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  1. i thought I was....lol I might have been dreaming
  2. the prayers of the saints?
  3. wow...what a blessing to be shown the harvest that resulted from a seed He used you to sow. welcome
  4. i think a good question to ask is "Can a gift be earned?" It can't. If it's been earned, it is an obligation being fulfilled and not a gift at all. It's "wages" EARNED...and injustice enters the picture if that obligation is not fulfilled. If the gift cannot be earned and remain a gift, what in the world can we possibly do to keep it but simply accept it? If the giver comes along and says "Now that I gave you that gift, you have to do thus and so for Me or I'll take My gift back." He would be a MANIPULATOR ... and a liar for calling it a gift in the first place.
  5. I think His main point was we were all condemned already. That must have been an astonishing statement to those used to judging their own righteousness by their keeping of the Law. To have to consider something so "minor" in our own minds, which almost everyone must have done at some point, was enough to convict us as lawbreakers must have been challenging :). We know now that the Law, as perfect, good and right as it is, was given BECAUSE being born in sin, NO "son of Adam" could be called "righteous" based on keeping the Law. The Law was given as a "child trainer"....to lead us by the hand to KNOWING we needed Him. And the only way we could ever be "righteous" is by Him giving us HIS righteousness. He was speaking into a culture, led by "religious" men who had missed the point and been teaching righteousness was in keeping the Law. There is only ONE who was declared righteous by keeping the Law. And that sinless one, Jesus Christ, then paid the debt of death OUR sin and iniquity deserved and earned the legal right to cover any who would come to Him with His own righteousness. The first Adam failed the test....the last Adam retook the test and passed it.
  6. ONE salvation TWO deaths THREE progressive manifestations of the fullness of that one salvation let context reveal the connections between each of those interrelated truths and a whole lot of stuff gets easier to comprehend
  7. no He never said that. He said if you have called someone "stupid" you're a lawbreaker....and need a Saviour.
  8. There is a day coming when all who are His will not only survive by faith, but thrive in the midst of the most difficult times mankind has ever seen. If He can take care of adults through that time, He will have no trouble providing for an infant too I think the key question (and always has been a key question) is "Am I hearing Him and being trained to instant obedience to Who I'm hearing?" If the answer is "yes'' then He is fully capable of inserting a new little helpless life into the times, and fully confident in His power to take care of, nurture and protect it. Go as led sis...He is faithful. There will be big changes and many trials to pass through on our way to the end of this age and the appearance of the King. Many will not be here when He arrives. But some will be...and they will continue on into the Kingdom age and repopulate it. The little one your heart desires may well be a big part of that.
  9. Sam we are the church and you can bet He'll be faithful to make sure you come in contact with the other "members" of His corporate Body He appointed for you to be in closest fellowship with...forming a "joint" out of which He can supply love which will cause the "whole" to grow into maturity. It's time....your place in it was secured for you, held in your name by Him, His love and His plan for you long before any of us were born. And with a love that already knew every mistake we'd make, every sin we'd ever commit...both those in our past and those we inevitably will make in the future...and knowing all that He still held that place open for us....and counted us worth the cost....and having us cost us all He had. You're not returning to anything You're just "waking up" to what He has already made you to become. He will be faithful to finish what He has begun in you. And the rest of us will benefit from what He will do through you and the other members He aligns you with and joins you to. I bless you in His name and rejoice to see Him bringing all the gifts He placed in you for our sake...for our growth...finding their place in Him Welcome Or maybe i should say "Welcome home"
  10. i think if more were aware of just how corrupted and co-opted our whole medical system (and regulatory bodies) really are they might be less willing to take drugs just because a doctor prescribed them too. I'm keenly aware of the Bible's close correlation of mind/mood altering substance use and sorcery. And you can bet that IS the point of some of the drugs passed out like candy, with significant side effects. there will come a day when people who choose Jesus will not have access to the medical system at all. some of us are preparing for that day. someone who will let that system pump them up with chemo treatments but feel like CBD oil is evil is demonstrating an extreme level of ignorance of both. Some real personal investigation is warranted and a much healthier skepticism of "expert" advice is likely to result. I wonder how many know our "system" gives doctors financial incentives to prescribe drugs? Study Links Drug Maker Gifts for Doctors to More Overdose Deaths Opioids are just one of many...
