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  1. Hi everyone here at Worthy and to all prayer warriors... You have not seen me around for some time but my health has not been good. Several years ago I had surgery on my eyes. I also had a cornea transplant. Because my pressure wasn't stable the transplant failed.. At the same time the doctor made me go blind because he didn't put in a 3rd tube. The doctor out here wanted me to take a new medicine to see if my eye would accept a new cornea transplant. Since I was allergic to the medicine they could not do it. So I let my eyes go knowing I would not see again. Losing my sight was difficult at first but after 2 or 3 yrs I adjusted. But now there is something worse. The docotr asked how I am treating the cornea swelling? I answered that I use ice and a towel. It might be so but a neverending project. Once the doctor told me that my eyes were going to need to be removed. But some doctors want you to save your eyes. Such as 2 yrs ago a another doctor says that I should wait until I can't even see light. That was the worst thing she had said because the cornea swelling would end up getting worse. Finally now I need to get my eyes removed and I'm not scared about that because it's what I want. In the meantime what does scare me was over the years that the cornea swelling turned into scar tissues. These tissues are rock hard. It causes excruiating pain in the back of the eye. I've been, crying, screaming, kicking and hurting. But what's bothering me even more that whatever is taking place is also effecting my head, stomach, arms and legs. I've been asking the eye doctor how is the eye pressure associated with the rest of the body? I don't want the rest of my body to fall apart because my eyes are. I could live without my eyes but not my other limbs. I'm not an expert and don't know what to make of all this...Please pray to God that he will make things all right in the end of all this and that it be soon. Also pray for waiting2bewithhim... She is going through a number of health issues herself which is slowing her down. I didn't want to be selfish about this and want prayers for her also. Please pray for us that God will heal us even if it is through using doctors. We are handing everything over to God to see how he will help in these matters. I know I don't always have the greatest faith but I do have a lot of hope in me. All prayers will be appreciated for both of us. Thanks in advance. GW and W2BWH
  2. Enemies against our prayers

    I wonder about prayers often. My vision of prayer sometimes is as if your putting a ticket in a bowl with million others prayer to be answered. A feeling sometimes a prayer will never be answered or not as important what other people are asking about. . I could ask God for something but doesn’t it make more sense to answer a prayer from a girl who is hungry? Sure. But then God remembers all those who call upon him. Something else I also wonder. Do you suppose that when we pray, does God allow demons to go against our prayers? If we want things to go right will these demons attack our efforts even which that we prayed to God to help us? Do you feel when we are failing in things that demons are much behind the cause of making things go wrong so we will just give up? And then we will say, well I guess God does not answer prayers. I guess I am on my own. Does then God want us to pray over and over again until God steps in to answer the prayer and to rebuke the demons to stay back from this answered prayer?. . Basically when we pray is there a spiritual battle taking place at the dime to defeat the purpose of what we ask Go?. . I just wonder sometimes because when you pray sometimes things just get worse than better. But in other cases things turned out ok. . it seems there is some kind of battle of testing. What do you think?
  3. It seems that over the centuries the US was doing good for its country both domestically and internationally exports. The Missouri and Mississippi rivers helped us to be both an important importer and exporter of raw materials and other goods. While that may be true America was also a very domestic working class of people. Not only were many early American Christians but patriotic as well. . Things were made in America and sold in America. . America had a priority to value its work land and people. . We were inspired by a divine God of laws ethics and morals. . slavery however was a great mistake . . We do however thank the many African Americans who helped to build railroads, streets, construction, farms and all other places of hired workers. . The good aspect though is there were stores and factories owned mostly by American people and workers. People had a reason to wake up early in morning. . work would always be there never taken out of their hands only unless a better corporation came along. . we had glass . we used it. We had metal. We used it. We had oil we used it. We had coal we used it. America was a very successful nation. Things have changed though in the second half of the 20th century America began to have it work over seas. Thinking that it was better to import cheaper products also put many Americans out of work. . China now sells more things in America than what America makes itself. Who is the super power now? Remember China also deals with countries around the world. . the also buy their own domestic made things as well. . Is America now going to sink? Will China now be the new super power to lead all the nations for countries to depend on their helps of funds?. Will the US look like a poor farmer with his pockets hanging out with my money inside? Will the US be called a mediocre or low society class of people? Are we going to continue to be a country with most every ting made except from here? What do you think of this situation and do you think as citizens even if the government does not help us enough can we as businesses change this trend? Do you have any ideas to get us back on our feet?. . I want us to do more than just throwing our hands up saying its all over and done. God allows us to do right even if we have done wrong even for years. We can’t keep putting our people out of work. What can we do?
