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  2. I am relieved and blessed to hear there is even one left Bless you and I pray He will make sure you are all you should become in Him and be the husband she needs and I am willing to bet He's working that same outcome in her life. May your children be many and serve Him all their days. I wish I could claim I held my sexuality in honor and purity before marriage. I cannot.
  3. the country known as the United States is about to be judged and time to reverse that has run out. Intercession might still be able to affect severity, but averting the judgment is no longer possible. Those christians that survive, will definitely revive. But lots of lukewarm ones are about to go home way before they've finished their appointed plan of good works...and suffer eternal loss as a result. It's revive or die time....serious day we live in.
  4. Jostler

    Why Pretrib Logic Fails

    man...Amos 8 was a typo. Amos 3 was what I should have typed 😕 Particularly verse 7. I am sorry I didn't catch that. I'll correct it in the original post. Now I gotta go read Chapter 8 and see what you looked at
  5. Jostler

    Evidence VS. Proof

    It would probably help the thread if you would delete that quote since you didn't choose to address any of it. I'd like to learn something here but quoting long stuff that isn't relevant to your own added content just clutters things up and makes it difficult to read the thread. Thanks.
  6. Jostler

    Trying to figure it all out...

    Welcome Chernelle A couple hours ago I saw your post here. I've had a message on my heart for a couple of days now and seeing your desire to know His will and just how momentous the consequences are for a decision this big, it was the last "kick" I needed to get what I feel He laid on my heart published. I got it assembled and posted it here: I pray He will use it to benefit you in your search for His will. It's only one of many ways He communicates. His communication is far richer and deeper than mere words. But hopefully this one will be a helpful beginning as He leads you into understanding more of the Biblical ways to "hear" Him.
  7. I see a lot of questions from people earnestly desiring to know God's will for their lives. And I see lots of people here who care and bring a lot of good, Godly, Biblically sound advice and prayer support (and maybe a few off the wall, off base bits too ). It's encouraging to see the Body ministering to itself. We're supposed to do that. But there is a place in our walk most will come to, when He refuses to provide His guidance for us through others. When you hit this place (and I am convinced its a place He is intent on bringing many to) be encouraged, its a sign of growth and evidence we're maturing in Him. He (Jesus) alone is our intermediary, our advocate with Father. He desires a deeply personal relationship with each and every one of us and will eventually bring everyone into a season where all spiritual food has to come directly from His hand. He will not accept a relationship with you, THROUGH me or anyone else. This "season" is usually limited. Once we learn to come to Him for our instruction, gain some familiarity with His voice and leading, recognize His preeminence and the fact that only He is the real source of truth and wisdom, then He "releases" us again to be able to receive ministry from Him, through others. But now we're delivered into that broader place, familiar with His voice and able to hear HIM in others. It can feel a bit scary when all other avenues seem to slam shut...but I promise He will teach you clearly how to discern His will with no input but His Word and His voice. If you've ever had a valued teacher suddenly snatched out of your life, someone He used to bless you with truth, it may be a sign He's drawing you to Himself and removing an influence that might develop into a crutch capable of becoming a substitute for intimacy with Him. What I am about to share is just ONE of a rather large group of ways He speaks. But I feel impressed it's time to share it and pray someone hears Him speaking to them, directly out of what I'm thinking i'm supposed to share. I call this "following peace" and this is my story of how He led me to understand this so I think it's sort of a combination of Word and my own testimony of how He's dealt with me. _________ I believe this is intended to teach us that He will be faithful to guide us through His Word(s). But, the picture here implies He's only promising enough light for the next step. (flesh don't like that interpretation!). Very often in Scripture we see examples of how God gives enough light, sure light, to make ONE more step. In Abraham's case, He told Abram to get up, leave his people and his father's house and "go to a land I will show you." Wow...think about that. It takes GREAT faith to simply uproot your whole family, your source of income, your family support group and GO...with no idea what the destination is. God gave Abram a promise he would be shown ...given more light...AFTER he had obeyed the light he had. When it comes to a decision this momentous, I promise you He is aware of the challenge you face in believing Him. He is certainly aware of our need to be absolutely certain it is His voice we are hearing. But, once He brings us that certainty, instant obedience is required of us. For the just shall LIVE by faith.... a slight side trip....I used "Word(s)" instead of Word