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  1. Christians will occupy the holy Land

    "I'm not saying that one must keep the commandments to "get you to heaven" OR to "be saved!" I'm saying that, regardless how well we do, shouldn't we at least be TRYING to keep His commandments since they are what HE wants us to do?" Of course we should
  2. The Lord has said, "I will keep the from the hour of trial that is coming upon the whole world" .... this is going to happen no doubt
  3. My 9/24/17 response

    Believe that the Lord will come for His own just before He brings His wrath and destruction upon an unbelieving world
  4. The sixth seal.

    "Those who used the pretrib rapture as rationale for being spiritually lazy are the ones at risk." The Lord will first immortalize His own .... then He will bring His wrath and furry upon an unbelieving world
  5. The beast of Rev chapter 13

    "The 1st beast of Rev. 13 is the Political Federation" The first beast of Revelation 13 is Abaddon/Apollyon [Revelation 9:11]
  6. The Witnesses

    "Is this your reasoning why the two witnesses comes during the second half of the tribulation?" The first of several in chapter 11
  7. Christians will occupy the holy Land

    No one can keep the Lord's commandments all of the time .... this is why He came in the first century to die on the cross for us So that we can be saved apart from His required commandments
  8. The Witnesses

    "In Revelation 11:1, the 3rd temple is up and standing" Not if these are the immortals of the Lord's with Him in heaven Revelation 11:2 will take place in the second 1260 days of the coming tribulation period
  9. False Prophecy: Sept. 23rd

  10. Why Americans love doomsday prophecies

    "We don't know the day and the hour, but the season we should know" No one will know .... not even the season which could be any time The Lord will immortalize His own when He is ready .... no one knows when
  11. False Prophecy: Sept. 23rd

    Yes they are
  12. Shiloh 357 is correct Revelation 12 is about the Lord's first advent thru 12:5 .... then what will happen is about Israel in the middle of the coming tribulation period
  13. False Prophecy: Sept. 23rd

    Revelation 12 has nothing to do with the "church", but it does have to do with the Lord, Israel, and Satan as stated Those made immortal just before the coming 70th week decreed for Israel will be with the Lord [1 Corinthians 15:51-58; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18] .... then the tribulation period will begin upon the earth [Revelation 6:12-17]
  14. Christians will occupy the holy Land

    " Then I saw thrones, and the people sitting on them had been given the authority to judge." These are the pre-tribulation believers for sure And Jeremiah's prophecy in Jeremiah 30 is all about Israel and what will take place in the tribulation .... there are no Christians. but believing Israel in this discourse
  15. False Prophecy: Sept. 23rd

    They all do this .... when things do not take place on the dating suggested they will then attempt to stretch to some new dating in the future The Lord has said that no one knows the dating of His next intervention .... exactly what He means