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  1. I'd sit with the Lord in prayer and lay this all out to him and ask for a reply. Hold him in high enough regard, to answer your prayer. Get specific. If you want more sincere devotion, it has to begin on the home front, with your own sincerity. Best wishes. You might discover you enjoy pretext, that a higher level of commitment is not in your own basket of wants and desires. That you've become addicted to entertainment (like a higher level of information giving for example, a little powerpoint, or a more concise lecture with music that suits, all current fixtures of youtube christian channels now - ie. they are highly entertaining, just less requiring of commitment to others or an assembly), and your present assembly doesn't fulfill that job. Church is not meant as an entertainment device. If you like to play a game, go to services and never smile. Not once. No laughter either. Get serious and see what happens. Perhaps you'll find that you yourself, were never serious, in the first place. There are Churches of different ethos to suit. So if this is just about not seeing the forest, due to the trees, then acknowledge that with God (ie. you can't join another assembly more suited for infinite reasons). A first big step for you (to want to be devotional to him). Complaining lacks character.
  2. I use to eat whatever I wanted (including meat), but God steered me to some raw veg., little fruit, a serving or 2 of real grains (buckwheat, TEFF or wild org, rice....everything else being modified to extinction). Loads of dried fruit, raw unsalted nuts, sea salt only, seaweed (like dulse whole leaf, good on toffutti fake cream cheese). Eggs, tofu and soaked for 18 hrs first beans (sometimes less, like kidney beans) Like red leaf lettuce, kale once in while, a little more often spinach (would juice wheat grass if I could handle it in system, so take chlorophyll thru 'alpha' pill a day instead....carrot a bonus)). I find a small piece or two of celery daily, 2-3 times a week carrot raw, work for nutritional needs. Cook it, lose it. ... I did ask God about why not eat meat and had tragic vision about it last night (how chickens slaughtered improperly, making them insufficient for our needs)...to answer the 'why' prohibition on meat question, Christians ask. Re; Wheat....God actually made me take a vow to not eat about 3 years ago (onced stopped 7 years of constipation ended, and severe case of acid reflex began to ease). He later gave me a vision how generational use of wheat due to its genetic modification since 1880s, led me to have a small case of muscular dystrophy (born with crooked feet, leg issues, poor muscular growth).
  3. Re; Revealing of women in Rev. 12:1-5 God did reveal that mystery (who women is in Rev. 12:1-5) and in one way, angels are involved (but it is a very long winded explanation to fit all the puzzle pieces into the idea of 'body of loyal angels' idea you listed). So far know it means a star grouping now in the sky (have three different videos about it, Pastor Steve cicoccolanti, Pastor Robert Breaker and InformedChristians channels all cover sky signs of Rev. 12:1-5). Also had vision about 'women' and it wasn't a body of angels. Rather not discuss it on this forum. A third possible meaning then?? No, I do not see that myself. Just conjecture then. First they would be serving Jesus, these angels (you mention they are God's angels above). As angels descend with Jesus as 'clouds' in Mark 13:26 and gather the 'elect' with him (not a rapture event, I've discussed before on forum, but an ascension event of Church of Philadelphia and first judgement). You are missing many puzzle pieces here, all of them tightly held mysteries (hence the 'scrolls', as in mysteries revealed, but not until their 'time').
  4. I went to the Lord in prayer for you and am concerned for your leg's health (analogy). Occupying oneself with obligations that are not in our most fervent desires, can mask are underlying disuse of tools, gifts that we by nature have harvested. For example: A child born to a farm social structure receives firm commitment and a 'leg' to stand upon (socially etc.). A child born to a marxist regime (ie. Karl Marxism, in US called cultural marxism, a very long difficult concept to digest, but still valid) feels alienated all the time, attempting to be, who they are not. Leads to depressive states. That is what came to me to share with you from my prayers. Example: Photo of a current day farmer, ...ie. contentment.
  5. Re; White horse Irvin Baxter take is much different (and I respect his work). You have an idea about the white horse. Baxter's work makes better sense to me. Re: 1914 You said quote "In 1914, Jesus did not "return", but became invisibly "present" in Kingdom power." Sorry but I can't follow your logic for how you knew. It isn't a big mystery about WW1 setting off dates from Revelations anyway. Of course you feel you have the right date for some sort of action by Jesus that influences events on earth (then I have to say, you are close, but that is a closely held mystery, not something than can be shared). Better to focus on the time he has a kingdom on Earth. 1914 therefore sits as a better date for the first Trumpet, per Irvin. quote: " The Seven Trumpets: The First Trumpet – World War I No previous wars occurred with one million deaths. The first war fought with airplanes; hence hail and fire mingled with blood as bombs fell. The first time official “scorched earth policy” was employed – burned all green grass as armies retreated."* Re; Meaning of white Horse from Irwin's work .....Note: (not that I know myself, though had a vision of a pale horse beginning of last year, and a seventh seal, ....then 'Trump' (as in last 'Trump') got elected and I put it aside, honestly). Hard vision to fully fathom. Quote: "The Seven Seals: The first four seals are four horses. We see the same four horses in Zechariah 6, where we are given additional information about each. We are told that these are four spirits. (Zechariah 6:5) The White Horse – the spirit of Catholicism. The Pope has white robes, a white car, a white pope mobile, a white helicopter, and a white airplane. The Red Horse – the spirit of communism. The recognized color of Communism is red; red Russia, red China. The rider of this horse has a great sword. Russia and China are mighty military powers. The Black Horse – the spirit of capitalism. The recognized color of capitalism is black. The black horse goes into the “north country” (Zechariah 6:6). Almost all capitalist countries are in the northern hemisphere. The Pale (chloros or green) Horse – the spirit of Islam. Death and Hell followed. The recognized color of Islam is green. The pale horse is given power over one-fourth of the earth. One-fourth of the world’s population is Muslim. Islam clearly promotes a culture of death. The Souls Under the Altar – We believe the souls under the altar begin the Great Tribulation spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 24. The Day of the Lord Armageddon – Concurrent with the Seventh Trumpet and Seventh Vial. Silence in Heaven." *Link: https://www.endtime.com/apocalypse/ Title: "The Apocalypse", by Irvin Baxter
  6. "True religion is to know Christ as Lord; false religion is to be religious to impress people." source: https://bible.org/seriespage/lesson-94-true-and-false-religion-luke-2041-47 As this article articulates, Christ had to speak to his own Jewish people about this issue of what was false and what was true. They were not following God, in their hearts. They (their teachers/leaders) had turn rituals meant to honor God into ways to gain authority over the Hebrews. It happens today as well. You can go to someone to teach the Bible stories and perhaps explain them from their viewpoint, but that does not mean they are not out to gain power and authority. You have to instill Jesus in your heart in order to tell the difference, as in the end you will have to explain your decision, of who you followed. I am referencing the Christian protestant Church (as that is what this forum is about) only. All other beliefs are those of satan's manufacturer.