  4. How Dangerous Is The GMO Bill?

    Please read this article... Monsanto Protection Act Signed By Obama, GMO Bill “Written By Monsanto” Signed Into Law The Monsanto Protection Act, essentially both written by and benefiting Monsanto Corporation, has been signed into law by United States President Barack Obama. The infamous Monsanto Corporation will benefit greatly and directly from the bill, as it essentially gives companies that deal with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and genetically engineered (GE) seeds immunity to the federal courts, among other things. The bill states that even if future research shows that GMOs or GE seeds cause significant health problems, cancer, etc, anything, that the federal courts no longer have any power to stop their spread, use, or sales. There are of course arguments to be made that not enough research has been done yet to accurately determine the effects that GMOs have on human and animal health (though the research already done should make you stop and think). This bill sidesteps that completely though, and simply states that even if there are problems, that the federal courts can no longer do anything about it. And this bill is now law, thanks to President Obama and the U.S. Congress. Some other interesting things to keep in mind: - The bill was apparently written by freshman Sen. Roy Blunt in collusion with Monsanto, with them helping to craft the exact language of the document. - “The Center for Responsive Politics notes that Sen. Blunt received $64,250 from Monsanto to go towards his campaign committee between 2008 and 2012. The Money Monocle website adds that Blunt has been the largest Republican Party recipient of Monsanto funding as of late.” - Many members of Congress were apparently unaware that the “Monsanto Protection Act” was a part of the spending bill that they were voting on. - Obama had no problem signing it into law (not really a surprise, he’s been rather soft on GMO policy). - The bill will only remain in effect for a limited time, but it’s a bad sign. With the ease that this bill passed, it’ll be interesting to see what future bills look like. As the Daily News asks, “Who’s more powerful, the world’s largest producer of genetically modified crops or the U.S. government?” “On Tuesday, Pres. Obama inked his name to H.R. 933, a continuing resolution spending bill approved in Congress days earlier. Buried 78 pages within the bill exists a provision that grossly protects biotech corporations such as the Missouri-based Monsanto Company from litigation.” “In light of approval from the House and Senate, more than 250,000 people signed a petition asking the president to veto the spending bill over the biotech rider tacked on, an item that has since been widely referred to as the ‘Monsanto Protection Act.’” “But Obama ignored [the petition],” as the IB Times notes, “instead choosing to sign a bill that effectively bars federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of GMO or GE crops and seeds, no matter what health consequences from the consumption of these products may come to light in the future.” GMOs, while they may cause problems for human health, are primarily a problem for other reasons, mostly to do with crop/genetic diversity and overly complex industrial systems. And also the fact that they often don’t even work the way that they are “supposed” to. When taken in context though, GMOs are really just another in a long line of environmentally damaging practices that people have done for short term gain/profit. From the large-scale deforestation of the world’s old-growth forests, to sustenance farming, to modern imported-fertilizer/pesticide/herbicide/fossil-fuel dependent industrial agricultural, the trend has been consistent, GMOs are just another in that line of attempts to temporarily maintain/raise crop yields. Regardless of the type of agriculture or the location, there are limits to how long any land can remain productive, applying imported fertilizers, or utilizing GMOs, only provides, at best, a temporary halt to the land’s transition to non-productive “wasteland”, and to desertification. http://www.globalresearch.ca/monsanto-protection-act-signed-by-obama-gmo-bill-written-by-monsanto-signed-into-law/5329388
  5. God's Creatures At Work

