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  1. My husband wants me to go to hospital again. I haven't been hungry and he says that is not good. There is something wrong.
  2. You never had a alcoholic parent. Sometimes she cloth and fed me, but you do not want to get in car with a drunk driver either. Do you want to go to a restaurant and have a drunk serve you or make your food. There was no birthdays or holidays or graduation. Only a drunk on couch. Couldn't take her out on mothers day, to drunk.
  3. I know it's mothers day and your supposed to miss your mom after they pass. I don't, she was a drunk. Most of my life spent with her was a drunk. Is it wrong to feel this way. I do forgive and I try to forget my past.
  4. Is that in the bible. Like a end time thing. If that is true then Jesus would have to come tomorrow right.
  5. Can I ask why is this 70th year anniversary of Isareal is so important, because people seem to be freaked out by it.
  6. Have you ever heard of someone being over religious. I never thought you can never have to much Jesus. There are people who think everything is bad
  7. Don't they believe satan was his brother. I don't think they believe in hell either.
  8. I don't think God will allow Jerusalem to be divided. Maybe that's why the our embassy is there. Any thoughts.
  9. I believe he said he was pulling out of the deal.
  10. Jade just said it's not new. So it can't be a end time event.
  11. What is a ring of fire. I kinda heard of it. Do you think more volcanoes will erupt. Does it have to do with end times.
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