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    Thanks Steven. Yes he is awesome in his transformation of us!

    Yes, God calls things that aren't as if they are and they become. Therefore if I call upon the name of the LORD and he answer in the affirmative then he will bring it to pass... Hi Steven!
  3. Lifting each other up -

    Bless everyone always. Thank you, I have been lifted up by your sharing today!
  4. We've been lied to!

    To me it is a principle that bears repeating. If I have to give then I have. If I receive then I am without and am brought into bondage by the gift given. I receive if God grace, love and mercy and now possess these very things to give unto others. May your cup overflow that you may extend unto others that which they lack.
  5. Scruples

    As I grow as a Christian, I find that I can no longer do things I used too. It used to be easy to lightly lay with a woman or to take a woman from another man if I judged him unworthy of her. Through progressive sanctification I cannot do that which I used too. There is a new consciousness within that continues to grow. I love what I am becomming and despise what I am being delivered from being. God is potter and I am the clay. He who began a good work in me is continuing to refine me day by day. I am far from perfect. I can still do some things that I find to be shameful but God be praised that my grosser handicaps have been washed and I am clean of them!
  6. question?

    There is none good except God.
  7. Why does God let the Antichrist conquer the world?

    Why does God allow Antichrist to conquer the world? Because His strength is made perfect in weakness.
  8. Why do some professing Christians seem cold?

    Just because I professed Christ didn't mean I knew him. It only meant that I heard, believed and began to start following. Consider those who believed yet had not received the spirit yet. They needed the gospel of God preached to them to its fullness. We live in sorely troubled times. People are lovers of their own selves. I can be guilty if not careful. I go about my day seeking to do the will of God. I ask him to fill me with the spirit because Jesus said the Father gives the spirit to them that ask him. Then I seek to pour out his spirit upon the lost, sick and the dying. According to Paul these can be Christians. Those who take the Lords supper in an unworthy manner become sick or even die. I have watched God bring athiests to faith then begin his work of progressive sanctification in them. Truly amazing transformations. When I first was saved, I was a Romans 1 reprobate. Next, as a Christian, I became a Romans 2 self righteous man who despised the grace of God. I later transformed into the Romans 3 teacher of the word who touched not one of the very virtues I taught! By tge grace of God I was brought to a higher level of sanctification and have repented of those sinful ways. If I am looking at them and how their behaviors affect me then 'self' is alive and well. I need to pray that God will help me pick up my cross, die to myself and follow Jesus for even today sometimes I become 'alive' and sin revives then I become one of the walking dead hurt by everything that another does that affects my 'self'. Come Lord Jesus!
  9. sin

    Being human has nothing to do with sinning. Jesus was human. Adam was a sinless human being before he sinned. A human being can be free from sin but as it is written they must have power over sin and that power greater than sin is Christ. I know who I serve by who I give myself unto. I cannot serve two masters. What I do must be held up to the light to be discerned whether it be works wroght in God or sin.
  10. An interesting experiment I did

    Love God. Love neighbor as self. My opinion is my problem. It came from the fruit forbidden. Open + ion = opinion Close = clothes When Adam and Eve had the Eyes of the Understamding opened, they began both having an opinion AND needing clothes to cover their nakedness. What an individual would need to do to have a good conscience toward both God and man in the situation would depend upon their knowledge of God. If our eyes be closed, the eyes of our own understanding and the Spirit of Christ be our guide then we shall act appropriately. For there is no law that can be written that would make a person righteous if they followed it. Ecclesiastes teaches their is a time for everything under the sun.
  11. the world has just gone mad

    Prayerfully considering this, thank you.
  12. the world has just gone mad

    This misses the point. Genesis 1, God gives herb of the field. Genesis 3 God gives herb of the field. Eating the herb of the field is part of the curse in chapter 3 yet it is present in chapter 1. One has to find a work around or accept the fall happened on day six. I accept the latter. I see no work around.
  13. the world has just gone mad

    I don't know Davida. Having a conviction of something as truth is simply having a conviction.
  14. the world has just gone mad

    Sorry you don't understand it. It is one thing to understand but not agree with and completely something else to not understand or be able to make sense of someone else's position.
  15. the world has just gone mad

    Your looking for a proof text?