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  1. Was balaam saved?I can't tell.
  2. Help please

    always go back and forth on a soul sleep mind set.And a non soul sleep mind set.
  3. Help please

    I got all of these ideas from my non jw dad.Because he said it would be food for thought.I like the idea of daniel 12:2 better then the idea of a soul that lives on after the body dies.
  4. Gen.35:18 I Kings 17:20-22 Mt. 10:28 Revelation 6:9-11
  5. Sorry the other reference is in matthew 8:11-12
  6. I found it.It is in matthew 6:11-12 and luke 13:28-29.
  7. I know it says Abraham is in heaven in the parable of Lazarus and the Rich man.But i think the one i am looking for says Abraham is in heaven but he is with Issac too.Does anybody know the passages i am looking for?
  8. Were in the bible does it say Abraham is already in heaven?
  9. something i got on my mind Do you know of any youtube videos that talk about battling the devil and getting out of the occult at the same time?Sorry if i have asked this before.
  10. Do animals have souls?Because my aunts dog died years ago and i am wondering if he went to heaven or not?Which all hangs on the question if animals have souls to begin with.
  11. I can't stop worrying about my high school friend matt.He is in acoma and i can't stop crying.:(
  12. I don't think i am going to heaven because of my magic.I think this because of Galatians 5:16-21
  13. 1.Did john the baptist really get the holy spirit while still in the womb?I think that is cool and all.But how do you get the holy spirit without baptism?
  14. I think i posted this already.But can you share advice on how to get out of the occult?Can you share your stories on how you beat the occult please?
  15. I give up

    This is what i meant when i said i give up.I am trying to give up the bad part of the paranormal.And embrace the good.