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  1. eileenhat


    My personal experience with observing what 'faith' means is keeping our faith in God during times of adversity. Adversity can take many turns. For some, it is the fear of loss of revenue, I've observed personally. During our worse times, fears arise and those are the times we need to go to God in prayer with our 'hat in hand'. I have personally observed people losing their faith in God over material wealth (problems), for example and it was heart wrenching to see them lose faith (and their salvation) as they never expected to ever have to deal with funding issues and they choose to turned away God in order to solve their issues their way (rather than allow God to show them a way). I think back scripturally to the man and wife God struck down because they hid their wealth from the early Christian community the disciples were forging (acts 5:1-11). It remains an issue even today, but instead of actually dying physically, we die spiritually instead. There are a number of bible verses about this topic (happy to list scripture upon request), but I brought it up now because I had an encounter with this issue recently (in someone I knew). I realized that they had not faced adversity at this level before (ie. money perceived problems) and it overtook them. I understand that God does not always take away salvation when we turn from him. There is always that question as 'how far can we go' into sinful ways, before we lose our way. I guess I am beginning to understand 'how far' should not be our question, but 'how fast can I turn back to God when I do go astray' instead. There is this secondary issue too (regarding lost of salvation). But perhaps for another day. Still sad about.
  2. eileenhat

    Activists Jump Nancy Pelosi's Fence

    "Right-wing activists stormed the security wall surrounding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s California mansion and demanded access into the building Monday. The group was led by Laura Loomer, an activist who has been at the center of many stunts, including interrupting congressional hearings and chaining herself to the doors of Twitter’s New York offices. Loomer was joined by a small group of alleged illegal immigrants from Guatemala. Loomer and her accomplices carried a large banner with the faces of notable Americans who have been killed by illegal immigrant crime over the recent years attached to its surface." https://dailycaller.com/2019/01/14/activists-pelosi-mansion-wall/ . More news that only happens when one side makes a point they do not actually attest too (Re: Nancy just doesn't want other people to own a fence like hers).
  3. Update: They still can reach a deal to leave the EU. Today it got kind of troublesome*. *https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2019/jan/15/brexit-vote-parliament-latest-news-may-corbyn-gove-tells-tories-they-can-improve-outcome-if-mays-deal-passed-politics-live
  4. Looks like Trump is getting involved in international incidents. Interesting. Hope he follows God plan in dealing with Turkey. Many muslims there that have integrated successfully into that culture and they have built a fence*, so they do not have runaway immigration. Are they pulling out of EU too**? *https://www.politico.eu/article/turkeys-new-border-wall-will-stop-syrian-refugees-immigration-instanbul/ **https://www.reuters.com/article/us-eu-turkey/turkey-taking-huge-strides-away-from-european-union-top-eu-official-idUSKBN1HO22G
  5. Been watching this situation develop. Let us pray that the UK govt. can hear God and go in the direction he wants for them.
  6. eileenhat

    a wound that won't close

    Update: After prayer, it came to me that one, there is an underlying deficiency involved and two, it will take a long time to heal, so topical solutions need reapplying two times a day (after cleaning). Next, it came to me this wound needs a little better deeper working healing topical solution. I will see it i can locate it, the one I have used that is Chinese medicine based, in the meantime here is a good naturopath article on a course of healing to take a look at. Collect information, then apply as needed, is always the very best way to respond in such circumstances. https://www.holisticprimarycare.net/topics/topics-a-g/chronic-disease/989-reaching-closure-tips-for-healing-chronic-non-healing-wounds.html
  7. eileenhat

    Your best advice in 4 or less words?

    Get Right With Jesus!
  8. eileenhat

    a wound that won't close

    There are several things you can do. First keep the wound clean with regular washing with just soap and water. Hydrogen seem fine, so is first aid lotions. I've been told not to use alcohol. I get a similar situation almost daily with my own cracked fingers. I keep them protected during the day with bandaids and at night while resting, if they are not healing, I might try some castor oil on them and wear cotton gloves over them while I sleep. The skin absorbs the oil and heals the cracks. You can use a bandaid for this instead too. Just depends on how much skin is affected. If you see any blue streaks, then infection, like staph, has taken hold and you then have to go to urgent care for antibiotics. borrow the money and just go. My own condition results from vit. d deficiency. To avoid, get more sun and eat eggs for vit. d (what I do to prevent). Two to three eggs a day (org.) will do the trick...but takes a while and won't heal a wound...just prevent more cracking (if that is the cause). Will pray.
  9. eileenhat

