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  1. Agreed, was there something in my post that led you to believe I wouldn't agree with this or were you expounding further on the point?
  2. Brother! No need to judge yourself so harsh. We have one who judges us. Let us let him do that
  3. Agreed that it is of God and not of me that I am able to do what I do and that is also what I teach. I understand that sin is in my flesh and that sin is more powerful than I and can bring me into subjection as Paul explained in Romans 7. And that it was the law that helped me to identify sin in my flesh. I also understand that through Christ in me I can have victory over sin and not be brought into subjection to sin as spoken of clearly in Romans 8. Christ in me doing for me what I could not do for myself. I don't see a whit of difference between Paul's preaching and Peter's. They had the same gospel message that began in Genesis 3:16 And has been handed down through the generations. Anyone can make a difference apparent by bending the text to fit due to nuances in word usage and phraseology. Satan is good at that. But the truth is that those who do the works found written in God's word gain a clear perspective while thone who do not the works but are hearers only are forced to live in self delusion. Even so much that God will send them a strong delusion that they might be destroyed in the end. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. The bible has a clear message repeated over and over all throughout the pages. God points out over and over that humans are in Sin and need to be in Christ. Human behavior is used to show us where we error by giving us moral instruction that we could only accomplish through the spirit of God in us powering us to do the works. Man twists around, defines and adds too the commandments so as to appear to be able to perform the works but fails to do so. Only those who see their wretchedness and cry out to the saved from it by the Self Existent One become born again and begin living through their beloved Creator in a way they never could before.
  4. The wages of sin is death. To sin is to die or be separated from. To sin against another is to put something between you and them. Repentance is removing the obstacle causing the death or separation. I am dead while I live but alive unto God after I die to myself. This can only be achieved through Christ our Lord. I live in the spirit though my flesh be dead already. Who can separate me from the love of Christ? I am dead and my life is hidden in Christ. I present my body as a living sacrifices for his use and purpose that he might reconcile yet others unto God. I have eternal life abiding in me. I will never die because I am dead already.
  5. I might have a 'cut' on my arm because I was 'cut'. First is a noun and second a verb. Sin is what sin does and what sin does bears the name of sin. Adam was the son of God but when he ate the fruit sin entered Adam and Adam became sin. Through Jesus being absolutely righteous he would be labeled sin and rejected as sin by sinners and be sacrificed unto God as such. To the sinner Jesus is sin but unto us who believe he is the express image of the living God in human flesh. We judge him worthy of life as King and lay down our lives presenting our bodies as living sacrifices that Christ may reconcile yet others unto himself. The Devil is Sin. His fruit is Death. A homosexual is what a homosexual is and does what a homosexual does. According to Paul that can become past tense. They can be washed and made clean.
  6. Paul goes to great lengths to explain that sin is not simply something we do but rather something that is in us. He explains it in Romans 7. He concluded that the law of God was good. The law told him not to covet. He agreed with the law yet he soon found that their was something inside his flesh with him that brought him into subjection to break the law and covet. He concluded that it was sin in his flesh and not himself that did the evil. Because he did the things against his own will. Once a person gets an understanding of what sin is then it clears up a whole lot about the scriptures, legalism and even the lawless one.
  7. I find it quite difficult at times to be confronted with all the adversarial stuff too. Why don't I hit ignore? I don't want God to hit the ignore button on me. "Forgive us our trespasses AS (in like manner) we forgive those who trespass against us." Every morning I begin my day in prayer. "God, please direct my thinking. I ask that it bee divorced from selfishness, self seeking, dishonesty and fear. I ask to know the knowledge of your will for me today and that you supply me with what I need to carry it out. Please live through me today and seek to reconcile others unto yourself. Your will not mine be done." When I find myself offended throughout the day, I pause when agitated and seek God again asking God to save me from self-righteous anger and to help me realize in my heart that the offender is lost, sick and dying. Especially those who claim to know Christ. John, I know I have left many a place filled with contempt for those who I needed to minister unto. I have had more success than ever since I began praying these simple prayers for help and strength. God bless you brother!
  8. A bleeding deacon sighs over the sins of the church. An elder statesman stays involved ministering to the lost, sick and the dying within the churches walls. I ask myself everyday what I will be, a judge or a physician. It is easier to condemn than heal.
  9. Greetings! According to what you have said, you are looking for a solid viewpoint of how believers see atheists. The answer is a wide and varied as the number of people you come into contact with, as is witnessed in the short time this thread has gone on. I have been used by God to help atheists to come to know that God is, which is the first step in the process of reconciliation between the creature (atheist) and the Creater (God). My two best friends are former atheists that I led unto God then to his Son Jesus. There was a time when I was terrified of atheists. I was afraid they might be able to say something that would take away my faith and cause me to go back to the place I was when I was lost and without God. As I matured in my walk with God, I became secure in my faith and became useful to atheists whom had an honest desire to know if God really is and desire to learn of God in an experiential way of relationship without religion. God is amazing and walking with God as my Father who guides my steps is a joy I could never had experienced without knowing God and having God in me. My favorite believers to watch grow are those who were honestly deceived into believing their is no God for they become excited in a way that those raised in dead religions don't about God. So today I see atheists, all kinds ofor them as they come in many flavors, as opportunities to minister unto and not anything to be afraid of. God love you!
