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    I love to playing tennis, snooker, gym and go swimming. I am a christian from China. Hoping to talk with you all!

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  1. hey guys, im in china, i want buy some clothers via A&F,hollister offical website, they can only ship to inside the state, i would want someone here in the US can ship me the clothers to China, anyone can help?
  2. do anyone hear this song?

    it's okay, thank you anyway.
  3. do anyone hear this song?

    by th way, where can I listen this song via internet? Song title: This Day Artist: Ross Nevette Prigge Album: Vineyard This day, You have chosen me To walk beside the lost To tell them of the love That set them free This day, I am in Your hands Forever I will be Walking in this love That sets me free This is the day that I have chosen To live for You in every moment To give my life as a living sacrifice. This day, all is made complete Through Your suffering Beginning with Your love That sets us free. ©2001 Vineyard Songs (SA). Ross Nevette & Terry Prigge
  4. do anyone hear this song?

    yes, that's a good song, i am looking for this song in mp3 format, anyone has it? Thats a very pretty song, but I have never heard it.
  5. few years ago, I heared a song call "this day", I'm impressed by this song, and I love this song very much, and today I could only search the lyrics on internet because I dont have the song by mp3 format, do anyone hear this song before? now i try to show some lyrics here This day, You have chosen me. To walk beside the lost. To tell them of the love that set them free. This day, I am in Your hands. Forever I will be, Walking in this love that sets me free. This is the day that I have chosen to live for You in every moment To give my life as a living sacrifice This day, all is made complete, through Your suffering, beginning with Your love that sets us free. This day, You have chosen me, to walk beside the lost, to tell them of the love that set them free.
  6. i downloaded the youversion, i found another app is good, it called "bible.is"
  7. hi all, my first language is chinese, so which bible version is better for understanding? NIV or ESV?
  8. hi everyone, do anyone here using the iphone for reading the bible? if so,which app is good for reading? i want some programs including the sound.
  9. Hi everyone

    Hi all, I didn't come here for long long time, I miss you guys!
  10. We read the bible as we can see that God created everythings in 6 days.. Genesis 1:3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. 1:4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. 1:5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day. in this chapter, we see that God created time behide, just because light and darkness a cryle is the first day, it meant God created time. isn't it???
  11. What sould I do?

    I am still on the way to going life without her, its hard to doing so but I will try my stuggle, sometimes I miss her so much especially in the mid night I cannot control myself to stop thinking of her. sad.
  12. What sould I do?

    Ted, u say things very true.. I know I have to get over her, all of my friends are saying the same to me, she's not worthy to be upset for, she betraied me two times, that's too much! I can not forget what she has done to me, it exactly a dark shadow for me. But I am still very weak, I know I have to cut the relationship with her, but I just can not stop thinking about her, how stupid I am, I am still having hope on her, I hope she would know I am the best and then return to me. It sounds very crazy I know, eventhought it perhaps come true, but I have no incumbency to wait the one whom betraied me. isn't it? I am so sad about the day I saw she's hanging around with a guy, it made me crazy. She's escaping to telling me the fact, she didn't answer my phone, didn't reply my email. Ted, however I know what u mean, I will try my best to get over her.
  13. What sould I do?

    Your point exactly right! I will place my pain to Jesus. I know she's not worthy to upset. i think God will send a right girl to me.
  14. What sould I do?

    My sense told me she's playing me, she never satisfy on me and she like to handing around boys, I know she came to me just because for killing time, maybe that's her natual, but now I have no courage to end up this relationship because I still loving her.
  15. What sould I do?

    My gf has betraied me before, at the time I forgave her, but no longer, she said we were not the suitable one for stay together, we broken up then. few months ago, she came to me again, I thought she will be devote on me and I accepted her because I am still loving her, I think we will have a happy ending, but things never come true for me, few days ago, I saw she was handing around with a guy, I could not believe what I saw at the moment, I was totally disappointed, how silly I sent her an email again, I told her I can forgive what she has done for me, what I want is you come to me again. she replied give her some time to think over it and consider if we are real suitable to stay together in future. It's really hard time for me, and I dont' know what should I do.