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  1. this idea makes no sense though, for whoever lives by it if Mary was sinless, there would be no point in Jesus' coming in the first place. Mary was a great woman, no one can deny that, but she was as human as anyone else.
  2. how is Facebook any different than this? Facebook is for connecting with people, debate on things if desired, and people posts stuff that amuses them. very similar to message boards
  3. you can't post "here's MY take" and then tell everyone else that they're wrong for disapproving of your opinion when that's what a forums is for, to discuss. Plus it doesn't matter what a personal take is on something when the biblical/absolute truth can't be taken differently. There is no point in posting something and then being rude to everyone who disagrees, especially without showing evidence.
  4. check the dress code for the event i say you can't go wrong with dressing up for those kind of events
  5. agree, it's the least he could do
  6. It actually is normal, it depends on how bad the fear and dependency is though
  7. it's always good to have a concordance, to understand some of the context of what you're reading and what was happening back then and also reading a newspaper can help you bring what you're learning in the Bible on how to apply it in today's world but the Bible in itself explains how you can know God deeper and grow your relationship with him
  8. It's not just Adam and Eve's fault, humanity has deprived itself from many great things and we've been born to a chaotic world thanks to that. God never intended for us to live the life that we have and that's one of the consequences from free will, every decision comes with a price, good or bad. That is why we have Jesus as that mediator that can bring us back to the Father as it was meant to, because humanity cannot do it by itself. Hope this answers your question or some of it.
  9. Can you show that it is? Sorry, but the burden of proof is on you. Wine is wine. But I'll help you out here anyway. In the book of Acts Chapter 2 there is a clear reference to wine suggesting that they were mocked because it is thought that they were drunk. If wine contained no alcohol this would make no sense, so it is clear that wine is an alcoholic drink. Ephesians 5 also refers to wine being capable of making somebody drunk. How can unfermented grape juice make anybody drunk? The only taboo against drinking wine is to not get drunk on it. Again, how can you get drunk on it, if it contains no alcohol? No, it's not on me. I did not say that that never did "wine" have alcohol. You did not read the article that I posted. We just have to agree to disagree. Like I said, I can easily see that many times God says being great includes not drinking anything that has alcohol. No one can read the Bible and disagree with that and have anything to back them up. Disagree with what? Firstly, how did you know when wine had alcohol and when it didn't? You don't. You're just assuming that sometimes it had alcohol and sometimes it didn't. But you have no way of knowing when it did and when it didn't. Then you say that 'no one can read the Bible and disagree with that and have anything to back them up', but in truth you have nothing to back up your assumption that wine sometimes didn't contain alcohol. I'm sorry, but you're just assuming that alcohol is forbidden so you're redefining what the word wine means, as and when it suits you, to fit your hypothesis. Wine contains alcohol. The Bible means that otherwise it wouldn't refer to getting drunk. What makes you think you can change the definition of a word at certain times and then change it back at other times to suit your fancy? The truth is you can't. The Bible was not written so that words can be played around with just to see your own particular beliefs. As for God claiming that somebody was great who didn't drink alcohol, I can agree with you, but wine is NOT forbidden to drink. Yes, you're right. The Bible doesn't say anything about anyone ever drinking anything. It never says anything about wine. It never says anything is right or wrong. You're right, you win. We can't agree to disagree because you are SOOOO right. The Bible sometimes gives instruction to particular people not to drink alcohol, which is understandable. It's not always appropriate to drink and some people are forbidden from drinking if God has a special role for them. But wine is clearly not forbidden for all Christians because if it was Jesus would not give it to people and Paul would not allow Timothy to drink it now and again. And by wine, I mean alcoholic wine. Wine in the Bible is clearly an alcoholic drink otherwise we would not be warned against getting drunk on it. Wine does not change its definition to mean alcoholic wine sometimes and grape juice at other times. If it did the Bible would either make that clear or give us other words for it. Wine is always wine. I agree 100% with everything you've stated Wine is wine unless proven otherwise with evidence, there's nothing wrong with drinking as long as you know your limits - it's about self control, if you (not you specifically, just in general) can't handle it much then it's better not to.
  10. if you accepted Jesus as your saviour and you walk on his path, that's all you need because you're set
  11. it's not sinful but it's not healthy since we're meant to do life with people of course everyone needs their alone time every once in a while, but someone who purposefully doesn't want to interact with people it goes deeper than "feeling antisocial" - like someone posted above, sounds like there's hurt there to be dealt with
  12. I agree with you, but it's been studied and found that hell isn't like people make it out to be. Of course it's a horrible place, but fire and burning? I don't believe that plus Jesus never points it out to be besides a term he uses where he was referring to a place there in the town comparing it to hell, about the awful it was and people wouldn't go near it, not that it was exactly like that literally. Hell is in a nutshell a place where God doesn't dwell, if life on earth is very hard and god is here, imagine being in a place where he isn't, now that is hell I believe His word to be true from the the first word to the last word. His Word is all truth. He is God and He cannot lie. I never said that God lies, but there is no proof that Hell is eternal fire for all to those that didn't believe or denied God neither any reference in the Bible beside the lake of fire for satan and a reference that Jesus makes about the dump where they burned the carcasses from the tabernacle symbolizing the place that nobody wanted to be at
  13. seems like you need to find another church if the one you're in right now is not being led by a mature person or even a leader
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