    http://listverse.com/2010/03/14/top-10-cases-of-animals-saving-humans/ Top 10 Cases of Animals Saving Humans Science Next Previous Random List Share Twitter Google+ Facebook Pinterest Animals Top 10 Cases of Animals Saving Humans Jamie Frater March 14, 2010I have been lurking on listverse for a while now and I thought it was about time I contributed something, so here is my first list. This list looks at 10 incidents in which animals have saved human lives. In all but one case the animals were protecting humans from other animal dangers. Feel free to mention any cases you know in the comments. 10 Cat Saved Family from House Fire Dianne Busscher was woken up at 4:45 a.m. by the cries of the family cat, Oreo, coming from the garage. Busscher went down stairs to see what the fuss was about. What she saw was smoke and flames; she quickly grabbed the cat and rushed back inside to wake up her husband and their five children. The fire destroyed the garage and a bedroom. None of the family was harmed thanks to the cat’s cries. As an interesting side note, none of the family had been too fond of the cat before this incident; however Jesse Busscher claimed “We love it now. This thing is getting some tuna tonight!” This is not as uncommon as might be expected – pictured above is another cat (Baby) who also saved her family from a house fire. 9 Dolphin Saved Teenager from Drowning Davide Ceci was 14 years old and couldn’t swim when he fell out of his Fathers boat in south-east Italy; he was within minutes of death when dolphin Filippo came to his rescue. Filippo had been a popular tourist attraction off Manfredonia in south-east Italy for two years. While Emanuele Ceci was still unaware his son had fallen into the waves, Filippo was pushing him up out of the water to safety. The dolphin bore down on the boat and got close enough for Davide’s father to grab him. Davide’s mother Signora Ceci said: “It is a hero, it seems impossible an animal could have done something like that, to feel the instinct to save a human life.” Filippo has lived in the waters off Manfredonia since he became separated from a visiting school of dolphins. Maritime researcher Dr Giovanna Barbieri said: “Filippo seems not to have the slightest fear of humans. I’m not surprised he should have done such a wonderful thing as to save a human.” Pictured above is a beluga whale saving a drowning diver. 8 Dog Saved Woman from River Brenda Owen had gone out for a quick walk with her dog when she spotted a wheelchair on the riverbank; she saw a woman floating in the river. She called out to her but there was no reply so she told her dog, Penny, to “Fetch! Fetch!” without hesitation the dog ran into the river, swam to the woman and pulled her to the shore. Brenda said that Penny has always been a very obedient dog and despite being 10 years old she was still very fit. 7 Dog Saves boy from snake In Texas, way back in 1982, a 2 year old child had been walking with his grandmother when Arf, the family dog, became very agitated; the dog became so agitated that the grandmother thought it best to take the child inside. Mrs. Sparks, the child’s mother, came out to find Arf in a fight with a 24 inch north-american coral snake, she shot the snake but arf had a lot of bites and scratches and had to be admitted into a veterinary hospital for 24 days. Although the newspaper that I got this from didn’t say whether he survived or not, it said he was making a strong recovery. 6 Watusi Calf Saves Women from Snake Janice Wolf was in the back pasture of the refuge she operates in Arkansas when her 11 month old Watusu Calf suddenly turned and blocked her path, she couldn’t understand why it was doing this, so she took hold of its horns and tried pushing it, but it tossed its head and knocked her off balance, that’s when she spotted a copper-head snake on the ground exactly were her foot would have been had the Watusi calf not intervened. She said Copper-head venom usually isn’t fatal to adults; however it could well have been fatal to her because she had been extra sensitive to insect bites in the past and had just come out of hospital for a lung operation. 5 Dolphins Save surfer from shark On one hot August day, Todd Endris, 24 year old owner of Monterey Aquarium services decided to go surfing with some friends. While surfing, a 15 foot shark appeared. The shark tried to bite him but could not get its jaws around both the surfer and the surf board, it came around for a second try where it got Todd clamped between his surf board and its jaws, because his stomach was against the surf board Todd’s internal organs were not harmed, however he lost a lot of skin from his back, the shark let go and came at Todd for a third time and tried to swallow his right leg, however this gave the surfer the grip he needed to start kicking the shark in the snout until it let go, at this point when Todd was running out of energy and thought he was done for, a pod of dolphins came out and formed a protective ring around him, keeping the shark at bay long enough for Todd to catch a wave back to shore and receive emergency first aid from his friend. 