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  1. Hi Everyone. I am not sure if I posted here already. I apologise If I did. I Have actually had two experiences with Jesus\God but the second experience Was a bit wild and personal So I have not posted it Online Yet. I recently had another personal experience that really confirmed to me that I did speak to God both times. So I wanted to share my first Experience again. I copied and pasted below from the website "Encounters With Jesus." The owner of the website asked If he Could share my story there. God bless When I was a kid, I was very spiritual. I didn’t know what God was, but I knew there had to be a Higher Power somewhere. As I got older I dealt with depression and other things in my life that turned me into an agnostic. I was almost leaning towards atheism. I was NOT happy and I wanted to believe in something. My mom has had a drug problem all my life, and she has put my dad and I through a lot. My mom and I had gotten into fights that almost turned physical in the past. She could make me mad like no one else. It was after one of our fights that I had, had enough. I don’t know what led me to do this, but I was reading Jesus quotes online. I also started reading stories about miracles that started to make me think. I think God was leading me to do this. I was alone in my bedroom. After reading about Jesus online I decided to do something to see what would happen. I said to myself “Jesus or God, if you’re real I will forgive my mom.” And I sincerely meant it deep in my heart. In my heart, I wanted something to happen. And something did happen. I heard an audible voice say “Now you understand my daughter.” And after that, a golden light started to flood my bedroom. I was honestly starting to freak out. I suddenly felt this overwhelming sense of love that I now hear people talking about in their near-death experiences. It was so overwhelming that I collapsed to my knees. My knees hit the floor so hard that I bruised them. I honestly asked this Entity, in my mind, to please back off. I felt so good, but terrified at the same time. It was like I was going to explode. I thought I was dying for a moment. This Force did back off when I asked It to. Once It backed off I became excited. I had to tell someone what I had just experienced even if they thought I was crazy. I drove to my boyfriend’s apartment and I told him what happened. He could tell I was not lying, and he seemed to believe me. That night, I was sleeping over at my boyfriend’s apartment. I was still excited, thinking to myself, did I experience God? Or was I crazy? And that’s when I heard the voice again. My boyfriend was asleep. I was startled but super excited. The voice was back! And the voice actually told me to go to the living room! So I went to the living room of my boyfriend’s apartment while he slept, and that’s when I had a whole conversation with this voice. I asked the voice, are you God? And the answer I got was “Yes.” The voice sounded masculine, but it was as if a waterfall or mountain could talk, if that makes sense. It sounded like no human voice I have ever heard before. I had to ask this. I asked “Does Jesus exist?” The answer I got was “Jesus is God.” And then I realized that must be who I was talking to, the spirit of Jesus. I even asked again to confirm. “Jesus is God?!” I asked. And the response was “Yes.” And this is going to sound silly, but I let it slip that I hated Christianity. And this voice of God laughed! God has a great sense of humor! Then I realized I didn’t hate Christianity and definitely did not hate Jesus, I just did not like some of his followers. I asked this question, “Why am I so depressed all of the time?” The response I got was “You forgot that I love you.” As I spoke with God, His love for me, this intense love that I can’t explain, was making me feel powerful. I think for a little while God let me see through His eyes. I suddenly felt love for everyone. I was in the middle of talking to God, when my boyfriend walked out to the living room. “Who are you talking to?” my boyfriend asked. I was so excited and I told him something incredible was happening. I told him God was talking to me. I told him what God told me, and he seemed to believe me again. But he could not hear God. I could still feel God’s presence, but He wasn’t talking to me anymore. I also have to mention that I had hallucinations after my God experience — hallucinations that were nothing like the experience of God that I had. They diagnosed me as bipolar. I shared my story with near-death experiencer Howard Storm and he believes my experiences with Jesus were authentic and that my mental problems could have been caused by something spiritual in order to crush my new belief in Jesus. I can’t say if I was attacked or not. It is quite possible, though I also think God helped me find the right medication that has mostly cured my depression. I do believe I am bipolar, but I still believe my experiences with Jesus were very real. In fact they felt more real than reality.
