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  1. The person I was mentioning in my post, ie. the one God showed me so I could understand these 'foolish virgins' verses better, was using retirement funds as a way to keep from sharing. They had become territorial about their resources. They thought they owned them rather than giving them over to God (in their heart) and trusting his decisions for their use. A fine line there. But that is what first judgement as spoken of in Revelations is all about for christians. Are you fully in or not?
  2. So the wise virgins are raptured and taken into the wedding feast. What follows are some of the saddest words in the Bible, “and the door was shut.” Jesus’s Explanation After the door was shut, the foolish virgins came pounding on it and crying out for Jesus to let them in, but it was too late. They thought they were Christians right up until the moment the door was closed! Then Jesus then told them one other thing that they lacked: Jesus didn’t say the foolish virgins didn’t know him, he said that he didn’t know them. A big difference. So these foolish virgins may have believed he was the Son of God. They may have believed he died for the sins of the world, but they had no faith. And one other thing: This then is the cryptic meaning behind the phrase, “I do not know you.” The foolish virgins without faith didn’t love God. They loved themselves. And when the moment of testing came, they fell away. And if Jesus knows us, he will confess us before the Father (Matt. 10:32). All who love him with agape love will enter the wedding feast. I have been looking closely at the luke-warm Christian scriptures including the foolish virgins ones too. What Jesus is indicating here with the 'I do not know you' is the reality that while many Christians have faithfully followed the Lord and kept his commandments, they have failed in one critical area of their lives. They have failed to fully devote themselves to the Lord, both in spirit and in the physical. It is not enough to say you love the Lord, you have to actually mean it and be prepared to show it. You actually have to love Jesus with your whole heart. Those using halfway measures are to be tested. They sit on the fence, half in love with God and half in love with themselves. God will not recognize these people as his children, during judgement time, is what Jesus is indicating with this phrasing, "I do not know you". How can Jesus know you if you leave him out of your heart? I have also my own account to share about this exact set of verses. These are the times of judgement and those who do not fully embrace the lord, are being tried. I saw one such instance recently. A person I knew who is retired kept saying "no" to helping the needy. While we are told to save money, plan for retirement and spend wisely by those that rule earth for Satan (the corrupt press, educators, scientists, politicians etc.), what we fail to understand is that God sees this as going against his wishes, if he is asking you to share what you have. It truly is the exact crime that two people died for in the first community set up by the apostles. The sin of holding back resources. Please ask if you need their names (I can look up again). What we fail to understand is you can not be of two minds. Saying you agree with scriptures and understand about sharing so you tithe to your Church, volunteer etc. but ultimately are only giving lip services to the idea of embracing helping those God wants you to help. We think too much like modern atheist society. Society has a completely different set of ideas about sharing resources than God has. It is a fine line between sharing with others because you love the Lord and doing it as a social obligation. You are lukewarm toward the Lord in that case. Half in love with self. In the past, this did not matter so much. You still were saved and had God's good graces. What these scriptures are indicating is the end of grace. But as we enter into the time of judgement, it becomes critical exactly how much you are actually devoting of your time, health, money etc. for God's purposes. No Church can guide you at this level. This is when it is all on us. You can't know your own heart and what you will actually chose upon being tested. Will you answer the Lord's call for giving of yourself or beat a hasty retreat?