4 Pit bull Saves woman and child from being attacked In 2008 a woman and her young son had been walking home from a playground; as they entered a parking lot a man holding a knife approached them and told them not to make any movements. A large pit bull ran out of nowhere and charged the man, who quickly fled. An animal control authority said they had no idea what the mans intentions were but it was very possible that the dog saved Angela’s and her sons life. What’s extraordinary about this case is that every other item on this list the animal is either doing what they are trained to do or the person(s) was in clear danger from other animals. This is the only case I found in my research where the danger was another human. 3 Gorilla Saves Boy from being attacked On August 16 1996 in the Brookfield Zoo, a 3 year old boy fell into a Gorilla enclosure and lost consciousness. Binti Jua a female Lowland Gorilla, guarded the young boy from the other Gorillas in the enclosure, she then cradled him in her arm (while her own 17 month old baby was on her back) and carried him 60 feet to an entrance where zoo-keepers could retrieve him. This isn’t an isolated case, on August 31 1986 at Jersey Zoo a 5 year old boy fell into a Gorilla enclosure and lost consciousness, a large male Gorilla named Jambo stood guard over the boy not allowing any of the others to come near, when the boy woke up and started crying all of the Gorillas backed off and zoo-keepers (along with an ambulance) were able to retrieve him safely. 2 Dolphins Save swimmers from sharks Rob Howes, a British-born lifeguard, had gone swimming with his daughter, Niccy, and two of her friends off Ocean beach near Whangarei on the North Island of New Zealand, when a group of dolphins suddenly appeared. The dolphins started to herd the humans; they pushed all four of them together by circling around them. Howes tried to drift away from the group, but two of the bigger dolphins herded him back – just as he spotted a 10ft great white shark heading towards him. “I just recoiled,” he said. “It was only about two metres away from me, the water was crystal clear and it was as clear as the nose on my face. They had corralled us up to protect us.” The dolphins kept this up for 40 minutes until the shark lost interest, and the group could swim the 100m back to shore. Another lifeguard, Matt Fleet, on patrol in a lifeboat, saw the dolphins circling the swimmers and slapping their tails on the water to keep them in place. He told the Northern Advocate newspaper that he also had a clear sighting of the shark. “Some of the people later on the beach tried to tell me it was just another dolphin; but I knew what I saw,” he said. Ingrid Visser, of Orca Research, an environmental group, said the dolphins’ behavior was understandable, as they attack sharks to protect themselves and their young, similar incidents had been reported round the world. “They could have sensed the danger to the swimmers, and taken action to protect them,” she said. 1 Treo The bomb-sniffing search dog I want this item to represent all animals used for warfare and by the authorities, but rather than try to sum up all the brave military animals I will concentrate on one case: Treo, the bomb sniffing search dog. In the UK Treo ha recently been on the news for winning the Dickin Medal award, which is the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross (which is the British equivalent of the Medal of Honor). A total of 26 other dogs, 32 World War Two messenger pigeons, three horses and one cat have won the award, introduced by PDSA founder Maria Dickin in 1943. Treo sniffed out two hidden bombs in Helmand province, potentially saving many lives, and is now at eight years old taking a well-deserved retirement. His handler, Sgt David Heyhoe, has worked with him for 5 years and Treo is now the family pet. Oh and if you are all just as intrigued as I am as to how Simon the cat won the award, read on: “[simon] Served on HMS Amethyst during the Yangtze Incident, disposing of many rats though wounded by shell blast. Throughout the incident his behavior was of the highest order, although the blast was capable of making a hole over a foot in diameter in a steel plate.”
