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  1. My time is short - Need Prayers

    Thanks for your prayers. I asked for a solution regarding income and God gave me one idea which helps immediately. I am so grateful. God is always available and answers our prayers. I just had to get to the bottom of what I needed to help me right away. So this gives me aid right at this moment which I badly need. thank you.
  2. My time is short - Need Prayers

    Everyday now I have been overwhelmed with the issue of paying my debts, bills and loans. My medical expenses have outweighed my income. These cell towers have caused me a much heavier debt load than I can bear now due to all the expensive shielding I have had to buy. I need help paying these bills. I do not know what to do. No solution has come to me. I ask for your prayers for a solution to come. It is relevant because I need to fix this. I can't have bill collectors calling the people I live with otherwise there will be many arguments and the final result will be I have to move out and live in my car. That maybe what happens in 4 months due to these 5g cell towers. But I feel I need to keep moving forward with my life and do my best which means to keep looking for ways to continue living, which means paying bills. These 5g towers just keep being an issue. Thank you.
  3. "If Jesus is God who did Jesus pray to"

    No. Not two names for the same God. God the father begat Jesus, his son. Jesus now sits at God's right hand in Heaven (in the throne room). Two beings of identical nature, but not the same being. Why did God begat a son, in his own image? Why send him to Earth? Why take him back up to Heaven? Why have another person identical to himself exist at all? Do we not now identify with Jesus? Do we not know respond to him and his words in our bible? He brought God's word to us to follow and continues to lead us from Heaven in all things. You dismiss him by saying he only existed when he was on earth (regarding your stating "two names for same God" and he is the same being). Jesus is also in the image of man. He is both man and God in heaven now. He leads the way for the rest of us to follow. We as humans are now in a much lower state that we were in the garden of Eden and to once more rejoin God the father in New Jerusalem (Rev. 21) we must follow Jesus lead and begin the process of idenitifying sin within us so we might one day be glorified and once more walk with God. We do this by holding on to Jesus's image in our hearts. He is whom we pray to for our salvation.
  4. My time is short - Need Prayers

    Update 5/15: God answer my immediate concern last night. He said 'four' months. Which means I have four more months. It is a brief respite. I am glad. Thank you for your gracious and many prayers for me. I was concerned that my time was short but now I have a grace period of sorts. I am grateful indeed!!
  5. My time is short - Need Prayers

    They have turned on 5 towers now (each time I get sick). I am not concerned about the towers that have gone up because I can learn to tolerate them and they are far enough away that current shielding techniques work. There are no shielding techniques that work (that are for sale) when they are in your front yard, back yard area (the street behind me is close and full of these towers too), next door etc.. So....God is with me as I prepare. Either to stay and cope with mounds of unpaid bills (shielding cost more than i have....so looks like I am going to be dealing with new issues regarding that, that will be problematic in the next two months)) or to plan leave when they get that close. The neighbor says they took a heliocopter to install so I know what to watch for (so a small piece of helpful news. ie. they just can't install anymore without me noticing this time. And then it took another month before they began turning them on). So...still have a few more months I can only hope. I am not sure what worries me more leaving to live in my car (a probable death sentence due to illnesses I have now) or dealing with bill collectors who will upset my relatives and lead to much more house upsetness (and possibly getting myself kicked out of these lodgings...with a similar dire result). So how am I doing? Coping with yesterday's latest 'turned' on cell tower, resulting endless migraine etc. I cope. And are looking at ordering yet more shielding because it appears like this will keep occurring (ie. more towers being turned on or even just turned 'up'....as can't tell what is going on with them. They could be just testing out frequency ranges right now and we are all just their test subjects. They are very perverse. I keep praying and God keeps answering me. It is developing situation. God provides you with what you need (not what you want). I am very grateful.
  6. Why no Christian is Sinless.

    This author explains Jesus's nature in a way I can attest too (this section only). quote: " 1. – Because of sin’s curse, Jesus was born like one of us, that is, having a sinful nature or the natural propensity to do wrong and commit sin. 2. – Before Jesus could die on the cross and the pay the penalty for our sins, Jesus had to be tempted in all points as we are without sinning. 3. – Through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus resisted every temptation to do wrong. He lived a perfect, sinless life, overcoming every temptation to sin and became a perfect/sinless substitute for sinners. 4. – The gospel requires believers to emulate the life of Jesus. Christians can and must overcome sin as Christ overcame sin through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. If a person is not overcoming temptation or sin, the Holy Spirit is not at fault. 5. – Jesus has demonstrated that anyone having a sinful nature can be perfect (e.g., live without sinning) through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit." source: https://www.wake-up.org/trinity/jesus-sinful-or-sinless-nature.html
  7. My time is short - Need Prayers