    I Often read of "God Told Me"

    Form of Communication What form? It is an interesting question. It probably needs some context though. For instance, I doubt anyone you are referencing has stated that had a physical appearance of God telling them something, right? So that means your question is specific to a spiritual experience of God, right? Just checking. God reveals himself to me in numerous ways, spiritually speaking. There is no 'one way' as that would be self defeating. In other words, God is not static, so neither is his message. That is one 'clue' for you. Number of Prophets Needed Another would be accuracy. Like has anyone's prophecies occurred? Take Mark taylor. A number of his have been verified. Mine are of a different persuasion, you see God doesn't need an army of persuaders. Just one to light the way externally and one, internally. If that makes sense. In other words, he only needs one good prophet for the people and one good prophet, for himself, ie. a voice on the ground, so to speak. One Prophet is A witness For God Rev. 12:3 "English Standard Version And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth.” excerpt comment about: "The word, as used here, refers to those who, during this period of "forty and two months," would thus be witnesses for Christ in the world; that is, who would bear their testimony to the truth of his religion, to the doctrines which he had revealed, and to what was required of man - who would do this amidst surrounding error and corruption, and when exposed to persecutions and trials on account of their belief. It is not uncommon in the Scriptures to represent the righteous as witnesses for God. " Barnes notes link: https://biblehub.com/commentaries/revelation/11-3.htm Conclusion As you read the comments about the two witnesses, you see that they are not here to give prophetic advice so much as bear witness to God's salvation in their lives during the time of Jacob's trial. It is a time of corrupted Church doctrine and satanic men ways that must be revealed. It is not so much, for them, about telling people what to expect, but more about revealing what is going on spiritually in men's lives so an assessment by God can be made of man's progress. You see God needs a roadmap on the ground. Otherwise, he would just run us all over with his way. By my calculation, that need will be up by mid next year, as the 3 1/2 years began on Oct. 31st. 2015 when the saint's souls were resurrected (Rev. 20:4) and therefore the 3 1/2 years (or 1270 days, add 10 extra days for the Jewish calendar calculation) ends mid 2019. Just something God allowed me to witness (I spoke of it here extensively until mods deleted those threads). You can do the calculations from there. Footnote For example, I had a vision from God this morning showing me the elites were about to be arrested. It showed me they were on the run using criminal networks to 'get them out of Dodge', so to speak. I then checked the news today and found two verified and different sources (ie. Hannity and a youtube commenter both mentioned impending arrests, ie. Hannity from his inside sources and the youtube commenter figured out members of congress can be arrested while not in session, and they are on break currently). Just interesting news, from my view. I mean I don't see a need to shout what my vision was about to the world, like Mark t. would. I did comment though on a number of youtube videos to 'get the word out', though quite gently. And it was a fascinating vision as well. Typically, I immediately check to see what I need to pray about. In this case, I gently found myself staying in the vision and participating (as often occurs now). I found myself praying for the safety of children who the elites have been using for human sacrifices (one was present in the video and I was shown how neglected they were). I asked God that they are kept safe until the authorities can rescue them. I have my priorities and God has his. It works to have both viewpoints, ie. man's and God's involved. Someday, that will make more sense. for now, good question @warrior12
  10. Unless I misunderstand, if you had less children you would not feel obliged to go, as your husband could handle a few of your children just not all. Am I correct? This must come up all the time with 9 of them. So, if I had a job, and it required 40 hours of work in order to do, and i gave it to someone else and told them to finish it in 10 hours, I would feel guilty too. It would not matter 'why' I gave them to work. Like I did not want to around the people who were going to be around while I was doing the work. The fact is I would be dumping my work on someone else for personal reasons and that would never be ok. Did I get it right? Either I found someone else to take the additional 30 hours of work or I sucked it up and completed myself. The only thing in this case you could do to help yourself is to set boundaries, ie. how long you will stay. Like, just for the meal and right after in order to open presents, then you are leaving. Period. Stick up for yourself. It is something everyone needs to learn. No need to complain or say anything about 'why'. The past is the past. You do not want to stay longer than required. That is all. It is a job situation (ie. housewife duty). My mother tonight was put down by my father for being tired at the end of the day, tonight. He said she hadn't 'done' anything so why was she tired a little early tonight. I pointed out to him (she is 81) that she had been cooking all day, shopping and took him to church and prepared 3 meals for him (he's disabled). Men just don't get it.
  11. eileenhat

