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  1. 7 Churches Luke I feel is talking about what Revelations is referring to which is the first judgement of man. It begins with the judgement of the 7 Churches in Rev. 2 and 3. So Luke is saying it will be a difficult time for believers and they have to pass any tests in order to be saved from first judgement. Mathew is stating the exact same thing. Neither are qualifying their words well. Perhaps that is the confusion. There are better verses for that. I looked at this topic for some time. I feel there are several factors happening that we have to understand in order to understand first judgement. Like the fact only 7 Churches are judged. Then of those 7, only one church is 'saved'. That in and of itself does not mean anything as we do not know what being saved as a Church or as a single group of believers actually means. There are theories, but I won't pretend to know them well. Let us say, for instance, that a Church is a certain tribe of people. People of like mind. That differs from many theories I've heard discussed. But God saved a particular tribe in the past, so it is not far fetched to state it now. So there is one thing. Individual Judgements The next topic would be that we get individually judged within that single group or Church that is saved. We know some people are anti-God. They are the ones with the mark of the beast mentioned in Revelations. I will add another group that gets judged that few note in this same category as 'judged' and that is the wicked. It clearly states in Revelations 9 that the wicked will be tormented by demons that are like locusts. That sounds like another judgement to me. So two separate judgements right there, of people individually. So first the wicked get judged, then the apostate or mark of the beast people get judged. I say they are separate judgements because Revelations list them separately. The demons that are like locust attack the wicked in Chapter 9. The mark of the beast apostate individuals are mentioned in chapter 13. The third individual judgement, in my estimation, and the last will be of those who are lukewarm christians. We know they get judged too because there are plenty* of bible verses that state that God does not cherish a heart only lukewarm towards him. Conclusion There is more than one hoop we have to jump through in order to be saved from God's first judgement. While we have different viewpoint on what constitutes a 'Church', we do know that only one said Church is saved from total judgement (called the church of Philadelphia in Rev. 3). That is a fine line to make, but an important one because just being in a Church that gets saved is not enough according to Revelations. You also have to be not wicked, nor apostate nor lukewarm, in order for God to save your soul. *Revelation 3:15-16 ESV “‘I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. *1 John 3:10 ESV By this it is evident who are the children of God, and who are the children of the devil: whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is the one who does not love his brother.
  2. In and of its self, no. I drank some when I was younger. Now having to detox it out of my liver. Oh well. The wages of a bad diet.
  3. It is an excellent observation. What does eternal life mean versus immortality, I guess is the question. Or at least part of it. Well we know God is eternal, that he exist outside of time. Perhaps that viewpoint helps here. What is it like outside of the limitations that time has placed on us? God does not age, for example, but we do due to our sinful nature and our fall from grace in the garden. While Adam never aged in the garden, he did once he left God's side by eating the 'apple' and thus turned from God's way. Now we are tasked with getting back what was loss, ie. being by God's side. To me that means becoming his children, which is a difficult topic to cover in its entirety, but I do feel the clue is in that wording to answer your question. While we are all on satan's path for us, as in on earth and mortal now, in imperfect mortal bodies, we tend to forget that we were once part of God's family instead. So our viewpoint is limited to certain ideas, like immortal versus eternal. Adam, for example, would not know what you meant until he became 'mortal' and had to live life in a certain amount of 'time'. God on the other hand has all the time in the world, so too did Adam once have that outlook. So perhaps the relevant point here is will we one day have Adam's original viewpoint back again that there is no boundaries on time? mmmm Death only existed when sin came into being. Perhaps that will be the case in New Jerusalem (Rev. 21), ie. that death just ceases to exist for us that are saved. It did not exist in the garden so perhaps it will cease to exist at all for us then. We just do not know much beyond that now.
  4. Hi, Re: Horns To figure this one out, you have to begin with what 'horns' are. The shape of a horn is a funnel. A funnel is a way to siphon water. So a 'horn' is another way to say something is being channeled. Since it is not actually water being siphoned, what could be useful to a demonic spirit? Energy, of course. What on earth produces massive energy, spiritually speaking? Religions. Religions produce spiritual energy. So the two horns of the 2nd beast are two religions. These two religions bring this beast forth. Re: 2nd Beast I agree the (I believe you are saying) is a grey alien. They appear, these unclean spirits, to us like frogs. I posted several times about this topic too. Re: False prophet I do not state that the false prophet is exactly possessed by the 2nd Beast. But mainly, he works along side of him. Minor, perhaps. I do not see him having 'horns' as he would be one of the 'horns'. So the 2nd grey alien beast needs two religions spiritual energies in order to rise up versus the false prophet who comes out of satan's mouth. A hint of genetic manipulation of a human's DNA? Just the wording alone hints at that. You swab a human's mouth to get their DNA. Just my thoughts.
