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  1. What is God like?

    Re; Is God a spirit? No. A better question is are our bodies real or just outer casings for a soul that is immortal, and in the image of God? The article I researched** said God was a spirit, and invisible and quoted passages about. I however do not concur with the Bible's definition of 'spirit' nor 'soul'. I feel this term has been mistranslated in the Bible and thus useless for your question because we call fallen angels 'spirits' yet in no way does that translate as a true definition of God. Just stating the obvious here. Conclusion Therefore we do not have terminology that can describe God because we are limited in that knowledge since the fall of Adam. In other words, we have no reference points that can accurately describe him or what he would look like. I have had a vision and one thing I will state, I understand now why the ancient pagan societies made their little god's images so very tall, like building size. Not far off the mark there. Re: Can a person see God and live? First, Moses was allowed to see God, with much protection and it changed his face (ie. it became to bright to look upon afterwards). Second, some prophets had a vision of God or visited God (ie. I assume their souls were allowed access, while their bodies remained resting on earth), in the OT. They saw him in heaven in his throne room. Some Bible quotes about here: https://bible.org/illustration/eleven-visions-god "9. Stephen “looked up steadfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God” (Acts 7:55)." **https://www.blueletterbible.org/faq/don_stewart/don_stewart_1298.cfm
  2. I can address this point re: "God sends suffering, why?". You wonder if we are chastised as Christians, right? I mean that is my take on your comment here. The answer is it is not a chasement as in a 'you did wrong and now you must suffer for it'. Instead, we all suffer from a separation from God which allows sin in. So we are already sinful. There is no way around the fact we already have sinful ways. But, here is the but, God can perceive you are ready to change your life, for him and send you in a direction that will allow you to address these sins by getting closer to him via prayer. So here is my example (had this happen twice, in a row. So I guess he wanted me to share this). I had this vision of being in a car accident. It was vivid, upsetting and occurred about 1 1/2 years ago. I realized it, this accident, was three days hence from the night of this vision occurrence. Three days to seek redemption, was my goal then. So I prayed. And God over the next few days worked me through some pain I was holding on. Pain that was affecting my driving. I was afraid of some past event and rather than allowing myself to feel it and God heal that wound, I suffered. Now I realize that people do not see this level mainly in themselves. But God always picks a level, you are ready to work out. Mine is vision work. So I get visions to work with. This occurred again. A few months later, again, another car accident vision. Each vision was of a separate action. And each I prayed about until God changed the outcome. I could tell. I could feel the burden lift, after several days of dedicated prayer work. I had neither accident, but I witnessed them both 'almost' occurring, just in the exact manner the visions unfolded....just so I knew, my visions were real and I assume, verifiable. I got the message. We can either learn to go to God in our hour of need or suffer consequences because we think we can handle life by ourselves, ie. without him by our sides. That has never worked and never will. That is the only message here. If you check for bible verses* on this topic, ie. God sending suffering, they all are the same. God tells his people to change their ways or something terrible will occur. Is it punishment? No. It is plainly consequences of our separation from him and his ways that he is attempting to enlighten us about. *https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/God,-Suffering-Of
  3. Satan's existence

    A few notes to add about Satan. As I recall, someone mentions in one of the post here about where satan was cast. Hope this quote sheds some light on this confusing topic (ie. why earth, why not somewhere else, why etc.). Let me know. Here is a quote I liked due to its reference to certain helpful scriptures on this topic. Note; Do not know about rest of article. "This mighty angelic being was rightfully judged by God: “I threw you to the earth” (Ezekiel 28:18). This doesn’t mean that Satan had no further access to heaven, for other Scripture verses clearly indicate that Satan maintained this access even after his fall (Job 1:6-12; Zechariah 3:1,2). However, Ezekiel 28:18indicates that Satan was absolutely and completely cast out of God’s heavenly government and his place of authority (Luke 10:18)." source; https://www.christianity.com/theology/theological-faq/how-did-lucifer-fall-and-become-satan-11557519.html Conclusion, re; why earth not other planet: The earth is in a firmament and not on a planet. So there was no other location to go. I can post some scriptures on that topic, but most disagree. So, only if requested.
  4. Satan's existence

