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  1. Happy birthday Tigger398 :cake: 

  2. a final warning to the American people

    So lets just hope Trump wins. So is Trump saying he will enforce immigration law if he wins. I didn't know we had a law for them. Except don't come in illegal.
  3. Someone told me. You should love God not for what he can do for us, but for who he is. Don't know if that makes sense.
  4. Happy Birthday Cobalti

    Happy Birthday
  5. I think that were gonna see a lot of this as we get closer to tribulation.
  6. Was our country in trouble with bush

    I didn't blame or said he was responsible. I just said it happened when he was in office. They planned it before bush came in office.
  7. Was our country in trouble with bush

    Whats race relations. Is that the black lives matter group.
  8. Hillary elected = War with Russia???

    Do you guys think that God might want her elected to fulfill prophecy. Like Judas betrayed Jesus so that the prophecy can be fulfilled. Maybe God wants her to be president for antichrist to come.
  9. Was our country in trouble with bush

    I was just wondering if bush was president now. Would the economy still crash. Would gay marriage be legal. Same problems just different president.
  10. Was our country in trouble with bush

    So kinda no different then what we are in now.
  11. Was our country in trouble when Bush and Bill Clinton was president. 911 did happen when bush was president.
  12. Trump's contract with the America voter

    Don't congress sets the rules. So if Trump gets elected. Don't he has to go through congress.
  13. I never thought we were. USA isn't in the bible or is it.