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  1. The Deception Of Constantine

    Let us not put blame totally on Constantine. After all, he was after power. So he instigated many theories that were against the truth by offering recognition and power to bishops who succumbed to his lure.
  2. Zionism = Nazism?? WHAT??????

    We are expected to love the enemies for their transformation. Not to be happy with their adamant stand all these years. They did not listen to Jesus. We don't expect much from our side too.
  3. Zionism = Nazism?? WHAT??????

    Do you think anti-Christ Jewish people should be treated superior to others with the advent of Christianity? No bias as far as evangelism is concerned whether Jew or Gentile. If Jews continue remain blind and deaf, then it is their funeral. Just God will not show any favors.
  4. Zionism = Nazism?? WHAT??????

    One need not require Jerusalem to find Jesus. He is the way, life and truth. Only biased theology speaks otherwise. The greatest obstacle to evangelism of Jewish is claiming Jesus as God. It applies to Muslims too.
  5. Zionism = Nazism?? WHAT??????

    Agreed. We love for their transformation, not holding on to the same stance.
  6. Zionism = Nazism?? WHAT??????

    I don't believe the foundation has been replaced. Nor I believe in digging out the foundation which also is going to damage the superstructure.
  7. Zionism = Nazism?? WHAT??????

    Final prophecy ended with the book of Revelation. Spiritual path and teaching of Jesus cannot be understood by people who are after the physical objects of the world. Jewish feeling is basically racist.
  8. Zionism = Nazism?? WHAT??????

    Everything is OK, excepting that He will not return to reign the unbelieving Jews!
  9. Zionism = Nazism?? WHAT??????

    Yes, Jesus was a Jew. He did not remain Jewish. I don't want anyone to be lost, including Jews who are bogged down with obsolescent rituals and traditions
  10. Zionism = Nazism?? WHAT??????

    God is no longer zealous for a piece of land. That shows your limited spiritual insight. Yes, there were too many hypocrites during Jesus' time. Now with supreme sacrifice of Jesus, all OT rituals are redundant. He may return to Jerusalem, but that doesn't require the return of Jews. We are looking forward to a healthy future, not relapsed hypocrisy!
  11. Gifts of the Spirit

    You are welcome
  12. Zionism = Nazism?? WHAT??????

    The OT happens to be the foundation. The NT is the superstructure. We don't dig the foundation
  13. Zionism = Nazism?? WHAT??????

    I have read. It now time to heed the words of Jesus, the ultimate Prophet.
  14. Zionism = Nazism?? WHAT??????

    I don't love the past. I look forward to a bright future of sharing the abode with Jesus Christ
  15. Zionism = Nazism?? WHAT??????

    That infinite God is no longer bothered with a piece of land for His plan of salvation. Only the unenlightened lot go after worldly things.