  6. Do you think it's unfair that a program is going to be pulled out of a TV line up because of ones personal beliefs? See here that this program is about dream homes. Their was no promotion of marriage. So the hosts of this program were punished because of their beliefs. Do you think the left has gone too far? http://allenbwest.com/2014/05/intolerant-left-strikes-hgtv-forced-cancel-tv-show-hosts-traditional-marriage-stance/
  7. Quotes From The Unwise

    http://allenbwest.com/2014/04/obamas-40-alarming-quotes-islam-christianity/ Obama’s 40 alarming quotes about Islam and Christianity Written by Allen West on April 21, 2014 Read more at http://allenbwest.com/2014/04/obamas-40-alarming-quotes-islam-christianity/#zLQuFw1kDYQgkPC2.99 Obama’s 40 alarming quotes about Islam and Christianity Written by Allen West on April 21, 2014 Read more at http://allenbwest.com/2014/04/obamas-40-alarming-quotes-islam-christianity/#zLQuFw1kDYQgkPC2.99 Over the past week, we’ve shared the blessings and remembrances of Passover and Easter. Of course this is a very special time of reflection for Jews and Christians. And in America, there cannot be any debate that this nation was founded upon a Judeo-Christian faith heritage — notice I did not say religion. And so it was yesterday afternoon that I came across a very interesting piece written on April 17th by Thomas Lifson in the American Thinker that I’d like to share. It’s a comparative listing of 40 quotes from President Barack Hussein Obama, 20 each on Islam and Christianity from a blog called Now the End Begins. As Lifson states, “Collectively, (the quotes) create quite an interesting picture. I admit that there may be instances of the president speaking as favorably of Christianity as he does of Islam, but I am not aware of them. I do remember in the 2008 campaign that he said he had accepted Jesus Christ as his savior, and that was in response to public awareness of his attendance at Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church, Trinity United. What the president left unsaid is the nature of Jesus as understood in Black Liberation Theology.” Here are the first five about Islam: #1 “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam” #2 “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer” future-must-not-belong-to-those-who-slander-prophet-islam-mohammad-barack-hussein-obama-muslim #3 “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.” #4 “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam.” #5 “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.” #6 “Islam has always been part of America” You can read the full list here. I am offering no commentary other than this: I don’t recall anywhere in my Sunday school studies or Biblical teachings any story of Isra where Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed joined in heaven in prayer. But this is how we can be easily co-opted into believing something if we fail to understand our own faith and actual history. I read all the quotes several times and remember when many of them were spoken. In my assessment, there is a very clear and evident bias, and when combined with certain actions — as in Libya, Egypt, and towards Israel — well, you assess for yourself. Be an American Thinker. And then be a Guardian of the Republic. Read more at http://allenbwest.com/2014/04/obamas-40-alarming-quotes-islam-christianity/#zLQuFw1kDYQgkPC2.99
  8. It's all about the Jews

    I really liked this testimony. You did a well job on this one. It was as if I was actually reading a real book. Your testimony was a phase by phase way of going into one thing into the next . . I felt like I was going on a journey you was moving from one religion to the next one. . you certainly were looking out for the true reason and why we are living here. I do have a feeling God may have given you a bad feeling about Islam. . as for Buddhism and Hinduism I can see how you would have more interest in these. . there are are more peaceful religions by far. . you were smart to realize though something was missing here. .it's like you knew you were going to keep finding until you get the final answer. . sure lots of people have put Jesus in the pile of books and other things. Bibles are usually placed in a home being dusted they don't take it down. It is just with all the other books. Some say yeah I want to read the book one day. They don't get to it. That is Satan strategy. It is called procrastination. . keep getting these