because the Word of God written in 66 books for our sake is NOT the only Word He uses to guide us, and when He drew me into this season of cutting me off from all but Him, He wanted me to have a greater awareness of the Words He speaks in our spirits. I realized that the Words He speaks to our spirits are FULLY AND COMPLETELY the Word of God and those Words bring His gift of faith with them JUST as surely as His written Word does. Faith comes by hearing and EVERY Word He speaks brings with it, enough faith to fulfill the Word. The faith is a gift. We can't work it up, increase it, modify it, empower it, grow it or any other thing. It is His gift and it simply COMES in full measure necessary for fulfillment of the Word. Our only relationship to the gift of faith is whether or not we hear it, and whether or not we invest it with our BELIEF. It is our BELIEF that receives the Word and releases the gift of faith contained in it, to do it's task of bringing the promise of heaven to manifest existence in the earth. Actions that naturally spring from truly BELIEVING the word are evidence we're walking in that faith (often in direct contradiction to what natural circumstances seem to be saying). If we invest unbelief, the faith is not "activated"...not for us anyway. His Words do not return to Him void but if I shrink from believing long enough He just might find someone else to fulfill it through. And in our day, right now, instant obedience is going to become a matter of life and death to some...very soon. If the just must live by faith, they just might die without it. It's a very serious season we are approaching. Delayed obedience is DISOBEDIENCE and when we're disobedient it opens LEGAL doors in our lives for satan and his minions to come in through and wreak havoc. Some will be getting uncomfortable already with my assertion that the written Word is not our only source of guidance But relax, I'm not ignoring that REALITY. He gave us those 66 Books assembled into one volume the way He did so we could have a sure, certain witness that EVERY other Word He speaks must line up with and be verified by. He will NEVER speak a word into your heart that violates one jot or tittle of His written Word. He chose to BIND Himself by His own words. He didn't have to do that. He did that for our sakes so His written Word could become a trustworthy "verifier" of anything and everything else He says anywhere else. That of course is still extant and in force. And we can expect Him to verify any Word He speaks into our hearts in His written Word. There is ONE major difference between a "rhema" (lively, living, immediate) Word heard in our hearts and the "logos" written Word of God. And that is that a rhema Word applies just as fully and completely (and powerfully) to the individual who receives it, but NOT to the Body of Christ at large. The 66 Books obviously apply equally to all. A rhema word is just as surely His Word and hearing it will bring with it the full measure of faith necessary to see it performed. It is very often that personal guidance comes through the living relationship we should have with Him and the Words He speaks into our hearts. We need to be secure in knowing how to BE secure in His personal communication. And we need to expect it, listen for it and hear it. I'm assembling parts into a bigger picture...so the next is another discrete part Another verse He took me to was this: Our hearts are to have a "ruler". A "decider". An AUTHORITATIVE voice in decision making. The ruling of a King who is to be obeyed. That ruler is the peace of God. It is actually one of the "voices" of the Prince of Peace who speaks in many more ways than just words Bringing it together: I have a promise He will guide me, but He ONLY promised light for the next step. For the just shall LIVE by faith. I now know my heart is to be ruled and by what. This next is the personal part, your mileage may vary. He taught me a process to engage that would help me "follow peace" I learnt to get quiet, focus, present myself to His presence and ask for His guidance. (This can take some time if the mind is cluttered with cares and concerns.) Next to bring up and think on the decision I need to make, and make an effort to analyze any feelings I might have toward any of the potential choices. If I find any "preference" for any one, hand that over to Him and keep doing that until I'm confident I have been purged of ANY will of my own...standing completely neutral emotionally toward the decision Then I FIRMLY decide on one course of action in my heart. Now, where is peace? Did He get supplanted by anxiety? Uncertainty? ...or is that peace that passes understanding still with me? you can (no matter what "ruling" you feel you got) then clear your mind and will again, and take up the other (another) option you can see. Make a FIRM decision in your heart to go THAT way and again ask yourself "Where is peace?" Compare your answer with the first iteration I've even asked "Is YOUR option one I haven't even seen yet?" and if His peace falls on that one, might as well just relax and wait for Him to reveal it The more I've worked with this the more effective it's become and the greater my confidence in it has grown If peace rests on a decision, it is a POWERFUL indicator of His will It may not be the only "witness" you need, but it is one of the most powerful and faithful I'm aware of. done...hope He speaks something of value out of that
  8. Jostler

