynder won it: 6-2, 2-6, 6-1.
  10. Tennis anyone?

    Another update, read "reply," by the starter of this topic. I wonder how many people actually stop to read this. Anyway. It's been a couple of weeks. Last week, Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, and Novak Djokovic were in the semies of the men's Rome tournament. Novak beat Roger and Rafa won his match. Djokovic and Nadal faced off in the final, with Rafa winning the tournament. Now, the women are in Rome. Venus is playing okay. She won her match in three. Serena is not looking too hot right now. She's playing Patty Schnyder as I write this. It's Patty Schnyder: 6-2, 2-6, 5-1 right now and she's serving. (I'm not a Serena fan, but I am a V fan.) Speaking of the Williams sisters, they are looking to play in the Fed Cup Final on November 8-9. The U.S. is taking on Italy in Italy. I still can't believe Italy beat Russia in their semi-final match up. Maria Sharpova is still out. That's all for now.
  11. Tennis anyone?

    As of this past weekend, Roger Federer is married. Andy Roddick is getting married this coming weekend. On the tennis end, it's the beginning of the clay season. Actually, it started last week. We'll see how it goes. The clay season ends with Roland Garros. Ani
  12. Messiah Conference

    I have some of the evening services from 2008 on DVD. Amazing. I'm trying to get ready for this year's Conference. It would be the first one that I've made in the last six years, so heavy prayer. Ani
  13. Messianic Music

    It's been like forever since I've been on here. Probably because I'm running after my students most of the day. Anyway, to the newcomers, shalom. Ani
  14. Tennis anyone?

    That was actually the second post on the topic. I've basically been using this to update everyone on what is going during the tours. By the way, biblicaldancer is my other login. Ani
  15. Tennis anyone?

    It's 2009 and Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal won the Australian Open. Roger Federer lost the Australian in a 5 set match that is, (and if not; should be,) an instant classic. Serena's best match, I think, was the semifinal where she played, and beat, Elena Dementieva. Elena beat Serena the last three times that they played, including once this year. At the end of last year, Venus William (Go V!) won the season ending championship. Roger and Rafa were Missing from the men's. That's all for now.