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  1. pope tells boy his atheist dad is in heaven

    I have sometimes thought that though it is wrong to lie, telling the truth to someone who doesnt know the real truth and is hurting enough only causes more harm that good. It can be unnecessarily tactless even when well meant. Like last fall when my dad died, my mom who goes to church but I dont believe she is truly saved because she seems willing to go along with what others were telling her that my (unsaved) dad was a 'good' man so yeah he is in heaven. What do you tell a person at such a time? Sometimes I have thought its better to let them think what they like and when they are stronger, learn the real truth for themselves or gently bring it up with them when they are ready
  2. To OneGodBeliever- the list you gave me

    There are stories, though I dont know how reliable they are, of Thomas making it to India, and there is evidence that there are remnants of a few churches that may date back to nearly this time
  3. To OneGodBeliever- the list you gave me

    Christianity's history doesnt betray itself. Just because men's limited minds had difficulty grasping the concept of the Trinity doesnt mean that it doesnt exist. The Trinity is THREE persons united as one like a fmaily. 1x1x1=1. True Christians do not worship saints either, that is Roman Catholic (not a true Christian church) tradition which they adopted out of paganism. Yes the bible does contain bronze age history. The bible does not draw from that history, That history CONFIRMS the bible. Archaeology also confirms the bible. Listen, OneGod, GOD brought you here. Why? for you to convince us that Islam is true? If you truly believe that then you should leave because you will not succeed; because we know the REAL truth. That Jesus is God the Son come in the flesh for sinful men . And you will never convince us that Islam is anything but a lie. Why did God really bring you here? Not for the reason you believe. But He wants you to learn the real truth. He wants you to be saved. What hope of salvation do you have in Islam who preaches a false Jesus?
  4. To OneGodBeliever- the list you gave me

    That silly documentary is completely ignorant of history, claiming that the 4th century Roman empire created the NT forgetting the fact that the NT goes back to the beginning. And we have physical proof of that in fragments of the gospels that date to the first/early 2nd centuries.
  5. To OneGodBeliever- the list you gave me

    But what we are telling you, and I keep telling you this is NOT our opinions, it is in the bible. I noticed too that you yet still have to answer to my charge that the Koran is corrupted when I pointed out to you the example (only one out of many) of how Mary, mother of Jesus is said in the Koran to be daughter of 'Imran/Amram when Muhammad confused her with Miriam, sister of Moses, daughter of 'Imran/Amram and Jochabel. Mary, mother of Jesus was the daughter of Heli
  6. Wife mentally abusing me.

    Yes I do know who it points to but God never meant for man to live in continual strife with an unbelieving wife who clearly is NOT happy with him. 1 Cor 7:12 is speaking of a wife who loves and respects her hubby.
  7. Corruption of the Bible

    The eternal God has no beginning. He has always existed. What did He do before Creation? We do not know. It is something not meant for us to know this side of heaven for whatever reason though when we are with Him we shall know. There is no beginning and no ending with God. And no "next beginning". When you talk about an eternal cycle or eternal circle, that is something that comes out of hinduism, not of the bible.
  8. To OneGodBeliever- the list you gave me

    Really...even though the Quran was written 600+ years after Jesus? would you believe something so incredibly out of date rather than reading contemporary scriptures about Him? http://www.answering-islam.org/Shamoun/aboutbible.htm The last part of it says We must also point out that the idea of the Bible being corrupt was first promoted by Ibn Khazem (d. 1064 A.D.) as a means of avoiding the obvious contradictions between the Bible and the Quran. Believing that the Quran could not possibly have been corrupted, he then assumed that it was the Bible that underwent textual modifications. This, he felt, must have been the case (cf. Gerhard Nehls, Dear Abdallah, Letter 2). Read the whole site too
  9. To OneGodBeliever- the list you gave me

    Peace. Its frustrating to talk to someone who cant see the truth even if he fell over it but that isnt going to help. Have patience and pray
  10. To OneGodBeliever- the list you gave me

    You are sounding a lot like me before Jesus saved me. All the proof in the world will not ever convince people like you. You could have shown me Jesus face to face and I would have blown him off as an alien from Star Trek or something. Look it up yourself its easy enough. If you arent afraid of the truth do your own homework
  11. To OneGodBeliever- the list you gave me

    The Old Testament in Isaiah and elsewhere speaks of Jesus being God's Son. Abraham saw Jesus Christ in Genesis 18. The earliest Christians believed in God the Son. The Roman spoke of Him as "a" god John 8:24 | View whole chapter | See verse in context I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins. The word HE here is supplied for clarity but unnecessarily. As the originals were meant to be read exactly as is, If yet believe not that I AM, (meaning He is caling himself God as that is God's name) ye shall die in your sins. If you deny that Jesus is God you shall die in your sins. I have said it before, Muslims deny God could have a son because they mistakenly believe that Christians believe in the Greek myths of God coming down in the flesh and having sex with women. We dont believe in any such silliness. John 8:56-58 56 Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad. 57 Then said the Jews unto him, Thou art not yet fifty years old, and hast thou seen Abraham? 58 Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.
  12. To OneGodBeliever- the list you gave me

    You are doing it yet again. Ignoring clear problems when they are right in front of you. None of it is hearsay
  13. To OneGodBeliever- the list you gave me

    Pagan religions stole from the one true source, especially as Noah's and Abraham descendants spread all over the earth, taking biblical prophecy with them. In response to another quote of yours, God DOES have a Son. He said it, we didnt. He has had a son since before the beginning of the universe.
  14. To OneGodBeliever- the list you gave me

    I wasnt speaking of Christians, do pay attention please. I reread the post you were responding to and I dont know where you are getting that from
  15. Modern fashion for women is frustrating

    One thing I am annoyed about is that its getting harder all the time to find T shirts with high necklines. They are nearly always too wide/too low so its hard to hide the 'girls' or the brastraps. Getting nearly impossible to find long dresses and skirts as well. I find the summer clothes sold at places like WalMart tend to be geared towards 18 year old tarts.