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  1. Hi Zion! I spend most of my day combating the lies by staying busy in ministry work on the street. Every time I am able to show someone else his lies it is a little insurance policy against them for me.
  2. I too was guilty of judging God as cruel. What I needed to repent of was playing God. I bought the whole "ye can be gods package" without even realizing it. How did I repent? I chose to believe I am not qualified to judge. Asked God to forgive me.
  3. Marilyn, you are fine. Thank you. I take no offense.
  4. Some interesting thoughts have come to light in this thread. Someone proposed that a sinless sacrifice was not all that was needed to bring about salvation. I have come to agree. Thank you to those who made the connections for me. We needed a sinless sacrifice to defeat death. Death has no power over that which is sinless but as it pertains to authority we needed a higher authority than the principalities and powers in place whose gifts and callings are without repentance. Jesus makes that possible because he is the pre-existing son of God. He came before all so he is above all. John declared it when he spoke of him being before him in chapter 1 of John. And when Jesus said that before Abraham was that he was. This pre-eminance makes the Word of God who became flesh the only solution to the problem at hand. I have yet to see anything more than logical specualtion to connect this doctrine of the immaculate conception of Mary to Gods story of salvation. Thanks to those who participated. We know all things are upheld by the word of God and that for now many false things shelter under that which he has said such as Islam and Hinduism. Come Lord Jesus
  5. I like to buy Walmart Deli pizzas and add extra topings!
  6. 1 packet of lipton onion soup mix per pound of ground beef with a shot of worcestershire sauce grilled over charcoal.
  7. No, luke 1:28 is not the only place where that word is used. It is also used to describe us in Ephesians 1:6.
  8. Thank you for your reply. I am digesting it. I am very busy in ministry and have to wait for God to make time for me to continue to learn as he is ready for me. A quick question. Is there anywhere in scripture you would point me too that would show that God needed an infinite versus sinless sacrifice?
  9. Thank you for taking the time to write this post. Lots of love in there. It warms my heart to see you carefully expounding your belief that I might see what you do. I haven't the time to answer now except something quick. You and I agree in places where we outwardly appear to disagree. The bullwark of truth is the church, yes, but only because the Word of God dwells in them (the assembly of believers ie catholic, universal church of which all who believe are part). What if you showed me how David by the Holy Spirit proclaimed that there are none who seek after God? I would declare that David was true and that this was true of me until God called me unto him through Christ. Then, and only then, did I hear the one sent and believe. From that new born faith I began to hear that God is tge rewarder of this who diligently seek him. So, yes, I am guilty. I sought not after God but only to satisfy my flesh but God sent a messenger of Christ and now I seek God. Maybe I should read this catechism you speak of but time fails me because I spend it ministering unto the lost, sick and the dying. I get to watch atheists come to believe through my preaching of Christ then see them minister the spirit of Christ unto yet others whose lives become radically changed by him. I watch selfish men begin to behave like acts 2 and 4 new believers. As for other parts of your post concerning logical thoughts about comparisons between Mary and the ark etc. For me, this type of logical deduction has proved time and again to lead me into grave error. Many things have a logical conclusion that lead into error. The serpent used a perfectly logical argument to convince Eve that it was a good idea to eat the fruit. Just because some teaching has been around for a long time and embraced by many doesnt mean it is right. The Roman Catholic doctrine wins no points for its longevity for many other errant religions have stood the test of time. Anyone, myself included, who does not do what God has taught us to do by default deceives themselves. I am careful to watch the hands and feet of those who would seek to teach me doctrine. Do they visit the widows and orphans in their affliction? Do they give to all who ask of them? Do they turn the other cheek. Do they hold deep seeded resentments against others? Do they seek to satisfy their own bellies? Where is their heart? Who is their master by their works? If a man can convince me that he love his brother then that man can convince me he loves God and that Christ is in him of a truth. I will be in prayer asking God, whom I seek because he taught me to seek him, of tge things you have said concerning the logical progression of comparisons and their validity. May God bless us with truth.
