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  1. Truth has to be acknowledged whether it is found in Catholics or Protestants.
  2. Is concordance your Bible? You don't bother about the calling of Jesus and spiritual significance of 12 apostles and His ministry?
  3. Which canon you believe and why? What is your pick?
  4. Paul was imitating Jesus only partly. He cannot be a perfect man to imitate him. If you don't have Jesus anywhere, you are lost. The authorship of 2 Peter is disputed. Nevertheless, Peter simply said that Paul wrote according to his wisdom.
  5. My thrust is independent of either Catholics or Protestants, unbiased
  6. I am not a RC
  7. You mean to say that a pastor need not follow Jesus?
  8. Am I resisting the words of Jesus? No, rather, I am glorifying them! Who organized the scripture? It was Catholics. Yet why do they rely much on traditions?
  9. Then who are qualified to become pastors?
  10. Don't you believe that Jesus is the way, life and the truth? What is important? Knowing the truth or bound by rules? Truth ought to set us free.
  11. Bible doen't define apostleship. A secular dictionary does. Do you go by Jesus' words or by a dictionary?
  12. I consider Paul when he complements Jesus' words.
  13. 1 Corinthians 4: 16 Wherefore I beseech you, be ye followers of me. [Trying to eclipse Jesus] No where the chosen apostles called Paul an apostle!
  14. Yes, I am aware of that. They left everything, including their wives, to follow Jesus.
  15. All disciples are believers, not all believers are disciples. Similarly all apostles are disciples but not all disciples are apostles.