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  1. My mom's cat

    My mom got a new cat a few weeks ago from the SPCA just after how other cat died. This is a big fat silver striped 8 year old tabby named Rosie and I tell ya what a big total suckup. Her fave activities besides throwing her ball and catnip toys all over the place, is lying on people's laps and showering you with hard head bumps. Her meows are very expressive too, you can practically hear what she is thinking. Call her name and when she responds you can clearly tell she is saying WHAT DO YOU WANT???? Ask her what she is doing she answers with a soft dreamy meow like she is saying "not much, just chillin'". She will sometimes meow with a shake of her head like she is saying DONT BUG ME!! or FEED ME NOW!!!! Or GIVE ME SOME LOVIN'!!!! She is very fastidious too when it comes to using her litter. She will scratch her little very gently, and its like she is consciously trying not to make too much of a mess like cats usually do and she will clean her paws off by scraping them on the edge of her box. Totally love her
  2. King James Version Bible vs. Modern English Bibles 2

    Umm yeah it is. You are in error
  3. King James Version Bible vs. Modern English Bibles 2

    Sorry I was talking about the texts in the original languages, naturally we dont have the actual ORIGINAL 1st century Gospel/Epistle texts. And of course we no longer possess the OT texts penned by the hand of the original authors . But the KJV uses the best of what we do have that is what I was saying.
  4. Six questions

    1) Do angels appear in dreams? Its not unheard of for God/angels to communicate in some way through dreams, but where you have bibles and churches within easy reach God prefers to speak to people through them. 2) If you are talking about those lying fools on TV like Benny hinn or whomever then no, I guarantee they are all frauds. And you dont have to go to a so called "faith healer" actually, you just ask God yourself. But God does hear prayers for healing, and can heal miraculously where medical intervention is ineffective when it be His will (and for reasons known only to Him it isnt always his will) or God will lead you to a good doctor. 3) The bible does mention ghosts only in the sense that the apostles seeing Jesus walking on water at first thought it was a spirit of some sorts. But there are no ghosts in the way people understand them. No spirits of dead loved ones or whatever. They are all demons. 4. NO. Stigmata, something only experienced by Catholics are a demonic attack, not a "gift of God" as they wrongly believe. 5? No, save for a passing mention of the graveclothes being left behind in John 20:6-7 6. NO. God does not ever send the dead to speak to the living. Mary apparitions are all demons. Apparitions of any saints are all demons. There are only two exceptions to this, ONE where God allows the Witch of Endor to raise Samuel, TWO, the Transfiguration on the Mount where the apostles saw Jesus speaking to Moses and Elijah and even then the apostles were put to sleep so they could not speak to them and were allowed only a brief glimpse of them before they disappeared.
  5. King James Version Bible vs. Modern English Bibles 2

    But what we are saying here is not that the KJV is the best bible in existence, even better than the original Greek/Hebrew/Syrian texts, which are of course far superior being closer to the Source than any English bible, but that the KJV uses the best of the originals and is more accurately translated than other English version.
  6. King James Version Bible vs. Modern English Bibles

    Excuse me but my info about Westcott and Hort did not come from an SDA. They have actually admitted to the truth themselves and stated how much they hated the Textus Receptus even without reading it. http://bibleready.org/Westcott_and_Hort.html
  7. King James Version Bible vs. Modern English Bibles

    Sorry but its the truth that many of them ARE corrupted due to Satanic activity. Its known, for example, that the JW "bible" was written with the inspiration of an occultist. The NIV bible is based largely on corrupt Westcott/Hort texts and these two men themselves were known occultists
  8. King James Version Bible vs. Modern English Bibles

    Happens all the time, as I explained above. There are plenty of modern translations which do their best to shoot God's message all to hell
  9. King James Version Bible vs. Modern English Bibles

    But we are speaking only of the English translations at the moment. There are plenty good translations in other languages written with the same accuracy as the KJV and there are translators out there who do their best to write foreign translations with the same style and truthfulness as the KJV.
  10. King James Version Bible vs. Modern English Bibles

    You really cant say that as only God is perfect. Not man. Man will always make mistakes and God allows them in all translations, the KJV included, to show only God alone is flawless and perfect. The only thing that matters with Him is that these 'errors' do nothing to change the message. Some bibles are better than others, and some do change the Word of God most dreadfully, like the Message bible and the JWs New World bible. Such bibles should most definitely be avoided. I stand by the KJV and it is the only one I will ever read because it makes the fewest errors. I call into play one example that comes to mind, As anyone knows the KJV makes mention of unicorns. Now keeping in mind that likely very few people in 16-17th Century Western Europe had ever seen a Rhinoceros, so the error is understandable but its still an error regardless. There are also a few mentions of girls wearing EARRINGS in the bible that later commentators have said were probably actually NOSE rings.
  11. King James Version Bible vs. Modern English Bibles

    If this was not God's will then God would never have allowed it to happen. so that is not for you to judge. The KJV WAS God's will. And it was also God's will that the KJV became the most widely read english translation and has been since it first started taking hold around the mid 1600s
  12. King James Version Bible vs. Modern English Bibles

    I am a KJV only person myself. Now no English translation is perfect and the KJV makes mistakes occasionally too but the KJV is the only one out there that doesnt dilute or outright remove scripture from the bible. Or cast doubt about the nature of the divinity of Christ. Havent you all noticed how some other bibles, especially the NIV bible, often have these annoying little footnotes saying "The most ancient and reliable texts do not contain such and such a verse", mostly with regards to Jesus' divine nature? What a great way for Satan to inspire doubt in people about the veracity of Scripture. And then you do some real reading about what the translators considered the most ancient and reliable and then you find out that they are NEITHER
  13. Get Ready For A World Currency.

    Bitcoin Eleutherium, Lightcoin....sound familiar? These are yet one more step to that ultimate cashless society leading to the Mark of the Beast which will be attached to some sort of credit system (maybe bitcoin will be it, who knows)
  14. The Sabbath ???

    What would these beliefs be though? Do be careful here that you arent being led astray.