  5. How would a prophet from another era be mentally capable of dealing with the modern era? ie. They wouldn't. In fact, no where in scripture does any man come back to life that no longer has a body to return to. Once the body is dust, that is that. God however can resurrect human souls as Rev. 20:4 mentions.
  6. I understand. It would take a longer explanation than I can give here for those details. You are welcome to PM me.
  7. I prayed about this question, ie. Is the Trinity of God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit mentioned in the Bible", and "yes" it is referred to in the Bible as the Elohim was the answer I received. The Elohim is the trinity. I did some research and here is one article that mentions this in passing. Article: link here quote: "Another interesting aspect of the name Elohim is that it is, in fact, a plural. Does this mean this is a clear reference to the Trinity? While that cannot be disproven, it also could not be proven from the plurality. Many scholars refer to this as a divine plural. I, however, agree with John Frame that this is a plural of abstraction: “…that is, ‘a more or less intensive focusing of the characteristics inherent in the idea of the stem…rendered in English by forms in –hood, -ness, -ship”...Hebrew uses the plural form for abstract nouns such as youth, old age, maidenhood, and life. It may also (or alternatively) carry some force as a plural of amplication. Usually found in poetry, this plural is an emphatic statement of the root idea, as might and counsel.”" end quote
  8. I like to add something new to verse 5 of Rev. 12's definition here. Rev. 12:5 "Berean Literal Bible And she brought forth a male son, who is about to shepherd all the nations with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up to God, and to His throne." The Greek word for 'caught up' is a word we are familiar with, ie. harpazo. Some feel this means 'caught up' to the Lord or raptured. I have a different take on that word's true meaning. It does not mean a human is physically brought into Heaven, but spiritually their soul is brought before the Lord and cleanse of its sin. This new definition therefore reveals the entire verses actual meaning. A real woman will have a son, who becomes cleansed of his sin by God and he will rule mankind. I realize the word 'shepherd' is used in this particular translation, but I lean toward a leadership position because he uses tools in order to rule. I assume human technologies as the words 'rod of iron' meaning came to me from the Lord in an insight last year, to mean such. I assume this will be at the start of the millennial age.
  9. Well as you pointed out, there is much to discuss here. I will simplify for various reasons, my explanation. I am using a few passages from one article's end time timeline. Note it leaves out the marriage feast, so I will add that in. Note also it speaks of a rapture which is not in my timeline. Quote one: "7. The judgment of the nations. Christ will judge the survivors of the tribulation, separating the righteous from the wicked as “sheep” and “goats” (Matthew 25:31–46). (It is thought that at this time the Old Testament saints will be raised from the dead.) The righteous will enter the Millennial Kingdom; the wicked will be cast into hell." Quote two: "9. The Millennial Kingdom. Jesus Himself will rule the world, and Jerusalem will be the capital. This will be a 1,000-year period of peace and prosperity on earth (Revelation 20; Isaiah 60–62). Memorial sacrifices will be offered in a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem (Ezekiel 40–48)." Source: link here So first there is a judgement of the 7 Churches as quote number one mentions. Rev. 2 and 3 covers this topic well. And then later the third temple rises with Jerusalem's involvement, per quote two. Technically, the marriage feast occurs then, with Jerusalem's involvement and the rising of the third temple (which is a spiritual temple this time). In this case, Jerusalem is involved in the glory of the rising of the third temple (spiritually) as it represents the Hebrew covenant with God in this matter. Summary: Sept. 23rd, 2017 represented the time frame for this feast. That means it is the day the Lord prepared in order to show us a sign in the Heavens to illustrate his work. Note: As this second article mentions toward the end, there is no date given for the marriage feast. link here It is therefore a mystery that must be revealed by God. Conclusion Lets review the passages about the marriage feast now. "Revelation 19:6-9 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) 6 Then I heard something that sounded like a large crowd of people. It was as loud as crashing waves or claps of thunder. The people were saying, “Hallelujah! Our Lord God rules. He is the All-Powerful. 