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  1. Bad theology above .... the lion, bear, and leopard have passed and are historical, but will be revived during the time of the end as part of Satan's game plan It is the 4th kingdom of Daniel 7 that is coming and will be the center piece of the "antichrist"in the Middle East
  2. "Are you saying Rev 20:4 is pre-trib? If so you are hopelessly deceived and incapable of understanding simple concepts" Of course I am .... those made immortal [those on thrones] are pre-tribulation .... those after are tribulation believers killed and resurrected Both will rule with the Lord over His millennial kingdom
  3. Because these are the pre-tribulation saints who have already been immortalized 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them:
  4. Your exegetical study is biased and untrue for a number of key scriptures related to the coming time of the end of this present age
  5. Many of those who turn to the Lord during the tribulation period will be killed and resurrected at the end of the period ... but the far greater numbers of believers will already be made immortal just before [Revelation 3:10; 4:4; 5:1-10; 7:9-17; 11:1; 13:6; 17:14; 18:4; 19:1-9] These will be with the Lord when He destroys the kingdom of Satan's beast [Revelation 19:11-21]
  6. There is nothing about holding further damage to the earth in Chapter 7 There are two main areas of focus .... the first being the 144000 mortals of Israel during the coming tribulation, and the second being the immortals of those of both a few of Israel and mostly Gentiles already in heaven [These as are already seen in chapters 4 and 5] Then the tribulation period will begin in chapter 8 and continue through chapter 19 .... chapter 6:12-17 is the prelude to the coming tribulation You have a weird idea that is not supported by scripture at all .... Revelation's unfolding is not necessarily linear, but is a series of visions that focus upon specific factors .... all will eventually play out in the ending of the period Your idea of the immortal Christians of both Jew and Gentile playing a part in the tribulation is absurd .... some will turn to the Lord during the period, but not many Most who do will be killed for their belief and those that survive will enter and populate the Lords millennial kingdom as mortals It is the Christians already made immortal, and those resurrected from the tribulation period that will rule during the Lord's millennial kingdom upon the earth
  7. The time of the Lord's intervention is not known .... but it could be before this day is over Nothing else in scripture gives a clue [2 Peter 3:8-9]
  8. There is only one "Day of the Lord" .... beginning at the tribulation which He will bring [Revelation 12-17] And this will continue for 2550 days and beyond
  9. The speculation of a man is one thing, but the Lord will move at a time that no one knows [Luke 12:40] And He will first quickly make all of His following immortal from the beginning of about 6000 years ago to the very day of His intervention .... then shall the 70th week begin on the earth and on all of the people left All will be unbelievers except for the 144000 of Israel and these will spread the gospel of the coming of His millennial kingdom upon the earth [Revelation 7;1-8; 14:1-7] .... this will be a period of exactly 2550 days to the ending of the tribulation and the battle of Armageddon Some will repent and turn to the Lord during the tribulation, but most will not 1/3 of Israel will turn and the balance will not Some of the Gentiles will turn, but most will not Those who turn and are killed will be resurrected at the end of the tribulation [Revelation 20:4] Those who turn and remain alive will enter and populate His millennial kingdom upon the earth as mortals [Matthew 24:29-31 of Israel]; [Matthew 25:31-46] Those found in unbelief will not The previous of His following before the tribulation will rule with Him over His millennial kingdom [those on thrones] [Revelation 20:4] It is the Lord who will confirm His covenant with the many of Israel during the 70th week decreed The other prince will bring tribulation and ultimately be destroyed at the battle of Armageddon [Revelation 19:19-21] All of this talk about holy days and feasts for Israel will not occur until after the 2550 days has ended There are no indications of instituting any of these things until after the tribulation is over .... this period of time will begin here [Revelation 6:12-17], and consummate here [Revelation 20:4]
  10. But it is the only way to understand the Bible
  11. Not sure I understand what you are saying, but the Israelites of 144,000 have a distinctive purpose during the tribulation period .... they are sealed and protected during their mission Many others of Israel will be subjected to the tribulation period 1/3 will turn to the Lord and will be saved .... 2/3 will be lost with no hope for the future [Zechariah 13:8-9] Replacement theology is not valid Many believe this insidious idea and much is at stake .... Israel is one thing, those of both Jewish and Gentile converts is another
  12. "Satan wants you to believe that the beast is in the Abyss." The beast is in the abyss and will come out to rule over his 6th and 7th kingdoms during the coming tribulation period [Revelation 9:11] .... Satan will make certain of this [Revelation 13:1-4]
  13. Not what Revelation 7:1-8 tells The 144000 will emerge at the beginning of the coming tribulation for a purpose, to spread the gospel of the Lord's coming millennial kingdom upon the earth This will be in contrast with those made immortal of both Jew and Gentile just before who are seen in heaven in 7:9-17 Romans 11:25-36 is clear on this matter The Lord is not finished with Israel
  14. You should be done .... the scriptures you list have nothing to do with what is coming You are on the wrong road and need to reconsider your thinking Abaddon's "heads" are his kingdoms .... 5 have fallen and two are coming during the tribulation period .... one after the other
  15. "Off the top of my head, I can think of a fatal head wound that will be healed in the future." This passage of scripture is telling of the beast returning from the abyss at the beginning of the coming tribulation period He has been there for roughly 2000 years from his rule in the past over 5 kingdoms in the Middle East His 5th kingdom was wounded .... but his 6th and 7th will be healed and he will rule again under Satan's plan [Revelation 13:1-4]