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  1. i hope a lot make time to watch this. Sure makes a hash of all the propaganda....
  2. I wish i knew a list of points I could give that would pave a sure route to complete healing. But I don't know of one. For all of us, whether we're survivors of abuse or not, the primary challenge we face is in our minds, will and emotions. It is those aspects of our being that need "sanctification" which is the process of being transformed into the image of Jesus. It is in our minds (thought life) and how we FEEL (emotions) that seem to challenge our progress the most. We were designed to BECOME what we "behold"....give our attention to. It is in His presence, beholding Him this sanctification process is engaged. We do have (as best I understand) two primary ways to "behold" Him. Reading the Word and in prayer. So, though I can't give a satisfyingly simple list of "do this, don't do that" I think that's a good place to start. Do all you know how to do, to make sure you are reading at least a little from the Bible each day, and make some time to consciously focus on the Lord in prayer, and in my opinion do more LISTENING than speaking. I look back at the probably first thirty years after I was born again and all that time I never really knew how to LISTEN...EXPECTING Him to speak to me. My prayer life consisted mostly of duty and shame, praying very occasionally, out of duty, rehearsing all my problems, confessing sins...as if He didn't already know full well everything i was facing. Because it was "duty" and not love for Him and enjoying a relationship with Him my prayer life was a burden, powered by flesh ....and because of all that just about non-existent...which produced shame, convincing me I was a horrible, ungrateful Christian. And that shame made it even harder to approach Him, being certain He could not possibly be happy with me. All of that arises from a very flawed view of who He really is, and how He feels. So the first thing that had to happen to change me...transform me....was to get my understanding of who He really is in line with the truth. That is where the Word is so critical....AND NOT JUST READING IT LIKE IT WAS ANY OTHER BOOK. How I read the Bible and what I could get out of it changed dramatically when I really came to understand, absorb, and BELIEVE that He is THE Teacher, and MY teacher, and truly expect Him to show up when I read the Bible and explain exactly what He meant when He caused it to be written: The Holy Spirit IS "the anointing that teaches". And His favorite thing to teach is the "things of Jesus" Once we get in His presence, consciously bending our attention to focus on 'beholding' Jesus, the Holy Spirit will begin to reveal Truth, in the light of which we can begin to see the lies we have believed as if they were true, but are not of the Truth at all. We begin taking thoughts "captive", wrestling with what is true and what is not, making decisions about what we will BELIEVE. And through this process our mind is transformed (into His image), bit by bit. This is the fundamental beginning of spiritual warfare. He replaces the lies that once deceived us with the Truth of the Word, and we are freed from the consequences of living our lives on a false foundation. And we have engaged the "work of God" He has assigned to us...the ONLY "work" He has given us responsibility for doing: Another thing that changed my walk and represented a massive change in my perception of what He was wanting to do in me was realizing that He wanted to transform my FEELINGS ...not just my thinking (what i believed to be true). Getting the lies replaced by the Truth is critical, but I am not IMAGING Him fully until I FEEL the same way He does ABOUT what I believe. But there is no formula. I THINK these points I just brought up apply to any Christian, survivor or not. But the desire to make it "simple" with a list of things to do or avoid seems impossible to fulfill. Each of us has had life experiences that planted different lies in our thinking and caused us to react to different situations emotionally in very different ways. Only He knows each of us inside and out well enough to design an effective transformation plan for us to follow. IMO the BEST and most important thing we can do is strive to love, seek, and know the Truth. And when we realize Truth is more than facts, "it" is really a He....HE is Truth. We can safely conclude our full restoration from the lies and pain inflicted on us by life, satan and men bent on evil is "in Him" Knowing the Truth, LOVING the Truth, is our way to freedom. And that path must be walked according to His understanding of what He created us to be, and what we need changed in order to match His perfect design. The general method may be common, but the details are individual, distinct, and only He can reveal them to us. Seek Him, love Him, and spend as much time as you can consciously focused on Him. He will lead you to the "list" of things YOU need to do. And it certainly helps if you can find someone willing to learn to love like He does to walk with you.