    My Son Having Ear Aches

    My allergies contribute to ear aches also. Any sinus issue will. Autoimmune dysfunctions also contribute (mine were caused by vaccine related issues). I use garlic drops you can buy at any health store or on-line (pm me if you want an amazon link for). Just place 4 drops in each ear and leave ear tilted for 20 seconds or so so the drops go in all the way. A homeopathist can help with the underlying causes or at least keep the ear aches abated. They are very safe to use....at any age. There is even a chinese herbal remedy I can locate if you wish. My prayers are with him. Also, smart meters, emf exposure from cell phones/towers can cause ear aches as well, I and many others have noted. Just saying, you have to look at all the possible reasons for to complete the cure. Once I did all that, they went away. But I do regularly have to get my ears cleaned out now. There are both safe home methods or you can see an ENT for too. A build up of wax contributes to them, at least in adults.
  12. eileenhat

    Prayer and recovery

    The two or three main issues with any other teaching besides Christianity is that satan came up with it and he is beyond clever on these sorts of matters. That being said, he knows a thing or two about pulling someone from God's embrace and can outfox anyone not squarely fixed on scripture. That is the real reason so many fell away from the faith this past 100 years or so. They got pulled into other beliefs systems, some religious, some ideologies. They forgot the part about avoiding magic, tools of divination and so on in their rush for personal power. I guess being told you can be enlightened got many people involved in the new age circles. It never occurred to anyone why they would want to be enlightened at all or what the cost truly was, ie. your soul. In fact, doubt they have a real clue what that is all about. You see they lost all fear of God's wrath. It is difficult to bring up this topic with someone once they have abandoned God and de-evolved into one of these systems of belief satan has come up with. If you have a concrete concern about a belief you picked up you can pm me if you like about it. Very well versed on that topic.
  13. Re: Part time work vs. full time I feel God wants us to take full responsibility in our lives, which includes working full time, whether as a homemaker or someone in the job force. I use to volunteer when I wasn't working. I feel God wants us to expand and learn in our younger years rather than hide and vent as many youth do today. I am currently not able to work, but that in turn give me the time I need to spend in the Lord's presence, sharing his truth here and abroad. I also am getting older and have worked enough years to qualify for full retirement, though not that old yet. But in some circles am considered a senior at 54, almost 55. When I was working I worked full time in order to be self supporting. When I got ill, I worked part-time. When I became totally incapable of work I prayed and eventually God led me into full time service for him. It was a gradual pain staking process that few are called too, I feel. I mean God typically does not lead people to being disabled just so they have more time to spend in his presence. Re; Giving of your funds He would like us to support one another, whether than means giving your money to someone else or just prayers. It depends (where your money flows) a lot on both your circumstances (for instance I have more needs than money regularly....so just something I stay in prayer about myself for guidance and support...as it is tough to be without funds for needs, I know) and what God is calling on you to do. I never give automatically as I feel God needs to lead the way for my gift giving so I am immune to the demands for money than many give. I always listen to the calls for giving, but rarely feel the need to respond to them. Usually, they need my prayers more than they need the income. We have to trust God knows what needs to be given or have we lost that much faith in him?
  14. eileenhat

    Need Advice

    I would recommend requesting prayer for your husband's addiction on the prayer thread. Plus asking for God's guiding hand in your own life. I thought a place you can begin is investigating the addiction. This website appears to be a place to begin. It is a website with links to 12 step programs for various sex addictions. Go through all its resources and you will see things that will help in this crisis (as in information that is educational). http://www.pornhelp.org/12-step-groups.html I can state from my own experience with a sex addicted husband that nothing I said change his behavior. Eventually, that altered how I viewed him.
  15. eileenhat

    The Ark of the Covenant

    It made sense to me (what Wyatt discovered) so I watched various videos put out by Wyatt prior to his death. Supposedly the Israeli govt. is keeping it under wraps for at least two reasons, one it would upset people if they knew it existed and two, they have no choice, some people supposedly entered that cave and died.