    I have a handle on this but it goes beyond the conventional wisdom. I had a vision a few years back from the Lord when he revealed to me the meaning of the Tree of Life, the one from Adam's Garden of Eden. I had been wondering about a lot of bible topics and found the garden a most interesting place. A place that is a mystery to us now. As the seals are unrolled, as Revelation reveals for this time, God is allowing a few mysteries to be unveiled. One is the true meaning of this 'tree'. I had this vision: I was seeing what resembled a symbolic tree with many branches. I KNEW this was God's family tree, his lineage, his children. On this tree, which stretched into eternity, I suddenly was made to see angels were indeed on it. We talk little anywhere in Christendom about angels relevance in our lives. We typically exclude them from any significance other than a mystery yet to be resolved. Yes, we all have 'rescue' and 'messenger' literature we have purviewed, but what are exactly are they? So....to answer your question, ie. why does God allow Satan to remain here, my answer is, God respects his work. He respects his children. Lucifer was a close prodigy of his, as the Bible recalls for us. He meant alot to God. You are asking God to exclude him completely from God's own lineage. How do you remove a part of God's team, from its other members? And what does he have to do, if wickness among his other children, is the result of Lucifer's challenge on his throne? You can't just destroy satan without leaving the results he has clearly caused, behind, basically. One goes with the other, as far as I can ascertain. Hope that is helpful. Summary: You can not get rid of satan without dealing with all the people who follow him first. Revelation* handles that discord. *Rev.20:1-2 "Satan Bound 1Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven with the key to the Abyss, holding in his hand a great chain. 2He seized the dragon, the ancient serpent who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.… Berean Study Bible · Download"
  5. I understand what you are asking, if you mean 'are illnesses ever a gift from God?'. I had a hand injury last year and while it was personally devastating, the fact it occurred actually became a gift. Not the sort of gift you get from a person, but one God grants. Because I injured my hand permanently, it changed the course of my life. Before it occurred, I was dealing with a crisis of having to move out of my residence. But due to this injury, I was suddenly allowed to stay. So it literally saved my life. And that is only for starters. It still continues to help keep me in my residence. If it was cured tomorrow, which of course, anyone would want, I'd have to move away (and currently no place to go etc.). Yes, I would like the use of my right hand back. And that will come, if that is God's directive. Otherwise, I just deal with treating it (the pain etc.) and not getting caught up in 'what ifs'. No one can tell you why God sets up certain circumstances, or why you have certain ailments. You can request clarification in prayer and still continue to look for treatment in such cases, as I do.
  6. No one ever goes to Heaven in NT times either!

    Pictures worth a thousand words. Look at how many people still believe earth is a planet in a globe shape even though the only pictures are all fake, of earth. One programmer* already confessed his earth picture is entirely CGI. Conspiracy 'news'. I press for people to confess, to God their crimes against humanity for corrupting people into the false doctrines taught by USA cultural marxists, ie. evolution, tectonic plates, earthquake causes, age of earth, shape of earth, God's actual existence, satan's existence, existence of witches, existence of NWO, no 'space' exist, no 'planets' exist, existence of firmament proven by NSA etc. *quote:"My role is to make imagery from Earth sciences data." source: https://www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard/about/people/RSimmon.html
  7. My Concern about Christianity Mixing with White Supremacy