  3. Job 38:4-7 Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding. Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it? Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof; When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?
  4. I personally believe at least some pets will be there. I wouldn't be willing to argue the point because I'm not aware of any place the Scripture directly speaks to the question. But, if eternity is "beyond all we can ask or think" I personally believe that anything that blessed us here, and was not inherently unholy, will likely be part of our experience after all things are restored. I have had pets that I KNOW were gifts from God, used by Him to reveal experiential understanding of some of God's own nature and character. 2 were particularly powerfully used, and at times when i was isolated, hurting and had little human contact...none of any real depth. I was actually granted a visionary experience that does seem to address this, with a "yes" answer. I won't bother to relate that, it was for me and I'm fully convinced of the source and fully believe there is at least one very special dog that will once more be a source of joy in my life. As others have said, i'm not concerned about it either way. If I happen to be wrong, there is no doubt in my mind life will be perfect in the new heavens and earth.
  5. David Wilkerson (1931-2011) September 18, 2019One of the greatest blessings a true believer has is to know the voice of God. It is possible to hear God’s voice today as certainly as did Abraham and Moses—as clearly as did Samuel and David—as surely as did Paul, Peter, and the apostles.God has always sought for a people who would honor and fear his voice. Yet, in our day many voices are crying out pretending to be the voice of God and thousands are being led astray. They put their very lives in the hands of a teacher or preacher who then becomes God to them. But no one is infallible and you need to know and hear God’s voice directly in order to judge what is being taught.In addition, within our hearts are many voices crying out, all of them pretending to be the very voice of God. If you trust any of these voices without trying them all by God's Word, you will be led astray! There is the voice of our flesh, the voice of our stubborn will, the voice of the enemy, and the voice of the world. All of them are sweet, gentle, and promising you "This is God speaking!"Let me tell you who is sure to be deceived: it is that Christian who thinks he can't be deceived — the one who once truly heard, but now moves by impressions and voices which have not come out of the secret closet. We are not infallible and every word we get is not from God.Only those who value the Master’s voice enough to wait for him will hear him. God says to us, “If you want to hear my voice, pray to me in secret and I will reward you openly” (see Matthew 6:6). Busyness, lusts, covetousness, and the cares of life can choke out his voice.God wants to speak a fresh word to you today! If you want to correctly hear his voice, get alone with him. His presence always accompanies his voice and if you spend time in his Word, the Holy Spirit will confirm everything with Scripture. That is the path to true joy and peace.
  6. I think we should be aware, informed and very wise about what has taken over our government... but no fear. Perfect love casts out fear, and we are perfectly loved. It's time to look up, our redemption is drawing near, we were well informed this was all going to take place and eventually result in nation/states being denied sovereignty under a single world government. It's unfolding before our eyes.... There is a harvest to be brought in, bigger than any in human history that will be harvested in the midst of the world's coming turmoil. People are going to get hungry and we need to be ready to feed them. Right now spiritual hunger for truth seems rare, especially among those of the Laodicean western "church". I think that's going to change.....and it could even be soon.
