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  1. Have you ever prayed for Jesus to enter your dreams(and make you aware of the fact.So you would know it's jesus?) or take you out of body?Like in 2 Corinthians 12:1-4?
  2. Because I want to ask why do you not believe in jesus?Is it because science can't prove God?Because jesus died for you and wants to be your friend.Just read john 3:16 and see just how much jesus loves you.When I think of all the atheists dying without jesus it makes me cry.
  3. I want to ask all the atheists on here to pray to God right now and open up your hearts to God.I suppose all the atheists on here have read the story of lazarus and the rich man?Just think of one of your kin dieing and up like that!When I think of all the atheists dying without God it makes me cry.By the way I am not trying offend anyone on here who is atheist.I just want to make this post because I worry about the lazarus and the rich man story.
  4. If God gave you one wish like solomon.What would you wish for?I would wish for what solomon wished for.
  5. I am talking completely hypothetically here but: What if you opened up the bible and when you opened up the bible to read about the afterlife stuff it said when you die your mind body and soul cease to exist forever and ever and that WAS the afterlife.Would you still follow jesus?I would!
  6. What did jesus mean that heaven is made for children?In Matthew 19:14?What is it talking about?
  7. What do you think of this?What do you think of this link?: Edit: by Omegaman 3.0 What do I think of it? First thing, I do not like that it is soliciting subscriptions. Generally it is Worthy policy, not to be free advertising or other solicitations for money. Since even posting just a link would get people to view a solicitation for money, I don't think the link is even a good idea. Secondly, the video is not allowed in not video areas of the site, so I have deleted it. Please read our policies on videos, in the video section.
  8. Were was time matter and energy before God made time energy and matter?And if God created time.That's means before time began all time was at 0.And when God made time it went to 1 second.So what was going on before God made time?When it was at 0 seconds?
  9. In deuteronomy 18:9-12 it says divination is wrong.
  10. In genesis 44:5 why was joseph using a silver drinking cup for divination?
  11. Sorry.I didn't mean to out it out of context.
  12. I didn't get why the pharisees and sadducees were fighting.
  13. Why in the king james bible do we call hell.Hades?
  14. What do you think of Acts 23:6-9?
  15. Sorry this in the wrong place.Can one of the administrators move it to the general discussion forum?
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