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  1. Good post Sojourner .... your are correct
  2. The 7 mountains are the 7 kingdoms of the beast .... 5 have existed in the past and two will exist during the coming tribulation period .... the 6th smaller and the 7th larger [Revelation 17:7] Do not confuse the kingdoms of the beast with the woman This beast will hate the "woman" and burn her with fire [Revelation 17:16] Study your Bible
  3. "ok let me address first off i do not agree all of matt 24 is to Israel, parts are but other parts of the chapter are bigger than Israels borders and to just those living in those borders" Matthew 24 is all written to and for Israel .... make certain that you understand this truth
  4. "Christians and the "church" are appointed tribulation and persecution during this age, but NOT from or by the Lord. The adversaries of the Lord our God, the princes and powers of this world and the temporary god of this world is at war with us. We fight not against flesh and blood. The Lord our God has not appointed His children covered with the blood of Jesus Christ to His wrath and judgment" All true and scriptural .... a very good statement to make
  5. "Might want to examine a few things . I have heard pretribbers teach that what is being removed is the church , Gods holy spirit is removed Not true .... the holy spirit is never removed son The pre-tribulation removal of all of the dead in Christ and those living at the time is set in stone .... this is all people who have been born again from Adam forward Your post tribulation saga is wrong Only those who die during the tribulation that have turned to Jesus Christ will be raised just after .... these will become believers during the tribulation period Any who become believers during the tribulation period and live will enter and populate the Lord's millennial kingdom as mortals The Lord's millennial kingdom will be composed of resurrected immortals, saved mortals, and those mortals that are unbelievers who will be rejected from the kingdom Satan will be released from the abyss at the end of the millennial kingdom to deceive all who have not accepted Jesus Christ as king Read your Bible and you can know the truth
  6. The Lord's wrath and judgment will last during the 70th week decreed beginning here {Revelation 6:12-17] .... and ending here [Revelation 19:11-21] The entire 70th week will be the Lord's wrath and judgment against an unbelieving world
  7. "Good grief, where do you guys get this stuff from ? 7 Regions, SMH." They make it up
  8. Any person who has been bought by the blood of Jesus Christ in today's world will leave the earth just before the Lord's tribulation comes Post tribulation teaching is false and those who teach it will go through the coming tribulation This period of time is very different and will involve the Lord's wrath and destruction of a lost world Some will turn to the Lord during this period of time but not many and if so they will be saved .... primarily those of Israel and some Gentiles Those who turn to the Lord and die in this tribulation will be resurrected at the end of it .... and those who live will enter and populate the Lord's one thousand year millennial kingdom as mortals These things the scriptures teach and those who reject this truth are teaching false theology There are several on this forum who do this and they are going to find out what they have done .... some will turn to the Lord during the coming tribulation, but most will not If any die before the tribulation comes they will end up at the great white throne judgment just after the Lord's millennial kingdom and they will be consummated in His lake of fire And if they are alive during the coming tribulation and do not repent their destination will be the same Those who teach post tribulation theology and lead others astray are on a bad road .... do not believe what they tell you All must believe in Jesus Christ in order to be saved whether on this side of the tribulation or in it Post tribulation theology is a ruse and one that will lead those who believe it to their eternal death
  9. "So you think anyone who enters the 70th week isn't saved, is that it?" Those who enter the 70th week will not be saved [Revelation 6:12-17] Stop your ridiculous ideas and turn to the Lord Of course those in the coming tribulation will be saved if they turn to the Lord .... these will be tribulation saints
  10. Were do you go to church son?
  11. Yeah...at the 6th seal deep into the last week. You are in for a surprise if you think the 6th seal begins the last week The 6th seal definitely begins the 70th week here [Revelation 6:12-17] The 70th week is decreed for Israel and begins in chapter 8 and ends in chapter 19 Easy to see if you try
  12. Good post just above by Steve Conley
  13. Daiste is dead wrong .... why do you people refute Biblical truth related to the Lord's first action to immortalize those who believe in Him He will then bring His wrath and judgment upon an unbelieving world
  14. However, their missions will be subjective and Satan sets them all
  15. Satan is Satan .... the beast is Abaddon
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