  7. Jostler

    Satan and Job

    One thing we might be overlooking is the fact there are three "heavens" spoken of in the Word. It takes some work with a concordance to find all the places where the Bible mentions "heaven, heavens" and related words, but even without that we can know by implication there are AT LEAST three "heavens" Paul's story of his vision gives us that much: If there is a "third", then we can logically presuppose there are at least two others...a first and a second. The word "third" has no meaning without assuming a first and a second. Carefully examining other Scriptures where heaven(s) are mentioned will give a good bit of insight into the characteristics of each. Without drawing up a whole study, we can discern a few things about the "heavens" in general: In every case I could find, no exceptions, the Bible always refers to the heavens as "above" the earth, and the earth "below" the heavens. One example of too many to count: From our perspective here on earth, the "heavens" are above us. Some heavens are "higher" than others.....and according to this verse the "sky" is not the "highest" heaven: so we can safely assume the sky, and the highest heaven are separate and distinct...but as you will see the "sky" is also a referred to as a heaven, it's just not the "highest" of all the heavens. The heavens are home to..the assigned "estate", for multitudes of intelligent, created beings capable of worshiping: The stars are said to exist in a "heaven" Birds fly in a heaven This is already longer than i meant it to be, but if the study interests you it's easy to grab a concordance and continue yourself. If the above is correct, then we can make some reliable assumptions based on what the Scriptures actually reveal (i see lots of guessing in this thread already ) and based on those my best understanding is that the "first" heaven includes pretty much everything in this natural, three dimensional realm that exists 'above' the earth....including the atmosphere where "birds fly" all the way out to encompass all the stars. Basically the whole cosmos, with the exception of what is on the earth, and under the earth. The second heaven is most likely what we call the "spirit realm" where spirit beings, both loyal to God and in rebellion to Him dwell. This is currently a realm of combat between those two opposing forces/armies. This is not the "highest" heaven. Satan and the other principalities, powers and rulers of the darkness of this world appear to still have access to this heaven. And to the first heaven. Satan is described as the prince of the power of the air. The third heaven which Paul was 'caught up" into appears to be God's throne and might be the "highest" of all the heavens. I'm not willing to be dogmatic here because the Bible does not explicitly state some of the thinking points I'm going to propose next. What I shared up to this point has some pretty solid Scriptural backing and specific verses that back it up (though the above is woefully incomplete). The following is a arguable, but represents my best understanding so far and is my 'working thesis' at the moment....but held very loosely recognizing further understanding might unravel some of it. Assuming the above is properly understood it is entirely possible that when satan rebelled he was completely excluded from the third heaven, God's realm and where His throne now is. Given that he is still active in the spirit realm (if by spirit realm we mean the heaven where satan is), it seems likely he was kicked out of the third heaven and limited to the realms "below" it. The second heaven, the first heaven, the earth, and "under the earth" which we know as the grave, Sheol, Hades.....etc. That leaves the possibility that when Father assembles the "Divine Council" He may presence Himself in the second heaven enabling satan to also come among the "sons of God" (bene eloyhim) and stand before the Council to accuse us...without violating the purity of God's abode. Someone above implied (or stated) he cannot accuse us any longer after the cross, but I think this calls that assumption into question: John wrote Revelation long after the Cross and his use of "accuses" ...present tense, strongly implies satan was still accusing Christians before God's Court at the time he wrote it. And there are a number of other reasons to believe he will continue to until that "war in heaven" finally results in satan and his cohorts being kicked out of the second heaven as well, preventing future accusations once and for all. Apparently his exclusion from the second heaven is what finally gets it through his head he's lost the game, and realizes he doesn't have much time left. From that point his goal seems to be to cause as much death and destruction as he can while he still has a little time left. This is already much longer than most will even read, so as much as i enjoy the topic i'll curtail it here It's an interesting line of inquiry and it's not hard to pick the study up from here if it piques anyone's interest. I hope it does because it might challenge some of the theology some appear dead set on defending ...without much real Biblical support But, that's one plausible explanation for seeing satan in "heaven" accusing Job in that story. If the Divine Council is assembled in the second heaven, not the third, there's no real conflict i can see with other Scriptures
  8. That is perhaps the most convicting revelation I've personally faced. Recognizing that our 'witness' is far more about being than saying. Getting my being to match my words so the reality of the words is seen without speech is what the world needs most from me. "Doing" flows out of what we ARE, as naturally as water flows downhill...and that's visible to others. David said "...my sin has shut my mouth...." and perhaps it should. Words and works that flow out of who we really are is what the world invariably notices.
  9. what's wrong with a crutch for a cripple? if they insist on pejorative assumptions go with it. If I recognize i can't stand on my own and there's only one fix, i'd be an idiot not to embrace it. After that you might get a chance to explain why no man can stand before Him without His help.