  11. do you realize the Bible talks about two very different kinds of death?
  12. milk production is a whole different kettle of fish than meat processing. if you're selling milk for production of curdled products....well any use really... a producer would be out of business real fast if they didn't deliver clean milk ready to be inoculated by the RIGHT bacteria Dairy farmers have a very strong incentive to guard milk parlor sanitation with their very life with or without inspections. and that means some care and concern for sanitation before your girls ever march into the milking stations. Meat packing is a totally different world....and much uglier given the drive toward speed and lowest possible cost sanitation practices Home slaughter and processing doesn't scale and a good full body shampoo isn't possible unless the steer is halter broke and used to human handling...even if the time and labor costs didn't prevent it....it would sure make an exciting show to try to scrub down a commercially raised steer that had never been handled like that before might be able to sell tickets to that show and recoup some of the cost....if you could find people brave and foolish enough to accept the job And yeah...the halter broke ones are not at all fun to put in the freezer....you might have to shed a tear for the steaks...it is a lot like slaughtering a pet....they do have more personality than many might think and you do get attached to them. My last project was a Brown Swiss but I ended up selling her at a show before she dropped her first calf. I swore if I ever saw a woman with big brown eyes like that heifer had I was sunk for life. And I did leak a little while the buyer was loading her in his trailer.....she used to play with me like a dog would. I grew up near Dallas but had a very blessed experience of both suburban and farm life between FFA and relatives that farmed and raised cattle in NW Oklahoma i got to work for during summers growing up.
  13. unfortunately it is established practice, not only with chicken but all meat processing. carcasses are sprayed with a chlorine solution to reduce bacterial populations due to the inherently unsanitary conditions that arise with industrial slaughtering and processing as practiced (and enshrined/approved in the regulatory guidelines) I'd be MUCH more confident in the sanitation I could provide field dressing a cow hung from a tree ...outdoors...i wont go into details....but the inside of a US abattoir is disgusting. at home I always gave them a full shampoo bath the day before and i do mean a scrubbing....hooves picked clean and then overnighted on a completely cleaned stall with fresh sawdust and straw to keep them clean til it was time. and they'd already been fasting a day when they hit the stall so any "additions" they made to their clean stall during the night were liquid....not solid. 48 hrs of fasting prior to slaughter makes it a lot easier to handle the process with out risk of tainting the meat with fecal matter from the intestines. probably TMI...but "industrial" meat production is pretty horrific from start to finish here.
  14. Jostler


    that's the plan... https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2019/05/07/2019-09276/codex-alimentarius-commission-meeting-of-the-codex-alimentarius-commission https://www.usda.gov/codex anyone that reads that and doesn't get mad hasn't understood what they read....and it's global...not just the US.
  15. Jostler


    Many are familiar with the Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 documents. A less familiar UN production is the Codex Ailimentarius.....it's one of the scariest documents I've ever read. It's being implemented right under our noses...and without our having any sayso in the matter at all. It's a global "food code" which they tried to get the FDA to implement using it's regulatory powers ...bypassing the legislative branch altogether. That failed so they decided to use the FTC and get "us" (the nation) obligated to comply with it through GATT and other trade agreements. The quote below is an excerpt from this link: http://www.natural-health-information-centre.com/codex-alimentarius.html And that article is very narrowly focused on the very real and IMO quite serious "dietary supplements and vitamins" area while that's only a very thin slice of the ultimate control of food they intend to gain through the Codex. Its far, far worse than that article can convey. You won't have to dig very deep to find the Codex itself and read it for yourself....and dig deep enough and you'll find quite a body of critics to read as well.
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