people to make up excuses but they don't have time to know go or read the Bible. . then one day we will get to it. And when a person is selfish they want answers they feel best for them and their own needs. If it feels good, if it sounds good, then it must be good they think. Because they want to have favor. Many scientists want to disprove God's existence. For they don’t want anything to do with sin or to be accused they have. . if the can prove God is wrong make them right and no judgment will happen to them. This is because the personal desire to have control and not let go God lead them to know the truth. The truth can be revealed if one truly asks. Yes the Jews are disliked by the most hateful religious or cult groups .. did you read about Nazism? See of its origins and how it came about. Because it was on TV this stems from an ancient religion they believe a certain race is better than then others. . working for this ancient religion formed the Nazism Ayrians. Jews therefore were imperial. . genocide was their answer. . But the same message is being spread in some Arab countries. They want to wipe Israel completely off the map. It leads of course that the devil is attacking God and the first chosen people. So now we learn in the Bible this. One in Judea the Antichrist will go after the Jews. But the dragon will also cause war against Christians who are called the saints or the elect. . so we are hated most because of our closeness to God. And let's remember Satan caused a lie to the Jews to reject Jesus as Messiah. I therefore don't hold anything against them. Just that somehow someone will reach them to show them the truth. And lastly I am glad you finally found the right one book. That was worth a gold trophy in itself. I really admire you really tried hard to find these answers. You were determined and God knew it. . I am going to write up my own testimony in another thread soon. Your story inspired me that I want to share mine also. I'll have it done by the end of this week.
  9. I did something bad

    I think studies had shown that cigarettes are about as addictive as heroine. Many people try to quit and do not succeed. Others have quit in a heart beat after all these years. Keep trying though and don't give up. Our first and second attempts does not have to mean we have to give up trying. There is plenty of things I have done and did not do on my first or second attempt.. watching adult movies was one of them. Yeah and I made false promises to God also. I bet most of us has told God we would stop something and did not at first. .but your are not going to be rejected by God because of this. He knows you meant well but also you are in a weak state. Rather now say God please keep helping me to try. If you have tried to quit cold turkey one day or two maybe that does not work best for you. I would use the gradual quit method. The reason in saying this is because once I was on Ativan. Doctors told me my system was addicted. The best way to get of Ativan is to gradually decrease the dosage so that the body does not go in shock. . For cigarettes it can be just the same. However not to be tempted to smoke anymore than the number you have been smoking. Figure out how much you smoke now. If you smoke a pack a day in two weeks smoke nineteen instead. In two more weeks eighteen in two more seventeen. Your body will start to adjust having less nicotine. Try getting some sugar free bubble gum. When you have the extra urge start chewing some gum instead. You don't want to go back up again. In forty weeks you can quit smoking if you're using a method like this. I don't know what else is out there. Maybe there is something better to use. But this is the method I would use if it was very difficult to quit at once. Lots of people say once they stop smoking for good they can smell and breathe the clean air. There's things they did not use to smell before they are able to now. . If there is a method that can work fast then this then go for it. Never make up any reason to have that extra cigarette. Stay on that number and keep improving. Work your way to becoming smoke free. And yes God still cares about you just as much as before you had promised him. Pray to God. Be in his presence in spirit. Your friend GW was. I have been around a lot of people before who smoked. I was a second hand smoker breathing this. I have the total feel of cigarettes and its battles. . Keep saying Lord help me. Nothing by you is impossible.
