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  1. sin

    Being human has nothing to do with sinning. Jesus was human. Adam was a sinless human being before he sinned. A human being can be free from sin but as it is written they must have power over sin and that power greater than sin is Christ. I know who I serve by who I give myself unto. I cannot serve two masters. What I do must be held up to the light to be discerned whether it be works wroght in God or sin.
  2. Love God. Love neighbor as self. My opinion is my problem. It came from the fruit forbidden. Open + ion = opinion Close = clothes When Adam and Eve had the Eyes of the Understamding opened, they began both having an opinion AND needing clothes to cover their nakedness. What an individual would need to do to have a good conscience toward both God and man in the situation would depend upon their knowledge of God. If our eyes be closed, the eyes of our own understanding and the Spirit of Christ be our guide then we shall act appropriately. For there is no law that can be written that would make a person righteous if they followed it. Ecclesiastes teaches their is a time for everything under the sun.
  3. Prayerfully considering this, thank you.
  4. This misses the point. Genesis 1, God gives herb of the field. Genesis 3 God gives herb of the field. Eating the herb of the field is part of the curse in chapter 3 yet it is present in chapter 1. One has to find a work around or accept the fall happened on day six. I accept the latter. I see no work around.
  5. I don't know Davida. Having a conviction of something as truth is simply having a conviction.
  6. Sorry you don't understand it. It is one thing to understand but not agree with and completely something else to not understand or be able to make sense of someone else's position.
  7. Your looking for a proof text?
  8. Amen. I get better at this everyday by the grace of God. The very name of Jesus means "The Self Existent One Is Salvation" and he lived up to that name. He trusted that the Father would deliver him from death and he did. I surrender more to this truth daily. Thank you for sharing!
  9. I became convicted that this was true by reading Genesis 1, 2 and 3. It became clear to me that God gave them the herb of the field to eat after the fall but yet on day 6. I accepted that if I wasn't going to add to or take away from it would mean that the fall happened on day 6 of creation and was part of God's overall very good plan.
  10. They are one and the same but most people cannot fathom that God would say good all the way up to the fall then say very good after the fall. The question is always why would God say very good after sin was in the world. The answer is that God saw the end from the beginning. Most will never believe it though.
  11. I was once on the side that you present. I dogmatically fought on the side of equality between women and men. I used every ounce of material against those that opposed. I found out I was wrong. Not because someone on a forum argued truth from a scriptural viewpoint or from sitting in a pew in church. My learning came from practical experience ministering unto people. The ministry was never about who has authority or who is greater or lesser. It was geared towarded simply working with people, both men and women, seeking to bring them unto a personal relationship with God. Practical experience of working with both men and women convicted me of biblical truth. I have experienced first hand gen 3:16 where it is womens curse to desire to rule over their husbands but authority was given to men. I don't expect you to budge one bit away from your belief in this thread but rather use the occasion to place the truth before people so that those who can receive it do. I have great sympathy for women because of that curse and what it does to whole households. It is easy for deceivers to enter into houses and lead away women who are laden with sin as it is written. Truly women are tge weaker vessel and easier to be deceived. I don't say that to be little or look down upon but simply accept it as truth because it has proven true in every case I have encountered in ministry. Women fight for superiority under the guise of equality. Been that way since the beginning.
  12. Does God allow women to rule over men? Yes! Absolutely. But only as a shame unto them and by Gods confession it leads to their destruction when women lead. Isa 3:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. Amen.
  13. No, the first definition for weasel that deals with a person is a person who is sneaky or trecharous so in trying to be kind I chose sneaky rather than treacherous. Treacherous seemed to be a mean choice compared to sneaky. According to the bible animal fat is a highly coveted part of the animal making it worthy of sacrifice. I could easily say the name fits me although trecherous more than sneaky but i digress.
  14. That's exactly what I did. I opened the dictionary and created my own definition out of the two.
  15. Schmaltzweasel - a sneaky person who loves animal fat.