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  1. Yes, the biblical view I understand to be that the husband has authority over the wife. Now, that said, does anyone know what the penalty is for the husband who fails to exercise his responsibility to do so?
  2. My vote: No, it wont happen.
  3. Agreed brother! Man, in Genesis, was spoken too as a whole. There were no other humans so the command could not have been concerning other people at the time but over the course time that changed. We have been called to have dominion without the need for carnal weapons but rather the sword of the Spirit which is able to pull down strongholds. We are at war but we kill with kindness not swords and guns. God has ministers attending to that work when necessary who do not bear the sword in vain but we fight the good fight of faith which is about leading others unto true freedom in the Lord. Even Jesus delivers up the kingdom unto GOD the Father in the end and simply becomes one of us. He does not care to be elevated to any great position. Yet for a time he must reign. And we are to reign with him. Jesus said that we could aspire to be as he is in this life. Paul said that is the purpose he gave some apostles, pastors, teachers etc. John remarks later that they had become as he is in this world. Yet, we struggle. For rhis world has become increasingly more enticing. Lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life have multiplied their outlets in massive ways. Therefore Paul warned that the people of God would eventually become lovers of their own selves. Selfie anyone? Speaking the truth in love is more important than ever. Condescending to men of low estate as our Lord came down unto us is paramount to the covering of a multitude of sins. I have been blessed to see more and more how important it is to have a position of influence over family, friends and even strangers for the Lords sake. That his body might continue to be edified even in these times. 1+1 does not always equal 2 for the whole is truly greater than the sum of all its parts.
  4. Jon, good to see you my brother! Question: Did Jesus control others? My answer: Yes. Jesus spoke by the very Spirit of God. God said and it was. Jesus said and it was. What Jesus did was control his tongue with absolute percision. He was here on a specific mission which he fulfilled. Consider how he 'handled' people (read controlled) with his words. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone at her....they all dropped their stones one by one. Speaking by the Holy Spirit he convinced them that if they killed her they too deserved to die. Truth sets people free. I have been learning how to weild the sword of the Spirit as did the master to lead people the truth about themselves and the sin that lives within them. I taught my wife that the bible declares that all women will desire to rule over their husbands then solidified that truth in her by helping her see when it manifests in her. She understands. The article is speaking truth about sin that lives inside us and desires to manifest through us by dominating our fellows but as is the danger of doing so the author exposes their own heart to control others. The sword of the Spirit is two edged. It will also cut me when I use it to judge another therefore we are judged when we judge others. Jesus did not teach that we were not to be controlling for his servant Paul denanded it of Bishops amd Deacons alike as pertaining to their families as well as congregations. It is not a matter of whether or not to rule for the scriptures command and never remove the command of go out into all the world and subdue it. No, the matter is with how to rule which is by loving God with all your heart, mind, soul and body while loving your neighbor as yourself. What did James say about controlling others? He said we could if we did not offend in word or deed. From day six of creation moving forward we have been ordered by God to subdue all things. God is in the process of subduing all things unto himself. Bringing all things under the feet of his Christ whose body we are. What is my basic trouble? Me. I am a horrible student of Christ. I am a terribly clumbsy soldier who cuts off the ears of those who might hear had I spoke by wisdom rather than vanity. Thanks for the thoughts Jon, you are a wonderful friend in Christ.
  5. It is a very difficult topic indeed! Matthew 7, Jesus calls them workers of iniquity. They had no personal investment in the people they ministered unto. They were doing the works for their own personal benefit which Paul says profits nothing. Christ is Spirit, for we have the Spirit of Christ in us crying out Abba Father. This is what he means by I never 'knew' you. Paul spoke of this 'knowing' in Ephesians when he said I show you a mystery but I speak concerning Christ and the church. He was referencing a man and wife having physical union and teaching that Christians having the Spirit of Christ coming in unto them is pictured in the union of husband and wife. I am saved 'for' good works not 'by' them. For the self existent one is salvation. Think on this for a moment... In the beginning God said....and it was. Nothing has changed. If God says then it must come to pass. Wait for it.... For whosoever shall call upon the name of the lord shall be saved! If I came to believe, called upon the name of the lord AND he said I would be saved THEN who can make his word of none effect? Who then shall take me out of his hand? Because, when I wanted to never sin again, I sinned still, my heart breaks and I hate that which I have done. I pray, please, please, please make me a robot who can do no sin! Let my heart be a carbon copy of yours! Conform me to your perfect will! Then again sin besets me...seemingly without my consent, and again I sin. O wretched man that I am! I groan within myself desiring greatly to put off this carcass or have my body redeemed! There is an all out war in members warring against my soul. God forgive me for I cannot save myself. Though the first death has me dead to rights there is a death I shall never taste, thank you Jesus for the resurrection of the dead!!! We have your Spirit in us Quickening our MORTAL bodies but this MORTAL shall put on IMMORTALITY!!!! End of my sermon...carry on.
  6. Yes, I have considered these things. His name means light bearer too. There is a great danger that lies in connecting things through the imagination because it all began with "hath God said?". My focus remains upon God being the father of lights whereas the other is one who transforms himself into an angel of light. One is where all good things come from whose end is to help us all become as he is and the other is the destroyer who desires worship to be held up as a god in the eyes of those he deceives. He is the spirit at work 'inside' the children of disobeience or unbelief. The wrath of God comes down upon such revealed from heaven. His children are as he is.