  10. Yes! It IS all about God. Even Jesus said that we won't have need to pray to him but straight to the Father. We GET to have a relationship with God. We GET to enter into his rest. It is God who gives us rest.
  11. They should love God, their wife or wives, their brethren, and their neighbors along with their enemies where their enemies are probably other well meaning Christians who will judge them for their remarriage.
  12. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the I AM THAT I AM shall be saved. When they called upon the one true God for salvation, they were saved. The Self Existent One is Salvation, that is what the name Jesus means.
  13. Amen. I am absolutely positive that God uses Worthy to accomplish his desired affect for Worthy. Writing is a very powerful medium. Please continue to seek to stay close to God and perform his will in your life here at Worthy, ministering to others as you can
  14. So I am told that if I have the faith of a mustard seed that I should be able to command a mountain to go into the sea and it should obey me. Why then would I not be able to silence the mouths of those touting false doctrine? They whose mouths I am told must be stopped. I am actually learning a lot more about this in my face to face ministry life. Paul said that the gospel isn't just a bunch of hype and talk but rather demonstration of power. He warned people that he wouldnt spare if he had to come again. I have witnessed first hand the power of speaking something into the life of others as well as my own. I have seen judgment by every idle word in real time. And I am but a babe learning how to use the power given unto us in Christ for one's good not their destruction. I am opposed to Worrhy's style of moderation. They hide posts in threads and become the authors of confusion in well meaning attempts to govern the board. The problem is that it is a message board not real time real life interaction. We see Jesus interact with people like Peter and the conviction sends Peter to his knees saying depart from me Lord I am a sinful man. I have found nothing more convincing than righteons action witnessed of others who become convicted by it. The Lord has recently converted two atheists using me by convincing them by my actions as well as my words. Or his words rather spoken through me. Other men have also attached themselves to me for the same reason. But that won't work here on Worthy because all that gets done here is debate over the same old same old unprofitable debates. Where is the edification? Who is learning how to turn a whore into a housewife? Or a thief into cheerful giver? Who is leading the drunkard to the real Spirit he might drink into? Who is being healed by the debate here on Worthy? My experience in face to face encounters watching as the worst sinners turn to God and then receive Jesus followed by ministering the spirit unto yet others has never once been witnessed by me on this board. What this board has served to do for me is identify major thought systems concerning doctrines and their roots. Much of what I find is simply a reflection of intellectual study that has no basis in reality and no real applicable purpose in life. Those who espouse the doctrines are usually people who simply wander through this life believing that the only real life is some imagined life they think they will have after they die and supposedly go to heaven. We have eternal life now and the power of the world to come now. Has not the scripture said so? And what is this power if it cannot be used? It would be no power at all then but the scripture speaks of us who have tasted of this power of the world to come. I am still a babe learning. There is power. I know great possibilities lie ahead. God has afore opened up the heavens unto men and given them the ability to see what eye cannot see. He has allowed men to do the miraculous and given witness to their righteousness through great signs and wonders. THAT IS what I seek. The approval of the one who sent me to preach deliverance to the poor and oppressed. I seek God to give witness that I am one of his children. A child who pleases his father. I do not believe that God was pleased with all of my heady doctrinal debates on Worthy but rather with my work out in the field seeking to bring in a harvest of souls won unto the Self Existent One who IS SALVATION.
  15. I have come to believe that my troubles are of my own making, that arise out of myself as the scripture warns to guard my heart because out of it come all the issues of life. I have learned that I need not concern myself about what needs to be changed in others but rather what needs to change in my attitudes and actions. I am instructed that as much as lies in me I am to be at peace with all people. I have been taught that the wars and fighting among us come from personal desires. Driven by fear and self seeking I tend to step on others toes and they retaliate. Many times I cannot make the connection but invariably when I get down to root causes and conditions it is self manifested in various ways that causes my trouble. I have spent a lifetime plagued by resentments and an unforgiving heart that drove me away from everywhere I ever went and everyone I ever knew. I thank God that He opened up my eyes to show me that I was a hard hearted brooding perfectionist who cast blame on others in a vain attempt to avoid detection. Today, it is important to me that I am able to stand where ever I am and face those who are around me looking them eye to eye as a child of God. When people offend I work quick to remember that sin is at work in the flesh and people get spartially sick at times. Lord help me to understand how I can be helpful to each and every one I encounter on this journey.