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  1. I have been divorced. It happened due to the hardness of hearts. A heart doesn't harden over night. Nor does it soften quickly. What I found was that I was the same person no matter who my mate was and that I was doomed to failure until my heart softened. What you have said above is that you are not a loving person for your heart does not love him. I am selfish by nature. Only Christ could set me free from that. I needed lots of counseling after I became born again to work toward being the person God intended me to be. If your unhappy in your marriage I suggest you seek God to send you a woman to teach you how to love your husband, for it is written, wives love your husband's. May God be with you and show you how to love the unlovable.
  2. An excellent topic. I read 2 pages of replies. No time for more. Feelings cannot be trusted. Just as a conscience is a goad road and not a guide because we can believe lies, feelings can also be based upon lies. However, that said, when we are living according to truth, acting upon the truth, we experience true feelings. God is true and God has feelings therefore God truly feels but God is not guided by those feelings or his wrath would have consumed us all. Ya feel me? Lol
  3. So the authority of a man who led the Roman Catholic Church is where it rests. Let those who put their faith in the Roman Catholic tradition live according to it. As for me, God has not given me any cause to believe in their tradition or doctrines.
  4. I believe it of great importance for me to ask myself even by what authority do I proclaim anything as truth. As for the topic, I find it ironic that it's called the 'assumption' of who assumed it to be the case anyway
  5. By what authority does one claim the validity of this proposed assumption of Mary into heaven?
  6. Yes, otherwise Paul would not constantly be revealing mysteries. Many things have been hidden from man through the ages. But as for how God works,he simply speaks and it comes to pass.
  7. Excellent point! This only works through the guidance of God through the Holy Spirit. My sin nature is about me. The Holy Spirit is about the whole. If it is selfish, dishonest, fearful orself-seeking it is of the devil not God. Good call!
  8. Sola Scriptura is nonsense to me. If God expected man to have a book to guide him then it has been the worst case of mismanagement that has ever been. He didn't even give us a printing press until 1600's. No, what we need is Christ in man revealing himself to whom he will, which has been going on since creation began. That said, the bible is very important for it records what God has said and by the power of his word all things are upheld. God said so it is and his word cannot be broken. For this cause, I cried out for salvation and all God had to do is say Gary will be saved and it MUST come to pass.
  9. Jon, not surprised it is confusing. I am learning so much these days that I did not previously know. What you have presented is a 'cookie cutter' program of one size fits all 'challenge' to men that is supposed to help them improve their relationship with their wives. It ignores the reality that people and situations are diverse and things simply cannot be applied like a recipe to spruce up a marriage. Eccl 3 teaches us that depending upon conditions proper actions can be exactly opposite one another. A time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing. I have learned that I can actually hurt my wife my presenting her with affection, gifts or even face to face time under the wrong conditions. I have a covenant agreement of marriage with my wife. She desired to be with me. I laid out a detailed agreement before her and said if she agreed then I would be with her. First and foremost we would be married and no sex before marriage. She would agree that my God would be her God and my people would be her people. She would confess that Genesis 3:16 was true, that she had a desire to rule over me and that God gave me headship of our household. We would have a 51%/49% partnership where whatever I decided would be the end decision on all matters both big and small. I hold myself to be accountable to God via his word in my treatment of her. I have had many relationships, all of which failed miserably due to bad advice from well intentioned sources combined with my own ignorance of or refusal to accept the truth. My current marriage is strong unlike the others because I have trusted God instead of self. Selfishness and self-centeredness is the root of the destruction of the marriages I see dissolve. Here is motive tester I use: "I am going to (insert action) so that (insert desired result) because I believe it is God's will for me." I find that when I test my motives and see that the action being taken is for the purpose of personal gain that the sentence is rejected by my conscience. It isn't about what I do so much as why I do it. Today I am learning to love my wife. Sometimes that requires me to be critical of her. Sometimes it requires me to tell her she needs to go away from me until her countenance is right. Sometimes it requires me to embrace her. Sometimes it requires me to ignore her but other times to give her my undivided attention. The list of requirements to love my wife are long and depend upon conditions present. The same God who led them out of captivity to the promised land also destroyed them that believed not though he be a merciful and tender God. He who chastens them that he loves and scourges every son he receives. I am required to love my wife as Christ loved the church for sure but how did he answer her when she was being foolish? "Get thee behind me Satan for thou art an offense to me", "my grace is sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in weakness". God give you the knowledge of his will for you in your marriage, Jon, and the power to carry it out.
  10. How do I? By the power of the Holy Spirit.
  11. There is no way I would join in on this. It would ruin all the progress I have made with my wife. I spend every day seeking to improve my relationship with her and all others in my life. When we began our relationship I offered a covenant agreement of marriage and she agreed. Since then it has been a challenge to stick to it and not cow down but doing so makes things richer. Men, respect your wives for God said they will want to rule over you and your job is to keep them in subjection. Life and death of a marriage are in the power of the tongue and a man who does not offend in word or deed is given dominion over his house by God. God corrects those who err. There is a time to embrace (hug) and a time to refrain from embracing in a marriage. The man who hugs at the wrong time can hurt her rather than help her. Jon, I love your heart to want to do well and share good things. May God lead you in the way of an everlasting marriage filled with love, joy and peace!
  12. Been there. Had that problem. Found a solution. Do you realize that the bible teaches that this problem was present at the time the church formed and began to grow? The church is full of people with different issues all around. Not everyone who calls himself a Christian is one. Paul spent countless time ministering Christ those who were listening only to have churches like Corinth that many were sick, weak or dead because they were taking the Lord's supper in an unworthy manner. He said that some of them were former drunkards, homosexuals, thrives etc. My problem was that I had the false expectation that once people came to Christ that they would be changed and not be who they were anymore. Not so. We are all capable of doing very sinful things and hurting one another. In Matthew 5,6 and 7 Jesus gives the blueprint for building a house that cannot fail. Unfortunately the directions are very difficult to swallow. I seek to follow what he has prescribed and found that the winds blow, the waters rise and beat against the house but it still stands. He never said it would remain peaceful.
  13. I too headed down the path of destructive bitterness. One day I called the employee assistance hotline at work and one thing led to another and I came face to face with others who were like me except that they had recovered from their torment. I didn't need someone preaching at me about Jesus. I needed someone who actually had Christ in them who could show me Jesus. I didn't need to read the bible. I needed people who were walking letters from God that I could see, feel, hear and touch. I did not find relief in the pew but rather walking side by side with men and women who walk with God. In the end I learned that the principalities and powers, the rulers of darkness in high places kept me in the dark. I stayed angry because of all the things I did not know. I was a vessel of wrath fitted for destruction waiting to erupt on anyone anytime. I had no way to process my resentments until I was taught by people who had processed their own. If you are serious about wanting to get over being angry, there is a solution. It actually involves self searching, ego reduction and the leveling of pride. It has zero to do with anyone else changing but you. I learned that I needed to be able to change myself to meet conditions no matter what they were but I had to be taught how to do so. I couldn't just wish myself changed. The bible is full of instructions on what to do to form a relationship with God and as a result have him conform us to the image of his son. The only thing preventing us is us. Are you ready to actually use the power to become one of the sons of God that is freely given to all who will receive Jesus as King?
  14. Yes, faith is real but not everything believed is true.
  15. No. Example: One cannot defeat God through faith. One cannot make God lie by faith. That said, true faith spoken of in scripture is that God, the one true God who is the self existent one is salvation, can save us from anyone or anything, even death. The faith we have can be summed up in Christ himself who put his trust in the one who could save him from death.