  3. Update on 5G rollout Time Congrats to those that prayed for the USA cellular industries to turn their backs on harmful 5G cellular frequencies being introduced here. It has been a long sad road with many fallen warriors. I am proud to announce we have won a significant (in its final stages) battle now. The latest Trump tweets have been successfully decoded by a reddit poster named serialbrain2. If you want to hear a version of his report, go to this youtube video on 'And We Know''s channel titled "SerialBrain2: The bomb that went off that you probably didn't hear.". Thanks everyone for you prayers! We needed them. In short form, Trump has made arrangements to change 5G to a less harmful frequency. As it stands right now, 5G, which stands for the fifth generation of cellular technology, is at the same frequency as air. I am not a frequency engineer and can only point people to videos about 5G (just pm me for those) and its qualities. I thought this video did an excellent job of describing why 5G's needed to change frequencies, though many like I had to keep re-reading SB2's original post and pray in order to fully comprehend what just occurred for us, God's children. That frequency, of air molecules (O2) was shown in studies to cause animals to be unable to reproduce, for example. It also had other very significant uses (by those who wish USA citizens harm) I can not go into here. Suffice it to say, we won. Rev. 12:15-17 The Woman Persecuted …15 Then from the mouth of the serpent spewed water like a river (5G) to overtake the woman and sweep her away in the torrent. 16 But the earth helped the woman and opened its mouth to swallow up the river that had poured from the dragon’s mouth. 17 And the dragon (satan) was enraged at the woman, and went to make war with the rest of her children (where we are now), who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus. And the dragon stood on the sand of the seashore.… Berean Study Bible
  4. You know, I had an interesting vision after I posted it. In it I saw 12 people and they were excited because peace was coming to the Lord's world. I prayed about it for several days and what came from the holy spirit when I asked "Are these the 12 leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel? (referencing the resurrected saints that come from the 12 tribe's of Israel in Revelations)? The answer was "Yes".
  5. I see it as more a spiritual desolation than a man made form of 'desolation'. As in something that desolates the soul. God is interested in saving man's souls, ie. not man's flesh. Proverbs 11:30 ESV The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and whoever captures souls is wise.
  6. During Jesus millennial 1,000 rule on earth, the Bible describes a time where there will be peace on earth. Various scriptures denote this: Isaiah 11:6 reports, The article that wrote about this is here for your perusal: Article here It states: "In the 1,000 year kingdom of Christ on earth peace will exist among the animals and people. There are a number of passages in scripture that describe this period of time. Isaiah 11:1-6 says that it arrives sometime after Jesus’ first advent or after His birth, death and return to life. This future time of peace will occur when Christ returns (Isaiah 9:6-7; 65:20). It is a time of peace, long life and joy." Evidence of Peace Between Humans and Animals Recently I have seen two videos where mountain lions have walked right up to people's homes. Each time they needed the help or assistance of some kind. I find it fascinating what is happening in our time, don't you? The title of these two youtube videos are "Three Mountain lions walk up to our front door." published by channel: Drue Stafford and "Man Who Can’t Open His Door One Morning Looks Out And Finds The Wildest Emergency" published by; You Should Know ? I prayed about this to the Lord, and while I have been asked by mods to no longer mention any prophecy related dates, I thought you should know about this. From my perspective, these are signs. Extra lovely video showing boy walking a blind deer to area to forage; Title: "Neighbors Noticed That This Boy Walked A Deer Every Day. Then They Looked At The Animal’s Eyes" Channel: Do You Know ? Enjoy!
  7. Yes. I looked it up. Here: https://drjockers.com/dont-eat-pig-meat/ This articles explains why God required it not be eaten. Basically, the pig can not eliminate enough toxins (with its quick, one stomach, digestive process), eats everything, is full of toxins, parasites etc. Interesting read. Quote: " Why is Pig Meat so Toxic: Animals that “chew the cud” as it says in the bible are called ruminants. These animals hardly chew their food when it is first swallowed. But they have four stomachs that digest and regurgitate food through a special process that allows complete digestion. The major ruminants are cows, sheep and goats (9). The digestive system of a pig is unique in that it metabolizes food very quickly through one stomach in a process that takes about four hours. A cow takes twenty four hours to digest what’s eaten and it is able to get rid of excess toxins during the digestive process. The pig’s digestive system doesn’t allow for this and the toxins are carried into the fat cells and organs of the pig itself. Pigs also do not have sweat glands. Perspiration is a key method the body uses to for detoxification and the pig is not designed to perspire. When we consume pig meat we get all of these pathogenic microorganisms and environmental toxins into our system." end quote Did have an insight about as well, that the pig is just too dangerous for a human to safely consume. So a practical decision by God on this one.
