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  1. Sister I don't believe you will, but I am praying too. Try to remember billions of women have gone through this process, and once that child is gazing into your face, the pain will recede from memory quickly. I pray He will grant you a very speedy labor. He has overcome the curse for us at the cross after all. Believe it I will be sure to remain alert to any calls to prayer on your behalf. This child has a destiny in Him, and so do you. He will ensure you are capable of guiding that child according to His plan, and you can be sure He will guide you according to yours. He has made Himself responsible for provision for both of you. You have achieved a lot in doing your part to prepare as well. This will end in great joy
  2. I think that is exactly what, and who, He is. Apart from Him, we can't "see" a thing Or be in right relationship with it.
  3. We're going to be like Him when we see Him, and we will have physical (perfected) physical bodies, like He does. He didn't go through all it took to become human, suffer on the cross in a physical body, redeem the fallen flesh we inherited from Adam, only to resume exclusively spiritual form He CHOSE to identify with flesh, because it is from that form He will rule and reign as King over this dimension, for eternity. He is now a "dual realm" person, just as we will be (some anyway ) able to interact with equal facility in both spiritual and physical realms. There will be a new heavens and a new earth, and "earth", this whole cosmos will be just as three-dimensional and physical as it is now. Just without the effects of the fall hampering it.
  4. I am convinced you are hearing from the Lord, perhaps even more than you are aware of. One "revelation" I am still working through the implications of is the fact that Truth, in it's fullness, is a Person. And that fact, makes truth and relationship inseparable. There are "echos" of understanding that begin to fall into place once we realize He (Jesus) IS Truth. It is He who "sets us free" to be all He originally designed us to be. Try reading this passage VERY literally and I'd encourage you to make a simple assumption. CHOOSE to believe that Jesus really is Who He claims to be and that the Bible is an honest and accurate witness of what His claims are. Then take this passage to Him, and simply ask Him to demonstrate it in your sight: Let me point out a couple of interesting things I noticed when I first took up the process I am suggesting to you now. Jesus had a way of leaving little "nuggets" of revelation in His statements, hidden until He reveals them, and we have "eyes to see" what He tucked away :). As we grow our "eyes" improve, we can see more, and more clearly. I noticed that in the original Greek that is translated "I AM", we find the EXACT words that would be translated into Greek, from Hebrew, that God used when Moses asked to know His Name. "Ego eimi" in Greek is "I AM" in Hebrew. Jesus is not guilty of the accusations you have (rightly) laid at the feet of His disciples (me and others). He RARELY said plainly Who He was, in effect FORCING His "belief" on others. But He did leave a clear witness of Who He was that could be "taken up" by someone who seeks a RELATIONSHIP with Him. In that simple passage, "I AM the way, the TRUTH, and the life, and no man comes to the Father but by Me", he clearly made the claim "I AM.....God". But in an interestingly hidden fashion :). There are unfathomable numbers of those kinds of little revelations hidden in His Word. But, something (I believe Someone ) has already led you to understand there is a relationship BETWEEN relationship and Truth . I think your "search" will take on a different and less frustrating "tone" if you can avoid looking to people for satisfaction of your need for relationship. I do NOT mean to minimize the importance of relationship with other human beings. We were designed to NEED relationships with other people. But, people, as flawed as we still are (even after the new birth) simply CANNOT fulfill the total need for relationship. He can. Once we have begun the journey toward intimacy of relationship with Him, then relationships with people can be seen from a perspective of being (literally) IN HIM, our sense of who we are and our worth is found IN HIM and we no longer need people to "be" what WE need them to be. We can recognize others as flawed human beings in need of a Saviour, just like we are, and walk with forgiveness and understanding when they "wound" us, as we often wound others. We can begin to learn to walk with others in love, which begins to let HIS healing flow to them, through us. I have no idea if all this will be truly meaningful to you at this point. But let me say your grief at being mistreated cut me to the quick. I am guilty of all you claimed to have experienced at the hands of those you sought out for relationship. I pray you will forgive me. I used to be even worse about withdrawing into "defensive mode" when asked tough questions than I am now. In Him i hope to be even less prone to it tomorrow. All I can say is your accusation (in my case) landed right where it belonged. I am guilty. That recognition has caused me to recommit to listening better, trying to hear what people are really SAYING, and not what my prejudicial filters cause me to "hear". I am sure I still won't do that perfectly. But I'm willing to earnestly promise to try harder, be more aware. lots more I'd like to say, but this is too long already i have a suspicion we have an unwillingness to accept superficial answers in common. I think I can see that quality in the ways you present yourself. I got a rant on that topic too ....lol...but I'll wait and see if you're interested first. I am learning the use of patience to help mitigate passion :)....slowly
  5. so...that makes me curious :) Why present yourself on a Christian website knowing we have a tendency toward being evangelistic? :)
  6. perhaps not required in the sense that anyone can force you to believe anything in particular But ultimately, survival depends on discerning and CHOOSING to believe the truth.