7 Let us rejoice and be happy and give God glory! Give God glory, because the wedding of the Lamb has come. And the Lamb’s bride has made herself ready. 8 Fine linen was given to the bride for her to wear. The linen was bright and clean.” (The fine linen means the good things that God’s holy people did.) 9 Then the angel said to me, “Write this: Great blessings belong to those who are invited to the wedding meal of the Lamb!” Then the angel said, “These are the true words of God.” Here we read that a woman is Christ's bride. As I have mentioned before in previous posts, this is an actual human being. In fact the woman of Revelation 12. Again, this is a mystery that God must reveal. It isn't something God wanted revealed before it was time. You can read more about her in Revelation 11 and Zechariah 5. What you will learn is that there are two woman who sacrifice themselves for God and then they are the very first two humans to be resurrected from the dead, because really that is the entire show. There is no rapture, but instead a first judgement of man's souls and then a full resurrection of the dead into their still living corpses, to put it bluntly. It is only witnessed by them, hence they are called the two witnesses in Revelation 11. It gets more complicated after that. Trying to explain how souls get resurrected. Who got judged and when in this timeline. Why some were apostate and not others. Why two women, why not one single dud. Why not explain it in the bible. That is where it gets complicated and you just have to know because God revealed it. He plays his cards close to the chest in this matter, is why, so satan doesn't know. I will say why there is two people involved. Zechariah 5 reveals God's strategy. You probably won't understand it though. But the information is there. But to continue, one can't resurrect back into one's own body once dead. The soul has to travel to the next abode which means a 2nd witness was needed. Two people means two resurrections. And just to leave you shaking your head, time doesn't matter in heaven. They don't even have to be alive at the exact same time. They can be anyone from anytime, except the condition one be around right now due to the star virgin alignment. Which tells you that God planned all of this once he sent Adam to earth. The end times and everything.
  10. This is straightforward. The key symbolism of the original 3 crosses is what is relevant and explains the rest of this vision. As you recall, only one man was saved originally (of the two criminals who were on Jesus left and right sides at his crucifixion). Now come to the end time prophecies and explain why both are now saved. What would have had to take place (in our time) for both 'criminals' bodies and souls to become temples for God? One did not want to be saved then. He did not ask for forgiveness from God for his sin nature. But, during this time, what would we call him in the USA? We probably say unwashed, unsaved etc. This is where it become complex. Many feel there will be a rapture event, some say not. Most agree there is a 7 year timeline called Jacob's troubles. Well what about judgement? Where in Revelation do we hear about a judgement of the 7 Churches (the USA being one of them, the Lord showed me once)? Rev. 2 and 3 talk about 1 Church being saved and the rest being judged. The Church of Philadelphia (please note now that the USA was founded in that city) is saved. Skip over now to Rev. 20:4*. There it talks about the Saint's souls resurrecting. I think this is a relevant verse to your vision. It tells us that the dead will rise. It states souls will resurrect. Now for the confusing part. No one expects a resurrecting of long dead souls. People don't even think along those lines. They just sort of skip everything I just stated and say "Rapture" and then "tribulation" and bowls/trumpets and maybe a head nod to the Rev. 12 star sign (hardly ever though). I am just saying the end times are a true mystery that God must reveal, otherwise we just are all just guessing as to Revelations and other such prophecies truly mean. Your vision Heart2Soul was about this event of some souls being resurrected and those that were unclean being made clean in that process (just the only way I can state this here). So now both criminals are cleanse of their sins due to this first judgement of earthly souls in the 7 Churches and the resurrection of the dead in Christ souls and thus God's third temple (a spiritual one) is now formed on earth. So each are bathed in Christ's light from his cross you witnessed in your vision. *Rev. 20:4 "Berean Study Bible Then I saw the thrones, and those seated on them had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or its image, and had not received its mark on their foreheads or hands. And they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years."