  10. Yes, that is where I am at on this and why I am asking my catholic brothers to use the opportunity to bridge the gap for me. If the doctrine were true and I believe it to be a lie then I am missing some important information that would allow me to believe. If it isn't true then my dear brothers and sisters who believe are believing a lie and I need to understand how to help minister unto them. To better help you see how to help me see what you see please consider the following truths. We are told that nothing is impossible with God. We are also told that it is impossible for God to lie. So I conclude that while God can accomplish anything he does so in truth. I consider things like the Israelites having to wait to enter into the land until the inhabitants of the land had filled up their sin to the point of being ejected. This tells me that there are truths that govern the choices that God makes to bring things to pass. God makes a way then brings things to pass. Things are said to happen in the fullness of time. He does so according to truth, righteousness and according to every thing else about his person. So God cannot do somethings because they go against his word that he gave. For this cause the gifts and callings of God are without repentance as well. In this world all things are upheld by the power of his word. My conclusion is that God cannot choose to do whatever he wants whenever he wants because everything must be according to his word that he has already given. The doctrine of the immaculate conception must fit into this truth if it is true. If God only needed a sinless sacrifice and God was able to keep Mary from sin then God ought to have spared his son and allowed him to stay in the form of God and destroyed sin using a created person. I have already shown that Mary need not be sinless to bear Christ. She sinned in Adam. The only important thing is that Christ be sinless.
  11. I will address these two exclusively because they bring to light the heart of the matter. First: With the fall of man, Sin was guarenteed dominion over all flesh. Procreation guarenteed that all humans would be born in Adams fallen image. Had God simply been able to save someone from having a sinful nature then there was no need for Jesus. He could have simply made a human who knew no sin and sacrificed them. Jesus being in the form of God was unaffected by the fall of man. His nature as sinless was intact. He kept it when he was placed in Mary's womb. Adam and Eve knew no sin and were righteous until the fall. Mary was in Adam when he sinned and therefore sinned in Adam. Though Mary had sinned in Adam it doesn't mean she is unable to carry Christ in her womb. Christ's sinlessness is only contingent upon him not being in Adam when Adam sinned and his own personal conduct during his life. Even if Mary never committed a personal sin while alive, she still sinned in Adam. I like how you point out that God can save someone from sinning against him. The bible has plain examples of that. Second, The pillar and bulwark of truth is the Word of God, not to be confused with that which is the written word of God. Yes, I seek God. I want to know God. Thank you for being open and kind in our dialog.
  12. So, I believe that one person has shared their belief that Mary became regenerated or purged from all sin by the entrance of the Lord into her womb. That is an interesting take for a mother and child do share one body and some who touched his garmnents later were heald of sickness. There is power in it. Thank you for sharing. Any other catholic brothers or sisters, current or former care to share what they believe about this doctrine? I openly express that I do not hold to this doctrine as true and believe the Roman Catholic Church to be wrought with error. I want to understand the perception of those that do for two reasons. One, I have been found to be in error myself believing things to be true or false that were not so. Two, I am better positioned to minister to those whom I understand their position. These doctrines are of extreme importance. For they direct the very prayer of many. They affect the very behavior of those that believe them as well as those who do not. My ex-pastor revealed that his whole theology was colored by a single experience he had upon becoming what he calls savef. His experience made it impossible for him to see certain scripture any other way than according to that experience. Yet he taught that that interpretstion of scripture based upon experience is error. I stopped following him. As my faith has changed, so has my actions. Today my faith includes having an open mind to hear out those whom I do not agree with for that is how I learned of God, and of his son Jesus. Today I have practical experience interacting with God. It would appear to me that those who hold to the catholic doctrines as true do so based upon an assumed authority tbey believe that the church has over truth and no other reason.
  13. Jesus dialoged with Satan.
  14. The Psalm never insinuates that we can be kept absolutely perfectly whole and experience no troubles. It speaks of being delivered out of when in. Jesus was being taken to be tossed off a cliff but he was able to walk out unharmed. It wasn't until he laid his life down did anything have power to harm him. Joseph was tossed into a pit but God delivered him out. Peter was tossed into prison and God delivered him out. I have been teaching men how to live accordingly and see God's almighty deliverance. I have experienced it as well. Nobody can testify of the power of God to deliver who have not experienced it. Stephan spoke in self defense and was stoned. No marvel there. He did not rely upon the hand of God to deliver. Paul was shown what he would have to suffer for the name of God. He reaped what he had sewn. The man who drug Christians out of their homes, imprisoning some, whipping others and stoning others was himself drug out, whipped and stoned. I am learning more everyday. The name Jesus means the self existent one is salvation. I work to rely upon God the Father to deliver me from my troubles. I do not expect not to have them. Jesus taught that though God promised to send his angels to bear him up that he was responsible for not putting God to the test. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but God shall deliver him out of them all. Not to be confused with Gods ability to keep us from something that we not be touched by it. He does that too.
  15. Yes, as do I. I already understand this from the viewpoint of bible only basis. Thank you!