  7. and not only that. watching God wrest what satan intends to be his weapons of war out of his grasp is one thing, but survivors will ALSO be some of the Lord's most effective warriors and harvesters this world has ever seen.....they will be fearless, having great love for the King who set them free..... Flawless We're not afraid....
  8. well one thing survivors learn fast is to trust Jesus over anyone. if a christian has a demon problem He will NOT fail to let them know. The clueless ones will eventually answer to Him for their folly. By "clueless' ones I mean the ones that don't know the difference between demons and doorknobs....
  9. extremely hurtful. DID is a God designed survival mechanism. The "cult" has done much to associate it with insanity.....schizophrenia and the like. And christians buy it because of several reasons. Most do not understand spirit, soul and body, the differences/roles each plays in our overall existence or the way salvation affects each. And many are so spiritually unaware they react to anything they don't understand as if it were demonic. suspicion is no replacement for discerning of spirits. If you ever spend any time at all with people who are DID, and who know Jesus, you will find they are very intelligent, rational and far from insane. And they are NOT demon possessed. It takes an unusually high level of native intelligence to respond to severe trauma by "splitting".....those that cannot do it simply die, and many have. DID is how enough free will is preserved to enable a person to choose to believe in Jesus. When a "portion" of a person's soul is taken "captive", that split, or alternate personality has been fed a belief system that is incapable of discerning the truth without outside input. They are "enslaved" and bought and sold like chattel. It took me a while to realize just how LITERAL this verse is:
  10. I tend to believe all who survive the tribulation to enter the millennial reign will be born again believers, but i don't want to be too dogmatic about that either. Based on this verse I believe it's likely true though.
  11. the "rabbit hole" is reality. Not the world as most christians see it. Getting familiar with it, is fundamental to discerning the times, and understanding our role in it.
  12. you are way behind on the technological advances and their effects of strategic nuclear thinking. There is a very influential bunch of hawks that have been undermining MAD for twenty years now and fully believe a nuclear war is winnable. And 'we', the United States are where they live and purvey their insanity.
  13. I think it's VERY literal, and goes far beyond literal. It's both IMO. If we think about an "image" very literally the first thing that becomes obvious to me is that the "image" is NOT the reality. Putting it personally, if I had a photo of you standing in front of your house, arm upraised, beckoning to me, with a big smile on your face.....inviting me to come find you and fellowship with you...i have an image of you and I can glean a LOT of detailed information about you from the image. But the image is NOT you! You are a flesh and blood person, not a piece of paper with light sensitive chemicals on it, and only a few millimeters thick And you're not a 4X6 inch square thing either. Yet i could probably take the known height of steps, how houses are built and compare you to the house and get a very close idea of how tall you are. I could guess your weight within a few pounds. I'd know the color of your hair and eyes. If I knew what city you live in I could note the house number and find the house you live in. I might even be able to tell about where you live from the surrounding terrain and vegetation in the "image". Point is I could learn a lot about you, and accurately so, but you're not the image I might respond to that beckoning invitation and earnestly desire to take you up on it. And go and try to find you. I think we can see that Father, every time He is described in the Word, presents an appearance like ours. Two arms, two legs, hair, two eyes....bicameral construction. So I think the "image" in flesh, imaging what He is in the spirit realm, is very literal. But, i do not think we as individuals are the highest, most complete image of God in three dimensions. Before time began, before anything that has been created ever WAS created, God was a family. Father, Son and Spirit self-existant in a delightful dance of relationship. Delighting in one another, preferring each other over "self". I believe the highest expression of the image (and likeness....those are not synonymous), is the human family. Us TOGETHER, with father representing the attributes and characteristics (and roles) of God the Father. Protector, provider and seat of authority. Mother is representative of the Spirit, the one who completes, the comforter, the one who pulls along side and is the POWER of God. And children are representative of Jesus, obedient to Father and Mother. Please do not hear me saying God is female. But we cannot ignore the fact that He chose to REPRESENT part of who He is in feminine form, in the IMAGE. An image is a representation OF reality......so we're not God, but by His choice, we're sure a lot like Him.
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