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  1. Demons in real life

    lol lol steven you make me laugh.
  2. WorthyNews:US job openings soar to record high of 6.3 million

    So why so many part time jobs. and where are theses new jobs, and when are they coming.
  3. Demons in real life

    Like you said. It's not the best thing to say.
  4. Demons in real life

    I'm sorry but that is totally out of line.
  5. WorthyNews:US job openings soar to record high of 6.3 million

    I thought it went back up after Trump became president. I thought economy supposedly got better after Trump was elected.
  6. WorthyNews:US job openings soar to record high of 6.3 million

    Won't it hurt the economy. Were already in debt. How are we gonna catch up. So the economy is not getting better.
  7. coexist and scientology

    I saw a bumper sticker that says coexist. Is it the same as Scientology. Are they cults. I could have sworn the bumper sticker had a satanic pentagram on it.
  8. Worthy has changed a lot in ten years ...

    Already I see people getting upset on this thread. So this is where I get off and look on other threads. It's really sad I was hoping we would all get along on here. Ok I'm done here and off to another thread. God bless and behave.
  9. Worthy has changed a lot in ten years ...

    This thread is making me tear eyed.
  10. Worthy has changed a lot in ten years ...

    You guys are like family. Most of you tell me the truth even if I don't want to hear it. That's what true christians do. They tell you the truth when others won't. I even have some ya'll on my fb. That's a good thing cause if someone leaves then I can still keep in touch. I don't know any body that prays for me, even now that I'm sick. I know I'm a pain in the rear and sometimes don't listen. I'll work on it. I love learning about end times and when you come on a forum, that is one thing that you have to be careful of false teaching that is end times, but you guys are pretty good at correcting me in a respectful nice way. I hate to see my long time family leave. I would be so sad.
  11. Can satan give you visions of heaven

    I'm sick and on oxygen at the moment. I do have a church that I want to get back to.
  12. Can satan give you visions of heaven

    See that scares me to, cause how do I know I'm ok dying.
  13. I heard that when nonbelievers are dying they can see visions of heaven. I don't know or see how unless satan does give visions.
  14. I didn't get to read all of the thread cause it's to long. I think the antichrist will come from rome and I think he will be jewish. Only cause the jewish people will accept the antichrist. Wouldn't you think the jewish people will prefer a jewish leader. I'm not trying to be antisemitic or anything, but you do have to wonder.