  11. That is correct. Sounds valid enough. Had one myself recently. Shook me up as well.
  12. "And they had a King over them". I had an insight (from the Lord) that this "King" is the Pope. In that light, perhaps the context for the rest of that one verse is referencing which fallen angel lies within. Note: The term 'Beast' is not used in this particular verse. Not sure which verse is being referenced here for that particular end time character. Do not see one. Update 7-29 I asked for more information about this, ie. the term 'King" as applied to the Pope of Christendom, and God revealed a vision to me today. He showed me how the worship of a congregation for their pastor/minister is incorrect worship as we are there to worship God and not man. So that form of idolatry turns that priest etc. into a 'King' in the sense they become a human with satanic powers. So they become a King in the spiritual sense of the word, as in a person in a position of power. The holy spirit just confirmed this with me. The bible states we should only worship the true King in our lives, Jesus Christ. This explains now that verse. Original Verse Rev. 9:11 "King James Bible And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon." Modern translation of Rev. 9:11 "And they had a man who was referred to as a Pope who had authority over all of Christendom, whose people worship him like a god, and thus he took on the mantel of power given to him by Satan who is called apollyon or abaddon."
  13. The star alignment of Sept. 23rd. 2017 was preceded by a total eclipse across the entire USA a month prior. Jesus stated there would be one sign, the sign of Jonah (which was also an eclipse), that we would be aware of. So we had two signs. These signs were to announce the marriage feast of the bride. They were not about any kind of rapture event.
  14. The person I was mentioning in my post, ie. the one God showed me so I could understand these 'foolish virgins' verses better, was using retirement funds as a way to keep from sharing. They had become territorial about their resources. They thought they owned them rather than giving them over to God (in their heart) and trusting his decisions for their use. A fine line there. But that is what first judgement as spoken of in Revelations is all about for christians. Are you fully in or not?
  15. So the wise virgins are raptured and taken into the wedding feast. What follows are some of the saddest words in the Bible, “and the door was shut.” Jesus’s Explanation After the door was shut, the foolish virgins came pounding on it and crying out for Jesus to let them in, but it was too late. They thought they were Christians right up until the moment the door was closed! Then Jesus then told them one other thing that they lacked: Jesus didn’t say the foolish virgins didn’t know him, he said that he didn’t know them. A big difference. So these foolish virgins may have believed he was the Son of God. They may have believed he died for the sins of the world, but they had no faith. And one other thing: This then is the cryptic meaning behind the phrase, “I do not know you.” The foolish virgins without faith didn’t love God. They loved themselves. And when the moment of testing came, they fell away. And if Jesus knows us, he will confess us before the Father (Matt. 10:32). All who love him with agape love will enter the wedding feast. I have been looking closely at the luke-warm Christian scriptures including the foolish virgins ones too. What Jesus is indicating here with the 'I do not know you' is the reality that while many Christians have faithfully followed the Lord and kept his commandments, they have failed in one critical area of their lives. They have failed to fully devote themselves to the Lord, both in spirit and in the physical. It is not enough to say you love the Lord, you have to actually mean it and be prepared to show it. You actually have to love Jesus with your whole heart. Those using halfway measures are to be tested. They sit on the fence, half in love with God and half in love with themselves. God will not recognize these people as his children, during judgement time, is what Jesus is indicating with this phrasing, "I do not know you". How can Jesus know you if you leave him out of your heart? I have also my own account to share about this exact set of verses. These are the times of judgement and those who do not fully embrace the lord, are being tried. I saw one such instance recently. A person I knew who is retired kept saying "no" to helping the needy. While we are told to save money, plan for retirement and spend wisely by those that rule earth for Satan (the corrupt press, educators, scientists, politicians etc.), what we fail to understand is that God sees this as going against his wishes, if he is asking you to share what you have. It truly is the exact crime that two people died for in the first community set up by the apostles. The sin of holding back resources. Please ask if you need their names (I can look up again). What we fail to understand is you can not be of two minds. Saying you agree with scriptures and understand about sharing so you tithe to your Church, volunteer etc. but ultimately are only giving lip services to the idea of embracing helping those God wants you to help. We think too much like modern atheist society. Society has a completely different set of ideas about sharing resources than God has. It is a fine line between sharing with others because you love the Lord and doing it as a social obligation. You are lukewarm toward the Lord in that case. Half in love with self. In the past, this did not matter so much. You still were saved and had God's good graces. What these scriptures are indicating is the end of grace. But as we enter into the time of judgement, it becomes critical exactly how much you are actually devoting of your time, health, money etc. for God's purposes. No Church can guide you at this level. This is when it is all on us. You can't know your own heart and what you will actually chose upon being tested. Will you answer the Lord's call for giving of yourself or beat a hasty retreat?
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