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  1. bible saints

    What is your favorite bible saint?Mine is Job.
  2. Two questions

    1.Have you ever heard of the virgin mary appearing to others in ghost form? 2.Have you ever heard of statues of the virgin mary crying physical blood? I have and don't know what do make of it.
  3. It says he will be gathered to his fathers.But after that it says he will be gathered to his grave in peace.Why does it mention going to his fathers in peace?And going to the grave in peace if they are the same thing?Sorry if i have asked this before.
  4. Two things i like about today

    One thing is i have bread to eat from the store.It's called hawaiian bread technically.And i got two liters of coca-cola. From the store too.
  5. parapsychology

    I still am subconsciously.:(
  6. parapsychology

    I just to like parapsychology when i was into the occult(formerly).But now that i look at parapsychology with a different mind i think it might just be science with witchcraft combined together.
  7. In Lk 24:36-39 it sounds like jesus is talking about ghosts.But in acts 16:16-18 in the last verse the spirit is called a he.Why?I don't get it.:(In hebrews 11 verse 23 it talks about people as spirits.In case anybody wants to know i got my translations from the kjv of the bible.
  8. Two questions

    I framed it like that.Because if God is all powerful why couldn't he just find another way to do it?Think about the word all powerful for a second and you will get what i mean.
  9. Two questions

    1.If God is all powerful why didn't he stop the the whole jesus going to the cross thing from happening?Why didn't he use his supernatural powers to stop it? 2.When God is finally on the New Earth at the end of time.Do you think he will us his supernatural powers to erase his memories about jesus being on the cross?
  10. Yes I did say I was on new age websites. And I am going to places that are occult like to spread the news about Jesus and salvation.But I think you are right. I need to pray a lot more about this before I get to other people who are deeply into the occult.
  11. I went into a occult church and like acts 16:16-18 i thought a lot of them had a spirit in them.So i went to talk to a girl and she said she could make all my clothes fly of with telekinesis.Which she did!To my embarrassment!I ran out of the chruch all the way to my house which thank God is very close to the chruch i was visting!With no one calling the law on me.Why i took as a blessing from God!I am NOT making this up!
  12. Need help!

    Has what happened to me happened to anyone else?
  13. Need help!

    I think they have been watching me through astral projection.
  14. Need help!

    Should i go to my priest and ask him to bless the house?
  15. I go on new age boards to pray with new agers and give them advice about praying the Christian prayer.And i think some of them have been watching in the shower! To make things even worse i really like these people before hand.The reason i fell that i am being watched is because i feel the hairs on my neck stand up.And i get a feeling someone is staring at me.But every time i look noting.I don't want to share their names because i don't want an argument between this forum and the other one i have been to. Please pray for me.By the way i am NOT making this up!:(