  10. Serious topic about my relationship

    I think your father did this mostly because he cares about you and your life. Your father loves you as you also love this person. But he is not willing to risk your life whoever this person may be. Study the word love. It has different meanings depending on who or what is being loved. But agape is to be the highest love which is that of God himself and our love towards God. Th Bible says no greater love than he Jesus who laid his life down for his friends. Imagine how your father would feel if you had died of HIV or any other serious disease. Even just to be infected by it. Personally I would not take that risk. . because in life I have already taken too many risks sleeping with women from one relationship to the next. I could have always contracted something. It is not a sin however to choose to want to be with this person if God meant it to be for the better for both of you. But know though of the high risks you would be taking. While the bible teaches do not be unequally yoked or be with someone who is not of the faith does not mean a couple has to divorce. So long as they still can work in the marriage. One was converted and the other was not. But personally I would get out if this spouse hated Jesus or church. I believe God would understand my reason for getting out. Other wise I would try to work it out. . I can’t tell you for sure what to do or not to do. It's still your life to make these choices. Think about all the pros and cons about this situation. Will you benefit more or have more problems to deal with? In my case as much as it would hurt I would have to find someone else. This person after all made some really bad choices. . I would wonder if this person would ever again to be tempted to sleep with a same sex partner again. But if you decide that you do want to be with this person then I hope that God would help the both of you to manage through all these things. If this be Gods will and his plan for your life and his. . I can’t place a decision but rather just option to choose from. . lean unto God to his understanding. Whatever you choose I hope all things will work well. .
  11. Name those drivers

    Ok so your going out places. It’s supposed to be fun and all that. But suddenly the little sports car zips in front of you. Boy that was a close call. Could have been your next visit to the hospital. You were spared another day. I think these incidents are very common but teach of us our own story what actually took place that day or time. So I would like to ask if you can remember incidences of reckless drivers? You may report about more than one incident that happened. This may include an accident you seen. . Destroyed vehicles on a high way. Or someone running into you or someone almost hitting you or making you to have an accident or almost an accident. Lets talk about our true testimonies of these drivers that ruined our day or someone else's day. I will share my reports on some incidences after a few answers. Oh yeah you can also report even pedestrians being in danger by these drivers whether yourself or someone else.
  12. Shine Brighter (poem)

    Great poem End Seeker.. I think these words have potential for a rock jam.. A little brushing up and some additional lines in the mix. This would be pretty cool to listen to. your friend GW
  13. A story about a cat

    Once there was a married couple for which the husband did not like this cat. So he had decided one day to put the cat in the car and to drive it down a few blocks. He let the cat out of the car. He drove back home and went back in the house. As he walked into the living room the cat was there lying on the rug. So the following day the man takes the cat and drives for one mile and lets the cat out of the car. So long he said. Good riddance and the man had returned back home. He looked in the living room and did not see the cat. But two hours later he seen the cat on the porch. The man was really upset now. So now this time the next day after that he put the cat in the car he drove way down the road. He was like miles away from home. . Then he made a right. He drove down the road and made a left. Then he drove down even more and made another left. As he drove down he then crossed the bridge and into a certain city he then let the cat out. The man was then starting to drive around. Some hours had passed and he called his wife on the phone. She answers and he said hi honey. She says to him and where are you at? The husband says first I want to know one thing. What is that she asked. He says I want to know if the cat is at home. She answered to him sure he is and why do yo ask such a silly question?. . He says please put the cat on the phone. I lost direction to get back home. .
  14. Home vs. Apartment, Loft or Flat

    Hi other one.. Thanks for your great advice. I really think you know what you're talking about. You certainly have taken things into consideration. We're most leading towards an apartment. There are no children involved. If we do get any pets I would want a couple of ssmall dogs if they allowed them. And actually these places in Nevada (where we're looking now) has more square footage then the places that we have looked in Calif. for the same price. So are 2 greatest concerns might be... 1. How well the manager is with the tenants and hoping the residents are decent.. 2. That this would not need anything in the way of repairs too fast.
  15. I want to know would it be better to own a home or an apartment, loft or flat? Which do you prefer and what are some pros and cons why you picked your choice? And someone not from the USA correct me if I am wrong please do you call it flats, or lofts? I'm trying to weigh out all my options and would like some very major opinions. I have so many pros and cons that figured impartial answers may sway me more one over the other.