    There is one Christian video about this 5g technology (in part). Many channels are posting it on youtube. Search for "Agenda 21 Life Changing Expose" and watch before it gets deleted by youtube/the controllers. As this presenter states, 5G is the end of all mankind (if it gets deployed). The Bible references it as the 'flood' that is swallowed by the earth (which translates as 'grounded' in our vocabulary. Being 'grounded' is a term people now use to describe a way to prevent microwave exposure) in Revelation 12. "The Woman Persecuted …15Then from the mouth of the serpent spewed water like a river to overtake the woman and sweep her away in the torrent. 16But the earth helped the woman and opened its mouth to swallow up the river that had poured from the dragon’s mouth. 17And the dragon was enraged at the woman, and went to make war with the rest of her children, who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus. And the dragon stood on the sand of the seashore.… Berean Study Bible"
  8. My time is short - Need Prayers

    Today I talked to the people 4 houses down from me who I know and have one of these new 5G cell towers 500 feet away. They both appear slightly ill. They said the towers went up with the aid of a helicopter several months ago. I missed that installation because I am forced to stay indoors due to illness. The good news is that now I know it won't happen immediately, that a cell tower goes up in my yard. Thank God! And that installing them is a bigger deal than I thought, so that buys me even more time. I spent money I didn't have, put three levels of shielding on the window in front of my computer, bought more shielding clothing and now can spend a few hours a week on the computer and therefore be here on worthy occasionally. I am grateful for what I have. They just turned on one more of these 6 cell towers just a few days ago (they have been turning one about every week). I've noted '4' turn ons so far (I get sick each time until I get sort of use to them (plus whatever illness they cause I begin treating. Gotten good at that). They are obviously testing them out on us, seeing what they can do to us with them. They probably want to make money somehow with them but got me how. No one is getting any cell service from them and I hesitate to state they ever will get any 5G service. I do not even feel they were installed by an actual cell carrier but are actually put in place for military purposes. A sort of hybrid of military and corporate fascism at work. Satan's handy work indeed.
  9. AMERICA: NEW ROME & BABYLON THE GREAT ("Come out of her, My people...")

    To clarify the use of the term 'god' here in Thess. the greek word is Theos, meaning "Short Definition: God, a god" "Definition: (a) God, (b) a god, generally.". source: http://biblehub.com/greek/2316.htm So not Jesus, per say, is being mentioned in this verse, but just a general god like being. So satan has a man dressed up as a little god in his stead, here on earth (is the truer translation). So this little alteration in meaning helps us lower our estimation of his supposed super abilities. So Obama fits that description then of the 'anti-Christ' figure of Revelation (while with your more 'higher God like Christ' definition does not define Obama as the anti-Christ, which God has revealed to me he as as he sets the 7 years of jacob's start date with his announcement of gay marriage in God's earthly 'third' temple, ie. the Church of Philadelphia, which is the USA (founded in the city of Philadelphia). That date is May 9th, 2012.
  10. AMERICA: NEW ROME & BABYLON THE GREAT ("Come out of her, My people...")

    'They' know who they follow. Every person I have ever met knows who they follow. They will tell you. They follow all sorts of people, groups, ideas, cultures and religions. They may not label themselves but God knows if they have accepted Jesus as their savior or not. And christians know what the bible says. So I don't know what you mean. And I have never met anyone who thinks satan is Christ from the bible. I'm confused by your reply, is all.
  11. Just introducing myself

    What did you understand from those chapters? Did any of it interest you? I do not see those chapters in the same light as when I first attended church growing up. As I investigated them now I found them very exciting. Growing up they were just one more story I did not understand. I've been given some insights (which is unusual) so now they grow in importance. I find that is is a slow evolution to get from a child's blind acceptance to an adults fuller understanding and wisdom. A difficult but rewarding journey indeed. For instance, this page on biblehub demarks the first chapter and what occurs clearly: http://biblehub.com/genesis/1.htm Note that it states a section called "The Second Day: Firmament". Right there as an adult you see there is one of the biggest issues today with modern culture teachings. They say we are not in a firmament. So do you accept modern culture ideas or do you personally validate what is or is not true? Either you accept pagan culture ideas without any thought, which have crept into all Church teachings or you invest time, use your pc skills and decide for yourself what is true. I am just stating why you might want to accept Jesus as real, God as real and all pagan teachings as false. The truth is much more interesting than the all the lies we are hand fed. I am just stating that the reason people do not follow Jesus is because they are blindly following culture. And Churches are falling right and left for doing the exact same thing. Untruth is highly unsatisfactory. You can never quite know what is going on if you keep following lies without personal investigation. Just the reason I realized as to why I stopped attending Church. They are just too blind to trust anymore. They have become dumb and dumb people are too boring to follow. They will claim all sorts of untrue things and when nothing happens, you begin to doubt. I do not have that issue. Everything I state is true because I checked it out thoroughly prior to posting. With no agenda, you are free to think and feel and yes, be excited again about following God. He is the very most exciting thing there is. But you wouldn't know that attending Church.
  12. AMERICA: NEW ROME & BABYLON THE GREAT ("Come out of her, My people...")