  7. Pharisees were not truly onservant according to Jesus. They merely had the outward appearance. Jesus said the said but dod not do. Sad but true.
  8. Paul instructed that those who would be rich in this world be warned to be willing to give and he also taught that it was possible to hurt by giving when done without love. He taught that we ought to lay up extras so that we might give when necessary. Jesus never taught that we should be poor but rather not to trust in riches. There isn't anything wrong with being wealthy provided we love God and our neighbors as ourselves. I know the truth and therefore am free.
  9. According to the bible Peter was born of the spirit then was called out by Paul for sin. Therefore sinless perfection after being born of the spirit must be considered false. God, I wish it were true but I like Paul groan within myself hating my flesh waiting for the redemption of my body.
  10. 2 tim 4 is written about christians.
  11. Eat at Joe's
  12. I love Santa Claus because it was the name that revealed the Babalonian tongue twist to me and led me to explore human language at a deeper level. How so? Say Santa Claus and Saint Nicolas one after another repeatedly faster and faster. Sooner or later you cannot differentiate one from the other. LOL! I know...too much time on my hands. But really, if we are going to do Christmas in July it fits for our Australian friends who are in the middle of winter right? Fun, fun, so the name is Santa or Saint, which is Holy. Claus or Nicolas which is victor of the people. The Holy Victor of the People. But going by the Babalonian twist sound meaning rules I go with Holy Clothes. After all he is dressed in a well Read suit?!?! But really, I digress... Holy dressing is important for I need to clothe myself with Christ because I believe in God, that he is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Coal in my sock? Hmm...I don't know. Would the guy have a red suit? Jesus always asked have you never read... I don't know.....come Lord Jesus my Victor on the Cross!
  13. Hi Jon! I am growing and learning. The sewing and reaping principle is very imporrant. I have learned a lot by the example of my own life and watching the lives of others. Getting involved with the lost, especially those who name the name but still lost, is an excellent resource for seeing these type of things in action. Paul says those who wouldn't work shouldn't eat and I believe Paul always spoke from a position of love. He said this because it would hurt the person who ate without contributing. Love your enemies we are told. If I bestow all my goods to feed the poor and have not love then I have hurt the very ones I am feeding. I aent a man out on the streets with no place to go the other day because letting him stay longer would only have caused him more suffering. He refused to follow directions and insisted on me jumping everytime he had a thought to do something. Enabling him more would have destroyed him. I worked with him for over a month trying to show him his powerlessness over sin in his flesh amd his need for Christ but no matter how much sin moved him to do evil he could not see his dilemma. Today I am better understanding why Abraham would not take the land for free. Nor David sacrifice something to God that cost him nothing. And why it is inevitable for the end to come and men be lovers of their own selves, proud, boastful amd blasphemous. Jon, it begins with me. I have to learn to trade selfishness, dishonesty, impurity and hate into selflessness, honesty, purity and love. Today I have been watching out for resentmemt, fear, dishonesty and selfishness so that when they crop up I can ask God to remove them immediately. I practice confessing them to others when they happen and continue in prayer and meditation to improve my relationship with God through Christ. I slacked and backslid pretty badly when my wife left and my brother Jim forsook me. They were anchors for me. God bless them both richly. Fight the good fight of faith, Jon. I am slowly learning how to direct men to reverse horrible things in their lives and it is exciting. I have been used of God to restore a daughter to a father. And there is another man who was 15 when he fathered a child that hasn't seen her since she was 9 months old that God is preparing to restore. I am winning his confidence slowly. God showed me that she was going to contact him so I sought to prepare him. He did not believe me. She did contact him and since he did not believe me and prepare it went badly but it isn't over. I gave him some work to do that will show God his repentant heart and God will reopen that door. I pray he chooses too follow instruction. I am merely a babe in Christ. Hardly one worthy of attending Corinthian assemblies. Thank you for being a friend who cares. Love Gary
  14. Boy have I struggled with this before! Especially as a busy body in other mens matters. Not minding my own business and doing my own work. But I was completely blind to my defective character. Everything I did was attached to jusifications, minimazations and rationalizations which made it OK for me to be who I was and do what I did. Learning to exercisie myself unto godliness with the gentle nurture of fellow believers who encouraged me to grow caused a complete turn around in behavior. None of them ever pulled out a bible and said "Gary, you ought not eat today according to this here passage Paul wrote". No, they loved me instead. The believers around me never quote scrupture. They live it and when asked about things they speak what God teaches in scripture while giving God the credit. Most comes back to love doesn't do evil to its neighbor. Busy bodies and lazy folks do. God be praised!
  15. It doesn't matter if he was or was not gay. A brilliant point was brought up earlier in another thread. Jesus brought condemnation against people when he came and spoke out against what they were doing. All it takes is God in man speaking the truth to bring about judgment against the hearers. Truth is spoken then time given for repentance followed by judgment. It is happening all over the world. It is only going to get worse as the day of judgment continues to unfold. Let us not marvel that one sin receives judgment but let us fear because we know that which is worthy of death ourselves as it is written plainly in Romans 1. They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness. They are gossips,30 slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, 31 foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. 32 Though they know God's righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them. The Grace of God allows us to live when we in fact are all worthy of death. God is escalating judgment upon the earth now as his grace is being abused. I imagine it is pretty difficult to remain patient when people constantly throw his pledge not to flood the world again in his face by wearing his sign upon themselves as they do that which is contrary to his desire for them. It is all tragic. May all truly find the grace of God and pour it out upon others. God bless.