  8. No. Sin is a nature (a behavior) that separates our presence from God (in a manner of speaking). Taking a herb that heals (for self healing) is not a behavior but a necessary task. An addict type behavior is to over indulgence in every known substance. That is a different in both nature and behavior that taking a product to help yourself. The goals here are different. One individual takes a herb that reveals a level of relief. Another takes a product in order to escape their problems. They are running away from what they need to address. At some point in all that running. they become addicted to running away, from everything. There is the sin. A total escapism personality.
  9. It is funny. I was praying a week before this locust swarming event in Mecca occurred, about God raining down his wrath on Mecca. Guess he listens.
  10. My personal experience with observing what 'faith' means is keeping our faith in God during times of adversity. Adversity can take many turns. For some, it is the fear of loss of revenue, I've observed personally. During our worse times, fears arise and those are the times we need to go to God in prayer with our 'hat in hand'. I have personally observed people losing their faith in God over material wealth (problems), for example and it was heart wrenching to see them lose faith (and their salvation) as they never expected to ever have to deal with funding issues and they choose to turned away God in order to solve their issues their way (rather than allow God to show them a way). I think back scripturally to the man and wife God struck down because they hid their wealth from the early Christian community the disciples were forging (acts 5:1-11). It remains an issue even today, but instead of actually dying physically, we die spiritually instead. There are a number of bible verses about this topic (happy to list scripture upon request), but I brought it up now because I had an encounter with this issue recently (in someone I knew). I realized that they had not faced adversity at this level before (ie. money perceived problems) and it overtook them. I understand that God does not always take away salvation when we turn from him. There is always that question as 'how far can we go' into sinful ways, before we lose our way. I guess I am beginning to understand 'how far' should not be our question, but 'how fast can I turn back to God when I do go astray' instead. There is this secondary issue too (regarding lost of salvation). But perhaps for another day. Still sad about.
  11. "Right-wing activists stormed the security wall surrounding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s California mansion and demanded access into the building Monday. The group was led by Laura Loomer, an activist who has been at the center of many stunts, including interrupting congressional hearings and chaining herself to the doors of Twitter’s New York offices. Loomer was joined by a small group of alleged illegal immigrants from Guatemala. Loomer and her accomplices carried a large banner with the faces of notable Americans who have been killed by illegal immigrant crime over the recent years attached to its surface." https://dailycaller.com/2019/01/14/activists-pelosi-mansion-wall/ . More news that only happens when one side makes a point they do not actually attest too (Re: Nancy just doesn't want other people to own a fence like hers).
  12. Update: They still can reach a deal to leave the EU. Today it got kind of troublesome*. *https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2019/jan/15/brexit-vote-parliament-latest-news-may-corbyn-gove-tells-tories-they-can-improve-outcome-if-mays-deal-passed-politics-live
  13. Looks like Trump is getting involved in international incidents. Interesting. Hope he follows God plan in dealing with Turkey. Many muslims there that have integrated successfully into that culture and they have built a fence*, so they do not have runaway immigration. Are they pulling out of EU too**? *https://www.politico.eu/article/turkeys-new-border-wall-will-stop-syrian-refugees-immigration-instanbul/ **https://www.reuters.com/article/us-eu-turkey/turkey-taking-huge-strides-away-from-european-union-top-eu-official-idUSKBN1HO22G
  14. Been watching this situation develop. Let us pray that the UK govt. can hear God and go in the direction he wants for them.
  15. Update: After prayer, it came to me that one, there is an underlying deficiency involved and two, it will take a long time to heal, so topical solutions need reapplying two times a day (after cleaning). Next, it came to me this wound needs a little better deeper working healing topical solution. I will see it i can locate it, the one I have used that is Chinese medicine based, in the meantime here is a good naturopath article on a course of healing to take a look at. Collect information, then apply as needed, is always the very best way to respond in such circumstances. https://www.holisticprimarycare.net/topics/topics-a-g/chronic-disease/989-reaching-closure-tips-for-healing-chronic-non-healing-wounds.html
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