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  1. Never renounce any opportunity to witness the truth to them however.
  2. Faith and doctrine must needs go together. You can have faith but if you dont believe correct doctrine that means nothing
  3. I think this is worth reading because sharia Law is making more and more inroads every year into Canada, the US and Western Europe. This site gives a good overview of the basics. WARNING, there is an image of a amputated hand
  4. You visited here? When?
  5. I live in Halifax Nova Scotia. Well, not quite, I live just across the harbour in Dartmouth but the whole region is known as Halifax Regional Municipality
  6. Perhaps but the problem there is the passage is not specific
  7. I dont see why these people just dont 'get' that they cant change the way God made them no matter what kind of work they have done on the outside. You were born a girl or boy, then that's it, you are a girl or boy. Deal with that. Unless "close enough" is good enough for them they are just living a LIE.
  8. I once read of a 40-something man who identifies as a 5 or 6 year old girl (and he is serious); and he managed to con some elderly couple into adopting him.
  9. North Korea is all bluff and bluster. they say supposedly they have several warheads, maybe as many as 20 but no reliable means of delivering them. I also could find no mention whatever of North Korea in the bible. Of course that doesnt have to mean anything but I myself think they are not the country to watch per se; only the ramifications from China and Russia should the US attack.
  10. Luke 21:9 But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by
  11. Go to Elle's Bistro right here in our city they serve the most amazing jalapeno-blue cheese burgers
  12. I am surprised that didnt catch fire, with the pizza stuff dropping on the element
  13. They always say to put a pizza directly on the rack and I never do it; I always prefer to use the pizza pan. you see why
  14. I have heard of those stories of elongated skulls. That alone I think is proof of demons being on this earth as the native South Americans bound the foreheads of their babies to reshape the skulls to make them look like their "gods"
  15. Few people I think ever really are pure and perfect in doctrine as our learning is forever a work in process as long as we remain in this sinful flesh