    The MOB...

    hahah....can you imagine what God will do in that season? It's not just obtaining the physical necessities...but you can't buy or sell your time either. You can't "buy" the time of an employee, nor sell your time to an employer. You won't have a 9:00 to 5:00 commitment demanding your time. Can you imagine waking up each morning with all your assigned tasks for the day coming straight from Heaven? A time when it's get close to God or die? How many of us will choose life in that day? I bet a bunch of us will and it will be GLORIOUS
  9. Jostler

    Why perfectionism is deadly

    My own experience of perfectionism looks much different than that description. But I can see that it may well describe *some* perfectionist's experience. Any belief that righteousness can be established by works is devastating to the life and walk of the one trapped in that lie. Perfectionism is a bad one for sure. Satan doesn't really care if he traps you on the "high side" of the truth or the "low side". As long as he can keep you from looking to Jesus. Some perfectionists experience the lie as deep depressions, deep senses of unworthiness and inadequacy....despair at KNOWING they can never achieve the perfection necessary to cause God to "approve" them. The root of the problem is believing "self" can save you if you can *just* be "good" enough. Love knows no self. As long as we believe it is our works that make us significant to Him, no matter what the root of that lie is, we're doomed to a life of striving and failure and have not entered His "rest".
  10. Jostler

    Mark of the beast

    That's a very interesting take on that passage I have never been exposed to til now. I have some "logical" objections but nothing in the way of Biblical objections springs to mind immediately. If your interpretation here is correct, then that would make it seem the devil himself is somehow the restrainer, and he is restraining (by secrecy?) his own beast's revealing until what he believes is the proper, opportune time. Is what I just described an accurate reflection of what you were trying to convey? Edit to add: Try to keep an open mind about the Michael angle. I didn't link to the video I mentioned above because I want to discuss it with its creator...believing I may have some missing pieces. The video is posted in a public place so I guess I wouldn't be violating any confidence in posting it, but he *might* want to modify it slightly if it turns out i really do see something there he's overlooked. He's done some solid work so far IMO and he strikes me as the type that is married to the truth ...not to any specific doctrine or interpretation so I'm pretty confident we can discuss and benefit from discussion and perhaps both come away with a better understanding of the Word. I lean heavily on Paul's assertion that we "know in part" and "prophesy" in part for my understanding of how God works to reveal truth. I EXPECT Him to use others to fill in gaps in my "knowing" and I expect to have gaps believing He does not choose to give any one servant the whole story. He's a God of relationships and does not want ANY of us to be completely self sufficient "island" ...but a Body, one in Him.
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    i tried to make a joke there but it's actually a pretty serious question. AI is getting sophisticated enough now to pass little security puzzles and figure out complex sign-up routines. If it hasn't happened already, it will eventually and when it does it's likely that we won't be able to tell apart from the revelation of the Spirit. The Turing Test fell a long time ago.
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    of course, no self-respecting AI would *ever* call itself TomatoHorse. Yer human alright And welcome
  13. Jostler