  2. Thank you for your responses everyone. I know there will be people who don't believe that God still speaks to people. I happen to believe God DID guide this man to build the dam. I've had an experience with God myself. It happened when I forgave my mom for what she has put my dad and I through. (long story). Basically I said to myself "Jesus if you're real, I will forgive my mom for all that she has done." and I was stunned when I heard an audible voice say "Now you understand my daughter." You can think I am crazy, but I would swear on my life it happened. I was agnostic before this happened. I then had an encounter with the Light of Jesus and I felt the most overwhelming love I had ever felt in my life. This happened when I was alone in my bedroom. He told me he was God. I was in shock. I am not sure how long the experience lasted but I felt like I was in eternity. Being in his presence feels more real than reality. It's like a hyper reality. I don't know why Jesus doesn't appear personally to everyone. I honestly wish he would. He told me "you must have faith." As an agnostic, I never understood why faith was so important. But it IS important to him. I probably sound like a lunatic but I now have faith and it's changed my life for the better. I had also asked him why I was so depressed all the time. He said "You forgot that I love you." It was a very profound experience. And I know it's hard to share without sounding insane but I did research online and found other people who have encountered Jesus as well. He wants people to have faith in him. There are actually tons of people online who have experienced Jesus either through a near death experience, or through the type of experience I've had. Not all of them can be lying. I know I'm not. God bless you all
  3. What are everyone's thoughts on this article? A Texas man claims that God guided him to build a Dam around his home and people laughed at him. But his house was the only one that didn't get destroyed in a flood. Here is the article. http://www.naycrumors.com/articles/randy-wagner-texas-flood-house-dam/ What are your thoughts?
  4. I was wondering if you all have heard of Akiane Kramarik? Her parents were supposedly atheists when Akiane started receiving visions from heaven. This happened when she was a small child. She started painting her visions and I think her paintings are amazing. Here is a video of Akiane and some of her work. I hope you Enjoy.
  5. Hi Rusty. I know the butterfly was not actually my neighbor but a sign from him or God that he is in heaven. I guess I worded it incorrectly lol. My neighbor was a christian and I believe god can send heavenly signs. Thank you for the welcome
  6. Thank you everyone for your warm welcome. DallasCaleb15 I would love to share my experience with Jesus. First I have to tell you that I have had issues with my mom all of my life. To be honest she has a drug problem and when I was a kid, she put my dad and I through a lot. Another long story there. Well one day I just said to myself "God if you're real, I will forgive my mom," and I really meant it. I was stunned when I heard a voice say "Now you understand my daughter." This happened when I was alone in my bedroom. I then had an encounter with the spirit of Jesus. A glowing light seemed to fill the whole room. And I felt the most overwhelming feeling of love I had ever felt in my life. It was amazing! Honestly we had a whole conversation. He told me he was God. I had to ask him why I was so depressed all of the time. His response was "You forgot that I love you." And he told me that I must have faith. It was the most intense out of this world experience of my life! I'll never forget it and I know it was real. I know everyone will experience God someday and they too will feel that overwhelming unconditional heavenly love. Thank you for reading! -Krystal
  7. Hello! I used to be mostly agnostic, and almost became an atheist until I had an experience with Jesus myself. It happened when I said to myself, that I would forgive my mom for all the stuff she has done (long story) and I was stunned when I heard a voice say "Now you understand my daughter." I then had an encounter with the spirit of Jesus. It was amazing! I am new here also. I look forward to getting to know more people here -Krystal
  8. Hello everyone. Well first I want to say, that in the past I was almost an atheist. Then I had a supernatural experience with Jesus. Long story there. But I want to share with you an experience that happened to me very recently. Last Friday I was alone in my house and it was very quiet. Suddenly I heard loud pleasant bells coming from one of the empty rooms. I checked the room and of course found nothing. I thought it was very strange, and questioned if I was losing my mind, but I brushed it off and went about my business. Well about an hour or so later, an ambulance showed up at my neighbor's house. I found out he had passed away of a stroke. He was a good family friend. That was not the only unusual thing that happened after his passing. Today my room mate and I were hanging out in the garage, and a huge swallowtail butterfly appeared. The butterfly flew into the garage and circled around me, then circled around my room mate and flew in the direction of my deceased neighbor's house. I said out loud "I wonder if that's Vito" (our deceased neighbor) and the butterfly came back and circled around me again, and lingered in the garage for quite a while, going back and forth between my room mate and I before it finally left. I really believe I had two Supernatural experiences and that my neighbor is now with God. Has anyone here ever experienced anything like that? And I look forward to getting to know people here -Krystal
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