  7. Pain meds need attention from you at a higher level then (if you can not leave off them). Cravings are not typically demonic. Interested why you tie it to that. Seems excuse. I find that if I stop the excuses and focus with my entire being on corrective measures, God provides. Sounds like you are not serious enough yet about quitting. Try a 12 step program for comfort and see people who specialize in substance abuse for help. Prayer will lead the way. you have to be available to take the action though, yourself. God won't stop the cravings, if he feels it will make you more action oriented, for his sake. Helpful hints here: This book looks at this topic, part I read had Christian perspective. " Why Don't They Just Quit? What Families and Friends Need to Know About Addiction and Recovery by Joe Herzanek " available on amazon
  8. JW cult! Cults come in various shape and sizes. They (JWs) are too far off the mark to lead anyone to Christ. Therefore heretical (ie. can not obtain Heaven via their teachings).
  9. OK with part about Rev. 12:5 (looking at it since had vision that had that phrasing as central point in it last week)....ie. "Thus, this "woman" gave "birth" to "a son"(Rev 12:5), God's Kingdom, that will "shepherd the people...." Re: 1914, not true. Jesus does not return until post return of resurrected saints/Satan in the abyss (rev. 20:1-4). Do not see this 'women' as 'body of loyal angels' in Rev. 12:17.
  10. Not the truth. Honestly, tried eating frozen and got zero benefits from. Got almost immediate healthy effect from fresh. Saved money too. Learned to buy only what I would eat, and nothing more (non gmo, organic). Saved a ton of money with well honed efficiency. Can't be lazy about health. Not in this time of bad food choices that will cause your health to decline, if do not pay any attention. Try a little juicing to use up fresh vegetables not eating (no wasting them). Deut. 7:12-15 12 If you pay attention to these laws and are careful to follow them, then the LORD your God will keep his covenant of love with you, as he swore to your ancestors. 13 He will love you and bless you and increase your numbers. He will bless the fruit of your womb, the crops of your land—your grain, new wine and olive oil—the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks in the land he swore to your ancestors to give you. 14 You will be blessed more than any other people; none of your men or women will be childless, nor will any of your livestock be without young. 15 The LORD will keep you free from every disease. He will not inflict on you the horrible diseases you knew in Egypt, but he will inflict them on all who hate you.
  11. I do not know if you are asking me how it happened (which I now can actually answer) or this is just a general inquiry. As I said, I posted that intel (as I knew at the time) and mods deleted it a few months ago. No reason to bring it up again, and get a similar result. It never matters whether someone has new information, unless it pans out. Patience is really a virtue. I do not feel I can teach anyone anything about access, as that is a gift from God. Praying does not bring it. Yes, you do talk to God, if you do, and you can call that prayer. But prayer in the literal sense is conversing with Holy Spirit, our bridge to Jesus Christ. People do not expect an answer, literally, just a bridge to Jesus, that way. Early Christian did have face to face encounters with God the Father...I've posted about that prior. It was something they sought, but not something that is spoken of now (in a literal sense). People never expect an actual answer, nor an actual encounter with either Jesus nor God. I have had both. It is not a provable offense (laugh). It actually is about this thread, that it happened. The very scriptures about the resurrected saints, their souls coming forward in time to our time (yes, soul time travel). How that travel in and of itself brings about their metamorphosis into rulers with thrones and a newfound ability to judge sin. Judging sin is a much very longer topic that falls under the category of not doctrinal. So hence, you will never hear about it and will never know what it means. It also says they can speak to God and thus Jesus directly. If that answers your question. I find it interesting that they do not experience the second death and live 1,000 years.
  12. I did. Visions do not always follow doctrines. I was enjoying looking for scriptures, with people's assistance here, in order to fully understand, what God was revealing to me. Luckily, he does not judge one, for another's actions, so I was not put in a position of having to attempt to reshare it and be put in an embarrassing situation again of being called not doctrinal and being judged unfairly. God isn't going to make one do the impossible (as I could not change the truth).
  13. Yes, once through Jesus you gain admittance to the Father, as it says here. That is the way. Once to the Father you gain relevant facts pertaining to scripture that remain a mystery to others. It is a burden otherwise to know these facts. It would hinder someone to receive them without going through this process God the Father has set up for our return, to him. Rev. 20:4 is referring to why the saints also will have direct access and in a way explains why no one else has the key (to Heavenly matters). That is why the thread that was destroyed was long. It is hard to fathom, without a very lengthy discussion. I could not understand for the longest time why I knew what was occurring in Heaven, until quite recently (it is still very devastating, what has been revealed. I am still sad right now.).