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  1. Yes. When I tune into this man, I pick of signs of self deception. Satan is known to appear as a being of light. People seem to skip over this fact, when something like this occurs. They prefer it be Jesus, rather than someone else. Hence the self deception.
  2. I did not read anything by this person that sounded true.
  3. This 'great multitude' stays in Heaven (it states they are in the throne room). Probably the dead that will rise in 1,000 years. So yes, two groups. One group named '144,000' that is rised now, ie. the saints, and then the rest of those that remain asleep until 2nd judgement. You have to look beyond these verses and look at Rev. 20:4 where it clearly states that the saint's souls will be resurrected now, ie. during the end times or Jacob's 7 years of trouble. It has something to do with the soul's evolvement. I prayed about this, ie. why only some rised now and the rest much later, at the end of 1,000 years. The Saints are ready now to fulfill end time roles, while the rest of the dead are not. Rev. 20:4 gets specific and states that they take up 'thrones' which sounds like seats of power. That would be spiritual power vs. earthly.
  4. I don't know. When I pray upon it I get it has something to do with the number 7. Like 7 + 7 = 14. I am afraid I didn't get much more than that, not being a math expert, from this insight from the lord. Sometimes, numbers given arn't logical.
  5. Yes indeed. The 144,000 Saint's souls are resurrected first, as Revelations unveils, then the rest after Jesus's reign in 1,000 years. Personally, I feel the 144,000 is not about the number of souls resurrected, but instead an indicator of how they will come from the original 12 tribes. Don't know more than that on what that number means precisely. I keep researching though. When I pray upon it, I get an actual number much higher that actually resurrects.
  6. It is in our nature to sin. We turned from God in the Garden of Eden and lost our way. When we stopped following God, we separated from his presence. We no longer were of God. We were no longer of his family. He sent us from his Garden then as he could no longer tolerate our presence, I feel. We were too un-natural for him, a pure being of light energies we can not fathom, though he does have form. He clothed us in animal skins and set us down here, on earth, away from him, in order to learn, the way back to his presence, his light. It isn't that we keep sinning, but that we already full of sin as that is our true nature now. Once turned against God, always turned against God, until such time as we can re-enter his presence, sin-less, as Rev. 21 and 22 explain. Rev. 21:3-4 "And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying: “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man, and He will dwell with them. They will be His people, and God Himself will be with them as their God. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the former things have passed away.”
  7. Update: I did some research and here is the answer to one of your ideas about women and what you call 'feminism'. Quote "There was already a feminist movement, mostly moderate and mostly simply about equal rights (a goal which was nearly complete by then). Under leftist influence, second wave feminism began, which was anything but moderate and effectively about deconstructing society." Source; article here. This article is about the rise of marxism in America and its education system. As you see, women were already on their way to full equality in our society, then the marxists (as in the 'mark' of the beast people mentioned in Revelations, ie. the great apostasy) took this particular idea and turned it upside down, as satan does in everything of the Lord. It was the holy spirit that led women out of the role of servitude (due to Eve's deception in the garden that placed her there as punishment, ie. pain of childbirth and subordinate to her husband) in today's society and not satan nor marxists.
  8. This topic wasn't discussed by Jesus, but just by his disciples. They went with social morals of their time therefore, because their 'minister', Jesus, said nothing on this topic, when phrasing their answers to such questions from their congregations/followers. So too should elders today phrase their answers with the morals (be that a combination of societal morals mixed with Christian morality) of today in mind, which demonstrate that women are equal in all duties, tasks etc. Bible related. Don't pick on the word 'morals' as its definition is "a lesson, especially one concerning what is right or prudent, that can be derived from a story, a piece of information, or an experience.". God has invested time and energy to bring about this transformation in the women of today. They are well educated and versed in the precepts of today's culture. They do not feel 'left out' any more and as such, they no longer attempt to sideline the teachings. Found an excellent piece on this topic here: Link here For those that want all the background details for the inclusion of 1 Corin. 14:33-36 in the Bible, told succinctly. It mentions how the women of one Church were being disruptive during teachings at that time and this author states that is what led to their, and all women of that time, admonishment. I did pray upon this topic and this was the answer the holy spirit led me to.
  9. When we are in a crisis, we sometimes forget that the Lord does send us a guide, ie. the Holy Spirit. Through prayer to Jesus, our Lord and Savior,, we can ask for the holy spirit's guidance, in all things, including getting personal counseling. A forum just doesn't lend itself well to such intense procceses. Advice, yes, counseling, no.
  10. We can postulate, but not decide, on what the Father thought (about his creation). His plans are a mystery.
  11. I did read a little of your other thread about the garden of Eden. I don't see it as a test of Adam. He was formed by God to take care of the 'Garden'. His turning his back on God was not inevitable. You mentioned that because God is omnipresent he would have seen Adam's downfall (you also mention in that thread). I don't see that either. I don't expect the Father would create something that would turn against him. I put this in the category of a mystery (ie. what God's thoughts were on the matter in creating Adam beyond 'tree' tender). But good question. Regarding upcoming panic due to satan being thrown down to earth and making war with God's children (Rev. 12:17), yes that is an on-going event now. We are actually on the downward side now of the violence, is what I am seeing. It was far worse these past 4 years than now, from my perspective. I typically pray when I see it arrising in someone or group, like now (with the Iran situation). Best solution for the matter.
