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  1. Guys lets play nice here ok
  2. Oh yeah forgot about that one. The KJV didnt let us down though it means the same thing as what you quoted from other bibles.
  3. Your response was rude. And it is not guesswork it is FACT. Even though the word a/c is not really mentioned as applies to a particular person, (whoops someone corrected me on that it is mentioned once ) the person is still mentioned in many places in the bible. He can be described in different ways not just with one word. Just like "Trinity" and "Rapture"
  4. Good post. I like it. Good points
  5. I agree totally, as a woman, and a non-feminist. A wive's opinions should be treated as important and a husband should always listen to his wife but in the end the final decision must come down to him.
  6. This is scary....there is very good though granted not 100% conclusive, evidence that actual tactical nukes have been used within the past 4 years in Ukraine, Syria and Yemen. Now again they arent fully conclusive, and I am not sure I agree with all of them but the analysis I have read is that at least some do show the characteristics of a nuke blast as opposed to conventional. The one in Yemen for example is believed to be a tactical bunker buster neutron bomb. Check these Youtube vids out
  7. That too. But some prophecies can have a dual nature to them. This too could have a certain spiritual element
  8. He seems to believe that the face napkin was covering His face when it wasnt. It would have been the burial shroud. The napkin was merely used (as it was used up to 100 years or so ago) to keep the mouth shut (before morticians got the idea to sew it shut). I myself believe the shroud is genuine.
  9. He sounds like a Oneness guy
  10. Good points. Though the iron mixed with clay bit has often been seen as demons mixing with men
  11. No not at all. But Jesus didnt become omnipresent while He was here on earth. Or when He died. It was only after His rising into heaven (and before He came to earth) that He was omnipresent. That doesnt take away from His divinity in any way when He was made a little lower than the angels.
  12. Yes God allows Satan to work havoc to test men. And yes Satan always needs God's permission.
  13. Yes Jesus is fully man and fully God. No, God did not die when Jesus did but His body died. The Son remained alive to go to Sheol to release the righteous. He didnt go to heaven right away. When He was on earth He was not in heaven. When He spent 3 days in the grave He wasnt in heaven because He had to go to Sheol first. Even when He rose again He didnt go to heaven right away and wasnt in heaven while at the same time spending 40 days on earth.
  14. You gotta remember one thing though. Trump is not a Christian so you cant necessarily expect him to know any better
  15. Three persons, not separate, which suggests separate minds and agendas but still distinct, united as a family.God is not one in body