    Mark of the beast

    Read Daniel again It wasn't Michael who was held up for three weeks. Michael was sent to help the angel that was being thwarted in his mission...it appears that when Michael showed up the battle was over But the angel speaking to Daniel is a different being than Michael...I don't think we've been given his name. Some speculate it was Gabriel but I'm not aware of any place that's confirmed. In any case, that doesn't really affect the point you're trying to make. There is no doubt Michael has a special relationship to and authority in behalf of Israel. But none of that indicates his role is LIMITED to that. Can we directly tie his activity in Rev 12 exclusively to Israel? We cannot. And in fact is seems pretty obvious that "war in heaven" which involves MANY angels who seem to be under Michael's command...and who himself must obviously be under the command of the Commander of Hosts...Jesus, has human warriors involved in it in some fashion. AFAIK, Michael can be involved in anything and everything his Commander desires him to be. If Michael and his angels can overcome the devil himself, and kick him out of the heaven he now occupies, doesn't that give rise to a question about your statement that only the Holy Spirit can possibly "restrain" the Beast? Obviously Michael and his cohort will be empowered to withstand satan himself. The beast is a minion I feel safe assuming is of lesser power and authority than satan himself so on what basis do we assume Michael cannot handle the job of "restrainer"? As to your assertion that Michael is a special guardian of Israel (and it's clear he is) but, is he limited to that? The second paragraph implies there's more to his appointed tasks. My best understanding is that this battle involves both angels AND men. Angels have no need of the Blood...men do. So who is somehow fighting with Michael and his angels to accomplish this overthrow of the dragon's lair? Given the point in time in question, I assume this is born again believers both Israelite and Gentile. Who we already know He has made one in Him anyway. And another question. If Michael has a special job of protecting Abraham's offspring why do we limit that to Abraham's natural seed when we see that it is we, including all who have been born again, who are Abraham's spiritual seed? Grafted into the one olive tree.... Isn't it possible Michael is specially commissioned to protect ALL Israel? Both natural and spiritual? There is a lot here It may not be as cut and dried as you currently believe.
  14. Jostler

    Mark of the beast

    I see that you believe that. Can you give me something other than your assertions alone to verify it? Is it in the Word with the same certainly you expressed it in your own words?
  15. Jostler

    Mark of the beast

    Since my arrival here at Worthy not too long ago, He's done this to (for) me quite a few times. Over and over I've seen posts from saints who have very obviously been being led into the very same revelations I have been. He's using them to confirm things I believe He's shown me, and perhaps the other way around as well. I have met a new friend here who has made a video presentation of some VERY interesting and compelling points ...directly from the Word...with great respect and care for faithful treatment of the Word...that have been drawing Biblically sound connections between Michael the archangel and this passage about this mysterious "restrainer" I'm not fully ready to embrace the idea that Michael IS the restrainer but my brother's careful study has confirmed my suspicion that this was a direction God wanted my own studies to focus on. I'm not going to say who the brother is, he is well known and his love for God and His Word obvious from what he writes. But I suspect he may have already been used to reveal some things to and may well be used to publish them We shall see A sort of corollary revelation I've noticed is that it seems MANY people here, have been given bits and pieces of what I'm beginning to think of as His "end times" message. I'm feeding luxuriously from His hand THROUGH their posts. Receiving both fresh insight and many, many confirmations of what I have already heard from Him myself. Bless you and thank you for sharing. This post of yours is an example. It's apparently not God's way to reveal the whole of His plan and revelation to any one individual. But! COLLECTIVELY, He DOES reveal ALL of His plans to His servants BEFORE He executes them.. Many are knowingly or not, receiving their "in part" and beginning to publish what they have been given ...right here on this forum. I have no doubt it's happening in other venues as well. I see some posts and I see this: hhhahha....that Holy FIRE in their bones demanding release because it is time Hide and watch. I'll BET you He is moving with focus and power to bring to His people, corrections in understanding, fresh revelation of old passages and all the other tools we need to participate with Him in His works, His great, unprecedented works reserved for the end of the age. And we all get to play a role