    Re; white supr. "White Supremacy" rhetoric was devised by the UN, what we call today the NWO. Re: UN/Beast out of the Sea plan as described in Rev. description Frankfurt School of Marxism They control what we learn with their introduction of the Frankfurt school's anti-marxist cultural marxism teachings here in the USA post 1930's (just google 'cultural marxism' and "frankfurt school', plenty of literature out on this topic and how it affects Christians, though note: I am seeing such articles recently pulled from google. Try 'duckduckgo' too for search engine alternative these days)). Mark of Beast on those who worship this plan The Bible refers to the 'Mark" of the Beast. God revealed to me that this is cultural marxism ideology that people adopts as their faith, as in the "Marx" of the Beast system. Example I have witnessed this occur to one Christian friend that turned from her faith after teaching common core and adopting their ideology. She turn from her Church (quote "doesn't attend anymore or take her children there) now. It is system of soul death to learn this science based faith, ie. common core teachings, sports like football that develop the hive mind and sex teachings that pervert the children from youth (to name a few facets of this new anti-God religion). They, the UN people, introduced the ideas that rule over people's mindsets today, rather than follow God's Bible teachings. Racism/white supremacy teachings destroys Christianity All references to white supremacy and racism evolved not as a way to help people co-exist, by these controllers, but as a way to drive a wedge between everyone on earth and destroy both Christianity and the white culture that has adopted it as its faith. White culture destruction is their goal. Hence any use of these terms is anti-scripture, in my book. That includes calls of racism. As every tribe has an agenda for self preservation so that is now something the UN uses against anyone, it decides to alienate from the press, in education, in the medical fields and so on. Finish With the UN introduction of corporations into the USA beginning with the take over of the USA financial systems with their blatant take over of US currency with the Federal Reserve, ie. a private corporation which is not a part of US treasury or USA interests and is owned by foreign interests who also rule over the the UN system producing all USA propaganda, such a these ideas. UN It is at its height right now, but is quickly falling as God wields his power against it, as the Book of Revelation forewarned. Google "Federal Reserve" and "Conspiracy" for that evidence that it is a corrupt system of control over USA sovereignty. The UN Federal reserve system is a white culture control mechanism. Again the term 'conspiracy' is another UN tool of division. We use to call it just news. The Bible refers to this period as the 7 years of Jacob's troubles. Also as the time of a strong delusion (ie. cultural marxism teachings is one example of this delusion). The Bible refers to them, the UN/NWO as "the Beast out of the Sea". Quote :4 They worshipped the dragon because it had given authority to the beast. They also worshipped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast, and who can fight a war with it?” 5 The beast was allowed[b] to speak arrogant and blasphemous things, and it was given authority for 42 months." Rev. 13:4-5.
  8. Thanks for the detail. Forgiving someone that has dampened your feelings (about their love) can be insurmountable if you do not trust God for your walk (with the Holy spirit). First off, get some distance from her. You need a boundary. Second, see how you do with a little separation. See if that detail, just moving forward a bit in your life (ie. heading in God's direction) without her. This breathing space might be the way to keep a 'frozen' in time, relationship because then suddenly you are no longer the victim, but the leader again, in both your lives, with God, as your head, and you, hers. Begin there, for a fresh way of being in this marriage. You have left off 'being responsible'. Time to 'toughen up' and 'be more independent a thinker. She is pushing you right now (ie. "we just won't work out"). Plan on 'not working out', but stay. God then has room to 'make the ultimate' decision on who stays and in what relationship category (there are several, like 'being married in counseling', 'being separated, while in counseling' etc.).. ...and pray.
  9. No one ever goes to Heaven in NT times either!

    A few pictures detailing where Heaven lies, ie. above our firmament. Pic. number three below quotes 4 Bible scriptures, ie. Gen. 1:7, Job 37:18, Rev. 6:13, Psalms 104:5
  10. No one ever goes to Heaven in NT times either!

    I disagree with this. Heaven sits upon the firmament. It is within 'Heaven' God sits on his throne. It is referred to as the third heaven The second heaven , ie. where we see 'stars'/lights in the sky, is located between the flat earth and the 3rd Heaven. The only reason for current disagreement is the non recognition that we live in the firmament and not in 'an universe', as freemason's* now describe. Look it up. You have to doubt the many that had visions of heaven and or actual visitations in the old testament, in order to accept the current freemason ideas of many planets, which eliminates those experiences as real. *Wisdom comes from knowing thine enemy.
  11. No one ever goes to Heaven in NT times either!

    There is a lot of argument over this idea of what a 'soul' is. I do not feel we can discover exactly what it is unless we review the Book of Revelations definitions of as well. In Rev. 20:4*, 'souls' are resurrected into glorified bodies that rule from thrones. These saints are the first to be resurrected of mankind. The rest will resurrect in 1,000 plus years. Since Rev. 40:4 is specific that only souls resurrect, then we can surmise that is true for those who resurrect in 1,000+ years, ie. only souls resurrect and not bodies. Hence, we can see here that the people who live on earth are not exactly the same creations as Adam and hence Eve, were once. Conclusion Since only souls can be resurrected, then they must be a separate entity from bodies. An entity that God sees as 'you'. As the Bible states**, bodies form dust upon death's embrace. *"King James Bible, Rev. 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years." **"King James Version, Ecc. 3:20 All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again."
  12. Why did the Bible stop

    Been seeking answers to this as well. My take is that the end of an age occurs, post Rev. 20:4, ie. after the saints resurrect on earth. We get other details, ie. that the Church of Philadelphia, ie. those involved in that Church, lives as well. Jesus is also set to rule here as well. People see that as an actual visitation. Next Revelation mentions a 1,000 year period then New Earth etc. in Rev. 21. I've covered these topics in my threads/other threads. You mention the bible being complete with any of the gospels. While the Book of Revelation is seen from our earthly stance as a particular set of circumstances that is being witnessed by John, set perhaps in our time period, what you might not see as well is God sets out his plan for his children there, in black and white. Like a man with calling cards, he addresses both our fears and trepidations of current day events, as a visitor perhaps who arrives unannounced at our homes, telling us it is undergoing reconstruction, but hold on, all will be well, for his followers. I have not found a way to address people's fear of change. Any change must evoke concerns. Perhaps that is why there is an idea that the Church of Philadelphia people do not live on earth for that 1,000 years. That only the lukewarm Christians stay behind. Maybe that is why God added Revelation because no matter how people argue the merits of a rapture, ie. an event where people leave earth, Revelation doesn't mention that. That should give anyone pause.
  13. Encounter with God. From agnostic to believer.

