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  1. I have shown you the facts and you still wont see. You are just like me when I used to be a non believer; I often like to say that you could have shown me Jesus Christ face to face and I would still have blown him off as an alien from Star Trek or something. You cant just go ahead and assume all evangelical websites are all liars. You cant just assume Hyslop is a liar. Nothing of the Catholic church has any biblical origins but was all adopted from paganism
  2. Of course no CATHOLIC sites will give you the truth, that shouldnt be a surprise to anyone who knows the truth. There is a good reason why we all know ROME is spiritual Babylon, its because its a total mess of pagan practices! Come on man dont waste your time with Catholic websites they will never give you the truth. Evangelical websites are quoting historical facts, so, what you think they are just making this stuff up just for the hell of it
  3. You are getting your facts wrong again Ishtar is EASTER/Astarte. And Christmas IS PAGAN which has been proven by centuries of wisdom not to mention HISTORY And as long as you keep turning a blind eye to the facts about the true pagan origins of the Roman Catholic church you are doing a disservice to those we are trying to get OUT of that evil entity. And as for your foolish claim that Gregory never said anything about the Roman Catholic church meeting pagans halfway for goodness sake what kind of proof is good enough for you? I gotta go my library time is up
  4. Even the Rosary, I should have added, is pagan, originating thousands of years before Christ with Hinduism and Buddhism. Dont believe the Roman Catholic nonsense story that it originated with the Irish counting Psalms by dropping rocks into a pot. Though there may be some truth to that story that is NOT how the rosary started
  5. Christians in the first century did not celebrate pagan feast days (the love feasts mentioned in the bible were themselves rebuked by the apostles as so many people were being left out that they said its better to eat at home first) and since the title of Pontiff/whatever never originated with Judaism it is a pagan title. And the whole concept of an earthly head of a universal church is also not of Judeo/Christian origin. The true "Vicar" of Christ on earth is the Holy Spirit alone, never a man. And as for the Pope Gregory 1 meeting pagans halfway, incorporating pagan practices into the church, goodness man look it up! Why wont you do the work on your own when its plenty easy to find? http://www.christiandataresources.com/pagancatholicism.htm http://bibletruth.orgfree.com/articles/MeetPagans.pdf https://www.biblebelievers.com/babylon/sect33.htm http://www.goodnewsaboutgod.com/studies/holidays2.htm And as for your comment that the papal mitre itsnt a Dagon fish hat because it doesnt look 100% exactly like a Dagon hat that is pure nitpicking. It is a Dagon fish hat regardless or whether or not it has eyes and fish scales on it https://in5d.com/why-is-the-popes-mitre-shaped-like-a-fish/
  6. You really need to do some homework here for the Catholic Church worships Mary as a goddess and Easter/Astarte and Christmas ARE pagan. This stuff is very easy to find and they WERENT celebrated by early Christians
  7. Umm yeah it is of pagan origin, its easy enough to look up. There is no way that Christ was born in winter as the shepherds would not have been out in the field by night. December 25 is a pagan holiday that the Catholic church adopted to appease the pagans and to assuage the feelings of those "Christians" who wanted to take part in the celebrations without feeling guilty. I urge you again to read Alexander Hyslop's Two Babylons. Also.... http://www.hope-of-israel.org/cmas1.htm https://www.gotquestions.org/Christmas-origin.html https://www.simpletoremember.com/vitals/Christmas_TheRealStory.htm
  8. Well, remember what I told him in one of my lasts posts to him. I said God led you here, but not for the reasons he may think. If he thinks God led him here to convince us that Islam is the truth then he may as well leave because he will never convince us that Islam is anything but an evil lie. Sooooo, guess he chose to leave. He wasnt willing to listen to the other possibility I told him, that God led him here to learn the real truth
  9. I am sorry but Rome is the whore of Babylon. There are two Babylons, the literal one, surrounded by seven hills, and the spiritual one, Rome, also surrounded by seven hills. Mecca doesnt fit the bill because Islam is not a spiritual Babylon. There is no evidence that the RCC is pagan? Everything about it is pagan oriented, all its practices are. Even down to its worshipping of statues and goddess worship and its feast days (usually involving originally pagan characters), Easter/Christmas, priestly celibacy, their silly colored dresses.... the College of Cardinals......the POPE (pagan pontifex Maximus) who wears a Dagon fish hat....I could go on and on about how paganism has totally infiltrated her....And I know full well Catholic means universal but the RCC and its daughters are not the true universal church And as for pagan suppression, I think it was Pope Gregory "the Great" who preached the idea of meeting pagans halfway, by incorporating their pagan celebrations into the church rather than leading them totally out of their paganism
  10. I also recommend you read Two Babylons if you havent already.
  11. Mishael Roman Catholicism is evil and corrupt to the core. It is but a Satanic pagan religious entity with a thin peeling veneer of Christianity slapped on it. Now no one is saying that applies to all who call themselves Catholic, certainly no one is saying that there are no saved Roman Catholics out there but they are people who are Catholic in name only and not truly devoted to the Whore of Babylon. But all who ARE will face the judgment and eternal damnation.
  12. EVERY culture in the world has some sort of flood story. Ask yourself why. Does the bible borrow from these cultures or is it the other way around.
  13. No compulsion and yet when Muslims leave their religion, Muhammad in the Hadith categorically says that they should all lose their heads. And yes I too have heard of Muslims who want to leave Islam but are too afraid to
  14. The"Christianity" in Mexico and Rwanda is nearly entirely Roman Catholicism which is not true Christianity but a Satanic counterfeit. Bit of a change of subject here--> Its also well known that the Rwandan massacre happened shortly after a few young schoolgirls saw an apparition of "Mary" (demonic as we all know) and any apparitions of Mary that appear all are followed very quickly by massacres or all out wars
  15. Doesnt matter what they believe, most Jews have been blinded to the truth ,as prophesied in scripture. But they will see the truth soon as will you.
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