  12. I have both dreams and visions while asleep. I also have conscious visions as well. The way I tell the difference between a dream and a vision (and there are actually other situations besides dreams and visions I have experienced) is by the way it feels. Visions are more remarkable, vivid and feel more important. They get my attention fast. You can probably tell by what I wrote that my dreaming state is perhaps more lucid than what most people experience That is another spiritual side effect of having regular visions from God. You become more aware of your dreams so you are ready to receive visions. It isn't a job. It occurs naturally, without study. The only requirement is yoy share the visions, while you do not need to share the dreams. That is the key difference. God sends messages in order for them to be heard and witnessed. There is also more differences between the two. Dreams are more personal, for example. We all have them, so you know what I mean. They can be a rewind of the days events. While visions are typically outside my experience or in other words, I am seeing things I have never seen before in them. For example, the last vision I had a few days ago, I was shown what was above earth and beyond. Not what I expected. Finally understood what Adam was up to in the 'garden'. Let us just say, he was not pruning fruit trees. His job was way bigger than a job/task dealing with animal and plant life on earth. "Life" being the key word here. Adam was promoting life on earth (and on other earth like habitats it appears, from what I concluded after this particular vision. I believe Genesis called them 'trees' and not 'earth like habitats'. Why, I do not know. A mystery unveiled indeed.). I think we do not have a firm grasp yet on what constitutes 'life' to God and how relevant it is to him. Life to God is our spiritual lives. So it does matter what state our collective lives are in, to him.
  13. No. This second Beast isn't a religious order. The term 'Beast' is a very loose definition with several factors involved. First we know there are at mininium two of them. If they were religious orders does that mean there are two 'orders' being referenced here? It makes more sense if we look first at the first Beast which has the added detail of a description. The bible states that Beast has 7 Heads, 10 of horns and appears as "It was like a leopard, with feet like the feet of a bear, and had a mouth like a lion." (Rev. 13:1). There are several clues there. Many people feel that 'heads' refers to heads of state. I do as well. I've already stated that 'horns' are Religions, an insight from the Lord I had. So this Beast is not a human head of state, nor a human head of a Religion or a religious order. It has a separate 'body' that indicates it is a different thing than what is attached to it. It also has a has a strange appearance (so in that description we can learn more about its job, but we do not have the spiritual language yet to understand that message). I think when I begin to describe this Beast in other non human terms I lose people. So I was just a clue, who it is here*. *Rev. 16:13-14 "Then I saw three impure spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. They are demonic spirits that perform signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty." NIV Note these unclean spirits have flesh. Their flesh and skeletal structure appear frog like. Note also it states hat they go to heads of state and enchant them into following their orders. So the reason people do not see these Beasts of Rev. 13:1 and 13:11 as the frog like creatures of Rev. 16:13 is because it does not say they are frog creatures in Rev. 13:1 or verse 11. What if I were to tell you why? The answer is quite obvious. Rev. 13:1 and verse 11 are both metaphors of their appearance while Rev. 16:13 is referring to their actual real physical appearance. This mean they approach people appearing as grey aliens, but in reality they are just unclean spirits that work for Satan here on earth. But, in order to get whatever job done for Satan, these unclean spirits are being housed in flesh suits that can physically approach human scientists (according to UFO news reports about them). Wierd stuff.
  14. I do have a personal testimony about not celebrating Christmas. Several plus years ago I felt the presence of the Lord about not celebrating the Christmas feast nor giving presents, as it was not his day of birth but Nimrod's. This past October, God's presence again moved over me and I heard the words that Jesus was born on October 31st instead. So I celebrated his birth that day instead. You just wanted personal testimonies, so that it was I have given here. Note: It really is up to people to investigate the truth for themselves rather than take other's word for it. It isn't that difficult to check out what I have said here. But few are truly interested. Most just follow habit, rather than praying on it. Sometimes I feel that the word 'prayer' has lost its true meaning. "Prayer" just means talking with God on topics then awaiting his response. Most of the time, what I hear back is to research futher for myself, when in doubt. Which I have thoroughly on this topic. Thank God for the internet. It brings back both hope and the ever lasting ability to combat satan, as satan can not stop us all now from expressing what God reveals to us individually. He truly is not God.
  15. The pope is indeed a figure seen in Revelations. I had an insight recently, from the Lord that he is the "King" that rules over them. Rev. 9:11 "They have a king over them, the angel of the abyss. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in the Greek, he has the name Apollyon." The term "king" is not exactly a earthly King as we know it, in this verse, but a person of power instead, spiritual power that is. Such power comes from those that worship his image.
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