    I am not sure what you are requesting? You mention having a mental diagnosis after beginning to hallucinate. So there are several aspects to your post. One about what you were hallucinating about (in this case Jesus) and the last part about becoming aware of a mental issue. Are you requesting an opinion about if a believer will experience Jesus and if so in what way? My answer to all of this is that when something happens supernatural it is time to batten down all hatches. It is more obvious that a door has been opened that should not be opened, than anything else. A follower of Jesus needs to keep all doorways in their minds closed to outside influences. This is because demons can appear as bearers of light, when that occurs.
  14. My disability

    MSM news tells us every single day to NEVER criticize BigPharm drugs for mental illness. So....google "anti-depressants cause brain atrophy' for the REAL intel. You may (oh yes, we are not suppose to talk about this) be just having side affects. I had depression (cured with Chinese medicine), anxiety (cured with alternative health and God's will) and a minor case of bi-polar (etc.). The brain is heavily affected by diet, exposure to chemicals, vaccines and metals. Treatment for anything mind related takes decades and there are no fast and quick cures. BigPharma drugs only sidelines any real solution. Two of my friends have died, due to using them for their mental conditions. The reason no one ever says this is because it takes a decade plus before the symptoms become obvious (ie. their mental abilities decrease until they are stark raving mad). This is now proven fact, ie. that BigPharm 'brain' drugs damage brains. Ex: http://www.mindfreedom.org/kb/psychiatric-drugs/antipsychotics/neuroleptic-brain-damage
  15. Unfruitful Christians

    Re: How to define 'rebuke' from Jesus's standpoint Definition of 'rebuke' is "express sharp disapproval or criticism of (someone) because of their behavior or actions (source google) ". The reason I bring this up is that is not exactly phrased (I mean the idea of calling someone out on their behaviors, like a demonstration or tactic for modern Christian society) that way in the Bible. We say 'I rebuke you' in the name of the Lord, for pretty serious stuff and not generally casual mischief (a small but relevant distinction here). I actually have never witnessed anyone in Church using that exact language. Typically, it is thought in modern times to examine ourselves and seek help in locating our own sins, rather than pointing out to others individually in some serious way their sins. I mean we quietly pray for them and if they are self destructive and we are involved, we speak up. But that is all. Re: Using 'the rebuke' What does one thing the Bible point out for 'rebukers' then*? I bring this up because the call to rebuke someone also brings in the self action of forgiveness in the Bible, something that I never see anyone actually do. People will preach against various sins, like prostitution, or advariceness and talk about forgiving those that do such things, but the actual 'forgiving part', we fail to do individually. In other words, we are fine with group rebuking and group awareness of forgiving others (prayer) but let someone cut us off in traffic and off our tempers go. While judging others is right their in our awareness, forgiving generally is not something we keep bringing up into our consciousness. Re: Can we even become aware of our own sins, let alone learn to forgive others theirs? One worthy member stated months ago on a thread, just as one example, that being aware of his own sins, took too much out of him to do for very long. Doesn't everyone have this same issue? He could do it for a while, but felt overwhelmed. When it gets right down to it, our definitions of both awareness and what constitutes a sin must be a mile wide, because I have never had that issue. But I was saved very young and just never had that much to seek forgiveness for due to that fact. I mean I kept up with the sinning and God's spirit pulled me away from the large, very self evident as an adult sins (like sex, swearing, disobeying parents, lying etc.). As an adult, it was therefore ingrained in me what constituted a major sin and ggood manners kept me from the smaller ones and self constraint I picked up from two parents with a serious bent on being good Christian parents. But I can see that those newer to the faith face hurdles. Being capable of forgiving others, being one of those hurdles. Re: Luke's thoughts on 'Rebuking' mannerisms Luke calls upon us to tie these two actions together so we understand what a great sacrifice is being made to go in front of our Lord and savior as a witness for God, a Christian and rebuke someone actions in his sight. We need to be aware that if they confess, we have to forgive them, each and every time. We need to 'up our input' in these matters in order to follow God's plan for our redemption. We are to seek self awareness of sinning and forgiveness**. Not just rebuking therefore. *"Luke 17:3-4 English Standard Version (ESV) 3 Pay attention to yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him, 4 and if he sins against you seven times in the day, and turns to you seven times, saying, ‘I repent,’ you must forgive him.”" **Matt. 6:14-15 "14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins."