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Our rapidly approaching date with heavenly-mindedness

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Our Future Rapidly Approaching Date with Heavenly Mindedness

Give it some thought just for a second. In the eons of eternity both past and future, if we look closely, there will be one microdot, a blip, an anomaly so to speak. What is it? It is this world.....time..... our lives. It could be 7000 years or 70 million. No matter. A blip.

If we take God's perspective, we cannot help but see things quite differently then we are accustomed to. The temporal is seen as just that.... temporary. And in relationship with the eternal, this life is not really real, and is important for but one real reason. A question must be answered.

What do we do with our eternity?

That is our valley of decision. Life in truth is a dressing room for our hearts, and there we choose which garment we will wear for the eons of eons still to come. Light..... or darkness. Purity or sin. Complete righteousness or total evil. The separation will be clean. Full. Complete. And we are all being asked to come deeper to one side or the other.

What I share here, the truths of the new nature, of God actually indwelling us and making sure we do not stray, changing us from inside out, all are true.... and we can see them clearly IF we have the mind of Christ. Guess what? We are told that we possess that very thing! We are urged to set our affections on things above, not on things of the earth. And if each of us sat down with God in complete  transparency, how would we rate ourselves in our pursuit of our treasure. For that matter, where IS our treasure? Is what we truly value, think about, dream about, is it this earth.... OUR life.... our hopes, dreams, plans?

Are we thinking about what God tells us is but a vapor...temporal....earthly, or have we been changed, had our minds renewed, and now we operate from a heavenly perspective where all that truly matters is how things in this life affect eternity.

I heard someone say once in describing a zealous brother in the Lord...

"He's so heavenly minded, he is no earthly good."

Yet in God's perspective, far more common are the ones who are so earthy minded, they are no heavenly good. How many in the body who still dwell in the perspective of THIS life, who still live as if they are their own. Guys, we are not. We have been bought. There is a transaction to our salvation. We offer up all our pearls. Not most. Not the bad ones. ALL. We hate our life. He gives us His.

It is right here that we begin to get off the tracks. This is where I believe the error is birthed that has caused us to be blind to the second half of our new covenant. And what is that missing half, so clearly promised in Ezekiel 36? It is that after we are forgiven, God then will actually transform us, deliver us from evil, set us free indeed, and make us overcomers. It is a big deal, HUGE for that matter, and God is opening our eyes to the truth of the blessing awaiting us.... IF we will but fully surrender to Him.

When we were saved, no one told us God expected full surrender, but do we not get it? He does so in order to bless us with something far, far better.... overcoming, overflowing LIFE. Joy. Abundant life. We are surrendering our old fleshly natures in exchange for new ones! And it is because of this error in our understanding, and our lack of complete unequivocal surrender, that the road is blocked to our walking in our new man, overcoming the world, the flesh, and the devil. And as a result, we have been robbed of joy of abiding in Him and indeed being caused to obey Him, and being made fruitful vines.

But praise God forever. That time of our spiritual sleep is coming to a close. We are about to be awakened, and when we finally see what we get back in return once we fully center ourselves on the wheel of the master potter, the fear that we have of absolute surrender will melt like summer snow, and the things we so cling onto now, will give way to things above. Even as we continue to dwell in fleshly bodies, our spirits will no more be fleshly. Our black dog/ white dog fight will have ended by our declaring our black dog as dead, simply because we believe our God.

It is at that moment we will have fully morphed from earthly minded saints to heavenly minded ones. Our minds will be renewed just as He promised. We will finally be so heavenly minded that we ARE earthly good. Praise God forevermore. We serve an amazing God.

Listen! We are not destined to go out known for our lack of love and lack of prayer and lack of a burden for souls. The bride of Christ not be characterized by 90 minute services and shallow dedication. We will not go out laden with secret sins, resentment, unforgiveness, worldliness, sexual lusts all wrapped around our hearts, keeping our life set on lukewarm.

No, no. God has something better in mind for us. We are about to experience the glory of being made heavenly minded. It will change EVERYTHING. Incredible, not even dreamed of days are ahead of us. Are you ready?  

Many blessings,


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8 minutes ago, Daniel 11:36 said:

Amen Gideon 

Thank you for your agreement. It means a lot to me. We are in for some truly amazing days.


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