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  1. five of my friends told me they like jesus because he was a big part of the new age movement.So I asked them to pray jesus into their life and i was glad to hear five of them say they already have because of jesus being apart of the new age movement!:)I then told them about paul and christian out of body experiences but they didn't care.:(
  2. Good.:)
  3. Good.Thanks for asking.:)
  4. I just got over my occult addition about a year ago.And just to go on many different forums about out of body travel.Can you pray for my friends who are into out of body travel too?I hope they come to christ one day:)
  5. If a baby would die and go to heaven how would they know they had died and went to heaven if they are just babies?
  6. Thanks!:)
  7. If you could ask God anything.What would it be?I would ask God to tell me the secret to christian out of body experiences.Like paul talks about.
  8. Can anybody on here move this to the controversial section?
  9. I just to be into out of body magic bad until I learned that god has his own out of body power and it would be better if I pray for it.But I am getting the itch to do astral projection again.Can you pray for me?
  10. Were does it go then?Sorry if this got you mad.
  11. I think in the story of the witch of endor it mentions it was samuel.But it's been a long time since I have read the story.
  12. Some people believe it was Samuel.But others believe it was a demon.What do you think?Who do you think it was?I would like to believe it was Samuel.But I am not sure.
  13. I was just wondering because in the witch of endor it talks about ghosts.But I never got if it was a demon or ghost.
  14. I was just curious to see the result over ghosts and demons.