    The lake of fire destroys souls. 'Babylon' is run by people who follow Satan. They are judged and their souls cast into the lake of fire. Hence babylon is destroyed by fire. No other way to damage it. You can not just kill off satan's followers and hope that does anything to Babylon's rule. It does not. It takes God's intervention to destroy that structure, which Revelation calls a 'city' with three parts (Rev. 16:19*). Every soul involved must be obliterated. Three parts to babylon The three parts are witches, demons and lastly satan's minions (something God has revealed to me). The first two groups (witch clan dominance and demon horde excursions into our dimension) have been stopped. The third and final part is in the midst of falling. One more year to go on that. It takes a full 7 years to stop babylon planned takeover of earth. while people have not witness this on-going spiritual battle for ultimate control. We all have been paying the price for these victories. We just are very spiritually unaware so can not attest to babylon's on-going defeat personally. Note Revelation 21 calls New Jerusalem a city as well, when it means a new structure now under God's command. * King James Bible And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.
  13. What is the Number One Sin of the Church

    "Relationships" build support. A number of such relationships manufacturer a structure that one can take into the larger world and use to build from. What I did anyway. Eventually I was able to build personal structures for support. God grants us the most meaningful relationship we have here on earth, ie. marriage and hence family. My family became my support structure, plus a few key friends. That structure now moves me forward. Our relationship with Christ can continue to evolve from there. Jesus originally taught his disciples to begin communities focused on his teachings. Eventually that did not exist (over the centuries). We are constantly being asked by God/Christ to look for structures that work for us. They need not fit any one's idea of what that structure needs to be. Only God can ordain a new set of 'structures'. He has ordained youtube, forums, on-line content and messaging capacities between us (Levels of ways to connect verbally, with text) as ways to 'be in union'. I utilize them now. They suit the way I move with the holy spirit. An answer from God is only a call or keystroke away now. God can work in such a structure. We are fast moving into God's time frame for our re-joining him with the reign of Jesus here on earth beginning soon. It is a 1,000 year reign set to be brought forth mid next year (per the prophecy of Jacob's trouble, which God gave me the insight began May 9th, 2012 when Obama announced gay marriage (an abomination that is destructive to his children's spiritual success) in the USA (ie. God's new temple here on earth, as his 'children' become his place to worship from).
  14. Spiritual gifts

    "Prophetic" words are prophesied (herald) as to occur during the great tribulation. That is occurring now (according to the revelations that I have received now for about 4 years (since 2014)), ie. the 7 years of Jacob's troubles. It began May 9th, 2012. God warned he would send prophets, visions etc. during this time. The only prophet that I have noted (that is living) recently having such a gift is Mark Taylor. He foretells future upcoming events. He has witnesses to his gift. Another definition for prophecy is "to teach religious subjects.". I have that one. Another definition is "7. to speak as a mediator between God and humankind or in God's stead." That one as well. It is therefore too rare a gift to just ask people on a forum about and expect a number of people to have. When I do get a vision of future events it always is full of encoded information that is meant to inform me to pay close attention to upcoming events with the vision in mind so as to interpret correctly God's involvement in the event (ie. example being I had a vision of Trump's election and God's hand behind it and why him and not anyone else....but that took an entire year to unfold in meaning for me, it was that involved). So not like Mark's foretelling, which is meant for anyone to hear and relate too. My visions need interpretation and wisdom to fathom fully and are an explanation of what has already occurred by God's hand. I have no secrets. I have posted all I witnessed here and about.
  15. My time is short - Need Prayers

    A third cell tower was turned on this week. That makes 3 so far in my neighborhood. They have 6 total installed currently at the end of my street. They are not far apart. I endured it best I could. Then God sent me 2 days ago a vision. It showed me that a machine like intelligence (the anti-christ spirit or the 'It" spoken of in of in the book of Revelation) spying into my window. I awakened knowing that indeed this third cell tower (which turned on 2 hours post this God sent vision) was allowing the spy technology that 5G actually is (I actually have never heard them used for cell phones, fyi....just stating acts). Every site now turned on have not been turned over for civilian cell phone usage....just look it up. As the day progressed, I kept getting more and more jumpy. The feelings of being watched, coming into my conscious awareness. But that was not the end of the visions. Last night God sent me a much more involved and tragic vision. It is a more complicated vision about 5G and how Satan has put it work. Devastating indeed. I have shared what God has allowed me to witness here, but I would rather not get this thread deleted by mods who do not see this as valuable (to have) information, so I won't explain how this fits exactly in what God has detailed in Revelation, though it is a 'mystery' so is not stated outright there. I will just state that the full on installation of 5G, if allowed to stay in the Beast out of the Sea's hands (what we call the elites, or New World order), will wipe out those are either young (by taking their souls), or older by creating a disembodied experience thus separating soul from body in an incomplete manner (a recipe for disaster). The thinner brain's bones of children makes this full soul possession possible. It affects adults only enough to create a seperation of body and soul. Right now those right in the middle of these 3 towers are so afflicted. I will not name names. But the vision was clear which neighbors are currently held by this spirit's technology. I spent hours in prayer and contemplation over what can be done for them now. One thing was to share it. Another was to pray for the people who on my street are now being affected. The horror of it can not be unwitnessed. This third machine's being turned on is having immediate spiritual earth shaking consequences. It can not be understated. There have been videos warning of a spiritual problem with 5g. But as man has no understanding of what a soul is or how it can become lost, or what satan can do once in possession of it, I can't make people understand this new danger to all. But I am now also praying they all do wake up and do understand. Nothing else will work.