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  1. What do these mean?
  2. In isa 14:11 and in psalm 88:4 it mentions people as having no strength in the pit.Is this talking about hell or the grave?Because I was raised believing in the immortal soul idea.But I find my self going back and forth between the soul sleep idea and the immortal soul idea.
  3. Soul sleep.
  4. I posted this in topix jehovah's witnesse by the name frgoad.But I posted it here too.To get more feedback.
  5. In mt 27:52.How is it that it's the bodies that slept?Also in Mt 27:52 why doesn't it say the spirit(breath) returned to the bodies after they woke up?Also is there any other places in the bible that say bodies sleep? I found a website that talks about the body going to sleep. When the Bible calls death sleep, it implies that the essence of our being sleeps. For instance, Stephen was being stoned to death and cried out, "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit." Then he fell asleep (Acts 7:59-60). If he were conscious in heaven, the Bible would say, "His body fell asleep. In case anybody is wondering were i got this passage i got it from here: http://wordonly.net/CI06.html
  6. In luke 23:39-43 jesus said today him and the robber would be in paradise.And if you read eccl 12:7 it says when a person dies the spirit leaves the body and goes right back to God.Also in 2 cor 12:2-4 it sounds like someone paul knew went out of body and visited paradise.Finnaly in the book of revelation it mentions paradise.22:1-2 I am not sure if jesus and the robber did go to paradise that day.What do you think?I need more feedback on this.
  7. Yes I was trying to be analytical.
  8. Ecc 12:5 and Job 30:22-23 both talk about going to a house when you die?What kind of houses are they?And are they in the land of the living or the dead?
  9. I am not sure.But when I die I will know.I think we go out of our bodies to be with jesus at death.But I am not sure.
  10. That is not what I meant.I mean when both people in my first post talk about themselves they don't say the word spirit or soul.To talk about the inner them.
  11. Thanks.I had forgot about my other post. What confuses me is the person in both posts never say the word spirit or soul when talking about their bodies.:(
  12. In 2 peter 1:14 it says the person talking well have their body "removed".And in verse 13 it says they live "in' their body.I am confused. 2 cor 5:6-8 makes it even more confusing:( Is this talking about the human soul or something else?I am not sure.
  13. Does matthew 12:40 and ephesians 4:9 disprove soul sleep?I don't know.And that is why I need everyone's feedback.
  14. Does God still make people have out of body experiences like paul in 2 corinthians 12:2?Because I have been praying for one and nothing.:(
  15. I was just confused.Thanks for the help.