  10. oh but One DID do it.... And because He is the only one who was born sinless, He's the only one who ever will. It's not even an option for any son of Adam except in theory. Even the Law could not make fallen man 'righteous'. Hence the need for a "new and better blood covenant". But, that's the whole point get past theory, and there is only one way ...for us. By grace, through faith, and THAT not of ourselves, it is the GIFT of God. Grace plus......NOTHING.
  11. no argument there...but saying that absolves us of all other responsibilities doesn't wash. There's been a "head in the sand" attitude toward problems in congregations, coverups instead of justice, and outright infiltration by satanists for way too long now.
  12. There is also a responsibility to identify the wolves. And deal with them.
  13. You know, that line really spoke to me. Several years ago I believe He witnessed to my heart that if I wanted to understand the times, i needed to review the Exodus, all the way through to the stories of Israel taking the promised land. For three years now I've been occasionally reading through all that and mediating on it, asking for insight as to how to apply it. One thing I noticed was several of Israel's battles against the Canaanites included instructions to "wait" until something supernatural happened before beginning an attack. Each battle was different....He gave Israel very specific and different battle plans for each engagement. Check this out, it took Israel generations to take all the land, and under David's leadership, this interesting battle plan was given (in the Valley of Giants (rephaim) no less: I'll try to make this long story shorter I know your eyes give you some problems at times so I made the font bigger so maybe you can read a longer post with less difficulty :). The point that came to mind was noticing He's actually used a combination of angelic host, heavenly armies, in concert with His earthly people when battle was necessary. This is far from the only example, but it does serve as an example. We can see another example prophetically foretold in Revelation 12, so apparently He still intends for some battles to be an obvious 'joint operation' with the Commander of Hosts directing both heavenly and earthly armies in battles. I don't want to be dogmatic about this, but I noticed that WE got mixed into this battle for control of the second heaven, the spirit realm. Michael and his angels have no need of the blood of the Lamb, so apparently somewhere along the line we will be given a role in the final defeat of satan and his hordes in that realm. I feel I've been led to expect that, as we are empowered to "take" our promised land....a Kingdom ...THE Kingdom, and evidently this particular engagement will culminate in a very significant change in how satan is able to work. Our Kingdom, with the Lion of Judah as King will eventually totally rule both heavenly and earthly realms. In the Old Testament, He told David in so many words, "Wait til you hear my heavenly Host move out, THEN go and fight..." I feel I have been led to expect a day, when He will tell Michael.... "Wait, My people are getting in position, when you hear the sound of praying, then go and fight, I have given satan into your hand...." I believe He intends to once more consciously engage both natural and supernatural armies to advance and establish he rule of the King over ALL the realms Father promised He would rule. There's a lot more reasons why I believe that, but that line 'walking on hands of angels, crushing snakes' instantly brought those previous revelations/meditations to mind....so the line had great meaning for me I think I can see a relevant picture of His intention to use both Armies He has at His disposal, in mutually supportive combat. Armor up! It's almost time to fight..... Angels were involved in assisting Israel in taking their natural "land", and I believe they'll play a role in us taking ours too. Right or wrong, i do love that song MARANATHA!
  14. is that really the right plural for platypus? rofl..i always wondered about that
  15. which reminds me... There once was a man whose life and prayers so pleased God that He visited him in a dream and told him to ask for anything he wanted. S the guy thought and thought...and finally said "Lord, You know I've always been a bit leery of flying, and I don't know how to swim, so boats make me nervous too. It's been a lifelong dream to see the beauty of Hawaii. Would y0u build a bridge from San Diego to Hawaii for me so i can drive?" And the Lord responded "Are you sure that's what you really want? You know that's a LOT of resources to spend just for a Hawaiian vacation. Think a bit longer son...see if you can come up with something better than that." So, he thought a while more and finally said Lord I got it! You know I've never been able to understand women. I have never had a girlfriend, always been so awkward around girls i gave up on ever being married. I'd like to ask You to explain women to me, inside and out....teach me how they tick so maybe I can develop a healthy relationship with one...maybe even have a family! And God said "You want that bridge two lanes or four?"
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